Saturday, September 15th


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At 3 o'clock and don't want to to have that phone out so that you can text the next free money were for a chance to when a thousand dollars and please pay attention to what you're doing. I hear head over to the mix FaceBook page right now you can see a woman walking through the mall. Staring at her phone. Doesn't realize she's coming up on the fountain and plunges. Right ahead fit. I've ever had an accident like this before it's okay we can share were all frontier free rod 7281079. To mix. It hasn't happened yet it probably will at some point I don't KJ this is what I seven NYNEX and we're talking about. Accidents while you're walking out in public staring at your phone Emily and I instills a lot of restaurants have doors that open now instead of open and yeah this. And I was texting. And if somebody opened the door and I read and just so right into it like Mac app ready indicative like ankle App Store. How Alex and I gave myself a note believe that there was they would hurry.