KJ TODAY: Who's YOUR Real Life Hero? 6-19-18

Wednesday, June 20th


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She's gonna try not to cry as she talked about her real life hero. And remember you can be wind chill everybody who comes out Sunday for the superhero ranch is being a hero for a child hearing Marion County. I as part of child advocates efforts to keep every child safe. Sign up at indecent X dot com. Now Sean he's your return it if you crying its OK we're all here for you. I believe your husband is your hero and what is his name Rodney all right tell us why your husband is your hero. Well my hero is like strong and that behind and Rodney getting. These higher tighter into that room when he hit it off eighteen others in meeting our namely whether he helped me in on the net. We're taking primary care hurt to have year old daughter while running up very little lead. You are never waver yeah. And remember. Mean the world all right and he needs now because these days yeah. Meaning news and I Londonderry Ireland's. Hi you did her actor lets your daughter think you've heard that. Oh my gosh well I. Actually keep her favorite. I. Her hero it's not yet much thank you very much on now if that major think if someone in your life trio liked us. I know a hero to I wanna hear about it email me KJ at Indies nixed that comes.