KJ TODAY: Would YOU Clone Your Pet?

Thursday, March 1st


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Actually gonna talk pet to Clooney has thanks to Barbara Streisand sorry about how it's just normal that she's closed her dog twice now. I can stay on the Nixon would love your thoughts did you rate on 079. What their husbands wide that's weird that's who we're gonna are ready for the wolves don't have the bodies so for. These are Barbara Streisand problems we don't ever have to worry about to have. So I took money out of the equation into which you clone your dog Kevin. I understand the the wanting it to be I guess very I didn't play against Belmont there's something a little strange about it. Thanks for the call Kevin Reilly welcome to the Max I. Chile's listening he wants to know would you cloning them. You would be worried all about putting too much pressure on Chile too to be like Chile one. Little edge on the west side said she wasn't opposed to this but when she read the article about Barbara Streisand she was frustrated the interviewer didn't ask. The most important question which is. They look like the original topic today I actually am I telling here on the next how do you feel about planning your tax. I mean I can totally understand why some of the market because nobody want perpetrated by their pet by. I think a better option would be you open your heart you sheltering animals eating that much you need them. That's a naturalist into this KJ today you know we talked pets a lot in the afternoons because and such a big Pat Roberts and you are to appear listening to those I should have weekday afternoons two to seven on the next I'll meet you there.