Kinda Nerdy News: Ep 133

Tuesday, January 9th


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I did I. I ear on the kinda dirty cast yeah obviously we talked about movies TV games and things like that make this kind of dirty. But any thing your passionate about it that they issue kinda dirty. I'm here OF she hello I had planned ways she's. She is my. Always faithful kind of nerdy girl but I joining us this is. Producer John Mack who I've found out. Is county and dirty about Beardsley. And you. You are passionate about big earrings I my ranking high on it and it is. Oh yeah and commitment long beards and being. I love who's got the perfect beard who's your out perfect man with a beard and a guy alcohol and it was fixing in electricity like island green yeah. Cloudy with a nice beard liberty with and I dispute. She's only thinking of Hugh Jackman because she's integration and twice and we are about tomorrow and have a beer and that is just Alex stumbled out and then I lose. I came down. It's got to be Tristan and they can well Captain America yeah I mean aren't cutting hair in any. Infinity or. Xena being in the trailer are. He died and he's a bearded man in infinity rogue I love him. Are you gonna BM can. He. Passed elite eatery am analysts I am working with hand out this coming weekend and say hi well I'll send you at the end like you know brand already I yeah. Not all of this can now. Cab last week you acting like guess who gets to hang out with Chris Evans next week yeah let's throw and it and it. And eighty that I love him I well I well I can't act. As an. Not such and see how how do you think front and dirty since the last time attention on analysts Ernie and not a hot spots totally merit it's an. So our I I have not seen the original Jumanji you can ever like sent to came out and I did not. They don't remember loving it like I never let doing that so. It's one of those things that is more love for nostalgia and the concept I can handle it Robin Williams and and I it and you know it is it was a weird concept for the time like you know hunted for gaming you have to and win the game and I say there's outlets and adapt. So they. Take an artistic interpretation that the new plan saying it's loosely based on the radio game now. I don't like that sucked into the video game. But it had a stellar cast Nash just. It was. Continuously funny as opposed like a few funny moments Rick I really appreciate it I was worried that maybe it was like all the fine moments were in the trailer a lot of in gentlemanly jokes we're out of time. But Jack facts plays a teenage girl yeah yeah I love older man's body yeah it's the rocks there. He's like this little nerdy guy that. Is like to cry don't cry. And the Russian. He's just like this he's fine Jack how does how does Kevin Hart yes he's hit or miss with me like sometimes he's so over the toss that he still. Because he like his character is this kid that plays football and you know he's huge and I never like his name is fridge. Yeah egg if he ends up that tiny little guy who can't run fat I. I really enjoy it Kevin Hart where's Dwayne Johnson in central intelligence yeah. Analysts and do you ever get out it's happening such an inning and the girl from doctor you are like she. Yeah she she has an American accent and yes right. I don't know I can handle that is pretty add pressure is average B round house the killer of men. On the yeah experience he had and they dressed up like our crossed the dying minutes forget and then they this is like the movie debut at Nick Jonas. Yeah as you know and he. He just he just he's just Nick Jonas in the movie. Yes you can't yeah. I'm kind of glad the people think any how he's like I let moon. Aaron at like. He handled mosquitoes that makes pretty good margaritas dear enough. Since you are our gamer here on China and dirty is there a bet that there's got to be they got a beep coming out with a Jumanji game I I would think I haven't heard me where we can play these characters are you would probably jump on that pretty quick yeah. Yeah even somebody's I had super indie gaming like I am I think I'm taking I would I reluctant you know being in again in Iraq right I don't know Roch I called Debbie Debbie I. I think is on is are you still got a PlayStation 2 repeat. I actually got a wrestling game from my first console and my dad pretty much commandeered it and all he could play was hit and a NASCAR underground and he would only let me. Nice hot the reason we keep our PlayStation 2 around I mean I'm sure there's updated versions that we keep it around because there is there's a game called bodies. You know this game. It's like I'd get I'd gain shout. Figure playing like different versions of game shows like there's a name that tune it. And then there's like our times trading galleries dike by the end it's just like generic trivia and then there's no we all. Where do you like if you win the next question you spend a we all and and you know I get to pay act like it's gonna be sports or is going to be music or history. And it's I mean. It is that we have had the saying I mean it's a PlayStation 2 had the same for like fifteen years yeah it's. Selling consoles ever it's not memory on it. Like I wouldn't say we play it on a regular basis would probably get it out you know like. Four or five times a year but it's got enough memory on it and it's not like we're still getting the same questions we get it out you complain for players. Everybody has like they're buzzing. Like it's up 30 did you showed you that I loved Harry yeah. It's so much fun like YouTube and then we should go to attribute it I'm the worst it trivia. I'll carry this team let's go let's go to attribute. I see like put timbers are doing like Harry Potter trivia about totality so far no big army humiliating because I pretend like I. I admit I do love Harry Potter so much Reynolds so it's pretty app. Oh did a champion nest and like had Disney Tribune yeah I think you are shut let's do that they do dot include trivia and I ain't I now we got to do is tee shirt shot out where that letter that brought tears during and trivia what would you be catcher yep. Probably the Abraham like supernatural true yeah I'm glad we now. Yeah my sister and I at the greatest elementary Indiana would damp aren't I ounce of this movie. Hey hey how. Tell me but tell us about that the greatest showman and why it because I got this as a movie that was. I get a coming gal and we would watch it on dvd but you just keep going to she can't like what do you back to this movie Oppenheimer. It's not an edit Hugh Jackman and that campground because lump all of them Uma it's just they cast itself and it's a musicals if you don't like musicals. Yeah senate panel of it okay Matt I mean I'll love me. I did I love got me on my husband loves musicals and hikes does he really a lot of musical. Lame is is why I mean that is his saying is like all time favorite thing and burn more that's all he launches. Hello my amazing I'm glad we're on the subject to musicals and dirty things if you're in Indianapolis on this weekend. On the Indianapolis symphony orchestra is doing the music of Harry Potter and the goblet of fire that's the dignity yeah. If your favorite and actually not which rendered. Connor. Callous part one yeah I nexus or to have and Bryant right what I dying your favorite Harry Potter Manning now overseen I'm. Yeah. Act and I can't complain about Jessica Jones yeah. I think you do need to go door to broadcast you. In the days to. Read the books and now. Read I do you want to read that when I was minimum I was not allowed to watch in a reading Harry Potter because I'm so connected up. And yet that's what it is it's just scratch off. I know we can't you can't watch that while while John. If I I I I do not let my Harry Potter books leave the house as a matter of fact. I made sure that my I had out what might not my nephew is Graham us. Asked what to get them for Christmas and I was like Harry Potter books but really I was having her do that. Because I don't want them reading mined underground on my Harry Potter ducked my. How the same way about the out I was bluntly the card game but I aft I would alone out my Harry Potter books TU you will love them. I appreciate that I mean creek creek and a mom like you can't you know watch reader and Amber's I was like OK and I mean I'm kids on analyst and my mom chair. Out and that's actually care about it I didn't it's a big and it's seven bucks it adds let its not lake yeah you would not read this in the right this is a kids book and I missed out. Thank you very bad you can feel like I've missed out it will be able to pat yeah. Take it you've admitted out. Like that's a big chunk of my child and and I need to find myself as a person because of Harry Potter and you love like supernatural things like this as we did not contribute night. It's another error and not under. And so bad wonderful universe that you can explorer. You need as a jury twilight. Then you have no excuse now now. It's like you know highlight romance not that was awful romance thing. Not if they girl ever Ali I cash they have romance you're going to be so happy with the way that the book ends up because it's like yeah aged people ended up together right lot. Have committed to seven books I'm invested in this character problem in Atlanta I've seen one of them it's fun. But debt how are I'll I'll ask you a Harry Potter and it's. Yeah. Friend's birthday she loves Harry Potter and the good stuff cat will you constantly using the pain I had that's that wasn't an ago handed. Andy guessed it it's island anything yeah I. I saw the first run and data Aaron and that other runs I was like let's just gonna wait to that's free on demand I had a friend who was way into it I had access to all yeah and like there was one point where she is in the hospital. Like Mercer whenever I had to sit. Am so yeah. I don't I just didn't bring it right I know the box I'm. I hit everything about it I can I had those people it was just sell like did you really read. I did get a chance I agree in. And it that was the only black where I was my sister kept saying. Yet to pay a 150. When they when they play the softball game you're gonna love the Bakken I don't know I don't give a book a 150 pages if it's not entertaining to me and in its when he. Like her writing sound not mean a first person yeah link I'm Karen and then on top and it was just very. I practice and I thought this and I feel this and I think that's not in that. It's not denounced but at the time I needed centenary I don't know why association don't care about fifty shades and all are wrong and. Yeah. Donald Manning I had. I said. I don't JR made me read those blacks really and that's when I when I was on this my morning show out he was like. Yet every woman is reading these books every woman is lying he spoke some on the shell has got to read these nuts I'm the only person on the show whose glittering sound. Paying for this trash this. Shall I ask Schneider he's lying low and then to me on my Kindle. And I I've read the first one and I started the second when I was like eighteen I know enough about it now that I I doubt. And so now now. Out and out. I think range in my brain that its twilight fan fiction and I can't yeah I do now he's back on it reading it DJ it's I didn't know that was my life and fiction. It'll. I think a lot of heat on him when I didn't know then to them and violence on the first movie. And they ran like a little Laker and Aaron I'm. Not familiar like twilight and I'm like yeah those wily and well that's that's movies had a pretty bomb soundtrack that idea I like is a lag. They get any bigger problems right now I know it is shades not haven't read now. All right well elsewhere it's not an intense after day. And I actually yeah. Either Barry can't see them out like her either but then integrate the whole found that moment. And now and the Arab media that is well yeah if I allowing you. The first Harry Potter book we get editing and make it through the first one to spank just the and then. Attention first tablet actors and well. The Bucs are as I mean I love the movies at the boxing style much better than I you're gonna miss out on what I really loved about. Harry Potter was. That I grew up with these characters because I was about the same age as them and when the books came out I was about that age. She wasn't and I still enjoy them I was I was out of lower my friends and I didn't have friends yeah. I don't I am I good yeah. And oh my gosh unique EE PA had John meaning I have Vanessa yeah and picked up. I do not nearly as your job the front desk you don't give up there are I'm arch to the right to ask you are at the next. I enterprises and say hi to her yeah. I really nice team you can't. Listen I really hit it. That's not true John is very professional very nice thing but also she will tell you don't even magazines I can leave yeah. Yeah. I am not in the afternoon somewhat of a seven and Nixon yeah in the wonderful city of Indianapolis. Seven and 1980 comes on seven and midnight we are beyond kind and thirtieth. Anything sure. You get less on our last seven and that we're very excited. Because we've got our. Kind and thirty Twitter account knowing John has got to be just tweeting away. I'm gonna join in Cady can join and so when last we hear I guess we got to two and I meaning. Yes you can lie between eerie turn your feelings on it. That it gaelic. Each team. I. I'm I'm odds later. I hadn't heard any news and keep on listening and then keep on being canyon and he.