Kinda Nerdy News: Ep 136

Tuesday, January 16th


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Being married. Curtis I'd add people ask that you care about things that mattered save Lil they had not as you not a Fletcher can make demand and a kind. I can think dispatcher never me. Merrill. Yeah. Just right and are you kidding me I'm pretty happy with my sweatshirt NN that yesterday at this time it was 75 and sunny where his unit and Phoenix and then I can act enough roasting car door oh my gosh regularly take care the kind of dirty podcast I'm KJ had a genie and you are producer John RI to Donna we're going to be caddie and dirty today about our space has been used. We just are unfamiliar with what a space has been constitutes please elaborate Al shirt. A space has then is. Anyone who as that played a character in space. Boot EU I would like to be your husband is how it's how I can get a free pass because they're not on earth. Scenario if you're add yeah right they're not re out there in space so it's not cheating. Killing you on last Texas to Mars and this is an argument. Oh. Turn out you can have a house husband and I are all. So let me sure the cake is that the last class and we are talking. I ask you think about it at this IU EE EU explored the topic of space has been. And you are still unsettled on the same terse yes bones McCoy. Don't you start track. I again and fashion on the space Karl urban in. US supposed to be in Phoenix this weekend and he canceled. I signed in the new eighth army in I was like I know that phase Moody's missing his hair so I can't really tell if it's him or not ask. Dad how about you John. Lamb. Hasn't it that's not I mean I mean I I would say right now you cannot because I know how much she loved Chris Evans. It can't. If I got it come may infinity or will have been in space Captain America may end up in space now I've learned out he hates. He is excluded. Space has noticed or account yeah I don't come ask article or long hair or short hair. You know I really like his story care Mandela really react. In dad's luckily toxin was so year. I I like they previous stories on the line I got back I guess a lot of guys. And have you raid may backs him. Kitchen and love I'm a little torn OK I mean I can well. And Chris pine. And I man right here NASA's immediately and yeah I mean all of the Christians are really good looking Chris trying. I have loved since. The princess diary. You yeah. Harare. And a it's I mean that was like my guy then I got reaction when we asked not stage has an island Chris aren't. But I. You guys ever get Nathan filling in and yeah I know that you're happy don't. At a diet and caffeine or rescue okay US has. Not made any harm her and I. Well I've not come out clarify I did you watch Buffy kinda. I did you rush off featured CN used evil priest that poked out Sanders I. Well okay. Act act act. I shut that guy got his start playing jelly Buchanan on one life to live. I watched one life to live with my grandma you Zach and I. I am lead like grown up he was like my first crash and I've grown up. Loving that man I have I have debt that I actually enacted I bet a lot of people through the comic con. He has a one celebrity that I actually. Just ran in to. Why he was here for at the Indy 500. I was driving down to host. Dubbed parade. With mild body smiley this was when I was on the smiley show on Indianapolis we had a tradition because they make is you get out there really early before the traffic. So we know him a tea OK like just picture so we. The bar at the Conrad and during the most sense yeah. Until it was time to announce the prayed very professional on us. I'm out here so we're sitting there drinking the most as and I see it tweak on that Nathan Chilean. And it says heat heat treated that he had just taken a lap around the speed out I was like oh my god smiley yeah. I had a lot of yeah I think. I yeah that's Miley. Trying to figure out like well like. He has connections like there's got do you party that this guy is going to use my very day now yes that will fit your caddie Donna party your baby there's a press saying he's shedding Verdi's tried to. You're out and he's looking at is found. And I text my husband and sad how I sub was divorce is imminent Nathan Phillips and count. I don't know from my phone. And he is Danny apple. Might. Smiley. Nathan telling you guys yeah I know what I know. He'll. Like yeah. Every side well hello and I'm like oh my god I'm clarity does the web yet again teamed me I can't you can't. I have got hot for an easy or run like you would divorce sure has been for him he always has. And yeah I mean I'm rich in I mean. I've gotten you know I that I it I had moved in no offense Nathan but you know Chris Evans is pretty high up their finalist John has won jabs and just because of how much I loved Captain America and the fact that he's doing that role so much justice like he has the talent out of there noble man yeah it. For me wasn't any Captain America that game for me it's like I've seen him in like other movies it's bath and houses like. This may Ian yeah asking it not got another team many. That Larry doesn't shirt I guess with us you know silly class you would like Dakota Fanning and he had like these like. Powers some like animals that called was that. That is unlike. You share and. The great cinematic now we have got a lot we don't lakers' seven nearly three I love that movie anomaly in Italy cannot apparently. I can't sign and I get your space hasn't I mean even though like my initial reaction was Chris pine I I it's got it's got to be Nathan Chilean lake east alarming my life next to my husband. I what I mean let me it when we don't work out Weaver several content them but the first run that I worked with him I was there I'd get it. They can I need to be and in the middle because you are my husband's. Life. I age Patrick I want I said I need you on the other because this is my picture with my both among house should I ha yeah. Thanks a shower and he's very he's retracted that I mean eight bank Shannon and Chris pine as a beautiful lies beneath contempt sounds you know OK IBY Livni. It is on Netflix and I watched it on the ego and as president I am honored. And let's begin because I was blessed him with my mom and my mom is ax me all of these questions all relaxed and ask this is my first time what's in the movie is I don't know what's gone on. Act now to the Ferrari got it there really cute Miami it is it's a great actual lot of fun it's like a nice little. I never a love story about a little more offbeat it's not the typical like rom com. In its call list Alan I'll give us and then Hewitt in the nanny diaries he was her hot neighbors are. How hot are anxious and Ed there's a movie I have a watch him that I downloaded it because it I I didn't even a movie called the losers. And it's got Jeffrey dean Morgan and it and just look how I'm like man let me subject redeeming IA LC match. Yeah I mean bring it to match assignment Nam. Yeah it Hillary's like I want blocking it. And now I'm data is that Casey has I had asked if she's yelling and watch sparking dad no offense JD and so that's space has been so we're allowed to know who your space husband has IA and other refinements will be one can know being. She had not yet I cannot fail and you know I therein galaxy far far away. I cannot space space hasn't billion for the college and I can't analyst thing has really put a damper on. Last night right when you wanna have children. Did OK I don't. I mean I'm me and I obviously at this point and a let's eighties and around and it's an unmanned I I had the worst weekend of my life. I. Went looking. Yeah let's talk for a second I had the best we can airline apparently have had this out I. I don't get tickets I promised in the last podcast that we weren't gives some of these reactions to friends on people in the U care seeing friends and salad and a miss like Joey doesn't share food yes I love you say that's the one with it's that's the name every single one of their app Assange is the wind which has a blind doing that they named the one where that's the one nor are they go to London in the what absent Lola they call they're epicenter. Well let's just me it's how we talk about it right when you talk about. Episode of your favorite show up you don't Colin I'd say you're like where and how they do that path they. That is that is how they describe and a sense which is kind of art show we actually get their friends and something we that I. Had just 8 AM already aired two I just I don't see any time you did you kind of dirty therapy out Kotchman this weekend. I tell John about it before this but as so it was pretty left work early and it you know it's doing your thing get three day weekend didn't announce any day. Smashed my head in my car door. How do you as far as my mom's car is without a prolonged and I can't truly know the door for him and I can no excuses I just. That's so hard I saw stars and I was like cannot kind of currency my mom's like. Emergency not nine I've had concussions to force I'd like. Yankee. Owner. Yeah these headaches I've been on home and I just spoke and a half you know learn inexperienced heartburn for the first time how loud and stabbing came back my sternum and unlike. Detect and its parent and. I had never experience heartburn neither her or my husband and I don't I I guess he's just lived with it his whole life he was like. Yeah I've buck got the kid doesn't help you learn every day I'm like yeah I its heart and. As. Burping trying to make it. I like takes some time you'll be I was eight and you. Kind of here right that you're in your twenties you'd take Tom's well out of it one time I say how it ought to set how variant and during and you are Katie when he three all right and you and I and Fareed you. Yeah now lab can be your mom. Have time to hand this crash that I have on Tom Holland is an appropriate I want to back it. Well yeah. As archaic it did on her worst weekend I got my husband works art and I don't. Yes I Texan Tom does doing great. Elect might not Kim and I got to commit streak came inside don't potty outside yeah we're talking ten years old or so I training is fair so I go to reach over the crock pot where that we just need like pulled partners on and just take it out because they are gonna put it in the pan and shredded up a letter. I reached regret the trick bag and I grabbed the bottom corner in with open and aisles like annulled treat to get his lap I tried to flick get out. Yeah last. Next hour strain and hot cry. Not hot I'll ask you that question my answer. And knowing that that's how can I say you know her arm and I dropped the dog treats elicited. You're not well yeah. Your bottom got three endear pulled Merck and I'm just kind of let Janet she's like well I guess yeah forget it. I don't. Atlanta where they like current she got three older than little soft I. Mean I. They want that to like mallet to reach in the fish got my mom's like that's hot don't touch it yeah. Again I did you did the pulled part to your dog no weakness you distressed and show host and it was hard. So we're Shannon yeah I don't name Iowans and I was asked if I did Shani and then Phoenix with a little island and we where at. Especially stands for unions H county idea at Sebastian is this a lovely man yearly so they're doing is at a. That's right now he's my one gets good feeling. Drop my boyfriend like I can ring in has a job anybody dozens angles. If I did it kinda their wanna you know Chris Evans you in particular you wanna is that true friend. Chris Capps I think it's got back together with his girlfriend and he engines linger about Conor. That is today's video his immediate dodged saying in a hot picks up. That I am activities have been student loan radical. Human attribute the don't let your money if you are into it and yeah. And I think Christians any Arab backed down and iron game and on and on sound managing as the obsolete again on OK he had an eye on the gas. I out of yet. Taylor Chris Chris one day because. And he would see Jackie was under the land area Shahi was theirs Saturday with a dead by a ton of pictures on Saturday but and Sunday when we had to tell every all the barrels to restore you know I. I victory and he's back and make it. Ripples through the lines have done here at my starting my demos and then high pitch to. Every Alexander speaking where it's not. Yeah. And they get my martek yet hi Erica yeah. The only and says yeah I don't know right now. So it's adding dress is against gag out I if he can't it can't Eric anyway that he got a spot through what he was dealing and he went about an hour. A lot at a does deal a person after person after person after person might say not I mean it's a bad me probably got some other people's because you don't look a lot of people like you liked it's not and I didn't. Amy Ayers well a right there Tim actually aid made college that's it has a name it's called Conn cried as you talk I mean you. People get sick you just get like yeah get sniffling and all it means because. Yeah that you've got all those people everybody is that's silent people will get that sat on the right in our. We never like you can't be mad that they don't wanna kiss you right yeah then now I'm like just a scare they like it I'm not paying it yet they're gonna put their arm around for the photos just like anybody in the room and and and hugged and they don't know you it's scary to have a stranger running at you at the and I should not think. They're kissing going into committed no I can't shake like. You look around us all right you were talking about a thousand people and getting the same picture today Ed you are all shaking hands were all getting sick right. Don't get your favorite super hero tell us right. Yeah we'll have a body of I mean I think that I mean this month. Yeah rob pretty kinda like in a youth walked up to them they put their arm around you for the photo the end like that that's fine hey thanks in and I whenever our way out there is a lot of stuff that goes around Arafat cons in my past and from high school is in Phoenix I had dinner with her on Saturday night and she was like. You really need to be using the hand sanitizing because we're having like the worst. Flu epidemic. Voting the Phoenix I was like I'll ride god I did not think that. That's not our sad get dad I'm. Sanitized so. Let's go to France yet as I am a mom that's mom. So I know there's there's gel week there is John yes some like let me get the air that this this screen lol I get is through. This is not Alan who lives in the UK sent. Watching friends for the first time ever like she and learn preach don't hate grass jelly creeps me out. Stevie spotted a scary way. Why is everyone mark Monica for trying to keep a clean organized home at. If I yeah sure that's fat cat all of them. Potlatch emanating out of rocks roster as a monster what does Rachel seeing an anti hate what rocks I don't know it's like. He's here he's you're annoying friends like he'll do anything for you right you need something Roth is there but in the meantime when you don't need any think he's irritating yeah I'm. The legacy. Aerial hater like he can't like they like the whole. Series he's is like he's validating raise solar like some other like he's never single. I'm friendly embrace just like it's way too good for him when he let he's he racial era. Yeah south Jennifer Aniston and yes and that I don't think I've ever heard that we around a break. Yes one of the classic episodes you has numerous. And to sell out and break the best daddy and play it worries me is that watching friends for the first time rots Ross and Rachel were definitely on a break I don't know why people are arguing. There's an episode of friends where group a 26 year old are shocked to find they drank five bottles of wine between seven people over an entire evening. I honestly that's way more unrealistic and the massive apartment thing. Yes whenever the checking out the ninety's and Alex as you get the word home. I'm not. You cannot afford now even in the night you could then the real litany aren't there or how much hey thanks very New York city's air feuds there are outlets are huge and like Rachel doesn't even have a job when the things start you know I mean they have jobs analysts. Oh lead to mean like. When I watch it like at my character's apartment is. Awesome but then you go across the hall to Joey Chandler's apartment and it's like nothing like their apartment is on track on the same level say they're bad and also why is there apartment Lance that Monica and rate is under the impression that all six of them live. Together I know just across the hall yet tight for a New York apartment I I I guess now. So that's just to feel that the fun little things I am I it was back. It was fun watching it happen in real time because Netflix you know released all of yeah for all of different seasons at 13 seasons and a ten and ten cents act and sat in I don't watch it is a step right it was so weird to think that. There were people in the world. Who were written never seen friends are like. Watch friends for the first time I get like with what our country was doing like I don't watch friends finally let me take a break from work I can't think at. I am doing anything else to me dirty that I can't pick that lesson month. Yeah yeah as black panther I have I mean nearly nine out for that album. We're still don't trip down you get to come mom's been all right so he has got to be at studio movie Iran will be getting tickets are lacing an outrage and a and I the next. Her and and the worst are gonna do what is attorney unite your marriage got an official kind of dirty nasty. And their attorneys for Alex and bruised. It on 96 street about the former rock asked interment and I can't play. And another thing aquatic shouting from the convention this weekend we can't you abraxis are okay. It may be sad oh happy like get light in May in my heart grew three times. This green. Did ask and I'll post a link. Share it that Spiderman homecoming panel on digit Ed Ed Garrity have a poster which is awesome seeking gussy it. But there's there's a moment where they are asking. So it was Tom Holland. And then. His an eight united firebrand homecoming. I think it got better and LE SP I guess I was like how I can't talk to guy who plays his best friend in the many bets that the computer again at a computer guy. And then the girl they had a crush on thousands. And I don't I have not been diet I had grown accustomed on the gas yeah. Shout that's that's a list. Liz actually the girl that played lift her name is Laura Harrier now after like what she liked about you know that role and she shagged. She said what made me so happy about playing wins is that. There just aren't enough roles aren't there aren't enough movies with that show girls who. Even though they're cool all and it's popular and people like band. You know she's all of those things but she's also kinda dirty yeah. Now a cat and he yeah and there is okay and that's what I thought about. You can still be Canon Mary. And thank good girl Laura no lucky if they I wanna spend the time the talent I thought. I can't do anything planned for the next anonymity and I know I love pat and Ernie Banks are always popping out settlements even him not every time. We'll be back ten points in the.