Tom Davis grew up in the small town of Brookville, IN. His parents/teachers/bosses all said that one day his mouth would get him into trouble. And they were right! He started at a small station in Connersville, IN playing church tapes on Sunday morning. From there it was off to several other... Read More

Sheryl Stewart

Sheryl grew up in Southern California, then spent several years in Portland, before joining 107.9 The Mix! She is our resident reality show guru. Although she is a hard working mom with a busy schedule, she admits reality shows are her weakness. Sheryl is also a self-proclaimed shop-a-holic and a... Read More


KJ spends her afternoons keeping you entertained with 10 songs in a row every hour, her Daily Distraction at 3:20pm plus her unique perspective on pop culture, what's trending and her love (possibly borderline obsession) of cats. A self-proclaimed "fangirl", KJ tries to keep her "nerdiness" in... Read More

Taylor Scott

Taylor Scott grew up in the small town of Sheridan. It was there where Taylor's former classmates voted him "Most likely succeed". Well, clearly they were wrong. Taylor then ventured on to Butler to pursue a career in television...until his family/friends/basically everyone told him he had a... Read More


Juliet would love to be the kind of person who goes to yoga and mediates every day, but that hasn’t happened yet. Instead she starts the day with some very strong, black coffee (or is immediately cranky.) She adores films, in the theater, at home, on a plane – wherever. (Like Don Draper) she’ll see... Read More

Brad Carson

Brad is a graduate of North Central College & the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and has spent 20-years in radio from Las Vegas to Atlantic City. Brad spends his off air life doing a lot of charity work with Special Kids and Families, St. Jude, the American Heart Association, the American... Read More


J.J. has been on the radio since he was a teenager. (That was the 80's, so you know it was awesome!) His favorite things include the St. Louis Cardinals, Italian food and doing funny voices. Favorite band? U2. Favorite TV show? Parenthood. Favorite movie? GoodFellas. J.J. has been in the Indy area... Read More