Alcohol and Foot Fetishes

Saturday, May 20th

On this episode of COWORKERS - Tom describes his feet as "big ugly flesh canoes" - Taylor believes he could be a foot model - and Tara might need an exorcist.


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You are listening Digg co workers when John Taylor and Sarah they're co workers in they like to talk. So they got their own shot. Hopefully they don't screw this up. Sometimes you just have one too many you know I mean it's just every time I during. Are you a lush. What does that mean do you drink a lot but not anymore now because hangovers or if I eat eat dealing with hangover. And it tools had the advanced age of 27 years old. Skis mini me not my bad. I know. Does something the last few weeks like I've. I had I got this habit where we just go home and eat. And sit in front of the TV in drink OK here's a beer. There's two Beers. You know there's 3 Beers and I am off to bed and the next morning. I couldn't grab the my finger around I just really didn't feel that good. And I really didn't want to deal with anything we're seeing anybody. And realize. My doctor thome are suffering for a little bit white take these pills. And I felt so much better. Like even just a couple of drinks a night. Puts me in such a mood the next day yeah I mean is it like crazy is that now that's a thing. And yet happens to Maine I mean terror is like look at me like. On during all the time now I feel great I don't bring all the time which is really that's a bad thing because when I drink it like takes a mental Bonnie. Right yeah like I say OK you guys and I went combo. And gassed up revenue and our son when you say an all inclusive resort it's like prairie trying drinks. And for so when they drinks that you recognize there's like weird brands that's what I've done it all inclusive stuff like oh yeah. It's like not like captain Morgan its captain mode joke. You know yeah. I now well I think the problem was we went wade to a report on the sugary drinks. The most are not good and Margaret Reid as the guideline she is but yeah like you guys they taste a sub Canada. But I just slightly back and I felt pain I was a little tired so I took a little nap on a beach. And I'm kind of like. So that money my husband's a predator surprised us and that bought us the use. And he hasn't seen them but it's called Optiem therapy. It calling a pedicure. Like insects story. It's not perfect and now you sit and you put your feet in these tanks and these little fishy is take out all the dead skin on your own mind. Are out here now it was how realists. Our year. It's thing you should but not a lot of spot locked grant but does it work it to it is and it just it just feel like little bubbles like little carbonated bubbles on your feet. In June. Ruling and that is a genius idea cronies menacing you with your feet you pay fifty bucks and well your feeder we pay thirty and it was great because by the time it was over I was like many Peterson some like you know walking in sand and Karen no number I don't pray you don't get an infection like. It's you have the water is dirty there's there animals biting your feet. And isn't that all I'll do everything but here's the thing so it's like a thirty minute treatment and five minutes before it was over. I felt. The lakers are coming up. So I sent oil coming up coming up so I looked at the salon people. Ursula HLB and you know yeah. I. And I'm listening and so at that point was at the point where I have to cover my mouth now. Because it's coming and there's no stopping. And I literally. Got off of the chair. Walked to the bathroom and it was like the exorcist you guys like from the poor way I hit a toilet. Like it was bad. I spewed everywhere so you didn't puke in the fish tank now and it just refined nicely I can't finish probably just flooded bathroom. But some fishermen and I was. I felt horrible and this is a spotlight this is a resort spots of somebody like in the back trying to get like a stone massage for something. Like in the background I couldn't containment plus or like look at these gringos they come down here. They eat all our true great car there barely hit us. Admitted they drink themselves steel and throw up everywhere on the whole time my husband is like while I paid for the treatment I'm gonna get. The rest of the treatment and so he's just sit there on his phone you're kidding me he's an honest found last anatomy. Like he can hear it from that you know obviously I was. You know control the volume when your at a point like that but how long you guys are married. Tell it'll be ten engine up so like you'd get a day like there's nowhere yeah but it could happen. It was not belida and we talked about this the other and the lady of salon owner was like you Craig. I'm not an Albertson's liquor is like it was it was bad I mean you guys like he know more shut the door to the bathroom I was like yeah. And I it was like I mean I could not have been amazing and as night rally. Have to see how all the time being. At a resort I don't know bang all inclusive yeah so I got a little jet on my Optiem therapy now heading to the official their food and it hero. That is so gross I can heavily wit her bad it's still growing. Non secure fear in a tank top it's I'm sure is dirty with water that I'm sure it's dirty dirty animals that are busy. Okay there. Eating the flash. Of another person. And that's same animal is now eating New York flashed up. It's like an ST dear something I don't. You know what before you even put your feet in the taint they wash your feet for you I'll say it feels like you're getting a pedicure before hand because they wanna make sure that there's no. Bacteria there's no you know. Listen they're passing and first. Blogger takes them I'm weird about feet same here specifically my own like I mean you know I cannot stand to my own feet I know that they're big and long and gross. Like a big ugly flesh canoes. And night the subject to another human being to my feet ten seems like torture hit a decent I'm just singing the same thing like I. I don't have ugly feet and in fact I think I can beautiful model bon. I don't want people touching my feet. I have ugly feed their disgusting. You are missing out these pictures are amazing and it took me a couple of years I finally got my husband on board so now we'll say we need to go get her feet down I'm like. Samuel is it really that different after you have it just like a foot massage is that what a panic. I know so they deflect the ped egg but was like a living thing is yes you shaving off your dead skin off your foot really. All the housework you do outside and your feet are just like telling you at the end of the day do you now it's literally like them just like lifting you up into cloud. And taking earlier calluses off you're if he and making it. Smooth like babies I mean there might you why stop their what you know my my muscles are sore and I've feed myself to an alligator. This. Team I know I'm my feet I feel like aren't sore because they've got calluses on them they're sarcasm fad that. They are tired from holding me up on. Yeah well you know my husband works on his feet all day for like ten hours a day and so when he goes and gets these pictures with me but lady knows him by name because we know you know off and and shall be like oh so much lack. He does. It's it's. She definitely like I mean we took her on this that's like. All must first terra I mean obviously you're ruling the roost right I mean I mean you've you're dragging its got a pedicure saw pampering yourself I read but there's just no way you my wife would. My wife would laugh at me if I it's like I'm ordered a competitor you'd have to go with her I don't allow not to. I don't know what about an oh you've had a pedicure like I can see right now like I said people aren't touch my feet. Like I don't even like going without socks on that weird help. Me yeah you like Al Bundy you leave you saw a very low I make. I had these three shoes that. Like you can't Wear normal socks with them because they they're like really low and you look like total fool right yet so I bought these little like booties. Where it says dirty socks people make fun of me when he CM but they're actually really comfortable. I would recommend wearing booty socks with anything has had ad policies that I I know what you mean when you're wearing like lovers a sudden your shorts on. You know where no socks or the booties. Or you just have to go all out looking like total loser with Mikey had a half like. Loafers on a whiff gym shorts and socks. Just like he just don't care no sense to me because when I think of Yale I think of you and flip flops. I actually listened to flip flop guy until. I mean pretty much out of college. Yeah but I mean like that's. When I like that's Taylor I was I was a kid in college she didn't care I have these orange Crocs. I would walk. I know I didn't I I didn't Wear them because like I thought Crocs are cool I warm because I didn't care what anyone else thought and they actually kind of drew a little bit of attention to me. Like he loved yeah. So and I know I walked to class and Crocs and the gym pants while every single day nobody dyed his hair blue on time means like. Might mean you look like an easy for me is I know. But you know I. Girls won't stop talking to me oh my hair. Is like I recommend dye your hair blue might have been married for five years when. Okay. And I see that. Link and listened to err I mean I'm. Just I'm sorry. Keep your feet and no need to apologize I'm in the right here. How getting pampered time. Take care might eat I just Wii is this something you would have done so over. Weaver sober when we did you now. I mean I'd have a hangover the next day which is so odd between. The clarinet and then you're vacationing on some secluded islander whatever. What was that you're like a Martha's Vineyard markets busier in Martha's Vineyard and you're having live animals. Like she used the rod need skin off the bottom your feet like saying who the hell. Are you a very it's like you're the 1% or something made him president Dick. I don't even now let you know I'm OK so the cop I think that was like the first time a long time that I've actually gotten. Sick. From drinking but there been like two other situations. One with Halloween when I was just up the honey bid down down. And executive team. OK I drank from this community bowl and I don't know what it had NN I now know and I've narrowed it down to fireball. So now if I if I even get a sentence that it the memory comes back. That is exactly how I am with tequila I was belonging a beer in college one time in my friends thought it was a brilliant idea. To start pouring tequila down the bong has some bonding this hair. And ever since then I cannot touch tequila. But it's well of tequila by itself right I won't ever ripped a shot of tequila. But like a Margarita I'm cool with that but shore up. I'm loving has lingo missiles like how he's listening he's cool he's like I ripped a shot and play. Mean yeah he's young and now I'm remember that. From re young and being full life and now you are like hung over after it was seniors well I'll tell you what the best thing about drinking now. Is that I have this garage. And I have this refrigerator. And I get to just sort of stock it with whatever I want them in and I go out there and any random moment I'm like mom. My stash. You know what do they do here at night sometimes like I will literally go out in my underwear after dark. I got my underwear. And if it's you know like Saturday night which cemented you know we wake up early in the morning you feel the pressure of waking up the next day. Early on 5 o'clock 6 o'clock at night your command and I can't take it up tomorrow I can't get into anything can happen any fine. So on Saturday night when a door to get up next and it's just like. I think immediate. Critics and not go crazy just act like it it's really pathetic actually. It is and I'm out and I'm in the garage it's 11 o'clock at night which is she went crazy late for me. And Mike in my underwear my I'm gonna practice beer Imus sit on this motorcycle seat. I got I got through three of them. Sometimes upload or like I got a couple of trash cans. Like open to be rich. And then I'll put that motorcycle seat not the bike the seat itself on a nut on a trash can and not to straddle a trash can I sit there drink. Good times. Freedom Saturday night in Britain now I'm. Right that's good that's the beautiful thing about it is just that they acted like I am. Finally an adult. I can do whatever I want. You know the Mike on us there was something dumb like. That was it's a little bit of excitement though when you're just like almost 21 and so on the hand you're appearing like I'm breaking the law. At a so many turned 21 and you go and get beard a liquor store and unite. I was there really really anti climactic attack I thought they're gonna throw a party forming. You guys I I was so lame when I turned 21 like my first it's not I was communion. RA okay like for like ever liked when he. That's wow yeah and then my name first drink on my birthday 21 but there was a Fuzzy navel. The the only drink and an order could. She could go to super I could well I I think it's like Arrington and. Too much when he first it was a little crazy my brother warn me he's like and it's going to be crazy nights it don't go out and drink anything before. Well I didn't listen to om and me and my friend that we had this goal back in the day of finishing fifth and alcohol. Before we went down. It's fully polished off fit well I like 6 o'clock. Went out with my brother and I was passed out in the bars spike. Get kicked out on my 21 birthday because I fell over but the chair as I was asleep. Are what I was. There but my my friends were involved in this thing with a guy that we now heat they were out this is definitely underage. Drinking out you know out in the sticks out happens right yeah you know you're at some guy's house and to be party and everything. Well. One of the guys is shrinking. And just having some sort of bizarre reaction to it and Mike. Started freaking out foaming at the mouth all the stuff and the human a backseat of the car though I'd drive him some hospital or something ever get all the defense systems eon ago but it turns out they found out that night. The decade was diabetic. And that like they were killing him own mind can I shot yet it was crazy. But anyway yeah I I missed that night. By. I have not. Given him alcohol may not have detected right they originally saved him it'll. Get us for alcohol. Public service I don't have 121. I don't remember my 31 birthday. Let alone my 21 birthday laughter. We've been over this after I turn to I don't know twenty. Birthdays to Neiman exist for me really Ike. I mean. Taylor keep your head down. See I'm serious beating ostrich in the sand lake because there's no there's nothing good that comes from the train is coming from the line birthdays yeah. There's no there's no good in keeping track. You're not you know when she gets a certain point yeah. I'll turn thirtieth telling her end like I don't need to keep track. I just need presents. I care you never know how old he is yeah. Once I sort of look old I mean I just started. I change the way I just I do in life. Now Mears are down. I I I no longer like my wife had this Mir the top of the stairs. I could've. Top of the stairs of daily reminder yeah. Everyday you slog up the stairs and continued share for a mayor going. Yeah. Look how ugly out of shape I had and one that just took it down Mike and I average here is done that's so. I look at so I look at myself so few times like whenever someone takes a picture of me or does video after look at workers and a Mike oh my god that's what I look like. I don't feel 36 years old I field. 45. I really do look thirties yeah. Care place you don't. You don't and a lot of I only 36 now hot links shut up nearly thirty I don't say that for your compliment I can. Is she yeah exactly and it's 42. But like it's just you know it's happening and I never thought I would be so affected by getting older. But I can't my people say stuff to me and it really hurt my feelings I look at this one guy for a long time. In 91 pages he tells me. That. You know he's sort of make you found my eyes like he's thinking of Europe is big steamer trunks on to your eyes and what are you reminded me of my mother. Looking in the Mir pulling her eyes. Saying I wish I could afford some kind of plastic surgery is my eyes is so ugly and I was like. When he said that not I hurt when it when I heard a monster that I hurt for her. And when he said that it reminded me like oh my god people are like looking at my mother and saying something like. So it's like a real weird thing but you know I just it's oxy has to get older and you have you know you do grade right from your very eyes as Gil herbal right. Right and a tummy and I get something that. You don't think about until you save the words I'm gonna get called. Like when I was younger I hear people that were my age twenty years old again like. Mean MI music on them get all the shot up your 28 years old you're not old and now that I'm 28. Am I find myself like going announced should not do it later told me eight years old you're not all the oh my and it all of the like mowing the yard on a riding mower and I get dynamite knocks on it. I'm so little. How did she is there that you're using your own writing our it shakes a lot. I mean how much acreage is there and you're. I have three acres all okay so they're there yet that's a lot tomorrow by the hour hour and a half of it on. Folks CL. We're really work or he could easily get in every week yourself yeah horrible it's horrible. But you know I think it's it's where every rat life you know somebody's 55 years old listeners going. I'm 36 years old got wish us 36. And mean and somebody seventy reckless thing going. And I mean I did the crazy thing about getting older is how fast. It's happening. And how fast it's going to continue to happen I read this study. Because we're on earth so long. At a certain point. We. We're here longer than we work here I don't know what just what that means but at that moment like at the halfway mark yeah half. You've big you've done at all you're used to you you're getting used to how long the day is so it feels like it's going quicker. In quicker and quicker group and that's why it feels like time's flying by as you get older it's easy and it's crazy so I mean. How depressing. And now horrible yeah Courtney litmus back up I mean so must America. I. So that's our RC some something now I've I've done since reading that is get out every day and night is long as an outside for a good period of time. 34 hours whatever running or working out in the yard or something I noticed that kind of slows it down a little bit extra yeah. Because you get up go to work there were get back in bed get gonna work it back and I get up you know you have some kind of break him there Hickory. Even not just went home last night much TV for six Ers. And I agree come fully. I mean see that's a that's the trick I mean Donald feeling younger but it it does I think slow things panel bitten. I cannot I don't think it helps your mid town as you like being out. How silly can screaming and beaming. But that's that's. Not to totally change the subject but that's why living in Indiana sometimes blows. Because. You only get so many nice days a year. Like if it's raining outside. I'm not stepping foot outside if there's a chance of that it's gonna rain stepping foot outside I mean nice weather. All yearlong. Extra although I will say one of my dreams also be like a storm chase her. Life. I'm not changed some kind of sorry and I need that went yeah when we can't really Batman and yemenite. We route our garage watching it as it was just so much fun. There's something about sitting outside when storms on to learn yeah pressure changes things is smell in the air ends the leaves turn upside down yes I mean he and that's trashes and around your lap and about it I think that's definitely a mountain west bank and an accent I mean that's you just do that I don't what is nothing else to do it's so much fun the house that I grew up and had a huge. Ports that was covered I have a huge torch that's what we didn't sit on the porch and want to do my homework during storms because I was like this nice. Really yeah. I don't know I don't miss a thing and you don't get well I mean that you're still like your ear in it and don't you missed it didn't. You know I mean and that's why. Like being in my hometown again. Is like not that bad sometimes that I'm the same way like I never thought I would move back to my hometown. Like when I lived there I was always thinking to myself I'll live here from my entire life. Then I went off to college and I was like ups of this is what real life is right this is off some rag. And then I ended college now I'm back in my hometown and I thought I hated. But it's not that they like brings back some memories you drive by places there you go out and do something that Easter do when your kid behind me. Well you know. Manuel said this before but when you're in the same house you grew up and which are Bob my dad's house now seven years ago. When you're in the same house in Europe and and your literally staring out the same windows at the same view when you were a young man saying. Boy I hope I make something of my life like he can be a little depressing. Is it the exact same view and you feel like you've got nowhere but you know it if it's an illusion because you've you've done. Stuff you've been places you've done things. For the most part it's really convenient it's really I mean. It's a nice little place. How did anyone on the gulf between you when your down. He radiated out. I am like for a couple of years but he always had his office in the bottom floor so he was always fair. I guess so he was a boost in hang around and take care of it whatever. A poem no wonder he's like I'm gonna sell my house and Mike hale take it that and that was back you know. And apologies. And it it's been an emotional rollercoaster mean it really has Sunday's used when it. He really still crazy because you're like how can I hate this stupid house. But you wouldn't change I mean yeah I would pay it. You just. They're. They're. Bruno and I get drunk their lives. Constantly getting drunk and throwing up my fish tank. It you guys it's not a fish taint. It's not they're not and that's what it's a bucket. Not a pipe it is a tank but. It's not fish tank that you avenue apple. You know he poses those poor people in that country that you were abusing. They they probably feed those fish you're dead skin didn't just give them big enough so they can have a meal plus. This is not. Back in Mexico now in ninety defense and an actual like as it now via so okay. So there are no appointment that day they still give it. I I feel like if I put my foot mirror like professionally die I what is the budget dead fish later. Now look mounts now I'm thinking what are you stick other thing like other body. And I respect your hands in the air or I don't know if someone got a little risk in wanted to stick out of things. I'm just wondering I mean I mean listen. I don't mind nibbling at. Haven't dried onion is going to come Taylor and Sarah as they navigate the murky waters of everyday life. And now in the office. These diseases but. No work.