Gardening is Fruitful!

August 27, 2018

When my family and I first started a garden in our backyard, we expected a few tomatoes, maybe some cabbage or other small and manageable amounts of produce. We didn't have that big a yard, and none of us had a green thumb. We started out with one tomato plant, and a jalapeno plant. Gardening turned out to be fairly straightforward and easy; you give them some water and some sun, and they take care of themselves for the most part, and you end up with vegetables for most of the summer!

What started as one tomato plant quickly outgrew it's space and doubled in size.. then it tripled in size... soon we had more tomatoes than we knew what to do with! Even though we ate tomatoes for almost every meal it felt like, there were still plenty of tomatoes to go around! Eventually, we added scallops to our garden and here we are now! (pictures) Our tomato plants have taken over the side of our house, and we've had to start giving tomatoes away to everyone we know! Coworkers, neighbors, family members, friends; they all were super happy to get some fresh veggies!

Gardening turned out to be a super easy and quick way to not only save a little money at the grocery store, but to also spend some time with your family. Like this article says (, it's a great way to keep track of what you're eating too! You've got all these veggies in your little garden, you might as well eat them! Here's a quick little guide on how to start your own garden, courtesy of:​

1. Find something to grow; I recommend starting with something easy and durable, since I can't grow anything but tomatoes. Do you want vegetables? I suggest tomatoes (as long as you're okay with five million tomatoes).

2. Put your garden somewhere; as long as there's some sun, it can really go anywhere. A window box, the porch, your backyard, whatever you're feeling.

3. Get some good soil; plants need good nutrition to give us good nutrition, so get some good plant food.

4. Wherever you decided to put your garden, combine seeds/plants, water, plant food, and mulch and wait.

As long as you keep up the watering (but not too much), you'll have your own little garden!

Happy gardening!