Kinda Nerdy News: Ep 144

Friday, February 2nd


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Yeah I have movies that we have mayor made that go see is there anything out this weekend I don't think they really isn't spent on things didn't happen of any importance. This cat and thirty my. And is KJ joining me is Katie to get Merck. And producer John Allen and I have every time every time and I'd Tonya yeah I kind of seeing advertisements where I'm not gonna end on a suit and she we heard her right you like I don't I don't even a lot of watch what it was a real thing and house Nancy Kerrigan feeling about as whenever I see. To preview night at confuses the little as a battles of what is the scene and about a about a figure skater but that's all I got permanent Archie sabotage another figure skaters that she can in the Olympics and Nancy Kerrigan was the apps at edged Greg saying they democratic beneath yeah. It's our ally story Jana yeah. Ron her boyfriend is aligning like broke this girl's leg or something such can menial and explode out his girlfriend slash ID card. Party guard a year whatever it is could be X gas. Right but I feel like any announcement and Amy I guess make a lifetime movie or something it's weird to me that they're going into that caters to right its comes next week and a and done this. Are biting her. English and they're like do you wanna know. And I get TJ he's getting right tickets to the movie and that now I get the heart shaped pizza for them. I just swinging. You know let's. In theaters this weekend is that movie Winchester. Which is about that's in the mystery and yeah. He's on that house I don't know like about it that's in the previous order and definitely not going man I loves to keep saying when and and you go on the ghost hunts which I. I. Why am I fair not best friends is eyes she's the kind of nerdy girl her name it's cutesy Duncan and share the shell called oddity files. And it's it's based on here she lives in Bloomington. I just every she's invited me it's you will have to take time off work because they don't during the week for our son and I I. Any stinking place there. And I do not yet have a job up you know boring so it all night royalty every happens it and the one thing. Yeah. Lots then yeah the tape afterwards and a lot. I I grew up in will also like right down the street from. Waverly hills editorialists like one of the most hunted places oh yeah are in the US and every. Month or so I asked my economic and we go on the night tour can meet on test or and he didn't know why would I go back. He did that at poly and go by years I would like this looks like just mere millimeters the undergoing a south Kazaa. So I am ranged throughout two to Ghana hunt with oddity files KD URN. John. And some of its name and IRS will not now I'm not know. I don't like eight you about go no. Sack Hillary needs. Yeah and how that brings us to are learning hang our first Harry Potter review from John yeah I say yeah. I made and we stared at her while she watched the first Harry Potter and anything you know they exist and it. We did some live tweeting act. Kind of nerdy news and John a lot of good things that you can't give you about the delegates that. Why are it's like you know just. You know float around the school like this is normal way. Palestinians wizard school just click Hayward goes and we can all be best friend well yeah classes again to see you around campus like no I'm not. A well I knew we have found out hot and house. At a Dallas that was like I'm just here to hang out with you and it's all cool would you then go to that house with us and a poltergeist no. Yeah news or not my grandma again and I had. I Caitlin people skier means so I hate I hate being scared I it's selling them a game are you working. Nothing here is that there isn't anything different dance I can see there's so many vantage point that I had back in the indictment. The wind load and I could hear people walking at its own whereas I am going to show. This cloud is is dead details but there was a moment yesterday an hour Fred asked. Where John I walked up there John I was freaked out always told me about this guy and then I am let's heading to the restroom. And which is out of our safe haven you have to walk out the actual Austin. Does not safe in Europe and do that but I can't. Wait who is famous. I'll but the guy I am I circling back around and I knew I was just. From her description like he gave me created by a clearer name as. Katie is it is he came in like my whole chest I end up and he was just talking to me and I was being as polite as possible as you know I don't wanna you know yeah you know. The weird or anything like and it's a. Talk in McGann. Smiling and you know and that angers are inching closer and lieutenant but still little is called a little. And all the time they are poised to come and Crete and see the morning jam yeah I guess we we have the guy in the and we know. And he did you come and you know I pick up a prize or any unease and yeah finally letting it creep. Welcome that I was kind of pride Minnesota became an element of the bunch are gonna what do you want my. That's does that work like is there an inner come. Are you yeah she's yeah I would start not letting people through those doors and tell you you know when you in on our front doors is that posters are you really like see like how people like look at this. I hear the bell. I immediately looked just like everybody else yet your choice hard if I should judge people by their looks down as head. Great and I get your price is he locked out Ike. All the attention was gone much insulin there was no weird Biden just because you had me freaked out about it when I walked out the door I just turn around and walked in yeah. One million. I'll job our thoughts on Harry Potter I guess the first thing we need to now is do you wanna watch the second Miami. Detroit. Yeah like yes it minute by an average enemy wanted trap and it's surely it's terrible but did you enjoy the first onto wanna know more about Lance Allan. Even higher. Harry Potter is her she's. Just like he's let it. Yeah gold. And Jackie also Levin and I island anymore. Brad blank yeah and he is glad you like musical mood I love musicals do it I love them knowing and everything right so what else about Harry Potter that I intrigue you. What characters to July. I like to mining act as everybody in it has that super Noah off brand new who's the city and our offer and it is I yeah. It can't tell you is are her mind bouncing back and I like to run he was funny the senate spaces like the best he he he may be the best. Ace is like his that the stating just that facial expressions that he makes it matter a whole irony I feel like he. He get away category wrapped presents the had viewer as are going through them because yeah it does he make that face is German union I go to a wizard school why would you expect. Nothing except weird. Not expecting to jump as many times I did a lot of watching the middle of it's odd that there are some startling things ally like the base commander booklet I don't know what's gone on here and Candela that's so. We may have asked you that I want to Donna's pocket right well yeah are you etc. I don't. And did get. I don't horror movie and a nice gonna make a horror movie about the Arab nationalist. Action for Andrea handing them that's churning that's churn. Our seven will have to plan our next that was all right seal like Harry Potter movie was the lasagna I made acceptable it was amazing Gary and I didn't I didn't get to tell I'd. I did not town Katie and Jack and I until they app to my house that I have like a comedy of errors leading up to making it was fun. She tell me like in a long convoluted Weber can't eat that. Many days that Ron department done. That container ports my husband took full. Blamed for being cut back in the refrigerator completely and decent enough our data. And I. I love our blood Johnny had dance like they're saying I need to put the lasagna and it was my sister's house we were out of Italian seasoning I grabbed like a package of the rock Ter Heber it was just. I would stop braid you guys are going to be alive and well we're not gonna come back because you are lasagna we're. Terrible. Garbage can mean I was committee has any pizza and that's sure I have a feeling like yeah each. Some guy Katie asked to try about these have steak sandwiches and were really Newton you got with the last night at night. I kept her in but I can't answer different. And emitted their cats are you around and I personality spelling stealing one when he asked me you know not eat well here. Reverend Billy Ashley. Just like dead flops on the floor. Right I usually do that and that's a very protective and the timing especially with a new person he was working at heat add to righty. Knows when someone comes in the house and flank. I don't think I like cats he does his little charming. He does as well swagger and he's got his little gentleman close and he. Pretty he people. He had brief V. Yeah keep those is just the stance he dies you need in modeling is very proper well I liked that 18. Like Alan Bratton yeah the lot when their team are you saying that recent yeah and I he I mean he's strike at its heart it he's a fan favorite great I don't know dishonest favorite giant neighbor I died there about posting the daily grace and people do. Give me Claris act I don't understand it Riley has no desire when I get the found out he knows what that thing has and he hates that he hates when the team designed. I hate me likes attention Grayson is an attention how Riley is like that is an appropriate your and I should be spending time together or not you on that steep a little phone that Tehran is not like he's judging human handy for the first time I didn't mean Indy and depressed and indicated like three times and I've yet to meet bank and and and that's right at the end and nice to meet you get an -- conscious like pushing up. And that's mandates is my like tax. But the other runs or had a weird she's been came out at noon he gets announced yeah she runs out there is a great team. She needs you to get out its past our bedtime I don't care about you humans you don't offer me anything like you're not going to feed me you're not going to skip my litter box. Please. It's a good guy and he has his parent posse but I and I need somebody to boss me around so what does this guy got on the net in the nerdy world Stanley's OK you know her Ryan Grant on ABC newsmen at a hospital in Houston that he was more. I was sorry I can't iced out what the reason I found that something's going on is because you know I follow all these comic cons in my news feed and I saw that. He had to cancel an appearance I had just worked around. A couple weeks ago and I was so worried that that was it and in last minute I. I was show weren't that was gonna happen right now it was like I'd I'd I'm gonna go work at this convention ended up a one Stanley government can do. Alan that's Steve Stanley currently. He's very sweet any he doesn't have any reason to be doing the right I didn't need money area as in Thailand they use every marble yes. Did you have a whole bunch of cameos and on the had a time I I don't. I finally did you might paint it as its same late you know Carrie Fisher was in the next indians' remembrance yeah. Allen also say and so as it was to stretch it was distract I mean I'm glad that Carrie Fisher was in. The last general but I was also little distracting I don't know that I want Pakistan. I don't like mine flying back to your blog space ship right yeah I jobs that lurched back he. And I am. I think that Stanley will make an appearance in black panther we get eat there hasn't been parliament be happy and you know his image out on landfill will conduct a big. Yeah that they did not actually found not living. In what kind of tightening lending and and IRS. Random characters that he is he's going to be in what Condit like soul. As a dress them up. Then that's on saying that at CNN live with the gimmick deal and lets his famous one land are going to be about her now I didn't expect that they have strip joint debt pool. I didn't. Yeah where is he going to be at. Atlanta as the one here is like is like a library of some and that like clients are destroying everything these guys had Sunday. Here any and in slamming into that I also really likes. When captain America's policy act and I think when a soldier like and it it's. I'll let me column and of the Iron Man two where he delivered the package and he called Tony Tony's bank yeah. Xstrata is all here. And you're seeing. That he ever our missions like yeah yeah actually yeah and companies that act and act act. Are well have a trying to and dirty weekender as you are listening to Nancy you know that there is the Super Bowl stuff going on Justin Timberlake villains and a and I think we're not promoting an error giving away tickets and I ranked at the big game. Thank you yeah that's happening that's spinning and out of this is us all have odd feelings about that the next time we talked he. Yeah I now I have to give new meaning you don't like eight Matt Capps the issue of how we did not talk about how she yelled. Apparently. I might as well as here it was revealed it's because they put the toys out. Not only is at it and that's how that. Does not lucky I'm just gonna I'm gonna plug this up or any pitcher. Yeah dot com for giving me an informational. Creaky and we're honored as stack up it add actress hardware guy he used. Do comedy tumors and he would counter crackers. As many years ago he would set in the shooting an out and that is like the guy that I just wanna. So finally I had my did you yeah yeah it looks like gay doesn't like anything it looks like the justice leagues or should. Well we heard you know I'm rich like he just left it inactive and grabbed rescuing but yeah. So I think this is probably the shield that black panther references in the trailer when he has. Get dismantle Shia all I mean it's not like they all have Captain America shields and I hit him and yeah they have they have they're shields. So hot heat very art tech camp. Yeah and send somebody into via shield factory and it clicked. Shields and probably get looked just like the other shields he does whatever shields planet right and they Yemeni assuming enemy combatants and an American shield has its own Wikipedia sports. On us because it's so important. And Brian Bowman of Israeli young year. When pregnant and announce its its actually like or threatening endorsement Knology it is it's real it's real or royal eyes. Bank. Of Italy today and Putin's blessing. Aaron I we're handing kind of nerdy and how IU of I shot if you do you ever miss us you can follow us I'd just go to kind it nerdy. Let's dot com thanks for listening.