Kinda Nerdy News: Ep 131

Wednesday, January 3rd


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When I was watching the CIA I remembered. Getting the vaccine returns round he doesn't pressure on gas and iron everything behind dozens of highways to. Welcome to kind of nerdy I am KJ I in Cady and we are talking about India I guess the first. Big hot trend of 2018. The high low ravens yeah and I. Sound fat that's all done mayor's fault because he posted on Twitter looking like. Yeah high low rents and Nazis that the scene in which would you agree it was. Entirely. Unnecessary. Like I was just eye candy in the last you know I like here you gal Cheney. Who loves how the greens are much carry as with Fisher. I a lot of odd character than giving up. I IA did not see the purpose of how not having insurance maybe they're trying to convey vulnerability or something I just remember thinking cocky so broad shoulders. And yeah looks little workhorse he's he I think because they did the high waist pants that was even more that may get even more hurt. And the only son may be six inches and his chance Brian T I was all of that he had like he had spank sound that everything was great and those shoulders slips and you guys aren't had a huge hit out. At any. But I finally. Around listings hours and only affect me twenty something days yes so that was post opening night that's on now. Totally forgot about you know as we speak I. I looked up in store Iran and Iraq was still playing and any feeders to soak it is playing tonight in castle thing if I can like. Get the energy that tyrant amendment because they it was my favorites is almost out of leaders at a relic. It was brilliant way better than the entity Thor are not as good as when they're sold Cirque. Community that's tough to be rehearsal dinner but so far is very. Like punch lines and how many jokes Wear and back captain America's very serious. Rights CN like Stan grant say a lot of jokes. I may I remain I can handle this weather I'm not good with this cold latter case sandals sniffling and yeah Ali de pink day seventeen of I've named did the virus L -- well. Alibaba is very happy taking residency in my body or you are up on means handsome it does very handsome. Buyers yet it eats these very full of himself. And thinks he deserves to live and me forever. And you know so I'm expecting this I've I've I'm honored to have been chosen before it to be the home to a pop on foot. 7188. And nineteen games. I feel when I sic. I like hatred and Oklahoma then it's just that mile do you still kind of feel gross yeah about a month. Yeah I know I don't understand what that says I keep you think like did you wake up you have that moment where you're like. Am a little better today now just learning now I have I had a moment not while. I. I don't even wanna look at my credit cards they are they now because I spent so much money in Holden Madison and cough medicine like they're gonna start continued in math with all the coldness you know. It. Outside Iraq I'm back at work today sound finally we miss you and I now it's it's I mean it thankfully the holiday break allowed me some you know some days off that I didn't just have to take. 8000 sick days didn't planning to Wear my boss was like how you need to fill out Ashley Melanie paperwork and it hasn't Al Gore finally neat line. You're short term disability he's gonna have to keep you near it. Her anymore it's time in sixteen days this one feel that it is I think that's how long you have to be. Off before your short term disability kicks in with our new. New insurance planning to get an extra personal holiday right. And CI us with an awesome. Our son back to the last gentleman your costs I have to talk about. About it yes I I went with my boyfriend and he is now like not as intimate as I am. Is that just our worst yeah I can't he's the one I know at the time about. Anke just kind of enables me at this point sure her but that's so I and I went into it intentionally not looking up the spoilers I can't like I honestly I looked up like now people loved it occasionally at. In honor it was pretty down the middle. Well it is it. Yes one of the big things for me about movies is the soundtrack. And Star Wars always does an amazing job yes beautiful music all the time here member ball yeah that's. All that stuff. And another big thing is obviously like character design in things like Adam. Is is has a long enough where it's not like spoilers anymore I think you're fat and yeah I mean you haven't seen the last and I thank you might want out password through see I like that they I like what they did with ray's parents yet. I'm gonna say like yeah Brad I know a lot of people didn't I like it I liked it because it was right. It doesn't mad and yeah that's the it doesn't matter now. Everything is like some big. You know mythological. Long lying. Long lineage of heroes you can be special too think column for not being and still matter I think it reflects that even in the on Movielink right at the end of the little kid force grabs the Bruni just start sweet and the whole point is that it's not just about the skywalker trying not about Obi like Nokia is not about. You know all of the act. Jack I mean Jenna has existed before this whole thing right. And I love that they brought you out of the heck I'd I can't believe that I know I knew that was happening right. I'm glad they kept it under now he's so I was pleasantly that it's really really cool I loved him I wasn't that sat I mean and you know mark panel as. Has kind of guy taken some steps back in his criticism of what happened you know with the blog Luke Skywalker carried end. I really wasn't I I wasn't upset with me I mean I thought it was justified yeah like the whole point and it is. I know Rand is supposed to be the last one yeah. Yeah that's the end no more except raced all the books before them. Did little street thing got burned down. It's. Yeah I mean that's just kind of a Star Wars thing at this point is Chad I keep messing up the galaxy yeah east further. They're supposed to bring balance but I just bring to get and I like the way that they ended snow I thought it was very sudden. Yeah and I was surprised by it. But I think it was giving Kyle rented it yeah not that rate and yeah then he would have been. Area. And I did it in south and that was another mount a career like tell. How well I think. I felt a lot where it seemed like a very. Hi yanks navy for two and a half hours yeah but I I think it was good in the sense that it did act has covered a lot of ground yeah you know I am I did feel like. Some of the metal stuff could have gone Michael the out casino. Everything instantly it was just I I feel like it was today I had to create some little side plots to. Make it to make us understand that these characters are fantastic yet that any minute hill you know overcome things and but I doubt it I mean one of of biggest act criticisms and has been the people who are like. You know there was a build up in the first awake and is that they just like cut off with ray's parents and cut off which now. That's cocaine it's a different story I think it's supposed to be. Because it picks up right after the forced to make it yeah you know like fins still sleeps in now the kind of that thing yeah it doesn't have to be. This slow build up I mean I. Like let's say galaxy war whenever. There are moments of slow attention and moments of everything is exploding. Right now yes but I like that they took the time to build a presence character yes and I IA. While I'm not a huge fan alike forced romance and Ameren. I I am a fan of her character is she supposed to be like than normal and wrap it NH not a storm triggered a jet I kid you not hanging some can't be picked off like some dirt planet right now she's supposed to be like normal she just works in the pipes in the Guitar Hero OK she's never met you before he adds. But I I like how they ended Luke Skywalker in my like at a lot of people were like pets and but I think it was justified in now. And we need demo line is this is the story of ray. And Fannie and pwn and in a week and we can't keep just having a isn't where if we sat in the nostalgia of the story doesn't move anywhere and then you're gonna be mad. Because you're not giving anything New York. And it that's it that's a slow pace or is dragon old people long you have but I'll be tested to see what they do with. Carrie Fisher because she's the only one left in the movie but she's the only one that actually I ain't yet gaff yeah I. I was like hold out and videos like are they gonna keep them because she died I don't know now ever and I. Now their movement their movement on site gets her shot her story will be told to us. Through somebody else in the ass movie well earlier I announced yeah. They're daughters and admitting I did two and then a little you know princess like nuns she was running around I think I have had the thoughts. That this is not me not wanting to let go of it but. What end coloring and she's not you know he's not the most honest guy now what he was lying terrain. I mean it could be what ever parents do matter but he was like that was an easy way for him to break her down. I thought he was mixed moods with drop and and that you're not important yeah to me yeah I'm sure his dad does and I yeah you gotta son you know yes but. IA I think that's kind of one of the points he know it doesn't matter whether he's telling the truth or not out it's. You have to make yourself matter yes you know I guess that's in that moment it doesn't matter your history as our. Where you came on the BO we want to know these kids growing up you have a moment you'd need to make and how but I doubt it because the gents I weren't supposed to have kids ranks and as far as I know Annika is the only one who did that often as Obi wan did. Right Luke didn't. In now. Leo wasn't a Jana I will find out I ask is trying to get three. Will be like no we movies like to think about and lay a saving yourself. In space. Now I didn't see that coming and I thought that it was a little. I was like money and she's actually dads that's probably get rid and the character ground ever. He still has I was like well okay that's it own that will just you know how well. I mean she showed that she's got it out she's got the force and she's not afraid to use and I think she is tough to kill yeah. Very much resemble an African junior yeah I thought I was little silly it was actually cheesy they should probably have like. Let it yeah now yeah and then not killed yeah but I mean I don't I committees now. Exactly that's I am I you know if I I when there it was still hours I enjoyed myself passions and I'll go see another one. Right now I am all about music and I am all about like that scene where she'd like. Uses led the time at the time warp whatever it's called like light speed yes rip a partnership and it's dead silent yeah that was me I was really cool like I was like and yeah no I silence was fantastic. Well use of music yes and because the entire movie it has music meant even when they're just talking conversing in there still staff very low in the but like the absence is just important and see and do things yes. I was like don't. I'm glad you it diet. You get anywhere we Jessica Jones no can I just jacket well that is the and that it did yeah. Thank you very much for this event.