Kinda Nerdy News: Ep 145

Monday, February 5th


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A lot of learning stuff to get to following the Super Bowl it is KJ Ramirez KD hello I don't and it John has stuck like two and a half hours away and she knows noting. She gonna make it so she did not tell us that she was straddling. This weekend that's really crunched some numbers in my had Brookbank and that if I get two and a half hour drive to here. Yeah she's supposed to be here in about fifteen well I'm guessing that she's not coming tour and let us know about thirty. I don't know how fashions that level where they got a like we don't run the front that's the main issue on the front dusty blue. On top again. She wasn't what was she excited about she's just really excited for it was one of the commercials from the deep game. Larry asked which president it was Eli Manning. Commercial all right where he was dancing do in the yeah there are there any sanctions and they act that was really fun. That was fun cell. Any did not see game silently not by you did rusty Justin Timberlake halftime I actually ignored it last. At this morning I was getting rests so. It's not there are Saudi Bebo are like why would I want the game for the Justin Timberlake halftime show and it's gonna be on YouTube ten minutes later I was in the shower I'd end their own end and halftime just like well it's too late now. I ADR in Indianapolis. It was just announced that Justin Timberlake is bringing his show to bankers life field how bringing sexy back yes. December 14 did you notice in the halftime show he yeah I did all montage of all signs he cut himself off right before that. Hobby naked by the end of the song line yeah. It or not. I didn't say he's already had one controversial halftime I have to write what I mean you will what are your thoughts on the halftime gel well I spent the entire time thinking he looks just like James Mack and lanes at. Yeah yeah yeah at that. Shaved head look out and I I had it was just really distracting that fashion was also distracting them I got dubbed I don't black leather jacket of en us. Yeah eight and a well at first look the black jacket and their read at all like you're just like brown jacket looked. Kind of stained baby can't call yet. Where I don't I felt like that at that jacket that he was wearing with a friend who was I weren't bad in like 1993. I'd I just I I. Like I was a little girl who thought that that was really cool yeah. Everybody has like a fringe hack at yak and show but I thought I it is he taking us back to the nineties like all the fashion with. Confusing me yet. And they had he took some players off and he was wearing a dear shirt simulators. Dad I got it with I also spent half a bet on I know would not happen that instinct I know I'm hoping that it. I I think there are as I. Did you see that the map of the United States and what people were cheering for forget Super Bowl that was like. About little the green is the people cheering for the Eagles. That birds to people cheering for the patriots and and the track drink herbal bed rest of the characters too big for it and think created. I. I now I mean lug their own lives and he isn't here but I would add a unit because that did the news broke the day before that he could have the print hologram and then all the prince fans right true today at all Reggie thought they were demolished it was cool I understand he's all right rejection was a projection but what they're going to be a hologram and then they scrapped at any. Time lot of down people. She does she projected image on that after not polygraph what did you think compared to the last couple Super Bowls I'm chance. I felt like it was a slow start. Are you Joaquin Barry like grant I what are the dark thoughts that went through my mind it was. If she wearing a picnic because he got all of his steps and any lack. Oh. Yeah it can not to stare I was concerned for the camera man that had to follow him around let me tell you can't end an easy that would grant the sweeping views that awesome gas I was really impressed with whoever the camera people were that weren't making that call like. Justin Timberlake just jogging around the entire stadium thing work. But I got that you know like it when it opened up I was like it. It's like he's playing vote right now I take what what yeah. Locker yeah hanging in like. And it's this camp wearing a field study yeah so it took awhile I felt like to get go wait as a he's hasn't the entire show just going to be him walking around outpaced like it was constant yak and then in our that it got to summon that it's like I. You know I'm I'm a big fan of the Olympics and I'm super excited about the Winter Olympics starting this week. But the opening ceremonies are still like to have tension has to have some of that like. Larger than life. Unless you know Acheson things over at top so when I got to like the mirrors and things out of it feels like Superman have actually liked the big band. Yes the yes it was great. I think like a little man on the stage and then they brought out like the rest of them yet the ash out let's side I mean I think it's it's just thrill. It's tough. Answers and act popped a top Lady Gaga it's tough to top and Mars as. But as the one that beyond and I went. Yeah I am and I appreciate it well what Doug beyoncé Ryan with Coldplay did you like that aren't. Hey. Alan. Play feeling yeah I did today can't stop feeling it everybody isn't it different how. I bad yeah like it's just missing some color is what it means is it is very black and white you know suit and tie Alex has a and it bust out like that 75 dancers in the little neon jackets and it was kind of like cold lemonade out of the color her and yeah this. What I was really happy about is even now that was it out it was basically like a montage of his hits that he got to. Almost every shot and I think that people want. That it was that in I want to thank you know yeah that it it yet he didn't eat and it brought us too much with the new staff. And he fit is many sons and so that if you're watching you're like I I hope he at least does get out my lob that you let her cell and I think I got out. I thought that was cool they get a lot of halftime shows I feel like a you know you watch and you you don't think that's artist has it down fifteen or twenty hits and you get deceived. Three of them yeah I can figure out this elaborate stuff and they barely doing nobody is gonna jump off the roof got Ed laugh out of school I was like waiting for something cool like that right yeah yeah I can't cite big cool moment it really was that the prince thing which is still good and I mean people are gonna argue over that because. Prince did not like you know commercialism at all and a lot of people shot that is like capitalizing on him. I'm prince but. Eddie do shelling and in Minneapolis and is just like attribute yeah man like capitalizing and that's where I write I decide I I got it was gad I did not. I did I. Get. Dug watching Matt halftime show and god that was the best whenever Bryant I had a good time watching I'm glad he didn't rely heavily on. Yeah Sherri and I here's your tribute gala around man. Ryan down right on Justin has enough I mean it he could have not done that tribute and done that fantastic. Right he doesn't. You're asked yeah. I mean I like everything that was going on it was just like. There were so many dancers and different people coming and just removing all over the place it. It may be a little nervous that something was gonna go Iran on just how much happen. What trends on the Internet after a sling and Katie Perry did her thing it was a left shark. Yeah act or inadvertently got that jumping to conclusions jumping off the building that's a this what was the awkward kid trying to take a stealthy oh my gosh it was so weird and seventh Atlantic. A screen shot of who is Justin Bieber is the Google search next says. Sure yeah. Yeah I mean not kid where is just so confused. And I don't have it it yeah that was very it was very funny that I was watching and I laughed I laughed I kind of knew it was gunmen you know guy and I'd seen the picture of readying humorous on apps and I had. Yet I mean like a kid did is can't stick yourself here whenever he still stand their dance and like a let me. Dance he and it can't and still are a lot of my incident. May narrow as what Harry did that kid wins some sort of contest maybe that bet that did is he playing directly yeah Webster I'm out here and we're gonna get another right insecurity behind him on the right avenue I would've been to yeah copies or I like to tell everybody is like pat him on the back and stuff. They were on any further than. Had been talked about it's yeah that's a. Sort of like a weird big bad job right here on in that area. Was like allowed to be mad at Indiana which by the way funny moment the you did not watch that the other is I watched the end of the game was to get to this disaster. By I get black. Eyes. When they where they brought the trophy up on two would be platform to present to celebrate. Kevin Hart was right parity. I'm not sure Jerry yards and a wedding about how do you get CNN's security bands like shaking his hand in mind body and our market is slightly but just let me add this like and right now and now I live in growing your haven't heart. Not only is like an aerial shot of I think Natalie Portman are never Jesus and I. I currently standing there ads and you're like you never know who's watching Riley you don't wanna be like oh I still act. Perez about it where they shot to Tom Brady's wife Gisele. As she was so she had a one of their kids on her lap. She was straight in a big glass of wine with her other hand I like tight shirt. Like they did waiting for the moment to flash over to her mommy not met where she's holding your kids she's worried about the images pounding your big muscle line. Do as how light rain yeah. Or. Did you can't steal just how should just how she's got a minor and they have like the wives. And nine big players almost always on camera but I. Return to me like he did nominee I'll ask but I guess I think there are they had a hundred waiting for her to take that being gold gold and why I just beat out an anti. This game has hired that is the. I'm not mommy and I can't that's my husband out there and I knew he want. Not this is asked after the game. Was that putt trauma you know. I was a little nervous because we're watching it in the basement and we have to carp aren't going upstairs and dad and I was I. I put my face and Mike are taught to not catch on to hear it again after the big step for me. But I named my husband's sick in the room let me. Because I was like there's got to be back I need you and here I guy gap hate cats were all watching this together. He said he married me he's ever seen as a Johnson doesn't know a lot about it it's like. Wait I'm an edge if I Jack gets the two kids that Wear on cloudy it's wife about their standing there and he gets. Me. Cheney is he spoke to die in the fire and I had. To. He got laughed Guerrero can't lighten up. I and I think it's called it does the dog diet where you can type in movies and find out if the dog makes it to the end. Yeah like she laughed so fast that was upstairs so fast easy easier it was like right as he walked out you heard the dog park. I had a chance to tell him in previous episodes when they were doing flashbacks. We saw a scene like after the fire the kids are sitting on the couch and we never. All the sudden there's a dawn in the your reaction was. They had a dog look and I was never really explain it in until you know closer. To this episode I but he. Last basket didn't even have a chance to think. This. I and Atlanta and yeah thank you know. I'm happy and he didn't did I did I did I get. I did it now that the if I didn't have that knowledge that the dog was going to be okay. Not that I probably wouldn't watch a show every. I did not not not not. Forget that hit the game. Firm but it was acting that. I got it was like everybody was really worried and they retired I was gonna rip your heart out all the staff. I thought it was good balance that there are some things you I mean we laughed about when they get a fast forward to today. What was amazing I don't know the editors work. But AE IS of that episode. Centers around you know in the cart package is on fire it's it's the dancing for. I'll show where in fast forward to real life were it's the day at the Super Bowl the crock pot gallon. Edited and into the scenes were the Super Bowl was going on. It and this girl front last night. Like actual scenes from the Super Bowl showed that his hearing right after the considerable. Time. I just thought it was a nice. Touch like there are things about this show that they do production lines that I just think they go the extra mile and someone was sitting in a room going. Gonna get that footage so yeah it we still that we should edit that and it just showed airing it out and. Our I mean that's like solid marriage yes yeah. It was really cool what was not cool with the dead air during the super ball the jeans yeah that is because day your local affiliate was supposed take a break have you got thirty seconds of dead air your local affiliate for later commercial oh my gosh yeah you know as a rain left person like got where I mean actually my read our heart attack it nightmare right where they they're dead -- no matter what are like yeah usually turn the microphone you're like us they're like you're air the lesson that I'm like screaming to get. Dollars in offs. Are only just it's about us via local cranking out sound. All and that I'm thinking. Who's the person that's true data to meet again iron my gosh. Yeah yeah yeah they're don't just got real. Like. You know you can mess up pretty low scale here in Indy Imus like how to dress up for dirt. The everybody's watching. That I a couple of things I dirty things that aired during the super burro you have the solo. TV trailer where yeah it has. What's his name on Glover and a yeah she's got a real land though I'll take it yeah I can get it yet. Less and the actual main character. Yeah he's going to be I think he's going to be fantastic that was fun and that was right at the beginning is just first you've. Basically heard of the solo movie it's like the first I've heard of it is like there wasn't any real advertising are not out I've known about this because it's and that's about it but there's no like teaching has no releases no trailers no not yet so it's coming out of. May comes on Memorial Day weekend it is I think that they have been keeping a lid on it because. People are all items are just ready to. Attacks are staying and heated because. Who else to behind Phil ray like that's a lot of pressure for this guy any island when they cast them I was like I don't I don't see it. Ignoring. Edges ever as good as wrote one. I know I out of respect for the people who are making hats I'm not making judgments about it before he and watching the TV trailer was the first time that I actually got excited our house and I mean I'm like yeah that's is a verse I was like hey that looks like it might be five of our. I was a little sad. The scene went with Connie and Julie. I was not only have like a little like teenaged Jew re right they give me elites like yeah like Al east rolled around I know agents I ain't locker wet I just you know I wanna like adolescent chewy like they're like the same hybrid. Nationally eight. Yeah like. Any haven't quite grown into those long arms and yeah. I want that suited growth phase yeah yeah it doesn't look like we're gonna get that. Hi I'm Matt and in Sydney Moore again. Manner and that ugly shield of his cat scene alone kind of subtle rat on our armed guard really like a false and it almost looked like it was like built into his body and my stuff. Then that's call but it's not caption it looks exactly like that departures of friendship or Everest from the just. Guys. I sure did and it was a rat but it's gonna pretend it shows like. That is. Immediate. He's also Captain America as an AV it's good family fun I mean he's Captain America he'll make do with what ever shielding DC is like eased. Tiny little modifications to it out at Langley he's on all the way down anymore are yeah in now I'm sitting it out like a flash backs to the old outfit with the stripes down the center. And Aaron out I saw. I saw not Assad appeared as yet I asked John so we'll talk okay that's a picture just thrilled with the beard but it is looking he's looking very rugged he has sweats out a way it was strange when I you know I had to get used to that if I don't I don't necessarily I don't hear like yep I had I don't I don't necessarily like the beard but I was getting used to I was OK with that and then at that. She showed that I hurt that he was that he was all clean shaven. And short hair again and I was like it. And I just mess of people and just go back and forth all the time. Yeah it was he looked before I mean that's like his face and ran it. Right at the time that I was accepting like scruffy bearded. Top of America like he's been through stuff yeah he looks like he's like. Term tumultuous I like and don't miss this is yeah this yeah this is where is that I can't like the whole kind of cut his hair and little kids with like Spider-Man none of staying in months. Her hand. I. I watched a lot Spiderman home coming again this weekend again right yeah speak at it was a very proud moment in my life my a nephew. Sad. On. It carry it and can we expect around coming from the get. We can get out of you want to put it on in the basement Fraser dark. I wanna watch that on because he's the best I mean I am right. You can't you're gonna go places I encourage anti. And errors economic of course I'd put it on and then you know everything I was gonna do Saturday morning was just gone up because I had to watch it with them. And yeah there's a moment where he sad. It right after the scene. With a splitting people he said. And wannabe superhero in time after school. It is. Nice for him because he's even able to go swimming does pretty word and what's he like that's really worry about. Education he was sad that Peter Parker didn't get to go swimming with friends give me and Adobe Spiderman. I think it's gotta like. Prom and homecoming or whatever was carrying and I doubt that a little and made it very Harold and I he's like. Become one of his superior until after high school because you're right you know Peter should the name of the spectrum. You're right let's get applauded you can. The F superhero. After school just like to hope when Spider-Man he's like an awkward child trying to navigate. These early adult problem anyway I only like sixteen. And he has he's fifteen. Yeah eating under threat he has these moments where he just wants to be candid I can't aunts aunt made it like comfort and any meeting Intel learned about how to up that. Hey he's just to kids. Ash yeah dad are set to get a job. Part train that because at that that was never captured even though they put it. The setting was high school these kids were in high school grad and blacks and accuse like early twenty Spider-Man get a job and Friday yeah. Cadillac and Garfield was a little bit better but I still you still didn't get the high school feeling is that it's still seemed very adult yet inspiring and homecoming you have those like. Koreans moments where you remember how opera humiliate you frau in the RT I did yeah. Yeah but they just captured that very well on sellout. I may be did you hear anything else thirty that we need to talk about now account and. I clean my house doesn't get the yeah I might. My wife and I are anonymity into at a NASCAR saying we have we're very slowly coming on are saying you have sampled it figured out what we're in and where Nate N earnings. It's a nightmare. I didn't yet dear does he have like any I posters hanging out for like don't like I think one arrow here in another house I can't solid now I'm gonna have. I candidate has eyes that Tim and I got things for your like it does when we were together that guy saying how can I am way more crap. That he does not like I'm capturing myself. He is he's pretty. I can act he's pretty fine yeah he is and he is very. I well I think we covered all of the nerdy stuff that we needed to Yankee weekend and a big game. Dubbed big game and I drove it too big trailers are you have well I more thing that yes the guy from stranger things have played hopper was that a tied commercial you. Say yes they're sending an Antarctic edited England's yeah he was like on what he's like please read tweets I doesn't think it. Our about it he is getting to get. Out and that I did you. Just quick did you see cloverfield. No but I was on Netflix at the time and I saw the previous sports and watch but did you see the first run. And Ian aka I haven't either. Scary movies I wish tamp it. It seemed like it would be interesting and I put something up on FaceBook about while many Ashley pullen all nighter march this after this is also number aromas like out. At first I was terrible abuse it I guess is Blair witch project I sat yeah. I love it for you hate it yeah and I didn't I didn't like player which projects like that can meet her next move Tina what's that. Between and watches them I don't I don't I can't wanna well I I. Are like it's like Blair rich and I had a virus I don't know I'd. And Blair witch because it couldn't. Outcast you know because there wasn't like this and I you know I had tickets are you liked gal I don't know if you and your handsome assumed to be live in boyfriend have a Valentine's they planned I dot yet their at. I can't believe I have my friend at studio movie girl didn't tell me this but they've been showing all of the Harry Potter and besides that night. I say they're already out to deathly allies yanks sounded like he got a deathly hallows on the guys that. I don't know why and I can did you I at the same thing he pulled John Mayer nursing potters practice tournament OK yeah probably deathly hallows is that the vast. I'd be very. You've got timing issue I can't you know and you can you keep him product to death toll rose to get him to watch. All game. Oh gosh yeah well about it and he's let it out you make dinner out in front of the TV a lot stuffed. It he's got plenty domestic and anxiety or aren't going to be fine Alex yeah. Yeah it's yeah it's gag you sit there are you that when you got two dogs right there yeah but they're not coming with me nailed my parents most of all the sizzle opportunity to break up my dot com. But that's going to be opportunities there so many you know pets in the shelter and I know you watch a puppy bowl and I can't halftime show him that much sticky mall which was how did I Dean Cain. It yeah. I did it calls an Arab Dean Cain and it lands. Alison Sweeney the girl please Sammy on days Burleigh and on John I didn't know I I. Would do it prevents. I Allison dean dean. Brown. Call that they get out this year with a kitten all they did more profiles on and. You'll are we kept crying during what kills me is Ferrell have forever homes I know older can't deal. They like I think they would like to bring my guess what it's like mr. wiggles are being. On the ball I allowed an ominous time I get I get I did it she'd about people like only prosecuted and are in the of people like a step. Not an I get it you're not like now and Matt. Have they have puppies it's kind of like the kitten ball has like moments were the poppies in an NB halftime show. I'm said of people they went to that so they went to. The her king lives. I know you're having a party in the park and she's a Qaeda yeah. I now they used to get out without it since I can't let that and I are there but that every single time they rely going into the the profile let's get to know do you drop only. I. And it. That's some comments I know it's totally shut up get it's not you know not having a real time they had some moments couple moments where the actual. Capps got pulled out of the game because they'd been adopted so they like. Under the or am I can't yeah yeah I another. And because you know the other I've got to scrap her out front. I had when writing about it continues make in the chilly he's chopping me and you and I thought if I don't stick to good old. Yeah yeah yeah yeah I and act like I'm pretty easy. It's literally like two US thing with the humane society or something my app and have our. Own puppy cute people. I would act needs are on rat. They would have but I I'd be parades there they are much editing goes into those polls because you know they just have those are just I just ran around into you have to like. And it captures something that looks like they got a touchdown. Or looks like there was a penalty Richard Anderson catching all my gosh the hours and hours they must thank you I think they should have like little hamster rafter reads are they kitty labs. That gitmo has any dog referee his name is Rufus. He doesn't want to present in all I. Everybody got there forever. I know. That's the main thing I thank and they were showing like this one model this one little guy evenings in akin. Could have playing in the can bold because he was born out. But then show like growing actually aren't you adopt it may shorten growing up. I like how like how we went from like you know being like on the streets like they found him like he was born that way and he's landed right. And it showed him like learning is this frat like that is what I bought just like wit but I don't think he doesn't have pretty much like. He can pull himself up on the chair didn't. You know and then they found him a little body that also was like. Couldn't move his back legs and an error that it's. Really other ended only having their front like distorted and I'm like us as we can ask no love for him. I can't he's hit eight I mean just as hazardous wherever he got out again so that's saying they like featured jam as like you know I capped that couldn't. Grow up you know it's just don't worry be in the kitten bowl. But he had a happy ending. I was an islanders who cutest thing it is at a lot of current.