KJ TODAY: Journey's Jonathan Cain Calls The Mix!

Tuesday, July 3rd

You know all the words to the song Don't Stop Believin! Now get to know the inspirational story behind the song and man who wrote it! Journey's Jonathan Cain called into KJ's show before their stop in Indy with Def Leppard! Take a listen!

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Let's not mix well pillow looking for major he has I'm looking for Jonathan it's me I. Legendary Jonathan Cain had journey I am so excited. You take the time to go on what a seven in the mix with us and Indianapolis is so excited you are in town and I. You know it's gonna be great show it just I played last night at suntrust and in rent and aunts and knows about 35000 rockers so. Ice well you know it's funny because I was just read a story about how united nationally everyone's bomb that the fourth of July is on a Wednesday this year not here because we're going to see journey and now flat third and then sleeping yet. Okay network. I don't know you know that's backed up we're doing the fireworks after the Chenault. That's so cool are excellent that at the end of Iraq's. How corporate now Augusta about a couple months now. I think we yeah I was where to its roots and have much in the bottom of incredible music well there's over 200 million units so it's one tulips you know that play. Pretty epic it's like they're the next generation where we represent. Probably three generations who represented those reached here. I yeah I mean to you about just a lot shock and don't stop believing. Which you know happens to you the title of your black I mean. You can put. That song on in a room full of children to retirees. And every wine. Everyone knows the where everyone loves crafts well. We've set out to right we're pretty ages I guess and lucky. Lucky to have bad acceptance. And wait song resonates. I guess it is gives people permission to drain in an athletic. There's something about that and the minute this just if people column in the right place so we did something good that you know. Well and what cool story he had I'm bent in an error reading your book don't stop believing. And that that's so I don't was actually align. That your dad used to inspire you right. Yeah it was just an encouraging you know thing on the phone I was asking for some money I was in the world and I just you know. Leveled up little session I come home is to some good ideas you know near Hollywood and and he just you know delivered it to me and I wrote it down in my earlier book and held on to a Tutu looked me up to since Fran and Wednesday Perry asked if I had any other ideas and look at that idea and I says that to journeys. You know so I called my parents. And with security in and they're. I thought okay. Move a motive and in the amount of Phoenix. Out shortly after that we part of next place and those couple even came in handy. How cool I have to tell you as a as a small town girl could hit the that was living in a while they were all I mean knows. Those words meant something to me I mean I was I was in this tiny town in Wisconsin where you played basketball. You farmed and you had babies. Ironic to play music. Not farmed and not have babies yeah I can't shape the bullet and you're live in retreat. I found out pretty quickly Jonathan even now I I've I played a mean clarinet and didn't really take me very far in life. Actually yeah I mean it just it I am back into that small town when I looked around and went what can I do. In the music world well we had a radio station and when I got high school I started on and that radio station and they hired me as a teenager. You know make coffee and they copies and I didn't stop believing he can unload. You don't let your local news. I asked about that blanket at work did people tell you that over and over like you should write a book or how did you finally decide this is the moment I got a book and. Yeah you know. Against Iraq will all sing on stage calls. They're hitting. It was the way. This should happen. You know it's like you know that. So the journey to Major Wright and then my insurance giants. And there was such an overwhelming feeling those. Grateful listens. And then you know music while I'm. How to look just from Chicago displays accordions. Those are horrible school fire and has loving father and injury. And he. You know so it may occur pretty does. I might memory serves me well you know knows the one thing I have to say that I was able to remember all. All the names in the sights and the sounds and smells and you know ups. Just just how great those. Here is learn how frustrating you're the same time you know and I also wanted to write a book it's encouraging dreamers. Trained you know. And don't let anybody tell you who you're. Not because they told me to give it up you know it was like go home and get a deja. Kirk I didn't stop. Writing nineties it'd Asia and writing let me to have to adjourn. And I you know when you you know when. When you got some danger and journey that it was gonna be so fitting that the yeah. And also either they've been in this case almost who's probably Arctic extract songs. Seem to be seen in the book you know yeah. They are able to scapegoats a few times. And a box do you have failed marriages in the. It paid out happens out what I'd hate hate beyond I'll a lot of things that really struck me that I know about you Jonathan. Jonathan Cain from journey here with us. Or was this tragedy that really did fight your life and ink could made it difficult for you go on as a key red. When you went through on a school fire where was it 92 kids perished. You have 92 children that day your request several died afterwards from firms and spokeswoman three nuns also perished and it's. Second worst fire and history of the country and we're coming up on sixty years of commemorating comply. Their statements. I hope to get there in now and November December when. Whenever a little get together until they're gonna have a service. I'm share and that's set up a powerful message that we're gonna have pain like pain as it's isn't guaranteed in life things are gonna happen things are gonna be. Painful things are going to be difficult but you look at it if you continue your journey yeah. You can hear you have to endure immunity and you go is something that you know the breakthrough. Was right beyond the you know the blessings. We're just beyond you know that. Good battle and you you just have to realize you're going to have for reasons. There's gonna be rough patches out for sure and and everybody. You know that wants to make it in the music business government or that you know. I have a daughter who's so aspiring singer song and she's Cochran so you don't just. Well you know. Close places where Sheikh you know and really accepted and then X instead got rejected and then like you smell makes you tough. Does she have some wise words from her dad written somewhere in a notebook that will turn into black. Stage yet so I. Yeah. You know I held she already written over ninety fives on. Sarah Lane. She's an amazing car so he I'm transfer Kirby gave it she gets a breakthrough in the. I ask you because I'm really getting an audio books all the sudden and I know I'm just catching on it and I. I if you're available. That that there aren't Amazon audible or anything like that. Yes the people that don't wanna. You know in this silly read a book but you wonder just download it I'm on Amazon on ovals I personally reading it and it's over 25 songs that I included in the book it's. Auto biographical. I was writing music about my life in masters these Perry left and the client who's sharp change you know yeah. But he just remember maturity your that they visas would he get this app got. It was great actually respect you know so I pull them out of hiding and and go all the songs and they fit. We built a memoir perfect songs about my father my cheered. The fire. Can meet them at my German shepherd. Let's stay out what's the sign back you're German shepherd as coal man's best friend. Islands and a huge animal on the I hope you'll love this song and it makes people cry and you are getting a little bit of the lyrics. Well liked it they go one friend. As so much so in a part of my life more than I ever know they haven't I don't wanna go. The. My god now all trash. I'll try to pressure. Until it big bestselling book by Jonathan Cain of journey she is called don't stop believing and one more time Jonathan where can we get it. Yeah you know it was inaudible it's a premier collectible. Has got sign copies them there's a website called the FB book dot com. That's available there too so. All right John then we'll see tonight the journey with Def Leppard at Ruoff home mortgage music center. Thank you to aging and.