Kinda Nerdy News Episode 128

Wednesday, December 6th


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It is K today it is neat kind of dirty news because. Sometimes we're just not that nerdy and we try. I Katie is let me I I and. It's it's weird that we're at that time of the year where it's. It ended years lists. In Sudan of the things that we talked about the most this year. A I and it as far as TV got those again it's rounds with the most tweeted about show. Do you tweet about game after you tweet about any shows you too you don't tweak that much yet. Funny enough for winner in town. That's winners staff designee try to put something up there that's funny and it fails and you hear rooms did free feeling. Wraps yeah now I mostly. And. Twitter Robby either you and I talk about things coming up on my afternoon show like Tellme sense again Tuesday can do is gonna give me a hard time about spread the good news right I think he. There are troll I can be mad at me about that. I did buy and sell get a response that lies. I don't remember what was going on uniter and it did to get a North Korea was launching a missile or sending units like you should be talking about all the world's falling apart instead of ignoring and I was like really. Yeah I'm pretty happy and my ignorance. I earned do you love game you'd do Alcan irate what favorite character in game evil one X. Set to dynamic or wait do you like this actor I got into it and do you think about things like yeah. Signing his life. Not let him like well yeah my favorite because he's such a big guy and everything dozens bound. How much like Jaffray and like freaked him war. If and I am learning a lot about gene that character yeah an actor I green and I think it characters that you obviously hate you have a lot of feelings for. I think it's important that we point out that you like the the actor. Because if you truly like to kerik Eric. And I'm like yeah how did not march I Atlantic what was the name over and well I act and argued for an hour goes yeah. Here I don't hear on the client Mike again got a get outrun the other night. Harry Gant is she's not here today you can have you can move Sheila yeah NASA and he has there's Formica trends. All Katie had to do is move over to the microphone and instead she's trying to pull the microphone and it's not gonna reach two I stretched out. How they got and higher as loud as I am I but I it's against other dynamic characters they they are now I. Kyra tea I knew I was not pleased with what went on with the dragon. I've seen it down I knew I expected more dragons actually. Yeah I really. You know I'm an animal person and when they were little babies are not as I was rise in. Can't gauge how about. I. That. How to train your dragon movies because they filmed their cats while they were drawn character no I well. I did not even know that I watch the movie I was like. Don't know who made this movie to (%expletive) him viewpoint. It's now the the people like animators or whatever who they would like attach a fake tail of the cat and watch it like element. Running around and then they would mimic that when they were making the track. Let's say I didn't know that I knew I had idea I was like I don't know these people RB their my kind of people. Because that's just love that movie about being Goodyear can. You. Extension yes yes yeah does not end and toothless smile little Brodie he's yeah I mean he has teeth back. Immigration actually is toothless he actually have a toothless cat that my my black cat Brody. In particular I thought these people. Must get black cats 'cause black cats are and at their cat have a different. Kind of breed. Really superstitious about flat at what is interesting because and what for some reason things got kind of stirred up here in the Western Hemisphere black cats over in Europe and especially in in Ireland are gonna block I have teaching. On that I carry around from my trip from Ireland that's I'm lucky black cat chow I don't know somebody screwed up here in America and three duke. I sat back to the dragons on game of drones. I DE I wanted more drag ends and it just like absolutely broke my heart. I. Yeah it hit gap in net and I have to explain to your kids and they're gonna caddie young and they're gonna I don't know why did you show tonight. Not even from a TV shall be a title for TV show as I didn't watch it enough to understand the police he was not her name right yeah definitely not troops I have. My sister has a a black cat named Ari and I thought that was and that was a name for her commencement. Zipper judgments on like other people naming things suck. I reject it I need to know about it's I have. Grayson who was named. I Wii name immigration because we decided like it was official we were going to go get him and adopt him. On on international mandate you. And I didn't think he looked like a Bruce Wayne like Dick Grayson yeah yeah that was where's yeah that was for him that his name a Riley is from the Buffy he wrenched her boyfriend during her college years and my husband wanted to name him spike. He was now spike right I can't like a little like. Wind being like the phone rings and he runs he curls up on your lap and you sneeze and he disappeared for slate that's not spy. And that I'm Mandy is a very that's an obscure character from firefly which you're supposed to be watching still had not watched high and about Brody of course iron man's. Yeah I'd kick which when we were adopting and we were looking for a sidekick for Riley and we adopted him the weekend that Iron Man three came out. Apps years. A theme here that are insider yeah judging me largest judging on other people's kids out and that's how cat inside with the pats can't Arabic as I leave their pets you've had a name them whatever and they don't really care but like with a kid they have to live with that right Ratner yeah. And somebody's gonna get out police yeah Luke. Like yeah. Richard do you yeah now. I'll let other shows a winner on the list of most treated about a. I was talking to Terry here in the office and her first gas. Was this disaster and it didn't even make a list which was really surprising and you Omnia confessed and iron and announce that show's about I just know that people cry when they watch at its and that and that's exactly it it's not. It's not really I'm gonna show about life and family dynamics and on it gets TU because I think they did a good job of it you know while a few lights characters and you like actors that they are that how they portray them these actors are like top notch what they're doing is amazing. And I usually have someone like your loved the show it makes you cry everywhere he at my house her great why I've never watch Grey's Anatomy gives us that people would tell me battle tell you I don't. Cry every week but I appreciate the story line because there are true. Like authentic moments they kick you in the gut that maybe don't make you cry that you go on then yeah. So I pathetic show yes yeah my guest just from the title was like pitch perfect. Meets glee. A Gagne out flake. Now on modern faintly now I like yeah all of those things and it's not of aspects well just in time yeah on. Yeah it's not like added I NN Karachi stranger things may learn list everybody's tweeting about that the locking dad. I so are all made dumb little ski accident a spin off that they announced this year yet about that that's not really what people are tweeting about it's just wash just to show us just shown itself now I'm surprised it's a kicking. I only have like a shock. You should try I've seen since you can't be surprised if you're watching it now it does take him. It is and they are saying that they have found ways to continue. This story about you know two guys that fight weird. Things and that they have come up with different ways but again that it is it is attributed to. The characters and action. That you know aren't like gallery invest in Najaf how it's you know and that hash tag if you go black I have I hash tag it all the time. Caspian family. The supernatural semi I am in it there's so many shows actors do so many great things I'm with their celebrity on the day are always. Joining adding good causes. They get out. They live in Texas when Houston was affected dated so much to help when he asked the hurricanes their just. When you you figure out that there really good people in her handling and that's why it's a cool thing to be a part of and then main in a big idea of fun show that. Take show outer reality once hugely beneficial. It's not very nice so rob I have anything else to talk about almond was the most tweeted about movie I'm not prize I was at him admin wasn't. I just I want that feeling again from just I wish I could like wipe my brain and I'll watch it for the first time again. And I have my brain does that. Yeah you mention it for real like. You'd just remember how you field you don't remember anything that happens in a movie so I watching over there about five times before I remember things that might. I know what's happening next I'd just like overjoyed every time to get literally a sand and I can not or ever happened to it. Anything that I can watch the first time I know it's and the next. I can't answer probably see. You know maybe see a doctor about that. Maybe more maybe like missed that phase where kids just watch the same movie over and over again because they learn how to predict what's coming next. Asked if you know I can't because my parents had nine children and we really didn't watch movies like here's the problem we dating go to movies. I didn't watch a lot of like there was like a TV show that we all sat down together wretched planet yet now I I was I I I I didn't do any of that stuff because what my kids there's just you know that's your entertainment got a cannon. Handled we've ever had like a partridge family and we put on a lot of icon thing for my parents. Yeah we did it with music was the thing that we did in our house we really didn't want Stuart one of those families yeah. What an idiot and anything I ask how my parents listen to me saying for years and years and applauding that I got down. And that's like that's radian is good for you go ahead that you don't talk on the radio don't think laundering we have a good idea. I say well I I I where are you feeling about stars for last time I am getting cloud coming down the data at your tickets yeah. You do when are you going gonna go low of what was it like. Cursing he okay I'm and a Thursday nine the first opportunity eating out yeah I as an idea that I had an appointment that was gonna screw that up. And sad but I was like I just move on appointment today says that we can down yeah it's got had a crazy week because we have jingle jam here at the radio station wanna all I imagine. The Backstreet Boys are county really emerging out about it harder my first love I now own. Yeah I finally know I exist after 23 year you have any Chalabi and here I'm gonna dump your boyfriend. You know very happily ever after it's a matter. I shout yes so we have like we have jingle jam and then two days later Star Wars last Jenna comes out and then on Friday don't like the official day. I'll be at studio movie drum so if you wanna seen. The last I am Friday and you have a book your tickets yet go to studio movie girl I'll be doing my entire show two to seven. I would love for you I don't know if I'm still say this but we're doing this operation Teddy dropping on the thanks very good cots interview to bring it out like a Teddy bear or a word I'd love to buy get a bunch of stuffed pork that we can take. Your drop off location I'm car wash in all you don't have to take and they are you bring me all taken prime car rush now are you dressing up. I can you not did you feel for the last the last two years I like the buns I did the whole princess land and I and Tom next week I don't not how it accounts and and is it going to be a very good I'm just sitting there alone is princess when they had Stephanie you can be a greater this year. I could and I like the triple bunt don't have raised here. I like right there on her I don't like race here on me it would make it an awful lot like all on like greased back pulling your hair back thing is not a good luck firming parity and the I've had I can't you know yeah it doesn't it that's even what I did different to actually have bonds I still armed. It's a loose the banks don't lose it's not I don't like yeah it's I got I have a little barrier around my face and you can go ads. What's Adam drivers character Tyler rent IU want me to be kind of ran it just long hair really angry I get I can do that now yeah NASCAR crafts made sure I guess I I can do that on it I wished. I wish I'd seen a little bit more of layers work and that's because I feel like that's going to be a fun costly ideas so general in that did being the general about like any young female Han Solo. I'm constantly doesn't like did you party in packages be cheering you know when it wouldn't even know it's me. Yeah right right now I don't even have to do minor because our holiday party is that why you should make it to think about our box stressed out and dress him up Esther park and an island. He's going on Thursday nineteen. Now I I that's just going to be me at stadium of the girl must compounds lines. It'll just be me so please put your ticket to get under enough pressure to let every single hour on Friday and I'm gonna be Garret Anderson Europe. Lots of options this not only warmed to going to be a sad sad little layoff and I drag galaxy far far away which will be the bar at studio good. They have crappy. This I've got to be setting up stadium every girl alone dress does printings way home in the first and that the last June Kenton. This is very sad business minority life and not start hurting again thank you very much for let's say will be.