Kinda Nerdy News: Ep 135

Thursday, January 11th


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Yeah all fairly near. As start to arc and kinda dirty forget them might sign him now I missed against our flag and be on record it's okay you what did you just say about black yeah and Casey and John about the add a new trailer for black asset Kendrick Lamar and it. Natalie and that the time you set it off the microphone and now I swore I. And and cameras. Like I felt so hard ass and I felt so cool just listening to the trailer yeah I asked. I don't gonna be amazing night I'm excited about Ike is this guy I mean the painter is I mean that's what he is he's cool. Right field area and cool in comparison. But there's a lot of reasons why I am an equal like not being used it up not being king in out alaskans think those are you that trailer to rule. And then again. It's like three times. Oh culture you know. I only watch it once because. I start watching it too many times that I get I get too much information and start paying attention and what I should have waited to find out about the movie right now. I thank you are well this is the candid dirty cast on. I'd I'd partially however regarding mess it doesn't say the mics are on anybody's socks and what did you just blocked the doorway into her head ouch I can't again she has a real job he hasn't got here just to where we present actually I didn't didn't nothing real about confidence I everything is alive and I can't you know. Really surprised me I just found this out moments ago. I understand. So up until today because I've been stocking the Internet for went door rag Iraq was going to. I'm finally shot there was one Peter left in the city. Yeah. Yeah of that. True conversation these are things I get anxiety about I sent them my husband he doesn't like to go to movie theaters earlier to get amount I was yeah. I was newsletter economy outs only comes movies did you write this why do kind of dirty night. Out events for these movies because if I don't have other people to go it I have some refineries and not just get it see dark and I'll. I have this. I said I'm like what I looked it up is only one theater last. You know it's an Elan to drive but here's the problem he was on the lagoon in its name. Data that great impression did. Your airline cabin sounds just like a definite yes and it sounds like listen honey here's the problem. If we don't those people are right Iraq I have been gurgling at every day they are not putting out. I really state. For that digital release and the DV see what happens is black comes out. We haven't seen yet and there's thing even lower that we needed to see before why can't we did daylight as her. Probably not going to be late but. Yeah a lot of that well even sign on in your Meyer challenge. Yes I have not yet suddenly were skipping. Here's the thing discipline that we got free week because the Hulk not watching the Hulk and the crappy Hulk yeah yeah cyber. There's a whole lot. Add. And the ultimate Iron Man two so we we've we've watched Iron Man and were way. They made a hole between the gaming and Internet at dawn. It's just like it and just just pretend deduct for getting patently fantastic four can. All fantastic for any back yeah I had Norton. And he's not bad and at no offense to add if you're listening that you weren't turning the bulk OK I can be easily I was not I don't know why. I like Ed Norton a lot of things I love you don't fight club by Alec mark rough load that's Smart hello mark repellent acutely the best. And it's not just at outdoor rag Iraq did you dole released is. Cast minutes. It's what it's after it it's it after black paint what I mean I hitters what tiger's sixteenth. Yeah got the dvd for thawra comment I have two movies and after losing a mountain division I mean again I know what you're saying busy shift about now. And that don't you bring that up on the calendar and don't bring nets in and he might as the British Germany again this league in due to do instead he has done my friend Denis Feeney it's I was like OK we're going to see this I can't judge well when you when you won't see a movie and they knew about it so much aegis like what you just keep taking all your friends I would yeah. Really it amateur on my friend I. You it was. Yeah how anti king and like clap on this Monday night he had like the previous month when the day came out probably rank and Donna I haven't heard about it extract. Aren't I was still at the lower ranking or rocket could not I'm did you like moody and thinking I think he's I really did like the movie. The thing that I was worried about from the trailers was that the hole was so so different. I'm past that now by. But it made sense I didn't understand in the trailers out all the sudden halt just don't have like a full vocabulary. Keeps it hurts and you life. Fox yeah I think not and a saint Laurent OK when I. OK so at job I can ease your anxiety about says I was like what do you do it you're like making a totally different how he. This happens because he. He stays the hole so long that he kind of a ball like it's like. Yeah so he says he loyalist I don't quit being of course he's being forced to our fight in this grand arena attend he's just always call quite. He choice is so no Bruce Banner into and Larry yeah you your leg bruise Bruce Banner but I think our timing between the Hulk. Diminishing. He's dead basically a prisoner being forced to fine. Totally didn't make sense in a story I don't I'll try I would like how are you just gonna do this and not explain why all of a sudden in out. You can carry out a conversation about what you're gonna have for dinner with Paul you know not cool so how does it get anything I was worried about speed shows up and he pretends to be Tony Stark for awhile. That's an example how does that work. He dressed like him. But he doesn't look it's an insert him into. I don't worry that you're just don't like it super fun I don't stress about a lot of giggles lots of jokes emitting and I you know I read mom. Somewhere that that joke where it. Thorne is like. Oh yeah like we're friends from Larry you know Medved Show that some kid wrote that in. Team right now executives or something like and they put it in and out and I was also there is like a kid on the set that is visiting or something had to make illustrators and on the sat he was like. Stewart and that they want to know. I thought it was so funny and I think that's Brady act I I Edward knows knows that you need to witty. I'm actually being here is funny and I used to be it majesty is an industry I can yeah. I go to this and I'm not I was I I was thinking that I was wrong I'm right at Doral and Iraq available digitally beginning February 20 so that is after black panther religious. All day I outlook laughing that what is it isn't. Sixteenth yeah actors aren't there any night is the Monday after the weekend release so that Monday the nineteenth which is president's face I feel like we can ever really really nice up and down get back pay off I love you not yet we did see it over and over again you know. Oh yeah lots and and the dvd and Blu-ray Africa or rank Iraq is out on March 6 and east of Ireland if it yet. John that that Peter an Avon. That's your balancing act does not have heard they might 6000. Who's written as much in this little different and add about that I didn't 'cause because there's a reason like Milan and ending with march they're. It's a big part of my parents' anniversary of mass Jun an eighth the last you can see star Ratner and compete and it can't play I get to 55 you gonna offer you just don't mind he's just because that's how it can't explain it and you fifty I don't like it. Didn't hear it. The re all set amounts Shiloh crossing. In Plainfield I think that's got to you. Automatically. Have an eye and I don't think the black candidate now I know blank. It's who applied many users on the bus at 240 Batman movies as glitzy 55 you man to play EL. Unless you swing at school and you pick her up and then got to go because there's the previous and stuff so the movie's not actually going to start telling my when he twenty minutes of previews you know what that's like about an Atlanta Grady shelled in light but it immediately started and I had the exact start previous before I just signed up as they are you can't like I. Our previous. Owners on outlets on the Internet. Well you're illegal yet very illegal I don't I read do you that I got through four years of college your banner at an end anyway. Gonna coming here and last year I can't believe that you're sitting on our whole some pot can we don't immigrant and anti gay community. Grabbed eight of our lives okay that's in the middle. Funny how hurricanes on TV now they know that says that her way you don't let me ask me again that Vietnam the big insane you know. That way Diaz down as that person and his word on TV. We shall analogy and I remember staying up watching adult swim after my parents went to the like hell and I'd be like oh. Yeah. Yeah. I don't doubt John I don't know lecture watching her they're using the ask hard. Bat mobile was announced yeah. I don't get away here I'm dead says. That's does that Mumia Abu lob. And whether it this year this past season her arm was the first time that they used afterward on the blocking and non I don't know I don't like to know why eighteen I don't like locking it one afterwards yeah enemy in the ability and you gotta like do good stuff and it has all the has not comedians. You gotta do good stuff with the F word Titanic as well Titanic so much what we're left Ford could teach these. What is every week. I'm not the first seeing just take it on the south Jersey TH yes that's right yeah halfway through we're telling the story right after. The captain gets the iceberg warning. And in the dude with a beard well it was fairly telling me about it I event at the the Titanic runs into an iceberg and splintered low moment again yes my whole life and I can't really have drowned last freezes loophole that in anyway they know that in. And. I can't. We actually know what I'm talking about after that to be funny. Shy you feel like I did not see inception yet. But I I've seen that means in the jokes about it I. And I dvd if you've ever like to borrow it I like as of argument that a lot I love doesn't limited amount of land he's awesome you would like it I was poking. That Joseph would go on to be. Dick Grayson. Yeah around at his stay incident that right slash night Wayne yeah dad and I don't be a great night doing you know and I just need more bad image he's in my life. Mean. Thing and. And style yeah you know gas but not Dark Knight rises that pat weird. Right in their risk catwoman Anne Hathaway was great in doing anything like they're like what she did a number of us have really bad time as they need catwoman yeah. There's only really got that this company like yeah. Movies though lake is she's just not to like. Skin tight latex cat out and it's not like Halle Berry in and it's like myself I've rarely you know would have the best catwoman is always and forever will be actually. New car. And that Adam West patent and she's not like. Times he had to Aaron yeah. Written numerous ones least I remember him on channeling Jack yeah and popular event as his lover. Yeah and really they had liked Matt yeah I didn't ask Family Guy like everything episode religiously but I find it at a restaurant on higher gas out. A lot of the episodes like I act out what Clinton on air and yet he's the mayor last moon and then he means lewis' sister. Your daughter hey listen you guys needy kids. Hotel saying yes Ireland. You like best friends now huh if not more are ways to everything has to be nerdy about well I pulled up while I while Ebert cheating and I just. What have you noticed a real job again you don't I the first look at courteous Eddie bracken venom came up. A standard pictures of Tom hardy at least it's good to look at I'm just not sure about this than a movie. I don't I like Tom hardy Simon boy I love Tom mighty hand it to the beard doesn't mean what. It was un Yankee like me its favorite movie with Tom hardy like what major eleven. And as Dana did. I'm me and another problem with again. We've seen in a bad name leaves anchor mystery and and I really feel like from the brow of the nose actors he's a pilot Afghan. So John ladylike on her are. Mean I think if anything you just like yeah ideally it's super iron and but how did you find out incorrect or let Lou know what does that really the reason it is Lou I think Chris pine. The law aunt Arlene out of lake yep yeah I sat together Chris pine. This kind of Chris pine. I wrinkle in time new Disney and any he acts I have one Marlins need it as. At Wentworth many well let's think about the national talk about it on the next podcast. I. I posted a star there is our right up I'm in the narratives. Dot com about how. Who Damron right now I've got up. He really that bad guy and he's not the bad guy he's a bad guy. That's why it's the argument that pile is that is blue is deep not evil person. I and that the birth awakened in the last ten I Brad Pitt and I was like I I have my having a hard time arguing with a negative but. He's so pretty honest don't you say that the I can't multiple. At at dirty women on my FaceBook page in the comments were like. How dear they say it out about MySpace has been fame and his name I ever. Not a space husbands you know like you have like when you airspace has been right so lets lets think about this anatomy that topic hammer on her next Karen in your he cashed I don't buy any arcane change. At least. Yeah I immediately went Chris Tucker. Hello Lisa Chris pine but I then all the sun all these other like stealing I think about it nationally I think it's a tougher decision and he thinks I went to an end. I'm very cast you think about it as well. Odd that because this is fun because it you know like in our relationship my users and I had like that the freebies like if I ever know they came along and sorry honey what. How they are because we do the because we work at these. Comic con they're pitching switch so I thought I spent. I'm like twelve hours a weekend with Chris Evans and. Hey what do you do after this my husband really did. Let me tell you know if I'm ever in the the phone don't know much about it right. And often and no children Chris and and as you wait you do an entry is calling my daughter John Yang you can. CNN Saturday. Whatever you want babies I haven't sat well I. So right so that's weird so when your relationship you have like that's freebies but I've never thought about like. I'm also I don't have the space has that hoosiers base freebie yeah. I'm glad that I cannot install husband isn't the only your sneeze freebie but not that bad in the next minority cast. Thanks for listening I you can follow us on Twitter. I'll act kind of dirty news. We share all kinds of stuff that's always happening and are kinda dirty thoughts and you can also got two KJ on air dot com if you wanna keep up with dirty news and I pain. He's anti I paid Fourteen dollars a year or so I can happen and you hear me well. Unassailable. Fourteen dollars for like three years and then I get to continue to own KJ on your dot com. Because the first one more thing for. The first website I ever like purchase that I wanted to have was KJ strays dot com. I get I segment on the smiley morning shower again on tap tap pets yeah life yup I did. Yeah and then somebody in Japan. Bikes swooped in and bought it and then they were China trying to charge me like hundreds of dollars to get it. So little now learnt my lesson if I had never ever doing anything ever in my life with changing on their dot com under the directing you to my FaceBook page the no and just let me yeah yeah.