Kinda Nerdy News: Ep 148

Friday, February 9th


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It is money and and and I did I say that way too bad it's sad that with a way to much excitement it's not well hey. A new addition of China nerdy but I don't care what day of the week it is you get me talking about dirty stuff I did it's hard. Not a misty how can we not be excited. Black panther is finally upon. Snatch it opens this week are. Kind of nerdy night out is a week from today it's next Monday president stay you have the daft yes I am I now I will have free tickets all this week if you listen to 1079. The next. 325. Every day in the daily distraction. I will give you a chance to get in fourth or need and there's all so I'll link on line and net armed and if you go to. I didn't nerdy girls dot com you'll find a link that if you just want reservists I like out of my campaign debt. We have got to see black. When it change gallons I don't know why because it I'm very quiet Germany's I know I like it is you talk me he's. I met her I will you're gonna have to sit in the back of her. And I Nat not gonna talk. I think my commentary is buried at. Sun all other visiting great santeria are black panther finally. I you know in a week we'll get to give our reviews yeah. Any. Not enough it is not but can I give you my radio on that hole marvel ten year celebration. Your picture. Like that and you are professionals. At making movies are not that she just hit it down. OK so they wanna show like how much the marvel cinematic universe has grown in ten years which is awesome. But it. I'm sure it looked like a picture. From my high school like that grainy shot tomorrow and until bleachers. Right. Yeah it was an applicant that are photographers. Right. They have got they clean it out they had planned for too bad that the ten years logo on each human aren't eighth. There was so much empty space I I'd I much. I don't what are they doing there was no organization where people were it was all just Willy Nilly at the end and I was like oh. Everybody read into the bleachers and assume the position. Did you move off. It is Mary very disappointing. I. Have these moments and they are happening norm or okay and where it's just. That now. One of them. God and I can you tell me another and reselling. When I went CDS and I detect beef or take well. They did. I look like fifteen. And know now next question yeah. There is there an aids you have to be eighteen abiding equal. And a and he like make math or whatever. Did you get some stuff from behind the counter like them pharmacy. I walked over and I picked up off Canon really we wasn't even the liquid when it was the pill and truly are. I don't know about index cards because I forgot and I needed them okay that's why they thought you were fifteen app because why why do you know. Why do you think. It's currents. I. That is working the polar plunge and they sent me like a huge script and I couldn't remember certain things ours is gonna ride it out rook becomes an index cards laugh and I spent all week here at the office trying to find next are behind it. I'd just bought and say here are writing your script for the polar pond now I'd like it wasn't an air remember the list of sponsors. Cap out of cash and Eleanor remember people's names we have. I wrote those now. Yeah not that's Ted I don't like and see things like I like to say that in this room behind a microphone. And really mostly just talk to myself 080 yeah and I feel like debt I don't I don't you have king's men have tightened the plague. I'm Mikey to. It is may be the last after being done I just got in here and and jobless still gone and I was like all the sudden I was like there's all these dirty girls in the office not your deer drop off on me like flies and it did I do something. I don't know. As I was doing so well everybody else in the office two weeks ago as sick as dogs yeah I I take two days off and it was due in great you know no problem you have. Wasn't sick at all. And I cried at work and not feel like death. I have like I email and I wonder if it's a sign is seen stirred some things up from previous I compromise myself. Crying I like we're just talking not I'm crying at work as a normal thank I don't know that real downs that we that. Any hope when the lights go off. We current and fitness. I mean. Speaking of crying IA. And sue Ers I. About how I mean I guess I'm I'm glad that he's having success past Doctor Who. He's in a getting other jobs in the crown has been very successful life. I am very sad that may help Smith has accepted the rule of Charles Manson. I want to know what impedance and I looked it looked like and I couldn't find a title for the meeting but I know Zack Kemp front is also Ted Bundy. Why are you know that in the same nuts it's a deformity. Yes I like their Macon pretty blaze in the serial killers. Mom I don't like this and you know are you having to. It's yet that it's that sore subject between us but you have not watched Jessica Johnson got. I know how much you love David Tennant and David Tennant. It's just. The slimy and explain. Just scary it's like awful manipulative bad guy isn't in Jessica Jones. Why are all of the doctors becoming these awful characters I don't want if you like fast and it. Take and it is like. You know. Being very diverse in your war eagle at a lot different at all. I'll take it I don't want to fight like love serial killers not in the sense that lightly I like admire them but like I find them very fascinating. Home I just saw the day I went right past it it was a it was a buzz feed article that was like ten serial killers who are still on the loose that will freak you out up. Did you do today I eat that stuff how why me why are morbidly experience. What. Learn my eight. Intuit in the sense that like this but I. Minted in the sense like at least as a psych counts that's easy how did that happened and a is that I think college. Cash currently. Who's your favorite serial killer really weird question. Not have a favorite I serial killer. Contacts Jeffrey Dahmer. Now I exam be that if you're gonna say I don't like to talk about him he was from Wisconsin. Yeah like a shame and it is it is. I house alike HH Holmes stopped liking serial liar like like them as persons that like him is another interest. Handedly carry it restarts saying I am fascinated by instead of saying I like them. I am very comfortable and interested in not in the sense we don't want it to eight. I can't H eight pounds but he's built a hotel just murder people. It is strengths. Here at its restaurants and how he's got up and money did decent like at I don't know. I mean Iran. Mask but he's doing kind of thing last week Libyan murder he's not a murderer that could have been a dead body in. Our. I speak. I did. Got the best way to get away with murder you bet CS I can find a idea are still wearing half. Odd SR at this week. Remember that I'll be giving away these black panther tickets it and it's still in the studio movie girl. We're not seeing edge. You know we didn't even talk about like what to Wear to the same but I feel like in hi is it like at times and well you know have you seen an OK so did you see the premiere pictures like everyone was just stress Japanese and many. Ling Ling and rolled up like a keying our ally and son that I saw a lot of people who were talking about like do we need to write you know. Make as a black tie event like did you review where in fancy dresses I wish it. You love an occasion to cut you wanna Wear fancy dress on Monday. Night fanciest mixture. Do you like rare drop Susan. Do and cannot thank you feel like death yeah I but sometimes you feel I doubt if you like really pretty yourself out all of a sudden things get better now. I polishing entered now I just can't I'm day when he two of my plague. It you I mean I'm spread they Wear you know it hurting me forget equal because I never in my life. Ever finished a bottle of cough syrup in one virus right I do not do that and keep it around you are. Ending your paddock for five years and you finally thrown away and get a new. I finished three bottles of cough syrup. It was so caught on day 22. I forced myself to make. The curl my here nom I do my make out. On day 23 I was doing better to say and in I wanna think about Michael you might try that maybe you're just enjoying your misery. And it's time you'd get better now I'm not enjoy. Are well how do you enjoy made at this addition. Kinda dirty you can always follow us online at Twitter at Trenton thirty news. If you want a really easy way to always find us Disco tune kinda nerdy girls dot com. Next time key will be better. She's headed to her makeup and hair. It's kind of looks so pretty technical fellows that are going to be.