KJ TODAY: Amy Lee of Evanescence Calls the Mix!

Tuesday, July 10th

Does Amy Lee still think the word DUDE is cool? What musician would she like to have a champagne toast with? AND what to expect with Evanescence comes to Indy! If you missed Amy on the Mix with KJ, listen here!

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His agent and with what a seven Panamax and it was pretty funny it at it when Amy lever and an essence. Called into our show she called in right in the middle of the meaningless Monday poll. So the first question and it kept up and I had there I asked me to get out of the way. Is. Do you still use the word dude had it. I eat it all. That time. Yeah I I don't I want you know I can't help it out. Well let your son would Jackie OK with the word doodle has you rolling wallet size of mommies and do. It well did we are so excited that you are coming back to Indianapolis. I'm joining me. In studio right out. Is one of my kind and dirty girls from our kind of dirty news podcast she is set in thirty about avid essence. Crystal what was the data that Evan essence show back in December I know you remember. On December 2 of Tony haven't eat yeah I. I was at the asked you what are. Obviously the location is different from Carmel Indiana to Noble's all but as far as the shell. What kind of differences do you expect between what we had last year and what's going to be coming up this week. So we're still getting this and that distinguishes the orchestra at different versions of the songs. Creepy thing. Which is not indicated that we are stopped and get in the group of fat. A little bit and by now I'd like we really have that element down on it to lower. It to another level we. Easterly it addicted to headline two hours ago. I'm she got the full amazing that it is on completely different than ours I can't accept the fact that the orchestra. Is playing with both I wanted to do something different. We've really only ever period we toured with rock bands. Especially at the rock and Xerox. I actually like a world. Of other music. And others file and can't think any cockpit changes as a whole show it it's really beautiful watch she's just recounted. Com so I really wanted to do this and I really wanted to create. Soma and collaborative element you know what you're gonna do something called article headlines especially if you were winning you know Lou. YQ. Just express themselves and their own way. I think that absentee I want a lift up again and two great and we both did so on there's several coal. Elaborate on the Internet show when it comes to ensure it tonight though cats it's been an exciting it's athlete to be in Asia. I'm so glad you brought this up because I was reading an article and dazed magazine. It was one of those moments rappers like that what she said when you're talking about the stereotype about women. He had worked together. It. Add and say here you are here with Lindsay you also. The you have Jenin the band now what might now that you're out on the road I just haven't worked with around with you. Auckland I mean it's been checked yet and I talked about a lot and my guitar player you. It's definitely like we don't want to say I'm a woman blank. In the past woman. Guitar player that hill vocalist we don't really want that didn't wanna be. At that period we wanna be opt out like an act it's not beat out the gender but don't try to trot attention to that same time. We don't try to be as can be or as light as possible rate there hit it like that art and it. The call at about it it's called Hitler at a time where that's become more and more. Acceptable as I remember it feeling actually quite a bit more Eliot. He did it could be a tactic that will be all in Iraq and I was. Change at that time and then on top of that com. To not be screening into it every exit through that I was justice Hannity and at could do everything just like you're an island in China he's actually. Want it Q. My point and I mean that's. At a it's very well. It it absolutely makes cents. And radio as it is spelled with a lot of dudes in a sense that I think you know Chris Dodd guy and I've got this actually this big group of women. We do not I'll podcast it's all about my nerdy stuff like watching star learns and at stuff like I did it sat out soon. Collect about two girls to talk about that yet just it just happened so yeah I get at I I know what I mean like rat. We're not trying to deal I get it girl power. That title. But and actually when you have the ability to rule like cat together there's something special happened yeah. As support each other and get together and be themselves. I I love that right you want higher in. Rat strong women did and work with. On collaborating with women and it's been equal outing like jet and a and a happy actually went I'd I'd toward actually a lot of the artists because. It is cool I like like it hit it solid unit and I like it. They're all natural common ground but essentially it just really on it. Different level apple iPad that I friend into the army because what I do an op view. At the end of but yeah it's a special happen out of it statement and there it but he does it and it L dot com. Just showed it like we like each other sounds weird the X GAAP sites. Everybody like some kind of a competition to the death of economic. Now I do have a question about the upcoming show obviously you're gonna be there Lindy is gonna be there you're gonna happen orchestra is it an orchestra actually traveling with you worried using one of the local orchestras. Yeah out youth orchestra. Everywhere ago I don't know you know there's a lot of digging going on everyday so we bring our conductor out. On and she is an awfully incredible that happy now is actually the new mom. At the same time doing just great job at CE Berger that the orchestra for both Wendy's and I said today. All that long and they art for the first time with her and then we basically each but weren't behind which by the arc Catholic have been found check. LAX force song. Happiest with the orchestra and other add up on stage we are watched that show like that the first time that exact group has never together. Out. Yeah US. No. I. Got it hit the. Wonderful I I didn't play at my life threatening. Just like it briefing. Not having net it's cool because I get excited it's not that well it perfect but it. Tickets for yourself that you can push yourself even further it's not like you have to just kind of settle for OK I did get enough for now I'm comfortable. For a comfortable out challenged and if you shot yourself that you're happy it Whitaker and more. Well I I what it equal opportunity as well and it is now embracing other people own game being able to showcase talent that yeah I mean there are people. Listening to Elias who might actually be performing like you know I'm not in Italy and yeah. I saw it. Good idea was that to do that champagne toast. Before your show because I just and selling lob offense that. I estimate. Sort of mine like we just sort of talked about it certificate of title like clack said we look at orchestra. It could it like. So I rocks which he'd been to enter. Eight years Tom has certain test I had to hang on very casual Nicole is to sort of guerrilla style. All that he lapped it up and meet it. Like I I thought it especially tired out there in the beautiful Peters a litany peel. Like you're going to be good concerts can sit down. I'm gonna Wear it like apple links down and it's just to be different action aimed just article five. And yes. It. I love etc. you are too fat to go out and I show. Who would you like to see and haven't champagne toast with the forehand. Into the all I. I try and you can only have champagne with lighters and a lot of Nacchio. Infect the fact that. I get now are just making the sat out even have to be alive. And it Joplin boom. I might ask how would be amazing. At the not look anywhere super excited about you coming back especially so soon because we you know we love that you were here and Carmela the play piano like you said that it's a beautiful theater that's about a dozen calls about your chance. The. I think that I'll be better to get it bigger show. Yeah he asked. Absolutely we are looking forward to seeing you in India on Thursday night and thank you so much for calling in the next few.