Kinda Nerdy News: Ep 137

Friday, January 19th


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A friend thank you here are choosing to be kind nerdy with us my name is Cheney Zhang. I'm Katie I'm Jonathan and I ran out we are some kind of nerdy girls are gonna talk about the got a dirty thing yeah. Like that we have to talk about wayward sister's is as we are speaking. It's the morning after some light on giddy about that. But first this is. Well I mean it ties into an attic kinda dirty movie from the high eighties right. I don't know he. British hottest days real space. And bit did you know other than movie about it these kids who. You know about the air bud spinoff where the dogs go to space and Kayla there's Evian ladies I think. We have Lea Thompson was in it. Girl from back to the future. And Brittany. Reform plug. Had to pass and it on anyway. I should there aren't that many in the eighties it was called space camp. And that's about these kids go to space camp odd while they're practicing the rocket accidentally launches and then I have to I won't have to get themselves back. On to earth just what they're trained. Now that are not be called. Total for re keying out that it can't be any help you caddie very get a critical situation in John I would not silent they have to be calm cool and collected how Kate happened imagine to Regina the other day that she was left to go to space camp and John humor me and that's why I heard you know very it you and me. You cut. I'm still crank. Well first of law. That would mean in. I was. Being myself. And I'm OK so I mean. I mean are saying main me naming it. As these scandals like no. Leg clueless she's now she's like no rain that's not do what happened. No I do not wanna go to space camp I never had EG green logo and his base camp like comedian came when I work for NASA yup yes sure that I NASA ushered around all the time like once a week I how many times you wash it and the night I watch it every time we aren't a and now it's just got to where once a week I had a clean irritation I haven't I so I spent extra. I don't like science. Conversation yesterday we started dragging in a couple of the people that work here yeah. Like if you are a person that works here at the mix what would you be doing instead act and I kept her on stuff that are in my professional chef she's like no I mean that. She's like I would lead to any teacher it now do you want to miss this institution of the people who are. This is great wine she kind of bit for what it's like if you went back in time and you were like a Michelangelo. Or something like an artist. Yeah our whole really be an artist why I have to go back in time the you can be an artist right now what is I'm not really like Lilly. Actual aren't like he'd seen my own. It time and actually take over my hands or his body right you wanna just like BM apple. Maybe it has become his knee is only here and it felt like her and say to you because you wanna be an artist I just innocently honestly I don't. John Lennon just he's as an. I didn't diet and not just gay because she was to go to space camp other thing is I would wanna go to space camp because I don't like science out 1080 I you actually looked into the spot is there are grownups. Have them running Eddie that was just kids and grownups can gotta space camp. Yeah because now I'm actually grown up I I have my own finances to do things like that's no brought to the cost of 549. Dollars for three days that's. That's Lara. I scheme Huntington Alabama. Aren't I on style punts that. Yeah I catches not where I would want space to be like you know east and there are any space center act as music and we lived in Florida and renewed got to the Kennedy space you. I loved every moment did you watch launches and things you can give. Time talents and night. Date they have like astronaut it which tastes like garbage but you know you're into it because it's astronaut stuff and they have like Iraqi garden outside and just that all the old rockets they don't use any it's Iraq at garden so it's well the rocket dump yard it looks like went there watching me yeah. Christmas tree on. All odds are trying to just everywhere and you can like go through the hangars and see how the engines work and how the shuttles and we should take Jana yeah yeah let's go and only ever driven through Internet Franchitti of mass and then driven out well you rather. Well I would to redeem his visit my in she's in the military in. Heard directions were kind of off on May keep you end. And the military base. Hey GP is sacred center NASA knows we don't have enough we. Are there. I gave NASA really had to drive back out is it that I look at how much and if I it was not a radio personality. Flash magician wizard whenever yeah I. Might my two choices and Isaac and were Egypt colleges and we're pastor had not you have Egypt can't Katie yeah wouldn't. Gee if they can't just say it's gonna. Pursue my. Obviously I also you know I'm not a risk taker at all like I mean when I was kid I got on roller coasters aren't like that seems like dominated diet. And how is that like I want it I do you wanna bungee jump no no I got a clue how much I do I get our rocket and got a margin not very well tell you need Shanahan got I would hop in there yeah you're like all are asked what Greg Greg Alberta and up in the air how well. This did he would give in their. No and I had it. They did it sees that it wasn't you know all that line in the act all the time on asks came to me and currently. I hate us that attitude. And I want you to admire I'd be excited yup yup I every one I've ever known in my life. Yeah coming back I would like to take I can't thank them put the little helmets on on arms. Are you can of course I would survive anywhere because I would make sure it like to get a prescription refill. Nine months away from the plant at that time and ours there's going to be a clinic. All right. Pioneers on March every what we need to Madison. I'm not at. Trending in Manhattan Edison's on the to pack list you don't know I mean I don't know they send cats before they send humans monkeys yeah August I would commonly used. Yeah like hamsters the math or Hanson's been by its crew. The hams say these giant people does it mean as they isn't all by myself let what I did in lieu. Hamster was actually hanging in the job I can't even my. Until they like and how well any kid and I. Like it they came to me today if NASA and music deep ricin in his. Ace for thirty seconds than I would give away everything I've ever owned in my life. For that opportunity to chest I had my fifth grade teacher where it's one of the house finalists. See you got in the challenger and one. I mean you didn't want that that particular. Now I still Wheeler and I knew we are we watched like we are in school watching that his day and watching watching Mac Indians so. Devastated and then like look get RJ turbulent. And sell all of that I would be right let's go to space with no sign me up on the dance. Barack and mr. you have so much for and it will will send you pictures well I kind of nerdy the first calendar heats action Mars well I mean. You take your husband doesn't mean your house is gonna be empty beats you in the head and immediately they had to take my house no Ireland match. Let her baby's hand never reduces some things I mean if you're going to be gone somebody's gonna watch events throughout our I want I guess that has. The house. Just my dead man I can't tell yeah. Just got earlier. Yeah. Edit space. How bottom of the ocean now on no link as art and educate them I wouldn't do that I don't I don't like to put my head underwater I don't think you know crawl. I don't yeah I don't like the ocean and I wouldn't I wouldn't go down in the dead it's just say that any notion you're I used in that aspect radiation and I'll act yeah. I don't think he's big and he knew that will eat it because you're not like now a predator well I love water what only drinking in Bolivia. And I love hanging growth and learning new low. And Alan Zimmerman down on him hermit no I don't get that phase that bad at all. All right now it's very rare right now. It never went into five allow any I mean if you wanna be hammer me dude on there and everything his or her maiden Diana telling tale lows in the eyelashes now like make it okay. And it into a particular avalanche a terrible I don't. Gallon to five the last I GAAP adding ocean like rainbow islands like the shiny cannon yeah I don't bailing out one attached to my face and so I mean I'm okay and if I. That's not Kaplow. Ordinary things going on that we still were still on board to do our our Disney trivia speaking amber might not John. You end you only own The Little Mermaid trivia. Catch I got you covered on that and I wanted to be aerial. CJ and now. I never princess was now yeah Ali and I mean I am me Taylor and now my favorite Disney protest the difference. Now length Disney princess sleeping beauty in real thing because our thing is sleazy yeah. I doubt she's got the the dream librarian in June are right you got to add a little dirty night out planned just between the two a year on on in thirty days now they aren't included anti karma Barnes no line and then the June. And everybody is accused me. So I aren't hadn't already Disney trivia but timbers doesn't know that were coming back we aren't we will do and Luxembourg today. I'm very happy. I and then officially sanctioned at 39 out black panther on Monday January 19 which is presidents' day yen yes and we will be giving away tickets to that soon great way to celebrate. President and hey yeah. You know I can rest you guys did not give finest intensive way to check on a certain and is that they didn't wait are you gonna dress up. Let re gonna dress up as two hours at a lab black pants and gives me an address them they can't finest into it's it is again like I can't say anything marvel. I can you have that good guest we black panther like relate it that appealed to us is our diligence and as Captain America. Lake boat though but this hand there is in the mark the marvel cinematic universe you know like I'm. Going to be in this movie. Yeah. Iron on this and it's going to be this looting the I didn't I don't know if I you know he's not in the in the previews I'm well I'm. I'm pretty sure he's gonna pop and I promise you that I feel I feel like he's gonna early positive. Then alienate your husband is in Anderson and a little bit right now it's gonna be a little bit across our entire I'm sure you're gonna see some other marvel characters. In and I think Adam. Is why can't therein in any dealers. Yeah yes I mean there has to be some type you're not in yes I'm all right honey I yeah I saw the trailer but it Canon you know. Anything's possible hello I'm sure she gets out it's edited by Chris seventy sevens as my teacher has linked arms and he didn't help things. He should know if you listen to iPod as you know I'll under his girlfriend hands. Well. Need to be alpha girlfriend yeah. I'd rather quickly I know you guys didn't watch wayward sisters last night I had I was like I mean. This is how important it was like my caps were guiding me they thought yeah. I'm. All cats don't ever get on the couch with me how can I normally I don't watching television. Grayson just sitting up with me that he lived there are now it's good bats but he does he sits on the Ottoman helix remoteness rowdy slaying. I in the car the floor with this cheap toys because he thinks she's a dog. He's living occur right even. Down in the basement like stream guys I'm old I'm going to bad. And Mandy it's like upstairs same thing like she's already in bad. Last like we're getting ready for a without the wayward sisters which was the pilot that they like snuck in through. Supernatural all or turned out to me like. I guess is seems to be very important to mom we don't win. And the continent's weather here. Isn't bad cat smell it yeah yeah I understand my energy I told my. My cat left I used to get sick every time I got sick she had Al's mom with me it was and it was ridiculous media had been around. Jennifer a long time shot so you ask. Some EMI has been an offer cats were sitting together. Like counting the seconds I carried out Erie gala in if he got out wayward sister's stand off with supernatural it's basically about to kick ass women. Who are doing the job hunters. I actually better than Shannon dean because they say yeah last night unless that's and I. But yeah being anywhere in it's not a guarantee that this is gonna get a whole season's it was I was pretty happy it was like training last night. On there were a lot of people are upset there there's a death. And finally I had more sad but it actually light. It was meaningful and kind of sets the stage for future episodes like he kind of you know you nights Dornan. I'm I was really sad about it and united supernatural and figure out how to bring people act like yeah I am. Yeah there was like I you know I character that was. I get a title like Tyler ran mission and you couldn't see that they do you it was a female and like we're going through like all the females can BMI. Star Arianna which I don't care Charlie I just watched that the show all manner illegal and off Charlie and our ailing actor I it's ZoneAlarm broke the red handed police today well I. I like and I lied soul harm when she died I think it was like Eric. I think it was I mean there have been some pretty difficult that it that was the worst dad of supernatural Leanne and I went through possible national liberty. Giuliani's forever and a better back those today and I went as TCU. And.