KJ TODAY: Who's YOUR Real Life Hero? 6-22-18

Friday, June 22nd


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Dressing as superheroes is auction will be doing that on Sunday. But knowing hero hero is even cooler and this week that everybody who's let us get to know. The hero in your life Donna welcome to the mix. Them your age I asked practice and I'll written answers and we didn't grant Weaver fourteen years old. And I don't really know much McGrady. We leveraged teenagers she went everywhere at my family I think my parents not agent Pat Quinn now. He married her high school with the higher. He ate a little and they don't eat when years later we have worked shelter and ensure that children have a reader edition called. You don't like the apparent aggregate. Victory beating and I. Eat cake isn't actually really helped them cope with that it's going to be light on at all she external routers and she has now matched anchor channel change. She ditched out you are. Angry at that the children have. I really late at that anything. Apple or the yet again laughter they're humans yet and it was a walk back out. Didn't have her acting here early this grabbing at everything either but it's so hard she had to take care everything that guy. And here at all of that. Don't like her at every single day things because they happen to her that day your average. And I like Ali. Come up to create good things that happen. Sometime predicting that might be something her kicked accomplished sometimes it's just I mean but for the Packers are. Only primary I have to practice day here what I can and her day her co oddly I think the battered broken crime market they. And Lynn I think there isn't anything to say. Thank you Donna for the com and thank you can't turn being an also a member of our community. And to listen to the next to earmark of our real life superheroes that have been featured this week to study Indies knicks come.