Kinda Nerdy News: Ep 146

Wednesday, February 7th


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Let's say and we live in a world where they're staying in four years people are going to be taking trips to space just visitors. I will be one of the fact that. I am trying to nerdy I got is KD so I thought I love space ahead you know joke I have. Yeah I can they snared Eric yeah I am a general chick that I don't understand how much I. Love. We are living in the future I know right. Also on the show is producer John where you stand and needs based Arab world yeah I don't. You noticed me. It and let. It do any harm or any of the launched heavy any of the video of the car. In space statement you can regain it bowing over and over. For minimal recurrent. Haven't been a part in Spain is because Elon must can't. Yeah we had put something in Spain had a car is wanna let kind Tesla Roadster in space with a manic and wearing his spacesuit. Now let's think about this just her second. If you're defending your most precious. Saying I can't be like you can't zen like why Don you can't tell when you're docks at space like a space I. But what is that like me you're gonna send something precious that your. If it in top underwriting and advance I want them to know this is what I cared about what would you send a space. Part of me wants the same my boyfriend's. You. Well I think that represents you know some of the committee something like. Like the disk they have on the Voyager I look at where it's just an animation a lot of different things so it's a gold record. But it's got everything from like I feel like that's cheating you need to send something that represents you eat yeah. He's it and read this and your Xbox to space. And I can't order players coming. Cannot tell us about money and I. Instead anything good yeah did not answer ever going to be a point where we can just like I want this stomach doesn't it does ace yeah. I can't let you send in the space Aniston does that represented him into an anything. I'm there I am not girl must be cool she had this thing home mean art Hala things. Yeah and a lot IIR. I would say and it. I mean I don't I don't you know my car isn't that interesting it's just a month yet I I the I like. I know. How on earth is very practical. She did your eyelids. Aren't stab Biden. Okay what I like a life sized like my Captain America cut out the life size weren't even announced islands and that is the case with a whole bunch of stuffed cat so they would be like. This girl dry as a reliable car she loves America and spit. I would send a statue of myself I can very vein Harry energy and asked I want to know it was me I can't because not many possessions that are like one at a time like. Frivolous and I need Italian Captain America cat how does not want an account. I wish it was she's good and feel like cool and I don't aliens like get my jokes. And it happen America on the complex you they understand the man in boxing I. What did you send as honest I. They recognize that it's like humans David it would be like. I'm and it iconography. Some person and they. Significant it's not an that you like our guy or something that. I can't count every year just based Katie they would think that you are our god. And that and a lot of you are my god your MySpace to have that could. It is indeed his name is nothing irate try pay is going to space I mean that is getting my payment are one thing to see businesses emergencies and Katie she currently. Also my boyfriend sent me that's just. He definitely I think you senate Katie said that we've are added that it's all that and the current space has already changed Cora. Yes so there are no longer sending it marks a catlett and sending it straight out. It's going to be in an elliptical around the sun its and it's on orbit. That is similar to the distance of Mars candy is the asteroid belt is asked our top item but no longer going to Ers. Okay would you rate now why. Does has he can't say I get my car or not. Kenny I mean so then at some point Canadian right. I decided to go to Saturn like no. Drive this car all Willy Nilly all around stay. Problem is Iran as he knew. I definitely. You're just slingshot in yourself a round things. Out you have danced all into words Mars. If you wanna go ask our slingshot yourself around r.s in March is crappy you have to be so smarts and a lot of a lot. About it. I mean that is not a million implements on them I have to my dad in the future I have my now. Used to smarting what they weren't student space and my immediate response from my eldest nephew was not I Richard Altamont and it's. On average lender and if you issued all the math and just based and we can't shoot things in the space anymore because we need. Many have to do tell did. It up. Here. And I just be getting out of Spain it's I galaxy far far away. Let me pose the question to you. Is there such a thing as too many Star Wars movies and now just such acts answers now Katie says now John. Are it's like it's like high school debate not out. Yeah prevent pro life. I'm only saying yes. Now than we are living in a time where nobody is original anymore there's no regional movies. That are coming out there's only like a remake of sol or crack of is our remake of that and the hours for it exists on again everybody's money like it doesn't seem like a really beautiful yet they care about cost nickel. Yes I'm an army. They know that when people see that there's a new Star Wars movie coming out that there are gonna pay money to go and see you had a crappy movie. What what movie have you lots to where they sat I don't care about your money I just love you Regina. I'm not. Sure. Did you see the Hallmark Channel reach waited her. Twitter account and it. Yeah I didn't debris yes I had enough at the end yeah. I. I'm not. And that's we about the kitten able and yeah. Ash and it was a picture of migration sounds pretty shattered the Hallmark Channel. You know is like a bat and do the it'd dairy and just ignored it have you tried I reaching out to the Hallmark Channel. And I'm right counterpoint. Told counterpoint I let an agent installed at address your picture of where outlet cells right now is the feeling of being used on sharing the same enthusiasm. And with your kids that you add her parents. And the new I'll con my counterpoint is as long as it's somewhat original like Indian and so immediately at style Glover and I don't care about. I mean can you screen name that and room I would ask our worst story please. Little geared up and providers act sad that I can't on this guy playing on silently as night if they took the that the way. Of route one I think it would have massive success. It's not just tell everybody every time yes. There and he read the books you didn't do comics you I got under percent had no idea this existed until it became rock. How'd they get the plans for the deaths are like well in it they just them. I don't yeah I agree I know you are it's taking an old concept that putting something new edge to it well. Tonight saying I. That I've actually wanted to talk about this with the latest for some time now who's hot because as every time we see every bit or like rolling our eyes charmed is getting re booted out like me like each is getting everybody I mean ever it. At the same time how often. You get excited about something original or take the time to go maybe I wanna see that I I don't. Even the reason I watch stranger things was because it was shot in the eighty youth. Yeah it was him but it is that enough is she asked. I found I mean that's I think I think we do get irritated with that there's nothing original. But I I think there were also feeding into that too because some of the original stuff that has come out. I debt. Yeah word like that but I don't care but that was the best movie I've never heard of any thing about eight Spider-Man and so I don't wanna watch it hourly earnings don't like to. Yes I'll and that's taking it. Speaking of that and Spiderman and reboots. It. Did you not Robert Downey junior is making a doctor Doolittle movie. Guy and he's going to be the guy that talks to the animals. Tom Holland who plays Spider-Man was just cassis one of the animals should. Using an accident and play in little I don't know the aren't they did. I think they say I realized trigger so I don't think I didn't feel like. I imagine I am yeah that would be pretty good to see here I am I'm like hey that's. Iron Man and Spider-Man and they are doing doctor Doolittle what I know so all of a sudden I. Excited about this because it's all very familiar to any panic like I would be sad about that but you literally went to Jumanji which was asked the MAQ was this. Your I really but you don't know for certain until. And and that. Fewer LA accidents because Kandahar in Iraq and I. If there you're going to remake. Doctor Doolittle and and which they are. I mean at least you've got someone and that need Robert Downey junior is not going to screw this up right at first step. Now he's making gets he gets to do a course he's got to his kids movie counting his money and time again they maverick and you meet. But he. I cannot. How are do you think Robin Barney just let me start. He's not at Harvard and he's he's probably pretty pretty firm. But. I couldn't beat I don't think he's. Happening I think he because he has fear he has to go through so much he raptors are much baggage he remembers where it came from now. Is he probably a little bit arrogant sure about like why wouldn't you be here have you done Ricky did it. Huge let you record any union head. Yeah.