Kinda Nerdy News: Ep 147

Friday, February 9th


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It's time to get kind of nerdy and it is time for it. JD to go home you. What are what play dirty dealing with right now you know. That Honda or sick aligned apt to be here and Candace. And I agree now. I don't know I have. What are you feeling. Like I'm tiny X at night in the body aches noddle like eggs and even though my aunt okay. And my first I was like up its meningitis I'm gonna. And now it always is is like you know. Extreme headache and stiff neck and react. I and you did you wedding indeed this now look at us how do you know it's about. House. Yeah. The signs of meningitis this but thank you doctor house. Right now like yesterday asked. And yeah I remember that's been like half late and just. Worse and it kept my life I was as a head cold. You're running a fever. Well I feel like an overheating and dying about every ten minutes a starts at yes you're right you fear that the injured contagious and you don't need them you need to get out near manic tinian and I didn't mean anything out of my Abbas and I need to our and act. As he can't even. Seeing our K that's it it's can I I've it's adding that. Heard it get him out down those things or career like. You ask about me that on a daily you don't wanna be you're right who are not. All you are lost and Lee crystal and even shocked me yeah. I now under the I you know I am I am having air behind the monitor. I just check the monitor that I have to touch when you get out of here can now I do the meeting comes internally is touch. Our I have to touch at this. I'm terrible being. And got brownie have a fever beat her is I'm not cough contagious whatever it is it's contains less you are hunched mean I think I'm on I tell it like directly pre and you don't plan on it and I think. There's some whites and your C can wipe out around a for you all act I I haven't hands and it has everything. Okay do you have any that energy to. Muster up an opinion on the event and trailers out. What was that. Not Tom hardy but that was crap. Yeah you know what if there was nothing resting and it seem like I have really crappy beaten each. Day I. Like it was left over footage from just about to ring in an action. Films and im not in the been out at yeah here's some cars rolling over in some things going out and they don't like. I don't think so I don't know I don't know I it what I think ever going for his rushed. Let's just get something out there let's get it just not a glimpse it doesn't act to pick out. October at halftime you with pink I don't know I from the very beginning and I said they are doing in Spanish and movie I was concerned about it. I am I have nothing against Tom hardy but I'm not passionate about it and I definitely did not love pain and John as in Virginia right now. Yeah she she is also attached. Yes shout if she was here she might fight me on this but I just I don't I I don't really get Tom Pardee. Is that what it is cute I need to get John better or how he's a dog got out our our top cat while in nineteen. I'm teamed. Up. At me it's very well lead after something. Well I just. I feel why do we need to vent a movie I mean we haven't even gotten that car and that you know the Spiderman story you're right yeah I retired at. Spider man's hand out and you know what's going on hard. I don't I I I have yet to have tried to lining is like here's why that van and trailer was good. So I think we can just all agree at the moment that he did not. I even have an expectation story. But does it make me wanna CNN. I am excited for our. I remember and Hillary is as excited because at some happy Nintendo 64 Spiderman game marine who play adds that. The only reason I liked that this was because he was well equally than spider. Innovating and only reason I was excited I am still at I. How did you feel about the Jessica Jones season two trailer didn't want to talk on. You watch the show. These hot if I have to get sick and right I guess it can dominate and draw its Jessica Jones and yes you can't Kellyanne what I'm talking here I'm got to march and arms. Our bonds and I'm gonna say that girl is contagious and she needs to go home I'm not contagious and you you can't. So I'm excited about just huge amounts thank you he can't you can't put your shirt over your mouth. Because and we can't hear you talk right now. That's not that's not gonna work Katy or are pretty down John ash is on vacation issues like. At city haven't come icon in her and your air force aunts house I don't know I don't know like a breach of security I talked about I don't think Sam she's at. I don't I don't think it's a breach of security to say someone's pet sitting for someone in the air force. You didn't like say what and what mission there on her where they're going. Right. Does this what else during these not reply. Flyer flu name. Yeah and let their reactions to this news that. Firefly is going to continue on we're going to get more firefly stories. But they're going to be in the form of books. Oh yes shout here's just saying not in not a lot of people are thrilled about that. It looks like I like books I've been looking for more books. Mom I'll let Lance recommendations for LA. OK are will get to how hot. But I think in terms of the firefight universe because. Of how big that cast was and how do we should be for all of them that they have gone on to many successes and our very busy. You know marina backer and is in dead pool and Nathan Philly and I castle for years and now they've got another. TV show in the works Allen today occasion like every thing I mean. I'll in the end it there are doing very well so trying to reassemble a giant cast like that. You can't they did the movie like we did that once we got back together we did the movie in the movie was great and and we know what I hear and I and then I you know spoilers we lost a few people a couple of them I may have mentioned. I I think the books are the better way to go for anyone who's like. This is this is cheaper in a I want. TV or movie or nothing at all I think this tells the story. On in a way that will make us all happy because we're getting more story but not and we were their recasting things order then missed all of you add about the show is gonna be a lock. Creative side do you blame books yeah. Eighties which is it limitations ratings. And they get it done these are not the first bucks they actually an ad they've done a couple of books that told side stories one of them was the history of shepherd book. On the show and at which I loved because there were so many questions about. On his character that didn't get answered in in the black you've got to find out how he you know. Knew so much about the alliance and the bad guys who can do all this like awesome stuff that he's a preacher. Ironic side I think it'll be yeah I can't get a chance and the other thing. That I think with the blacks if you really want more fire firefly he wants some form a firefly in TV or movie. You don't make these dark successful. You make them make a ton of money and then you'll find a way to get you more TV. Is backed. Right now it's dot I take that yet I what I would have by the bucks. Just in in hopes that. Bet it's at that you know going to turn into TV but I would by the votes because the stories are going to be fantastic and in it might turn into something mark. And ever watched our I know he didn't pan out but if you round today because you're sick firefly is doing. It's only one season you can probably get your firefly. Today and Jessica Jones tomorrow and come back on Monday and be like. I don't know you brought ever story that I worked so much now. Watching Sherlock again I like the seventh. Is that your is that your comfort. She now. My Netflix watching habits are very much put it on and do something else. And okay. Am I watched some really crappy movie about a shark Netflix list I think in you know I was called so I don't want seven metres down okay no I don't wanna watch that two girls and that stranded at the bottom of the ocean shark tank. Now the cage and I cannot but is stupid because sharks don't act like an. I'm not shark week and now yet are you are always. Very. Matter of fact about things but being sick is not is making you. Quite amusing and sign it enacts it funny. And they get your pain in the big hit me. Yeah you feel so cropping you don't have time for anyone to crack. Now it's David shark maybe that's my gosh I think that it takes during your doubles they're not aggressive and tell me more about shark out current. Account you've got some book recommendations for me and I. We do that in the next scandal nerdy and I do need some books right now and Austin and the next got an Ernie. We got it going to end this trash our. Iron. Doctors from doctor whom taking on these roles that make them appreciate it is my favorite actor I don't like this question. I don't like this question I like Stanford injuries did you at least. And lo. And I don't like I question at all because I I've liked them mall. I would say if IAE in ad when I need comfort episodes I go back to our Matt Smith episodes. They are. But I think it's because of them that I really liked that story I like the story. I'm Amy pond and and Rory he adds that so I don't know that I I don't necessarily know that the eleventh doctor is my favorite doctor knows or just my favorite story Simon told me he doesn't have eyebrows and like it. Not I. I can't scary strange so so we're gonna talk about Al Matt Smith and his new role. What else are hour and a talk about that all black Panthers coming out all black can't get saying where you can see black panther with us refer me. And that will at least it at that you're gonna add thank you for sanitizing as we talk can. Be a Foley Saturn sized edition of kind and dirty prospect for. Extra that's a.