Kinda Nerdy News: Ep 134

Friday, January 12th


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This could be it the worst kind nerdy cast that we've ever done economic. Eric how has that forget you know listen. And I is KJ who rally over there who's an empty seats tummy like cash that is thought wow this like I turn. I don't I don't even wanna know there are doing now I'm OK so worth it yeah. Add this kind of dirty test is going to be some trivia. On before we get started out with our trivia. Just want everybody to go around the room and say a little bit about yourself and what makes you nerdy shall my name is K day. I do afternoons on 1079 the mix I. Love star words I love Captain America. I did read comic books as a child. And I'm also extremely nerdy about my cats. And I eat cheese and a lot. Katie police tell us about yourself I. I'm Katie I'm a cancer. Every. Which that's that's not here but pretty close. I am not like things and about stranger things last night. And who you are a millennial die anyway. I guess and I just say that in a bad way because I like millions wit the millennium is get a bad rap but there actually even though they all want participation trophies they're really good people. I maintain my participation trophies are on a shelf in my house in graduation. IRS. Always here with me and then we bring in other nerdy girls. From around the building so Casey please introduce yourself. Tell us where you're from why you like to do what you like to eat and what Michener. Iraq and Casey. I in the scorpio who and any. From Shellee milk. I I know your from surely piano and learn nothing about a month. And got an event. Unless I say it makes me dirty I am a in two allied TV shows mostly zombies. Legalize some beatings but they're even outside on a Walking Dead and other Walking Dead but I found anything unlike legislate is on the books. I needed to see warm bodies. No these are at it and I loved the book so much that I can't like I did I get a different. Person in my brain. I didn't see it yeah and about I zombie. Too much I found me my average doesn't really get I really didn't feel. It seems like. Crying to me criminal minds but we zombie hands because I'm I don't know what pitch. Says she works at a morgue and I think if she gets like a taste of their brain than she can get coronary artery that she was zombies somberly lost yes yes. She she's does comedy shift the perfect job because she works in a morgue says she has full access to brains 'cause most the time people in town. Don't care yet asset she eats so if there's a criminal case she's too little bit of the brain. And that and and then she gets the memories I had that this is not my husband telling me chef you watch eyes on the and I just described it totally wrong I apologize. Black. Stepped into that but anyway wow. And but I got a lot to show we're at it the premise is that someone constantly eating brains I criminal minds too much OK and I did you hear this make me feel better I don't watch any of those criminals just because. I always feel like they're giving criminals ideas. Like stop giving aren't people who are unstable ideas of how to commit crimes they just did a study. And I no matter how many criminal shows you watch it doesn't make you a better criminal and it also does that make you better on the jury like people who watch current arsenal to be on jury do. See snow your dad yeah. Yeah at 83 times that she turned eighteen and I have and narrow down the hearing saying yeah. And it was. The end now yeah. I. Have lunch time and not come when I don't wanna do it again why time I diet actually you call the number every day and to find out if your group pastor report right and I. Every day I didn't have to report demagogue study curry is going to be dram have to report last day I got called and I and then we went through like the process right and you know of course I was much. I would never tell it like I never lead with this with anyone but I'm like. I know you radio person. And I share everything that I do in my life on the air. I try my best to be like on a platter now an ominous talk he's on the air required to dancers immediate 27. And I got we don't care about that and site. And I sat and sat all day and then I'd never came back to get ask the judge comes in and he's like hey listen. We appreciate you being here today. We apologize that you sat for so long. The trial that you were selected for was a murder trial. So heavily I. And yeah. I yeah. I just. I didn't want that I look I don't wanna sit in the room with someone who's like a murderer I did it seem like. I don't think he's in jail Bobby and you know I don't want to get to match you gonna do you know I get. If you. Yeah get your radio personality and 80 am and now you they're gonna show up at the radio station they're gonna be like remember when you sent me to jail for seven and seven years. I so yeah there. Here's the thing you wanted to join us. That's great but timbers has no idea that we're invading their location. ABBA we've decided we the dirty girls they're the radio station are gonna start doing just some of our own Reynolds 39. So we are doing our first I want it every Horry Tony and 28 is Disney trivia night I have to tell you this actually like it and it makes my stomach turn a little bit because I'm so bad at trivia bit nervous like. When we start doing this I'm going to be it's stones for the idiot that I am not the point which thank you. Other areas of red tape you got a list and Larry op and that's why we do that kind of dirty cast because. I in joy in dirty things but I don't keep all of those details in my brain no idea I read things a cat all right gavel we're counting him out coached this time. Aren't so lottery pick super practicing yes these staff OK just joining us in studio now. Is John does John John Lott John as another whatever kind of nerdy girls. Real quickly John I was my first intern. It was a it was a terrible experience they just stay here anyway why haven't quit yet it's a little cajun heat. Got aren't secret intern Internet starting getting that getting paid at the front. And I nature and I can't sell our yeah are you gonna give us trivia just so this car. Karen look at your our ringer and you're going to be the hard I have to train you guys since nineteen sacks overall lack. There are so now I'm what are we to do we need to like about synergies shouted out when she match. Shouting your name yet and then look at it there's one more microphone we can all the other microphones here in this. Cat I was the terrible microphone that it's not I'm going to I'm gonna opt. Yeah how we got to win I can't hear I'm gonna show. Yeah I mean I'm grant her. Just have to keep out a couple of us. Let's get it. And you guys absolutely you know I think that this is trying to podcaster and the national broadcast. Everybody is perhaps a little bit because we have yeah. I'm out. She didn't accidentally hit herself that. Thanks for her record I have myself but the flag on top of the I found. Italy I'm okay lynch acted. Just a little inside information with them I drunk too close to each other we start to sound like Puerto water tap. I say you're. Yeah dirty snowball kind of trip kind of Jenny albums. I'm here when you know the answer shot a cat and then we'll Ghana who aren't. I keep telling the purses prepare for me to own your brain. I can't be Smart are Al which artist Grammy for the album of the year we 25 at the grammys this year. Hey hey hey hey Casey will hit me on the yeah yeah and Adele a current don't know. Around her and and. I'm happy. Hot dinner that they are not professional. It's finger. And which sit on the great. I was China. Rihanna trends and eating at an exam England thing. Saying the icon died in January 2070 let's start on the Dick Van Dyke Show and and a main case to case indicate take and she wore me she's dead in her pick. Our AM I don't like number. And I like she's in the mood and. Her. Which won an Oscar for best picture at the Academy Awards when this year. Eastern team and I already happened yes. And it was the big fiasco. I'm at mentally watched the escapees on I land but it wasn't I didn't watch after all the old we'll call all I'm on the blank light and right now spotlight close flashlight close Brad why he did tonight. Yeah I. And the blue quite frankly. Are against it now case that's based on true events like Tony seventeen film depicted evacuation of 337. Featuring Casey Casey Casey. Dunkirk correct me wild yeah nay. All they know it's serious I wonder why I'm Harry and put on an alternate who PGA has and the each Oscar winner and reprise his Earl is Rick Decker in what 2017 science fiction film. Now I know trapped it's a number it's not crap is number yeah. Yeah. Can't get blade or something number 239 grade. I went blank there. Yeah yeah yeah running Wonder Woman is correct something on a Princeton gamma ray credit for that. Is it means he didn't know. They split from the sun. Seventh and eighth yes Casey. You can't say that I'm nets now are your. Yeah yeah. The only state to begin with the letter. Where's the world's largest ocean where is that when it. And Pacific doesn't make. Just river in the end of ruled the movie yet but not now Mississippi now. Doesn't that add. And there again though this billing and action. And amazonian Amazon or at Amazon River. The jazz yeah all of Spain. Some school. Not aging cajun arsenal and now it's the other one I can't let him start and end it and I was thinking Manila and also folders and. The military. And that. What is the largest freshwater lake the world your mom cook. Salt water. Oh day and not Lake Superior so I had over today and the three primary colors and that they prior art classes you have elementary school. Primary colors I was Richie being of those it is pretty close it right there the red blue green and not the regular rank and yell and yell out at HT. Well yea Casey and I can't get credit I said red lips she said yeah. Yellow yeah. Point. It was an radiates first wife Iran correct and complete. In 88. And here it laden. Divorced beheaded die and I weren't headed survive and in the you lose the second look at it until the night did you. And that. Is they need it and survived is often endorse edit died divorced beheaded survived only six lives. Captain America ads right I would into. All this and getting under way just confused and mediate didn't get he had none of that. It. Could be headed into Baidoa was like you can't survive the and I'm Lombard or mark one or what color is absinthe. The loop current battle going on is a dark now. Blank out keep guessing cal player always house now yellow now there are you hate. I should've known that I. And actual absinthe like night really I died right now bailing me into the eastern camps and and I had. A lot of us are alike illegal in the near the flood that's my mailing me and as I resentments and I saw this movie last year. Nearly every drinking absinthe late and they have like a big bottle loving and they hurt like hallucinating and stuff I L illegal alien vampires. And move in John and I think Disney trivia preempt yeah. John is gonna dominate Arquette and I don't think I can beat them. Target island OK to partner and it'll what is the name of Jackson's pet tiger Raza acts. July keyword is in the fossil at. Carolina Sahara. And you might be really only. Ease it's just Gaston have for breakfast I'm doesn't practice and that's at a payment volume ahead. When I was get checked bags. Donna. At our trivia night Frankfurt in embers yet. In Hercules is promise not to permit our provided Hercules gives up his strength. Allen have to give up strengths are and see Hercules couldn't we saw her think each town indicating that I. My favorite every little animated and really do those are forever or something now not forever not forever and the inner thinking he's idle and goes a day I die hard goodness you leave our our that's I was asleep. And then Atlanta lining up and all he had to do was get Hercules out of the way so he could release the titans and and Barack. Evelyn in her -- a handful of times. And I what was the name of the dragon in Milan in motion. And drank it led by Eddie Murphy. Love Eddie Murphy he's the Dennis. The key word does the Alley used to describe falling in love and I blocked that from my brain and it can be the they theories no Disney character has parents that and I know. And I really have like one parent you know ever had to prison ever haven't won my mom's it yeah I ever become president Archie and mom Vanessa had Dan. Might not want my best friends when frozen came out. She was like I got to see as you can see as a rising so much you and your sister discussed I thought a whole time while you're in your sister. And I watched a woman like. Spain. Similar to that movie and me and my sister and we have dead parents and yeah. Our ancestors after their parents I know the not so evil I screamed. I'm not too many I don't know make maybe your arm and the owners and trying to hang. And Obama. I younger sister and you know live together after my parents are you and I screen. I'm producing and you are nice I mean I want kind of brutal sometimes I miss out on this broadcast only dear Katie and now because you. I need a steak dinners with John hey you yeah I did an excellent you know they weren't even better dinners like family dinner we want. One in three years mine north. Think finally you dinner that's why that's what families do and in this new age you have one family dinner every three year. A black. I got my grandkids and yeah. I'll go there and maybe on the ground and eight and reflect in the all the time yeah you're an iron and it back up again that's not the John this week get ready yet (%expletive) out nice up and her hair and yeah he got all that new Disney staff. I get I can help you with tangled that's. Are the best candidate I watch that because. Zachary it's a member friendly readers get around watching tangled I love senility doesn't change Sam can't I. I got a lot of dirty things to share with you. And an end and we'll talk more about this. Black panther is. I had so DEC I just I ticket priests and re ever for a marvel movie. Civil war hey dude OK I don't like to think about Captain America get beat OK I rented I don't like him he got the low end wins I eat I don't like at all. I can. Do yeah. I'm a loser and I'll play in the next podcast I'm gonna I'm gonna I give you some of these reactions. I am I did not realize this. But. Up until now. People across the pond did not have access to friends they never watched the TV show friend dealing you're sending embarrassing manner and I snapped. He never cared and and I am. Area and we can talk more about this and the next podcast but it's funny because. It Netflix just added friends all of these people. Are watching friends for the first time home yeah tweeting their reaction only accurate they've been happening and it's it's really funny so what do that in the next match. Kinda Mary Kathryn Simmons from. And this thing.