KJ TODAY: Your Bad Mom Moments

Friday, November 3rd

With Bad Moms Christmas is in theaters this weekend, we talk some of your "Bad Mom" moments...even though we know you're a good mom. :)


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If you've ever gotten this as a parent I feel like you're not being honest with yourself it's laid out what the senate on the next day you see fill in the blank. I am good at mom but I feel like a bad momma would then. I have to listen to my kids and tell me about eighty that you verify the video that they want. I like that appeared. Think that the. And on the outside I'm like I don't Kugel. On the entitlement in Santa hat. I it's been all about moms today but we're putting a feline twist on fill in the blank Friday Emily I may good mom. But I feel like a bad too hot mama when IA. That's on my cat actor scale low even at that Ernie heard. The comic came and yell at me I have to apologize. Sad to see if Max is like my cats it's not typically. Their own fault for being right in front of your legs is you're trying to do something. I thought I mean I got tripped over. She kept it on FaceBook I'd love this line. I know I'm a good mom but I feel like about one when me and my husband hideout in the garage. Eating pizza king pizza as fast as we can't go for the kids noticed. PS we do feed them just not the pizza king at Tracy I know I'm a good mom but I feel like a bad mom when I. Daughter because. Don't care about her on I eat. Rebirth just about a lot today but it's from parents of teenagers how old's your daughter. She's twenty I don't. Is machine tortured her streak. Well that is a topic turned their take takes us into the mix Tracy.