Kinda Nerdy News: Ep 157

Wednesday, March 7th

The list of worst Marvel villians has created a lot of tension between the Kinda Nerdy Girls and it turns out we all want to be writers but we're not really writing. Get Kinda Nerdy here with KJ, Katie and Johna!


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Hey guys welcome to kind donating is with John I KJ and Katie Katie is very passionate about effort topic what are we talking about Katie de Ville night. Solis a two week another word you know I don't lots events lists all of the marvel movie villains who can worst to best I can't longer now. He do you think is bill works its though worse now and I work Alan we can only nineteen. I'm nobody cares about. That nobody cares about yeah the worst. That's what the hood the villain in the Hulk. Because I don't care about them now it's an action scene honestly I kick your behold he's the worst delegate. Cinematic whereas they. The letter that was Jerry cross from an aunt. Well yeah me and dad and that. The number one worst bad anchoring this list is from Thor the dark world it's Malick. You Iraq. But you know who I played him is. That guy that was and I doctor. Yeah that's why is it only makes it worse I wanna I don't I thought I like him but I did add a Florida dark round of Alice pack and in the top three like the best while he's got to be lucky. What he's the best there. He's not the bat well. I'm not give you the numbers until you yes. Look he's the vast the end. Lips and but don't winter soldier now they're not. There's elder care touting the bad guy he got a lot of data to begin that they have our Baghdad thank you are an anti hero. He wasn't bad I interact and it's a way of not protagonist. Poppy antagonist. Right and it's okay. I think they even now to vet thinks he. Being let's get a like termite Ph.D. this is gonna be my dissertation is by Bucky Barnes and not that guy president. I weights or a watch that's in the winter soldier can. Well Harry rips a cart are not like strangled his mom any kill not that T yeah and how can simply. In the second guess I was right there does seem that aware steam finds him in his apartment. And they have to fight their way out. But he almost drop got a guy down the stairs and kill them yet again. I'm pretty sure he was like Danica Rick I I gap sound that's sad because he wasn't trusted that self defense. People are coming with guns to kill you I'll shower cap was doing the same thing in not killing anyone can do and that guy anyway yeah any anyone trying to tell us England she got a like them. Ari bet and where young kill anybody let. I like that and yeah. DC I don't know how. I may change. That aren't is not LA nor has he ever been a fun and I go lucky Barnes but winter soldier is now you're wrong. No I'm sure the summit Stanton in here. Yeah yeah yeah. Other other bad guys that we best bet dashed after after. Obviously. At this giant a favorite right now aren't. How I mean finally got around and watch. What's enemy or Wragge yeah I have nothing right Muir. I don't chemistry was hello how I learned a few snag Howard if I mean it was Eric kill monger from black panther. And number I was lucky and how I guess don't care about Uga just me don't care. He's just doing his thing in you know make him necessarily greater chances early on an EX I I mean I liked her I am zone and they. Tom handles and is not attractive to me openly is attractively dark. You know I've got it felt funny he got last night we watched the avengers you know others just marvel cinematic universe challenge that I thought we were gonna do and I want odd movie week leading up to us. Infiniti oral were a little bit behind us but we socks and he had written the avengers movie and passionate which we haven't done and throw line. I'm Ali is on TB et yeah it always attacked John. Yeah John and start. But my my husband Chad and I it's low key blocked out the scene. In in Russia where he walks into the party can't take the guy's eye out and Annan he he walked into her own MI hasn't said. Houston could convened to her care. Not till it isn't like he's got as normal hair whenever. But unlike the dark hair and where it's not too long you have bike and a shortly was the first big time into it I you know I went to shore here. I'm not smiles to sing her into an yeah he's got that great smoky because he's got that great like top finalists in mice. Yeah filling in when people genuinely smiled is smile with her eyes you know they look happy. If you'd like covered the bottom half and his face he's like us like half. Yeah guys you know got right now. Time at the vulture Spiderman homecoming was only number five. I. He was because it up at a murder Spiderman it is tough yeah. Yeah yeah and ruining your life my opinion that way at it and be in the bad guy I had I agree with pat I forgot about how can I do. We'd just wants the war I did like Allah I wanna be. You do it just ruin people's lives. And we'll work. And like she doesn't think she slides her hands and haven't known it now at all. An idea you wanna that you really aren't people why it's. I think we should probably stop talking and hearing get ourselves and counselor. I just wanna be so devastatingly good looking and in other people's lives moment where you may think I tried to hit. Like I really felt like the red skull yeah and in America tells her he was number six. Tower that they're just because it was more recent Kilmer in more recent. And I think it was also an act like they were just useless against air. Yeah yeah they really were but they had the Star Trek it like a little bad guys this. His bones and like he's my favor and oh yeah Karl urban I think it is name is Connor Anthony was all I did not recognize and all I totally pets now and. When we show what I thought he credits I like who who who can't play. At. And it's to no idea managed to make him really lately his hair made him so he thought it's true I can't be governor ever double click. I. And handle it. I can't even unread news in the Star Trek with her with Chris pine. Is. Your secret spying yes. I didn't have a pretty good if I thank you spewed on it and now also ate ice hockey parts. I have a little and way prettier actually buried him. And yeah yeah yeah you can't get drown them in cal was just thinking yeah. They Kate and I talk about me for saying that the first the drowning and is not an insult ballooning current. Amateur riding things to say. We are right. But come on. And question this. And it really in line and because I don't have Microsoft where on the laptop isn't again at a school. Don't wanna pay it. And the ducks yeah just do and I do the acts and Allergan and the president was using an outward acumen Newton stole. I can't like I don't have manners were advocate transfer it over to Google docs now. Wait it out the different that's. I'm like I'm the last night with it. But you plot plug your flash drive and and then uploaded to Google docs yet I was going to hit sacrifice yeah copy paste. I have. I could not bad I also haven't written anything and have you JD. Yes there are uniting something when he writing a or mystery really yeah tell me more confidence now. Many don't know. Talk about until its done Mitt ballot to be done like I can't well. At times I talk about it and I have to deal it. Hey yeah I am I you know I wrote it's again and so I wouldn't seem. Creative writing him. I yeah I can I got lawyers get to arts world for creative writing. I am but how I sit down and I am not like a burn that part of my brain or something inherently I had no idea. Literally have a creative writing did read with my name on nine I went to creative writing classes for four years and Allen had his forty pages of public. Out of class strapped owner. And cared how important about the most of the bullet. Is on Google docs is just that when I wrote. Like on Microsoft Word I have to cut it hot over for short stories. Yeah in charge that's what you have right now thinking. Short story. Is that it's short. Ish you can. Have been a good to see you know some of novel right now a short story yet like it is. The additional restoring the delegates hold public. I'm not setup for like all this work and hands like you know just a word vomit sometimes on my computer churn and maybe go back and edited you know that's about it as loud as it ended in front of people McCain yeah. I am gonna Arnold have you seen on the very grammar hunch I don't feel like John write the book and you can added it. And all drop pictures I was thinking about hiring ghost writer from my but it doesn't exist at the exit. Don't. Get a memoir gallon you should add that I journal he really short. I feel like some name. Someone's got to find my journal and the like this needs to be about remember what I was missing my journal for awhile in an all it scared me because it was my deepest darkest thoughts. And they are pretty dark. I was like what is this is the moment or someone finds it goes. We got to turn this into a book. Money in order to change the names and most stuff I write that like. My stories are interesting but their about people that I hated to accrue if I actually like. Aired out all of the things that they dogs are great stories wouldn't talk to me anymore yeah right is absent. And links to grants and as recently as an arraignment. Is Jenna and I am ever read a diary to turn my miscarriage you know I made it. It was meant I got a tip from I guy that that helps me stay with my journal he's he's name is Todd brace and he's a writer and I get his. It's email his inspirational he now wants a week and I just do it. I think he's bad it he said even if you just right on the date. You can only write down that that date that day so always at least acknowledge the date at deep because if you're willing to write down the Danish and you might be willing to write down if you use a list of empty. A bike Derrick bird yeah it's just all about today you know what you're done that day that better than I didn't. See. They nothing stopping here like. The 28 and turns twenty yeah. Stop. The journal and they tend to be like ethical about it. It seems like work like I gotta sit down and make out sometimes and united journal and if you write down the day it inspires you remember that I can. I can all Marines have to stay 1 day so what am I gonna do I do write in journals when they travel do you like everything we did you might remember that that's and I write journals I'm watching movies that I can remember what happened. I. Easy. Isn't that like a journal dedicate an marry have sold many journals than art and deep and it is Bob because they own and that likes it. Yeah. It's like dedicate literally eats TVs and then there are you take notes you're like this character's inner mountain I mean. My eyes wants to fast forward through the previews and I'm neither previous to offer that would happen. I guess I actually saw this it was great I can tell you happen I mean I don't really think it. Nineteen and ended. Pretty much like supernatural like an entire season's worth of previous. I asked and it looks good and. Speaking of non what's gone on make sheep follow us on Twitter at kind gain news or on its event at kind of nerdy girls or you can go to and an editor at that next time on the community podcast mean Katie talk about how much we love Stanley we also talk about the fate of group is he alive and we also talk about the new Villa for one Norman make sure to tune in and as always stay in charity.