KJ TODAY: What Super Power do YOU Wish You Had?

Wednesday, May 2nd

Invisibility was #1 on a new survey but most of our Mix listeners just want to sleep! Take a listen and tell us what power YOU wish you had! 


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Certainly in my name would be guy much better if you had superhero powers to get tourists. On the next. On the ice fill in the blank if I can act any superpower. Would be teleport Asian repeatedly eager gasket teleport anywhere right now where would you be on a beach somewhere Orman Pam if you had a superhero power it would be I can -- to me to you right now where the other one B. And dinner right now. Stephanie what superhero power do you long for the to get eight hour rats. And four hours the time. It by only half asleep for four hours a day and not anything they could do. I may be seen and you are. Did you asleep with a very popular answer on the next page ad Kelly yours also has something to do it. Be able I'm never what would you do if you could stop time great now how would you date changed what I would go and snapped her. No I'm Bonnie and credit on that and simmering Arab yet.