KJ TODAY: Moms Admit to Hiding Snacks from Their Kids!

Wednesday, March 7th

A new study says most moms hide snacks from their kids. Where's your hiding spot? Have your kids ever busted you? Mix Moms own up to it all here! 


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We're all hurting after it today hiding this actually love from the kittens we love it came down the next Pam am eleven and share your secret. Want to do whenever my nephew would come over on I had some good ice cream or someone that I didn't want and again yeah I would purposely take it and you know drumstick and thank you stuff them in. MP buck my spinach artichoke. A I mean it's not like we deprive them of anything he. They only chocolate and stuff like that did you think crane. That's Greenway do what's the snack you hide from your kids at an attack at yes. I feel like hot show. Are not mature enough to appreciate dark chocolate. The Summers are hiding spot but now. It passing you have little lines and air and people are worried about a mile option that ten year old he'll be audience and our sharing ideas on where to hide snacks from your kids because the new study says is completely normal not catch the RAZR brand boxing great idea. Out in the grabbed another deadline. Here heights her snacks. Any cat scratching post. Yes I'm in my bedroom I cats don't use it all like I'm gonna make you cabinet. So you've got little cubby all filled with chips and snack cakes. And your son has never thought elect Erik and your stats don't have not a yeah who have come up with some pretty funny places to hide snacks from your kids today the question now. Is have you ever been busted. Amber what happens when your kid Scott you know. It was our. Kick cat said hit in the trees are okay and I was the bad.