KJ's Kinda Nerdy: Ep 154

Wednesday, February 28th


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This is kind of nerdy it is your safe space is out there are kind of a nerd. I haven't. I was returning again. Good morning I'm on the mikes are always on in here always out my name is KG tank mine in just a I'm John and I and we are in the Canon dirty girls and we get together parent want a 79 the next. And it looks like because we're in a studio there's a bunch of buttons a microphone in front of us that we're working. I'm not really just judge out of here I'll let that out. I think you're doing you don't work surely. So can we talk about our camel and guardians actually yeah yeah I'm. Did you just halt saying unknown role Guinness. Just done a regular guy on Twitter. To tweet edit. Henry James guy who's the guy that does all the guardians of the galaxy and asked hey I. Could we please get mark Hammel and guardians of the gala. C three no second. It earnings of galaxies owned by marvel ranked button on May Disney yes which start worse is also owned by Disney yeah ads so well telling me is either your gonna have a league skywalker on and orally skywalker and it seemed targeted. I think yeah. Are. All of these theories like could they possibly can birds you about his real I mean space rank and it's a long time ago and galaxy far far away yeah not allowed. Time travel meaning in hyper and yeah time you know who else is in the marvel. Cinematic universe. Doctor Strange yeah heat and I'm not Yankee bandit timed so that the Star Wars galaxy was right on top of the galaxy and the guardians with a little length. Tired toi earlier bringing technology partner yeah I think they have a I. Actually. Hit it. I like sixers and daddies all serious about it. I had I really thought about that it is kind of like the fourth of July when he it's just our when he does his magic shot I mean I think. Realistically what we will get is some sort of mark Hammel cameo yeah Stanley came you know what I think but it was just somebody because James Gunn was sad hey I think my grandma lives down the street from me so maybe we can grab a cup of coffee and talk about it mark Hammel said I happened to be unemployed right now setup job like great I well. I well I feel like this guy out who started the first week in mark Hammel ends up in the movie back has gotta go to the premiere like he's got to get like he'll Arquette. That is a brilliant idea to billion mark and I mean agent yeah. Did. Well we are in the star learns universe I just I also wanted to sheriff you guys how excited I am. That there is now I death star cabinet. Yeah yeah. Media. Did. Telling it like all night I like your social media yourself so yeah I know I'm not Facebook's think it later this. Little adds I don't know I guess what it made before. You know I'm going to feel like that's like. You know. Why haven't we done all of the things they exist that are Star Wars and we didn't think to make I would hotline and they are ends like a tight tighter. You put the cat in let's see how we have a whole I'm mind you'd have a whole line of of these things in a million young people it is now. I copyright and dirty news. I wish I shot that I I thought to myself. To make all of that money and why didn't I think it. Air and let you know and it wasn't me it. And about now that I don't know what's in tunnels. And begin cats yes gonna bounced up I heard. Bet with that the popularity of black into riches like still breaking records of more black cats are getting adopted yeah Spanish and that's we are out getting likely names like to Chela yeah. Ella for sharing and our you couldn't like black clearing out shelters became like cats are kind of argued sometimes I play like superstitious and act. Out not people superstitious that also black cats are armed they're the most common cat. So it and photogenic right leg right well let's go to domains. Yeah wow that's what I clean my my black cat Rudy Crew that was named you know because an Iron Man. I thought we needed a sidekick appetite and it worked out. Sanchez appreciate that I can't. One thing I love about Brody is you know hew looks like he is always totally shocked at what's happening and you slice into the. I had and everything like wow I can't believe this is happening all the time I'd ever have a day. Haven't I but not everybody that he takes really great picture where it is the. They guy yeah thank you outside I'm just happy to cast doubt I hope it's not like it is every year with Easter and rabbits where it's like Trenton and they realize that that's actually need loud and Erin right and they end up back at the shelter at a LA eating habits aren't around in not just like an accessory. After the feelings and they do they have feelings they have medical means as you're idea. I want to tell my entire kitchen counter is depicts. I mabus and make it. Well laid out there's like calendars and charts and there aunts and those mailboxes. Had to come out here caps have their own pill boxes there. Perhaps the retirement comfort at. The same thing I saw all these black cats are getting a captain like all man I'm happiest people are committed to Lindsay you know attendance when he noticed that's lived a long time now let's let. I hamster it's a year he writes you know how long term commitment. Well you can't land on that their own terms as well ID you can kind of shape I dyed into what you need a dog to be. I'm they will have their own personalities but you get I don't like cats. I because what I have is when we're gonna get pet not when you wanna get and that's I will tell people if that's what you want to get a dog yes it's when you bring a cat into your house you are it's just like when you have a child you are welcoming them into your world. You cannot give them back yeah you're going to have their own personality and you don't get to change that and not ready for next. Week. Don't have a kid yeah right now it's. Well hey I like should have two kids should we have work and I don't like well. Yeah that's a lot like we should have even numbers and he's like no. Not well that is why you won three of just to be done. It out of Afghanistan. And I am seven low. Series he want to volunteer litter of kids would want me to bring forth my excellent knowledge things into the world you know it's a lot of being pregnant right and now that's. But I don't like one's like doctor mom you know it's really not green needs is is the this just to irritate and at this point because I know like none of this and get an hour. No none of it matters right now. We're getting closer to being out medically advance enough that you can and probably a gallon and Carter seven children at one needs like seven lines. You don't want that loan. Well yeah. And I know it understand I don't say that aren't there is and that I mean I never and I never wanted kids and actually I have seven younger than me. Siblings shall I kind of house that's why Michael is it like. When I was fourteen it was terrible. Com back. There's twins and there's triplets on both. Shouting hi hey you know when you know when my mom was like. Law and you don't have to you know have that nine like I did the media line. The earth and feeling your back like mom. I. Won't have mom will just tab line and then they did ultrasound their key is not. I think there's kind of their knowledge they have done this before rehearsals. Like seventeen baby yeah. Yeah. Ceased to exist I'm a person that's when he. I would lie down on my back to my stomach would just be taller than I actually I'm Brian and I think. They were unloading pageant would be deep throat about now. And now well I only he wanted kids last and I did Sabbath lucked out. Played and I you know and now we have we have you guys are our our children in their twenties. And we've got an innocent Albanians in on Africa Thailand yeah it at just are you guys having hit a shot for anyone and so on and I. Actually. Get out when they start making money and I make the same amount of money yeah. Yeah I. I'm. Happy and aren't. Next how and in their deal we are going to get into this marvelous right yes we have a list of the best to worst. Marvel super talent I am excited about dance out and it. Your pulled. John agree. And our allies have when is your boyfriend on the list and it's making him and now and my friend is not a villain Arnold as a hero and. Now we're gonna talk about that next time.