KJ TODAY: You'll Never Guess What the Hot Holiday Toy Is!

Wednesday, October 18th

What's your guess? We had lots of great ones but I hadn't even heard of this toy!!!


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Marcia I side it's reaches I KJ you're talking about Christmas or Halloween again you know I feel about this. Let's bring you need to know that the hottest holiday toy is selling out any lessons on what it is. There hatch and won't because that's all I need is can talk about it's. Boy if something's followers because you know the new movies and because now. I'm a grown up and I want to start restoring this trust is we've got lots agree gases for the hot holiday toy this year but no one was getting get this. It has called. The Al well Al surprise big surprise. That was my reaction to it or do you not kids who watches videos up on boxing toy it's literally all so weird that I nephews do it too. Don't love this toy because it has different layers to keep on boxing until they finally on boxed the actual die. Well as conflict. They will be occupied for hours in her. Chicken that's a toy every parent finds that.