KJ TODAY: Your "How We Met" Stories

Friday, November 3rd

Everyone has a "How We Met" stories. Not all of them are as funny as these! 


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That's how we met story of 107 on the next comes the far there was online dating or apps on your phone at twenty years ago Laura met her husband to run a radio station dateline. Were you would leave a message describing yourself. And hope that you would give snails action to play out of the so what do you say in the voicemail that made you go I'm on a date this guy. You know I don't actually remember what his message that. But I do you remember that message made me laugh. Now I what are your family of prince saying when you don't hate. I met this guy after a radio station voice mail. I don't think I would create. A public expects weak because we talked a couple of weeks before we let it take to fade intact and actually admit they paid to aggregate the week and a half later I'll. That we. They thought I would greatly but it. Let her sights. Maybe love at first injury that's cat how Brenda as how we met story went to welcome to what I was seven I'm the next. Well I am that my dad and I was giving back handers and our many app left eye on are all packed tight ball and I was enrolling in Madison heights and I want to NN up slightly your shirt and it's that ninety's and that's what we get. Ripped jeans. Is this. I Lok and and you walk and now law. So staring at your amazing out bad and just smacked her and it all yeah ahead. And how many years is a vengeance he ran into the wall and selling. I'm 23 years to gather and will be buried nineteen here and December. So that's how we got Dario in Arizona on the mix isn't really funny not what I recommend it to dating strategy hit a great. I went outside and then went out here to really challenging Barry Anderson which is no longer there. And I am we were walking back from the Bob Arum and I can't hate watch list and I got this guy by. And he'd say hey come ropes here come back here and I did it I just kept walking and I'm like whatever. And look we go back and I actually knock her drink out of Turkey is so we had to go to a bar cut our new drain. Fast. And he turned out we need a grown up grabbed my by the way. I a year and a half later we got married.