Kinda Nerdy News: Ep 138

Friday, January 19th


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Closes Kelly Jeffrey dean Morgan think they can write him back Glen I mean to me and I have not probably got he's got. That bigger things to do his life and now a locking dad there's all of their star these rumors going around he's gonna end up being Batman and because of flash point you know courage it. Let me. OK so there's an hour and a storyline. And flashpoint. The flash goes back if he runs back in time he screws everything up on and so classic I like a flash. I I love the class but seriously he's just screws everything up. An anti hero Iraq shout he does back and shut everything gets stirred up and so instead of Bruce Wayne becoming Matt and his dad. Thomas when he comes back clean hands Stanley dean Morgan playing oh yes you do head yeah. I outlets suggest that they are definitely doing flash point so everyone is thinking and he's hinted around to it a couple of times everyone is thinking. Especially because Ben Affleck and it clearly is trying to light gracefully. Leave the position. On that it would be a perfect transition and that everything gets stirred up and so Bruce Wayne is about man. Yeah it's yeah. I would Selena CNET that I had in and when Matt Liotta and it. It's really not done any of that anymore I didn't know that I'm EE yeah I mean he stepped away her right he was gonna do the solo Batman and he's got a direct yeah he stepped down from directing it he hasn't said that he's not going to play it by. You know I think he's just there I mean. I mean a lot of crap about it you know back you know dawn of justice that was not a great. And like well received movie and he got a lot of try or actually think he's a good backhand. It's just need the movies around him and again I mean he is a pretty decent bat in lake and I saw. Was that man in dad and emerged Superman yeah to let him. But I am doing the whole time. Obama yeah I don't I got your loss are far better. Why are liars are not I only had friends now the guys are Reinhart and they freaking kill Superman. Adding that Minnesota overeating. Yeah yeah I saw at the and it didn't you see just asleep and can't act cat and certainly that's Superman man and Superman and I am now at and lunging him you know I did not he did not matter in my world at all until I did that Justice League. Content last got beautiful jot it hits like that's ridiculous like it doesn't look real hard in what. I ditto to rent a car of the perfect to Jong I don't know I its beauty. Do you think it ST maybe you meant huge so alone so old. Kind island in C these are nice and I already eat like I did you guys see. That that at Thanksgiving than video that went viral on him feeding his target Thanksgiving meal I. Lounge yeah Thanksgiving with his dot com via iTunes and even read it yet he's not from your side as early show would break Thanksgiving he's he he like his don't celebrate until. I can't dot. American or not I I love him so much been his mustache that used all of them I can't I cannot in and I doubt and I love Disney facial hair but hit an IKEA. I can't deal with him with his health Spanish and that neatly and yes they did you well you'll notice when you watch. Justice League maybe it'll be batter on like a smaller screen on the big screen it was. It was so obvious that they had CG I did out for the teams that they re com. Yeah. That's just go to our. Don't know what's happening and that's right now I'm just staring at him unique and he did usually. That's got that we are capable of any kind. Still tell that man has a must ask you jazz night come that far in the I don't know hey today they need to work on the CGI mustache to counter watching human tutors. Her heart oh yeah yeah it's you wouldn't using it means very prudent. I think leaving cannon dirty log in after on June yes you can I don't have anything to be nerdy about. Double game all the Harry Potter novel and I asked this is my gateway to gaming. Garrett Connor thing on them that world you know dealing unit you know stuff about it. A lot of released a trailer yes without so let's get up to speed on that can listen deaths were only can in dirty. On some speed out now and and that job I want you to watch wayward sisters because I note that. Back at salad I'm only naked drummer that episode I know you're behind on supernatural that's such a stir anything up for an. I'll probably like this whole scenes. Okay Agassi isn't a happy I had Katie haven't watched it in seasons or a lot all night and our Karen. Don't she got mad at yeah I mean I. This is really. Like repetitive and all three Stephen I didn't think it was Minnesota like Killen everybody op because it showed any canceled already I have. I really liked Lucifer are now like only redeem our. Marlin. I wonder there are so mark earlier you know just like the perfect person to be an advantage you. And finally learned a lot there's like entire season's based around him in have missed out on right. He's actually yeah actually I think you know episode he's nights I amazing. And arrogant. I can't parents I'm out Maryland. You can didn't think it hurts that every tiny nick angels are very whiny. I give you that won't change and in my decent and I doubt c'mon are they do some stuff this. They're like super indecisive. And then was there may be diseases like the worst possible that they didn't need that read the decision. Awful this is every single time yeah. Yeah the angels there like the flash of supernatural you just heard is that children did I know god is yeah I think that now it's yeah thank god it's a dude with a beard and chuck and yeah how do you yeah. I spoil that now. Tell CNN now I got I I am I'm Selma I have not even told my husband that I ain't spoilt. The and it crisis ion. Earth action planet earth ax what ever it is a whole big former. Show crossover with the flash an aero and legends and super girl I totally like. I ruined something that habit than a surprise for me I would have liked fell off the couch with like just rolling and tears of joy news that the incident and into space I should pull out my now eight stuff so it's it was that it was happening around November. There is okay well the only bruised excuse me the only late season is that I've seen. Our blows in on Netflix I can't see you haven't seen this actually misses like that sort of like new this is this the current seasons and a crossover happened around Thanksgiving. And I. And I know I can't I was looking up. You know I was doing I was looking to figure out who hasn't when I was doing my space husbands topic on the afternoon showed some time. Some money to pick to character and they were like I don't know if he's ever been in space I knew he'd been on like the flasher error some things I went looking to see if like this character had. Ended up in space in any of the like in any of the other like planet like does get a very key stirring things up and going to other planet is being at match. And yet because I was looking for that I could team across the spoiler and it like I mean. I'd almost like made me cry that I now know what's coming on man hats and yeah it. Any cat like I'm happy that it happened but I mean I shot you can't. Remember things anyway. You can never again. Then that's an awesome surprise like all for me. That I cannot forget that I rented it's hard in in my brain act. You know I'm not rhetoric from my vote. I I'm totally honest we're now space husbands yeah I mean all her queens and in in space is that. He's aero. That can make him MySpace has been in tonight's poll should really bad days yeah they're planning any one push things like. Is the the multi verse flight going from like whiners to another is that really like so they have to be somewhere else and states' rights and you have to clean space I was I was trying to. Thank you you do like space. I. Yeah. I. Isn't he is just today's Oliver cleaning and I highly doubt it you really need it. Business burdens me is you know palace and Anita and then I don't know here yeah and guardians of the Galaxy Tab under. America act Captain America has in space the only way he can Mir space hasn't if you actually go to space are you going to space China. Welcome to see my question is does not have and should act like you can bring him back to earth and doing and saying you gotta stay in the the international space these are. And put on a nice plan may be can I ask her. You know until around dance around and doesn't mean there all the different planets like earth there's like mid guard which is earth and are all different planets yeah. No this a tough question like you're really an element of luck I have in America and nag you do not love him enough. I do you. Is light and I can't thank you yeah. To compete with his girlfriend if he's not on earth extra good about friends not even talked about Captain America and cantina talk about Chris Evans the person went to what are space for either. Probably both of them honest and I am now. They can't Kelly I'm Connor and we're not up. It's 16147. Room and I will play at a rose Chris Evans is not insane asylum not be going this is you don't do you not work they just right now. None Spain's you don't know that. You don't know that maybe you may see is maybe you aren't enough it got they have rocket that went out and Chris Evans Mike KD. That was I am now on let's Matt I don't think they presumably mean comment in English on us like Katie let's go to space at Billick are. You can't I smell like you live here any lead handsome he well I talk that knowledge she needs out. He's but he's like he's like he's knowledgeable we also like he's doing good things with and I and he's in Iraq and down. Yeah people in the correct. Well I we teach Edward had been trying to end is going this. That's finals they can't tell parents what kind of right Chris Evans and traffic out idiot Indian authorities camp with us yeah and I just. We idea we. Are you gotta litany that I. I go I'm inviting present in the longer you are actually staying Merck hadn't Ernie I can follow us. Let's see our Twitter is acts. Kind of nerdy news please follow us wondering acting like Tony six hours I have read almost thirty file that I definitely can't bank I mean and that is huge we weren't from like four to thirty. Whack us. I. That's sounding creeping. All your best and that's sitting at a studio out what are you eating Katie not sugar in a bull (%expletive) she seems like there just aren't. Managed and out there and I was drinking coffee and for some reason we've got like this stuffed animal from a bottle this week now he is paying Rockwell yeah cat he's still cute little soft to and get thanked your boyfriend. John I'll look at how the mighty have a sentinel Wayne aren't any Hoosier stuffed in a mobile phone. I buy a blue hippo the day after at Christmas from Wal-Mart I'm method actors but a few days after Christmas and he's he's in he's blue in his name as Humphrey. And we snow every night it's great and my niece loves him everyday she comes onto is like. I'm just gonna really in the van. And we're pianist in understaffed and boyfriend and no I'm not only space and now he's. Not my oblique and he just he keeps me and he's eliminated most yeah. And yes. As he makes me know and like the road thing about the baby yeah. Well. Just thought about I gonna take a picture and post them on isolated thing yeah. Yeah simply post a picture of what's that amount either yes Karl on our radar got here last. China and dirty news please follow us on Twitter and I do a lot of follow up eighth but the easiest way to finance is KJ on your back on the atom gets to my FaceBook page where it's ordinary news updated all day every day. Thanks for listening stakeout in dirty. On the job that's IDD I ever wrote to.