Kinda Nerdy News: Ep 139

Tuesday, January 23rd


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I think he did I had sounds like today's lag kind of nerdy labs that is going to be out about movies brought to you by Jumanji I you've got us have both seen Jumanji I was really close. On like yesterday I took my nephews to see the last and I because they have and haven't seen it. Right that they needed again they were really excited about the same Jumanji is next some mileage I've seen it twice okay and errors in Atlanta and it. There's. That did what every thing about all the different. Jack Tripper why can't I I think it's fun let me it means and now I'm junk. John did you see it yeah. A adult. May old paraphernalia. And I am glad I'm John jokes on ice from here on out it's John actually casting. Yeah and I Donna do you think. I loved it I mean Kandahar in the rock and Jack Black communities. They just. And then the girl who is who is ruby round house let her Amy from doctor hill her dad yeah yeah. They're trying to flirt with the guards delay. Makes it in the hair in and accurately armor I was Raikkonen it was good casting was a I'm I don't want there and the original. I'd rather end it well okay should. Katie did you watch Doctor Who was caring healing you know as I'm sorry was the best character ever were with the best I love Aaron Murray who. I did it show was it distracting in Jumanji because I was concerned because I know her is Amy pond that's so weird to have an American accent yeah WI it was fine it did it bother me. In guardians and it nothing bothered me because she'd see me lose she I have hair. Right it's no accident that here is that look like a name on the red hair. But in Jumanji she looks like Amy pond and other distracting that something on another sound was coming out. Married actress and she plays. An insecure teenage girl Abu outcast in an adult girl's body yeah out of moment. It didn't. Girls are hot. I call myself an all a little hurt their skill sets it it is beginning in a navy one of hers is dance fighting and she can't flirt with. That guy's a Jack Black teaches her how to flirt I and it's a lot of like flipping your hair in your face and biting your lip and of course yeah yourself yeah. And then she resorts when that doesn't work just kicking the crap out of them to what's on am. Can't remember perimeters in particular site that. He ABN in big mound again as we play got on the next yes the kids are doomed kicks the crap are you kidding me yeah. Rory. Of all the sorry Iran as I get a well would you be ticket asked you I don't know link mountain and Jack Black plays a teenage girl and I only had a man's body so you got a purchase I'm going to be honest I mean I have not seen the original Jumanji and long time. And I love Robin Williams and I was it wasn't like a movie thundering has to hand is under the trash. We're that some funky loud crash harassment and that's a big trash can little. Also plowing over some Carson and just our governor content. It played. Salary I had already casting traces and saying very young and and aren't the ragtag blank all of them. Let my favorite actors Evers Iraq as. Yen ads and every site rate to cry and Greg Kraft. It that was a home. He's our every in my happy peerage I got his man dressed I am not like my mom would leave my dad for the rock. Definite yeah you know I had one of Iraq's skills in the movie one days to smolder intense intensively were. Even stop it sentenced and he like. We have taken this in smolder at every one everybody does like and gentlemen again he said again the art plays Alex a football guy can bridge our gap and huge big eyes and Kevin Hart's body shop. I know yeah playing them he's not he's this he's the rocks psychic gosh he carries the back and cake makes explode. At all. Take it as a song and he can't rent best out of the whole movie everybody is ranting and he's just like. Yeah it has here and loan on. Analysts though will be incorrect I would output that I'm miles out list of things to how many kind and dirty found that the and it. All of them I only have all of the nerdy he's not. And employers afford for them that I'll shout you I pity you and you've seen the last Jack and I John I did you see the last and I yet unknown. I see her so like I haven't seen in these borrowers whose idea. You don't watch what's what's channel to plus hours like every week and I don't know my house. Didn't think it channel on regular cable legislation is all dogs and all weekend it's not free art rich Armitage is where you find Harry Potter in Antalya. Not worry us. I saw I saw the last that I. For the second time yesterday tick. My nephews they were super excited about it but it was. I on and Mike has and I think you'll be allocated to tell you this he cried a lot more this time. I don't leave a couple of guys off and I like that again at work out to do about it. So air. I think we got the first time we shy at we were just so excited to be seen yet that your anyway and they're not like taking it Ollie and you're just like in the moment like there's more narrower rough you up dozens add. I've done. Have you seen it a second time it was so vale stock hit a layup are not part of the second time. Guess there's some where I mean I did not catch this in the first film where. I. Lou sends to lay down. We're never really gone and I'm. Or I ache I. Actually yeah and I had a guy you can't tell you know that's our worst on. Like maybe eight years summary summary of Star Wars yes lord Darth Vader is Luke's father asked. This play at Tilley is there brother and sister and yet Eric and it isn't now and it lands and then lose their mom. You're handling department. I don't know ad that's I you don't have to and I cannot easily and three minutes is a mystery that is you don't need to say it's I term. I'm really novel I know that what do you know about console and. Back Indiana Jones didn't you want is again. So a lot of solace the day Thomas a lied to me in and can't. I ran top our morning guy on the Nixon he's a huge Star Wars fan and he convinced you that you've got it was that I he told me he would Julie identifiable. Character and I plummeted Sudan not the last but com. Alice console in the last mourners yeah the first haven't seen it yet Lil. What do you know about right to lead the jet die and assist in the horse and literally network nothing I have a light sabers. They're cool is people. Yeah. I think that I. I have Weimar mayor V to talk about I cannot believe I have never seen this movie. John Hagee and you heard of the movie the losers. I've heard of it on the Emerson dot anything about it I didn't expect right I thought of the three of us you would be the one who has CNET. Because Chris Evans is in it to name. Ends well Chris I haven't. Jaffray gene that no London and and eat turns Al. How long do you aid comic book and be alone in all of you. How do we not see. Dance movie I had. I had I'm afraid I'm Brian Harman when I was working a scholarly content with. Chris Evans and Mallon she was like he's just haven't like he's like his character in the blues that he can actually landed. And I. Was like the losers but that won't accept she started tell me you know Chris Evans Jeffrey dean Morgan is just not. Edit trailer look. It is a com or 8% on rotten. And as I'm bike. It I would say it's not 48% I would give it up 83%. We get it like got that eat you're gonna get it like at a seventy because they're so pre rally. I guess the bio for him. On a mission deep in the Bolivian jungle a team of elite commandos Jeffrey dean Morgan and Chris Evans. Find themselves on the receiving end of the lethal betrayal now presumed dead and then joined forces with a mysterious operative named Aisha. Zoe Saldana from an island on their enemy and even the score rule. It's like I would say it's like a water watch movie in your Reich was two hours in my life I didn't mind and guys are really hot so I didn't like it. Add that I mean if you act and that's how I gauge most movies at that I spend two hours at a decent time and I'm okay. What about as there anything else nerdy we need to talk about oh did you hear. That the rumors about how how much Scarlett Johansson is gonna make for the Blackley a movie now yeah I talked about the black what a movie you're so upset about her hair in anywhere he actually saw the Red Hat in the black widow Olivia well there's got up and wanna be like and why and that applicant act story or whatever odd that we don't. A lot of DG oh honey yeah I hope it's not a prequel I hope it's like you know her whenever our her life ends up being after infinity nor. I hope it's like if like. You wanna I wanna from like at times that they talked about the first avenger movie it's like her Hough I when they're talking about all their advantage. Yeah that would be in Budapest yeah. I don't know what happened in Budapest then have to explain that in the movie shallow. Right now that. Rumor is Adobe out in 22 when he. And she's gonna make 25 million dollars homeland Lauren Allen movie shall be dying she is accident yeah. She deserves that I wind off them. She gets along and I'm content choreographed and yeah just fighting scene I and all that I guess so I'm funny I when I brought it up. On Twitter this weekend follow us acts kinda nerdy news this. I got a tweet back and it was real Sharkey about it it was like there. Well if you want a black widow movie and it watch the red spare a movie that's coming out with Jennifer Lawrence because it's the movie that should've and black widow but marveled than him. Hung around. Why your right that marvelous and I'm glad nothing Jennifer and our lack. I don't disagree with you I'm not against this red stair a movie I got off armament is I love love god love a woman kicking ass. It have a problem committing to TV series because they can't commit forty minutes at a time I can watchful. Why it. It's it's elite I can totally watch a movie in now and makes zero and in my my life to this one story for an hour and a half but I'll watch a TV show forty minutes. Then I have to watch next and that much more I'm. No he's talking about what the TV show that you need lots than is black mirrored you know about black hair I can't. Watch one whole that's in the league yet until I can show. Every single episode is a completely different story that now completely different Cassie you never have to commit to it's like our version. The Twilight Zone. They're all really and I'll know. Technology gone wrong. It's sealed when I first Saleh was a black music is this about drugs the Panasik autos about being. Really thought I let it be that I'm sure there is an apathetic about my wife and I. I have watched every drag document and Netflix available as the night on the planet earth can get nothing else watch how planet I love to play senator. I light up lives planet earth yet we found instinct and a I act. Irish. Yeah and you'll never see me again. Every seat red dead redemption in and map I don't so it's cowboys in the wild last iPad and the spurt it will there's red dead revolver that's like. An old game of accident they made red dead redemption it's rock starts and guys make TT big open world do it every watt and it. But there's a little bit historians and it's a bit of this guy is like former like outlaw what ever happened. Hasn't life as a kid get taken away about a government and they hold them hostage so he'll rat out who all annually in his old crew and get them arrest. Cash apps less like the first and it is gains after like ten years I'm tenor of apps I have yeah daily demo I'm guessing I want to bank. So they did that he does I'll let you wrecked that everybody in this group and then they kill him all the second half of the game in the second quarter depending and I play at. Is his son getting revenge on the guy yeah there okay yeah meanwhile lest they get and I can movie out of her beautiful music now yeah. Do you get do you see that the movies they make out of games I. And so worried and disheartened by video game eastern in the eighties because it doesn't translate well look like assassin's creed. Now around like all the other runs. Imagine that they do a World of Warcraft on a dead is called warcraft actually really liked it did you I was the only one asset but like. Video games are supposed to be you know eighteen hours or content and ours are content. Full story eating do you kind of what every one can't do you know that's a TV shows certain. Harry Potter let into a series like TV show and then I would watch at. What do you Iraq's Lord of the Rings series. And decided I am not making that entity in Asia there yeah digital TVs and monitoring that. You watch. I watch a lot of TV why at my house Jack well I mean. I'm you into right now available right now it's gonna sound because he doesn't like. Yeah yeah happily ever. That you don't have to do like the same things that Katie like that's a whole plan and the idea is talks about how I love romance novels and shielding redux with naked deeds on the front that is false. I. Sorry sure you're my ear that my grandma always read those products Simon are you a grandma. You re injury on that Danielle Steele theory that Daniel Altman never edited Nora Roberts I love Nora. I am I she write for a hundred years season I'm aggressive and rain over such perhaps not so much that iced I don't mind seeing this hallmark TV so that ban on campus and Tom went calls the heart. Cat now I have that on my list to watch the minute period dramas right now it really. It's really really impact the constable object he's. Cute is there any ready and it read now is and a enough with. With a homer in you know aunt Becky frown Playhouse I guess I'm done it. It is cash I loved Chris his prints I was the one that lake. Just everybody like I don't like either on since I breaks new design that's right yeah Netflix original movies I act it'll be on there like an unmarked. Perfect it's really are at Xerox in that went out Steele I. Must not watching on last night watching this news show on sat back with Chris Maloney and at that list you are out I was accept. Com is not happy attacked its. Nets is it it's like the crazies they ever seen in my whole life in. A lot of F bombs. Oh yeah hey I lose I still did not end when I make it any minds and I can't this enough we do whatever I don't. Any mom I'm religiously much is that I don't I used to watch they had some really great shows. Warehouse thirteen at the shark made out sharp rally after us or not I'm not any thing like history related warehouse thirteen is the biggest nerdy show it's so much fun. I'm usually get up at. Was up at it the where roster tickets and it's not that many seasons and their short sound. I think that you would enjoy that I'll I was interested in happy I was like psyched I was making some shows that maybe I'll come back there's that line and there's they're making a show called Krypton it's finally going to explore about similar manner as home planet which we just never really known anything and. Now don't assume amenities that you'd think we'd have covered by now right now and I'm gonna come current diet in his TV should not mom's name is not my mom and I thought. I enable her husband remarked yeah and as mom's name Martha yeah. I have to ask and and then let us know what's on CBS CBS and CBS Jamar Morant and each down a gag criminal minds. Yeah love cats run at the shouted calls Wyatt are all cash it's awesome it. One of his costar is like. I watch it like religiously like Elizabeth orient the and I think they they houses on that you know I'm gonna watch slack as I missed that the man before Osama Watson's line about tweeting about it end. And other main anchor his name his real name is Jay Hanks and Minnesota's names deacon and he always likes my tweets. I have always if I tag him and it's week you'll always like it. I. Thought hey. Rick they say yeah. Nokia let's let's really it's those very pact if you can get him of can an injury news on Twitter and ideas. First tweet tweet trying to make something out of informant everybody has that one actor and he'll watch whatever it there and leisure one. It's definitely not Chris. There's. Can't Jack Hoosier one. And you know I think I've seen everything that NATO and Chilean government and I'm not I would have a heart. Again it cannot write in something I've probably seen and I think seeing our everything except Jumanji I seen everything that Iraq has been props and you know. OK I have never leave me from Iraq it yeah. Believe me I can't trash not mine as he would I don't think that they would go out and does it too late really be like. Alt key like I mean I'll. Just such sweet go to attended any kind of funny like testes is on and I don't think it and I don't think that the rapid beaming crashing Beck and yeah I liked me for the Iraq Iraq would reject him. I. There is married at Handley. Is he knows this and why I hate being yeah cat she literally is a ticket that those zealots in Atlantic magazine I'm. Kids now. He's gallon line in another run on the mayor has just had another Iraq I think it is adamant in Canada is dedicated yes yes he did diesel. Mean John I know and I saw it and why he's doing Johnson and he's only five Iraq can be found on Twitter is you know Iraq when he does I like he doesn't I'm shy away from. He's very proud is WWE has really jump started and I like some as I mean some actors and stuff we're trying to like get away from yeah university of Miami Heat is just I can't gang. And his wife partner's name. Now you had a wife named Danny now bargaining. Cat partner. They did he get remarried he's got a single in the U single is nominal record they're still a chance honey. Height is six foot I don't like the odd he's he. He severity cannot art like I've let Riley but let me get arts movies are so great are shutting our knowledge as to say how come congress again in waited yesterday and I and watch anything Joaquin Phoenix. Really find out in. Ever state that I body heat and tell me shiny immigrants and Netflix now again. Her parents and moustache now and a helix look and I am just Henis gladiator no rest the crowd didn't he done. A lot of you don't like and a dozen running things and I don't think I've seen I think he's just you know handsome and he Griffin a cult on the Internet. I don't know like I think it lock in here and I wouldn't normally I would and I'd. Yeah. I I know a lot of people are like that with Nathan Chilean team out like he's at least because I am I don't know if that's a lot of people because I Cassel will be like can I don't want yeah I mean and alien came in here I'd just lose my home line and and would wreck. We're. Not let Mike Castle not I didn't ever watched half as Greece Italy. Castle scared I I would recognize Joaquin Phoenix park Wylie I noticed that you've seen everything he's. Ben yeah. After. I checked we are getting closer to black panther that's and any kind of dirty knife out and out so excited. How we're doing that LB got the money and then a lust after president Stan shall hardly have a day off and you can join us for I can and 39 out. At studio movie grill and then an unofficial 39 hours so plan on doing or Disney trivia right enemy number I actually January. Perhaps our our girls so we have ever read night. Teen does yes. Black panther and then the next week we're gonna ditch immunity which is when he would do and so much we do we like each and every. We gotta agree on things. They're only like did you eat it I mean I beat yeah that's and the next fondness. It's not enough coming soon but it is also and signs by the way I didn't see signs either. They trotted highs near the mouth and I'm not seeing. Aliens. It's not addressing.