KJ TODAY: Bret Michaels Calls The Mix!

Tuesday, August 1st

Bret talks about his Indiana State Fair show, his embarrassing "uncool" parent moments, Carb Day and more! 


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Hey good morning it's Bret Michaels call. My cash Brett Michaels it's KJ how are you hot KJ how're you doing. And yeah we were still doing and that's Brett it. It is and believe we're just getting better stronger better and more rocket that's what I tell my cell. Yeah yeah yeah this to our god right now it's called the party starts now I thought to myself brat. I'll win the party stopped. At a party engaged in war or not. And you weren't here in India like a month ago. You're not the last night on too early death leopard which was incredible. And that type of further I was talking with my husband but the last time we shy poison because we you know we senior solo show and I think. I don't think. It was act to do the record at breaking. Current day concert took the. What we're seeing strained by the way that was are actually good stories of the Indianapolis Indiana I cheer. Like that even let's bring it right up to recent right. And to the poison got leopard thanks sir I was out there all day long ago or like out on the right not meet people hanging now. We have the best pre show tailgate party stop we stop to people's tailgate I'll I writes hell went on a like Brett Brett. Come on that we were ride it. Mad I just missed you being here and I was out where and when we got out there. I to tailgate you are doing your status act. That I help you you guys write messing around with like some yes song I think it was I was like. So agree listening didn't poisoned sound check how early did we get here. That's as we work and that's exactly but it was wondering are just union and doing different stopped and I just got done writing. He had honestly it was a great day in each and I want to say that you're just like with court day. It was it an amazing. What an experience that was unbelievable. Piece but they're they're the ball and the amount of crowd. Just what a great show and great energy it's it's quite some bang and beat or climb in and why I can't wait to come back which is. Let me say it is what's in the in the the union state fair but let me set. The it's on Monday August 7 when a promise things. Two things one I'm turning it into Saturday and whether anyone likes it or not mine Monday becoming Saturday. And and we are going to be playing again all the poison its initial stop but I'm bringing up what I should bring in a party it's going to be. Yet a brat RI AA I I I constantly am telling people that I've. I'm like PR for you here. Quite yeah. Not seriously that the first time that we saw your solo show. I thought I eat it I I've seen poison my gosh I'm emerge in thirty years and that's on a team how well it hasn't seen poison but. Your solo show brings that energy. Or any point and show that anybody's ever seen and I feel like it even. Takes it up a notch because we get yourself a stock I remember I believe it was it was a rib to ask that you played here yes and yet. You play I mean there are even some covers I remember you played so why am. I'll when I got I was like oh my gosh and it does is better than some law I. Well that's why I love you think it would I've remembered ripped it it was some easing and and and again I go back to this. It it takes to poison energy but it allows religious this would play. A Q rector of the instruments I don't always get to do with poison in my it allows me to get. You know Egypt. They compute to poison song I take all the poison it's likely all those attributes solar star but can I get to draw once installed they. People over the years I've gone from supply and Leonard Skinner sweet home Alabama. We get to just do some holes stopped. And in an add on twist to a which is on the solar workers. I love I'd I'd say I exciting night to an I in real eyes. So when you are saying I am happy. Shot clips which used that multiple times you said. We'll see you back here on August 7 and I'm like what is he talking about because they had and outstanding. You don't rank much from. The movement party and we did it. It just a lot of us like five weeks away. Is coming here. It was you know it was last week we had and that's what happens to when you're when you're doing solar stopped and makes you would deploy stopped. Sometimes some at a stage keep close but everyone in it in the air India have been great to like what are gonna have a great show on Monday. I told my promised Richard I'm not supposed to phenomenal I Nelson got somewhere crazy out rockers are. That's right we break all the rule. Why did I senate to weed out I was like if it hasn't happened yet happened this is that. It for you are what you by the budget to heal up there in the state or you're like. The last night. A party happening. Well you know I thought this year we had such a big group of people gallon that we added that we just want tickets because over the years of me recruiting people saying you're gonna love seeing poisoned thicker this just gotten too big is there anything else that. You know what's gonna be party next time we air you make sure weren't arch. Are you were in touch what you do mall practicing. I would group I would love that you know that apple cart days down. I ended up backstage I may have played about a little bit that I had. Just had emergency surgery and had my gallbladder removed. And I was like I'm not missing. Cargo Andy card is a tradition here in Indianapolis anyway so Lou. I'm I was like missing the carb day were poisoned plays. I don't care if you're taking an organ not a made. Up. Of Yahoo!. Awfully I'd. So I ask this guy is they got a golf cart they got me right to the side of the stage and at one point. You cannot staged. I'll lot at your crew grabbed again rain that are one of the girls back in sales Ashley was streaking it's at hey can I can I give this to brat really quick did you like absolutely. You've not heard you hugged me. And I wasn't so much is it. Oh don't go. You keeping my high rate is up and you hydration have now been ready electoral like. I was like yeah yeah I hear you're like I did generate right now and I was like I'm like it's been digitally replace but we are still aren't. Let's party and what are we are. We are rockers we are fighters were gonna make it. That's your kid is a I now let us not rare where because. Not only are you here on Monday night but Sunday night is TV. Premiere of shark NATO findings yes and I ER yeah you're in the openings Siemens mr. Ryan's. Let me just say this I'm not gonna put Robert in here a lot of work as. Tell you that however might actually what I would bring in a short series on the bites me. Of the move goes over worked on movies are so awesome. It's like I like I don't really love this series and actually what we talked to producers of one to beat a couple of years. I say that you'll allow me to slight one shot with. I have got my sharks later on I don't know how we're gonna. And or this and where we're gonna Olmert and they were so amazing to work with and all look at figures don't point. OK on that site. Yeah. Well great white meat and a guitar that's. How. Ironic now let me have well would you be able. To watch it on Sunday night with the rest of us. Or I'm I'm hoping that we BK it's right now again my fingers crossed that will be and I think god forbid I actually bite off its. So I think I'll be watching. What you're saying about this rain and Georgia you may not think this is cool when you do stuff witness. Bailout that they in fact there because all of them and their friends are also show to you when they meet out of it. They think it's really funny I don't mean you know act. Eight the only concern was like dad was but like they do it until I can tell you whether rightly for I. You can tackle and a skeptic what anger. I got it except the really bad happens I'm gonna sit Oregon I know I got to have a dramatized guidance and I'm gonna be valid. Well we're still raining Georgia. Tech. It from me squeezing his stitches just be happy what happens to okay. Don't you're revenge for my. We it. I love it I you know I'm not talking about daughters Georgia blue has got her own song nine. You have you put aside now it was a it. 2009 may be that rain was out. That's rain came out early in his solo career and then and then now. And then you Georgia promised or she would have a great song I wrote on the bus last year coordinate. And I just encourage people to check this on fascist cult Georgia blue jail or K okay it's spelled but Georgia blue. And issues to people's songs to inspire. Its its unconditional love my daughters in and digested it wrote it it's all you know it. Crosses over all. It's all people and stop its religious leaders conspiring. Tolerant and thanking her what she's given back to me. Well and oh yeah I mean it it's so. Cool to be. At this point couldn't get our lives I mean the conversations we had 2030 years ago we're very different set up. I. Yes but you know what it's amazing actually has it been actual I don't status to people like this this ability for us. If you don't get regeneration opinions now going to see the poison going to step clapper Bret Michaels. But you know what's cool about it is there's still there's something about the energy. The mean you'd think we'd it is that it possesses. But yet NB it would absent on bound to our kids and you know there are like you said it's they may be slightly different conversation. But it's all still so many extol extol. I feel blast yeah. And I thank you all like to do what would you like to go on the road. Making music like hell ride my motorcycle lot collection meet people they squeezing sketches out here calls. I ever what was interesting last night when. When we got this confirmed that you're coming on the show I I posted on the expecting just a yeah I do you have any questions for Brad and I. You accept it was very different from what it lies it adds Y thirty year out TM meet. In karma allotted to ask she took her eleven year old daughter. To school yesterday it's back to school right now right. Course she's sad it was the first time that she had dropped her daughter off where her daughter did that like he hands off don't hug me saying that's not cool mom. She why no airs with your daughters if you have had in uncool parent moment happens. Late 1000. Let me just assure you I've even adapt your peaceful. Way. I'm a cold air it's like what they're like that that might my daughter actually said you know walking on stage she gives dad sometimes. I just what is it is my friends and all that they've like shown up with you're not a target audience Wednesday. I feel like I'm like a all I he ordered the painful on cold air moments. Like order like that don't live so close to school drop off huh. The last. I could open. A crank and beyond me yeah and it had. Yeah to have AC DC's god call. As well I pick me up like. The boy's picture laden wouldn't you know the ball and shop though. Can't write it at. A huge. They're like school events they're girls like you get a lot sucked into ice cream social where really they just want you to do the book these are. Now why I going and I elected to do some of the standard. Honestly it's great and and so I try to do. I try to you know there's that there's that fine line a balance between each you your. It I should take personal professional which is in light buying that really balanced Brit because that travels so much. Absolutely. Do you know why I get to go weaning you're you know first days of school and then. They're at the heart breaking stop users get some interest some big moments that you missed. So which said it trying to find that balance. I think that every Ryan. Feels that no matter what your job is I mean both. That for the most part air we edit it both parents are working our yeah I mean there's just so many say yeah don't lie and and light it's going by so fast and I think we all feel that like gosh I I wanna be in everything. I can't. The other part is besides if you do miss something. And it sounds strange to say that got learning how to give yourself yeah like you're like I gave me not to be here but sometimes light just. Orgy in different directions but. I think you know one thing great about new technology. Communications. Is a lot easier now. Then you'll rotary dial or else. Yeah so at least I can see them miked talked to Mike in. I'm around as much and I think as long juror and Corey influential are influential part thanks. Two good day. Alternately now. SPF things that you are very influential about I want to talk a little bit about your life rock foundation because not only are you a great entertainer that you you put so much positive Eddie into the world with this foundation. And sometimes I think we get so wrapped up in our own staff that it's important to remember that when you give a little bit act. You eat you're not only benefiting the people that you're helping much benefit your own heart absolute. What appreciated its near and dear to my heart and as animal advocacy. I don't know if you heard it yesterday they said. More cats are getting adopted because more celebrity men. Like yeah OR. Show weighing people and men in particular school I have pacts. Old like I mean I'm pocket Q we've act. Every animal you can imagine adopted it went to that you know to link so wherever we went Dan right now I have you know I've tall. But I do so much going out just told people law. They need it if if you can do you what you can't when you can't bank if you don't get. And and so I think what it is for me like with the white rock foundation talk about animals talk and act how to cancer or breast cancer. We race so much the money for that are also being a diet I'm a lifelong diabetic being diabetic. You know raising tons of money to send kids to camp. But also with our catcher Mike among veterans songs accompanied namely at all acts currently serving in past. And it is and one actually this. You won a bunch being it would these great stuff there even like artistic clipped where we we brought a bunch of our own crew. Out on stage in the Marines and these needy we brought about in the crowd went crazy celebrating. They are what they've done for us yeah. So having said that going back here. I don't see this look like blocks on the no administration see dollar in dollar foundation. And what I'd like to do with few ways in the stationers will pick a great charity do you work with and won't do is I'll make a donation to. Alma I asked. Well yeah it's a done deal would just make something great and ash and listen you'd just what we know what to cherry is honorable talk on off to record and I can't afford something amazing it. Well and if you don't mind doing something amazing right now I don't live there named Lisa. She has no idea that you're calling her shows and she would know that this is happening but she's just called me over the last couple days her son Cody. He and I in boot camp. In San Diego right now he's heading into his crucible and she wanted to know if on Thursday because you'll be dying aunt. She could have a message for her to him. Are ready and station them but at what I was thinking would be really cool is they have for both of them. Do you have any sort of inspiring or kind words that you could I give a message to them. You're if you're ready yet these are you we get an elite says this is Bret Michaels and I wanna say as a veteran shot and that's and we all that I've covered every each. I won a seat for you Lisa it's your son Cody telling him we said thank you we love him. For being a marine we'd say simple spot and I thank him personally. For the freedoms that we get in this country so thank you he has got no locked in the awesome and a and thank you for being a proud moment and might give you is tickets are on me. And and passes to show. And you come out and have a great I'll get a chance to say hello to you and what are your options on Cody simple. Oh my gosh she's good she's gonna freak out I mean she got I didn't even tell I was talking to you says she doesn't know many of us. I get surprised or what but I knew. If she can make a show. I just never come back and saleable doer and a pre meet greet so we know we metre and up and it's crazy after the noun meaning businesses hectic afterwards. And we'll get chances CU and her and saying hello. Well I was not expecting that should have a little bit shocked when you are amazing wreck. Thank you so much we really look forward to seeing you on Monday night and I'm Lisa has no idea the surprised that she's in our. I Monday night. Indiana state fair remember we're in Iraq like it's a Saturday night because Brett sheds out.