HASHTAG THURSDAY: What's Trending and What's YOUR Hashtag?

Friday, July 13th

Hashtags inspired by crying kids, champagne, naps and more in this round of What's Your Hashtag with KJ! Listen Thursday afternoons for what's trending and to share your own hashtag! 

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Gillian and Karbala compassionate Thursday on the next class act eight on Lou what do you do today. You know I love the kid and we just do everything together but I needed that day I'm having copied by myself. That it in island. Current want to hunt are. Delta two crazy. That yup and that I had six crying children. Oh let me last year tried to take your kids to pay your age day and Build-A-Bear. Yes side did. How to judge I just imagine you walk image which got to Build-A-Bear than what got him in tone sorry kids no beer today what is your back up plan for the day. Back up plan is to go to bar. Trending today on Twitter at Indies mixed hash tag. I want to drink champagne brain -- well yeah now what wasn't about Robbins humor that you love so much. It would be emotion behind it and it was actually a lot and Smart humor if you looked into it. Sarah anytime you're asked to. Cash talking out of let's not our. At. The library and then getting ready to do. Cool being here Lou. Laugh hash tag at least you didn't take them to build a banner. Are. And what's your cash to get in these exact count we do this every Thursday afternoon and keeping up with the latest trends on Twitter. And find out what your hash tag as for the day listen we have to answer went seven and makes.