Kinda Nerdy News Ep. 132

Friday, January 5th


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Hi there and we carrier to be kind of dirty with you have my name is KJ my name is Katie I am a big outside try superhero. Nerd. From a Wisconsin and I love cheese please describe yourself KD I I just like say it's Amman very finicky and I flaky Z. I've got to ask your game where yes OK what's your favorite game. That's tough question and just off right away I have three OK god spot series elder scrolls series and the Bioshock series and weary from. Kentucky what's your favorite food lasagna okay how I have literally dozens on you know you invited John covered a dinner but. Shot it says she is our producer at another nerdy girl we're slowly taking over the radio station Europe 1079 mix there's. Some dirty girls and we've actually been around for awhile but we haven't really created the nerdy girl network and we just never talked before I now live because like. You know you don't know in how people are gonna take your nerdy nest you know it's a more common thing now a days in bed yeah it and it is and I feel like being kind and dirty. Is okay because that just means you're you know you're you're passionate about something I sit the Stanley C sports a cat yet. You kind of like it you're interested you'd watch and if it's on Friday. I got in I also being from Wisconsin I'm a big Packers and I'm kind of nerdy about that rise I Wear cheese on my head sometimes are right. That is definitely tying a nerdy and that. Come into this very important show because. You can notch wage you have to start this right now. Thanks to Robert Downey junior I'm sure he figured this out and made demean himself yeah. Com yeah Ichiro starts. Right now watching the very first Iron Man movie. And you watch all of them marvel cinematic. Universe movies in order now why don't we each. This week you have to do just weeks I mean like I as I am talking to your right now on Thursday you only have a couple days left to do this to watch Iron Man. You watch one movie a week. You'll be completely in sinking caught up for wind infinity work comes out may fourth when he. Who I am thirtieth at its coming I thought I'd made before he had the fourth pick which few of force be with you heard it all ties together because you're Marmol and Star Wars all in the it's Ed didn't Martynas has taken over the world and he cares about the X-Men. You know we're gonna start because. I mean I shouldn't say it we're gonna start. I think there's going to be more interesting accident stories being told because it now the ax men. He is back in the marvel cinematic universe good the entire never dreamed. I think. The only thing they did do well and it. Honest Eric's there and they made like fifteen. Eight you know like Wilbur not at all rip me I think you steeper Paris stupid and I think he's a very very light sat Carrick a key areas. I will tell you as much as I mean Hugh Jackman was that the perfect Wolverine Joyce on the gas dozen movies are a little taxing like I would have much rather preferred I don't know storm rogue cyclops right literally anybody else yeah aren't yet but then that's the only thing that they were doing great sound like the X-Men first class teargas in that I did see that in its James. They gave way and a professor exit Erie had there you have the assets cash he asks. Add it up I am in the tie my tap NASA even I've dead animal made fun of that in his movies I had you patched. Urged his neck boy did I get sound engineer admits he did come announcing to do it in advance it and has got I. I wanted to ask you Katie would you partake in the I'll marvel cinematic universe challenge it's now absolutely why. I think that. Let's say that it's two hours a week and how many weeks between now on May fourth let's say. Well how early and none of these Eric rank Ericsson month yet 481216. Gap twenty times the two hours it's forty hours. That's like a job from now until man now. Did you do you work a job forty hours and we know mini me is snarling. Like only like half those movies and in a have you watched all of them most of them I would like he's kept the Hulk tie can really get out you might like to. Highlight. Couldn't have done a bad movie but I elected Bret what you like about it I don't know I I liked. Because it was bad luck like crappy B new man Bernardin is not a whole now not all nice enough. Of the guy had dinner now yes you got his name. Are prevalent yes I like his hair in romance movies ten overs and yes I'll mark rifle and I didn't hear all about the iron remedies. We're not at all. I I you not a Tony Stark and I think he's okay I think he's kind of whining now like. We tiny whenever I don't care less hair out. Me well I mean like I if I got to seeing Spiderman homecoming as he's spent working the longest hitting a superhero some may be it's getting a little treacherous hand. Like at seeing Spiderman homecoming yeah each grow the whole week that's this is like the dad figured he blows a skim off any listened to him and Ollie doesn't solve his problems then. Acts like he's like such an inconvenience and nannies like offended and a kid doesn't wanna be part of the avengers and that is Iron Man has. Unions and away more and Captain America I'm. Playing with you there when civil war came not it wasn't a contest Rory is not I always just like cringing I definitely it was inherently I. Yeah obviously leaned more Captain America but watching those scenes where they were beating each other up was just it just was like tearing my car into. I'm Julie are you go cap they are here. Yeah and Justin and yeah NNS yeah this is no good handling him but you're teaming up and ticketed but together out like. I'm not like. Dude Cuba's Tarantino oh. Didn't it's not his fault I felt like can you imagine like Captain America knew like here I had bad get a Chandler. Okay Gingrich doesn't solve all your problems at a council that's what I tell myself at night because I implore that if I was rich it would not solve all my problem is your night. How are like IE eight. I'm so excited for black pants black Panthers could even though it's more hours. Right now so I hope they trim it down a little nuts again I it's they can they can't do that right Titanic and little three hours. But it's close to three right. It's for now it's not Titanic is three young black Panthers 40 it's not as it was her four daughters and they. Now. Larry you get a little. It far and I'm gonna Google are right now you don't believe me I don't believe the air is black and they're going to beef per hour determine obviously. But as of right now where they haven't and he can't like the direct having like a few we or our. Our suits coming out but February oh gosh it is well that ad's gotten defendant is black and their foreign arms. They like Google's iris Alexa was here I got. I'll lacks. It's about that might have been always such as raunchy scurry Miette. I got to act Oceana we got that for Christmas I have got a little 150 dollar bonus and it happened to be on sale that day. For now I just acts ask I just ask election. I wish she was you're clearing. Can do that while I was home assistants. I feeling I would be so dependent on them I just can't. You're okay I'm seeing Monahan lose some games but yeah like post from July. Five days together as opposed. Well a four hour cut of black panther be long enough I'd. I declared after into what spiked and I probably would call there's no way. I hope it's not sure what I'm really in the hours about adding OP right nobody's going to do that and now is an icy every timing of the movies so I just can't make it past two and a half hour I ever watched Titanic because someone told me it was three hours on a much eloquence of his. Where you'll get Titanic three hours of your life once a month but you won't want. Hey your first challenge from now until way. I don't care the first two Thor movie theater not rag Iraq as the Basilan. I have my I I started signal that I yeah last night they were playing and it cast in the it was so cold in the so sick I need to get better just like pirated or something. I don't go off I can do that all how pirating it not break her mom go to the movies. Early show on him like one Peter and I can't I couldn't do it lacked and I work early and now. Still sick and it's only showing at like seven or ten tellem weren't expense. But I judges can't go out when it's funny below zero and things like bomb cyclones are happening in our country what is up with the win there could they name that marked her fine thing murdered depths like on black and it's. The winter hit all of a sudden. It day make. November it was pretty warm Brad and I still like fifty degree have an all the senate tonight where in Indianapolis by doing if you're listening to and I like to think people analysts engines all around the world yeah yeah Asher and a eight people listened to us and one of them is in Asia and my mom. Yeah. There's a girl named Michelle. But I think it was missed out I hope I get it right. With Michelle Harvey your Michelle Herbie who that she she loves that kind of nerdy cast. Thank you Michelle finished I asked her what I can do better in the 2018 and not just her specifically on FaceBook I asked people in general if and she said since you know she loves that that kind of dirty news on so cute so we and we have your mom and my husband and and Michelle. My mom's is part of in my catalyst tonight I I play it for them dearly on when you leave yeah I imagine I haven't figured out how to I make election that play the kind of nerdy cast had a we get that follow you can we make it a scale like click apps on elects yeah there's art and the podcast apps that pulled from IT OK as and you can just. Put that up on there and it happens I don't have a home assistants and and how are you figure out how to do that so that I can just say hey Katz looks a cadillacs I make my cats listen to that kind and hurting I give him a shout out I am I make my cats I can say hail access. Open the box of cats and it will display a bunch of like Israel out you know I capped a crazy because they really think that there's another cat house today yes songs very funny it's kinda cruel to them palm you know I mean there is cats are kind of jerks I want and I can be competitor you know they deserve it. That's right okay well I'm going to I have an I mean I'll leave few days to get in on me. Marvel cinematic universe. Challenge so I'm gonna allow Indian and it's Johns coming over tonight maybe we'll watch and I know we'll each unit planet has alerted dinner well. It's you know I okay semi defense she she she's. She was my very first injured when I started on 1079 in the next she was with me through the dark days when Tom from the morning mixed actually quit. And I thought no one was going to be on the Maury chew with me into Kamen post Paul. Yes there was Paul. And then you know like Paul got a gazillion things going on that's fine it's tough to do morning show and a gazillion other things and then narrow and then there is Tom. And then Thomas like I don't think I can do it and I understand top drives along I its two hour drive that's what many Indians to the next. But John twist my intern and we came in and I was like. It's just shoot me in this supposedly KJ and Tom show kicking off today and there's no time so it's just me I mean it and John and I guess he just. Not how you save my life and now it's Ben on two and a half years and I'm finally having your over for dinner. So Katie shouldn't be upset that I haven't invited her over for Diane. You sent it to meet and connect you to get and thank you and see why do you come to my house or John at this point speak earlier loud and that Mike America's not Mary. Am well when I was in turning gas I remember KJ came into the studios and done I need to go to my house and I was like OK what floor she said accidentally brought my husband's car keys to work with me. And and Jude to take him his car keys they're meekly and. Great. And I can't sound like a terrible person and injured more about but it. Break into my house I bring my husband is Carrick I. 'cause he's worried just don't like I always make you do need to negotiate your I my house and running errands for my husband who you've never met. Jersey address go mr. captured thanks. Yeah I have mattered at that remains yes what kind of my house more and dinner. No I don't think we have dinner why Nelson even at my house why oh why he went he. The racetrack. That's riots something yeah we did we got the nod do the lob ball out of the race track together I don't write to all. But in the end up not doing it for some reason and we cut it okay as we couldn't get the vehicle paglia sits at the lob ball and little off just reality and our ball we try to and I express love around Indianapolis the Indianapolis and it didn't lover ball as much as we laughed our ball AJ no Loescher bonds mature as you for an early on all of the Yankees party pages. I except if you look if you look right out in the mix studio that. Chat club ball is carpet that in the Carner. Getting no luck maybe we should get it out for a Valentine's Day we but an inflatable thingy like blood thing for a mattress or it. I don't use it like talking. We did is we were using your dad's Katie and I am in Europe your dad was loaning it to us and it's like construction company or something and finally we had a fire around schools and then we've got our we bought our out of blower to blow up a lot of ball and then you know 100 people are allowed colony marketing should high places and then people well. Have to find and then posted odds are I wanted to do that but I was told by the lawyers that there's too much risk. For hiding inflatable ball yeah OK yeah and then if you like hide it and then to the just post a picture of FaceBook like there's rules on FaceBook that you can't you can't testing do you see can't I just say like the first person to say I know where this ball is an Indianapolis. You can't there's like I don't know you'll go to jail for that. You got a radio for his I have a lot of got a radio jail or face a jail I just wanted to do entertaining thanks I have this big lump all I can't do they let it should do those like work out things were there in a ball. And it means yeah I guess I don't think you can't get in the lob ball student and too small too much response and I don't be offended that you haven't been to dinner my house yeah I'll help you at all I mean in an excellent. I don't have a lot of not yeah. Do you get a break up plus why not everybody is good. Hey you got under my house. Burn state dinner and after he brought apologetic. Manner it's a steak dinner at after you must all adjust gangs and never aren't I know I'm not. And John have you lost ala Jessica Jones and many hours as well. I'm I can't you do them marvel cinematic universe challenge with me John. If don't watch every movie in order once a week between now and the release of entity Robert Downey junior Saturday started this week would iron ran and you watch all of the movies and order once a week leading up to infinity worse you would be right in sync when infinity work comes out. I maintain Ramadan and here's why aren't the only what you mean a mean boss of me. He's evidently knew he once she all you have to do is watch one marvel movie once a week until the day I said it estimates to commit to him. At that accident and I did the math that's like forty yeah. The girl who says she also watches Titanic the three hour long movie where you know what's going to happen. And she watches that once a week to be fair about every other month I just skip to the good parts. I love that show. DiCaprio yep flat not site. Titanic as I jelly can challenge I've never watched it. It's still on. Hours and you know the ship is sinking. Yeah because you are. Pretty read this. The secret is a slightly built in Indiana yet but I know that there was enough room for Jack on that board and raise and lower and okay. Utley now I'll. Why would I watch it now James Cameron said he had to die you can hit it is. How are I can't that's all that kind and hurting us that we have for you today thank you very much for listening. They can in dirty I had did please note that at some point in your life you might have a steak dinner with me. Nike Katie.