KJ's Kinda Nerdy: Ep 155

Friday, March 2nd


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I happen and in our one of the kind of dirty girls got back into the walking and I'm not into it I'm just. It's not that would be Katie. We'll find out what it's like to leave the Walking Dead and come back and not really a terrible time it like what I assume divorces like. Yeah ever circle fact I. Took her back and runs. And I know I haven't. Actually watched like a whole episode or anything I've seen almost Oilers on you know Tumblr and faced figures mean everywhere and they're paying. Hang my K that is a tease I cannot torrent of talk about coming out are hanging out. I know you very excited about this but we need to talk about. Kobe Jordan first. Yeah sorry I probably didn't need yard you are black can't horrible. It's our job. It thinks Michael B Jordan in a southern accent and Donna as well what I what I need to do. Your job will you please just say. How however you would say it I can't watch Michael B Jordan diet again. I can't watch Michael B Jordan died in no doubt in my home. I'll let it veteran. I shall get out he's still you are celebrating that successor a black panther in hashish and I'm one of the best sacked in this weekend ever has another 100000002. Yeah and alone yeah I marvel hasn't eight. Do you think about marvel at all the success that they've seen they've never seen success like this movie it is. Rate it in and a hit and can't did you see it it ended like a million dollars to the Boys and Girls Club that's really caught and then. I don't did you see the movement where. That. Their band throughout all I mean basically every city in the country's done one now. Odd to raise money to GAAP net kids who couldn't afford to down the movie yeah Condit yeah it's very content in its fifteenth at the. Did you hit it. About why are you. And I'm a good night I more. Yeah. Is. Out what's going on with him did you aren't they told us about yeah to yeah yes. Not the band has cat knocked the ball and creeks in the movie treats him a lot of however is scrolling through institute Graham the other game in hand. Of course I follow Michael V journalist of course Jim because the land. And it. I saw a movie preview and most like to see another movie coming out and he does and it's based on the book and night for a 51 creek but there aren't as it again just like that about. I don't spoil anything for me but just agenda remember. This so happy this is not ideal I had some like I don't rate and I liked it yeah and I can't I can't exactly remember all the details I only remember how things make me feel like my favorite book is the last battle on I could not tell you what happened. I won't get out our brains that that that it's a year remembering feelings and smells. Funny but my husband he could unite he can quote movies after watching him while he did saying yeah the entire synopsis I mean my let me watch a hundred. Time or I've. Donald wanna be with viewing I've seen a movie like more than one time that I can literally say well the whole thing and I guess I. I can't. I NAFTA as I was watching Fuller house with him this weekend and I would think if if if you say what they're gonna say before they say it one more time. We are not watching Fuller house ever get. He gets can't grinch stole Christmas with the oh I'd have a site Allen or a liar liar being it has blue iris anti tank. And that's been a whole lot I can't once elite a status maybe ever and is now. I had a sheet through the heart of the ocean into the ocean instead of using Dina and much in that thing is worth millions now it's only sad because there was room for Jack and I on the door and yeah yeah. I can't said he had to die no grounds. Whenever James Cameron as I guess that's what have you and I haven't seen how many. And I'm not well with your. Yeah. I don't think I am watching it anymore why well then what's the pulpit. As I'd like it I can carry on. Its. I couldn't you can't I don't want the month. I'm just it's nice Leonardo DiCaprio that Al. So let our streets and and it's seen inception well but that's not a Great Gatsby and he'd had agreed yet he irritated. The crap out of me an enemy I get a lot to that block I was like I am watching and I loved it even knows you're saying. Again let me ask you John. The you have to watch one of them guy over and over again. Leonardo DiCaprio are Michael B Jordan and I have to worry al-Qaeda purgatory your disgust and my Harvard Harvard however should like help. That's why. I even heard time. Al businesses yeah and I was going to be yeah. Are you say you don't love Michael B Jordan nearly as much as I thought it'd. I'm disappointed yeah it's deepening. And we'll like mine. Your first he was his favorite day and a man and his britches day after. Miller I should never and then Lindsay Lohan doesn't mean I care a lot about revealing his. They can't yeah. Share my birthday with anyone calling it an aspect as important. New. You are traveling or vacant job. I missed it to Jack I am currently can't tell it. I'll say it you guys. We know it would be at it and Michael B Jordan on yeah. And he has others in Montclair where it was like now as it was on the show the wire apparently. Now I've never seen mention yes and technical labs at any similar here. You so did you just Roger wants Michael B Jordan dying over and over in your own house you let Leo lives in. Well I'll. Hand when I hear Michael island east moment no we don't Lee. Got my heart out can you guys here are people who are hard on September 12 that's a real downer because at first I was like. Her. On past chairman in this. Yeah yeah yeah. Ever think other giants got all. An hour later and general I think that's not that's not a lot of but not a lot of birthdays. You see anybody else on the list that you now you know what else he ballerina. Hot Connor flat tax. Into France that he's a YouTube star. Jennifer Hudson. Like how how Maine Nebraska won't play her and I know I. Yeah. I did outstanding to gather. And I imagine that's what it is Lord of the Rings. And I share a birthday telling her get back to wolf. It's not I mean Nextel I don't think it's a this wouldn't be the balanced birthday party ever and I am minus yeah actually Tisdale okay. All right Lindsay Lohan. Carl around there be some fighting there aren't ever being candid. And yet you have that's good and then a whole bunch people I don't know and yet some eleven year old he's more famous than me Luke and but let's face it and Thurgood Marshall cops. It's odd. Ben McKenzie has he shares a birthday with me who's his he's a guy from Gotham. Yes and what was Xian before it was on. I can't remember. One of them and one tree hill or something like that I can't remember he was famous for something like I pitch not a great birthday last. And how is aspect I can't Miranda Lambert. Nice. Tank and it in the Nat from an off. Yeah it is and I'm like yeah man he's yeah he's had wanted to play on slow low. Now I thought he would have been so good at that. And not us other guys getting terrible reviews have Brittany Murphy share birthday now. Again Britney may feeding our conclusively tank. Not. IP. Yeah do you not know clueless I don't know you're talking about heat ball like I did not actors and I can't let you know as a medic faces ER REE mortgage. Look at me now it's forty minutes touching caddie shack that was tape. I currently governs like you noticed any change it sounds like he's so familiar. Then city then okay. He's alive break his rebellion that counts and I didn't let it yes and met Larry after your and then. Sylvester Stallone. Yes it's our gas gas and our panel are out hopefully you are out live on an epidemic of ideology grabber I did too he's a gift to the world man nannies of funny like he just doesn't care anymore he's hit like old man's status and yeah seven care. It's true he got. He doesn't care what people think nobody cares a lot about people. I liked about him he's he does lots of good things with his celebrity and he's very outspoken Newton yeah. Yet the minute he definitely doesn't take anybody's now. I. I'm mark Hammel what do you mean I have to talk to you and I would like mess with people on the ninety you know who I am not a and plead his name is that she's gonna do I can't wait to drop that. I'm not even announce NBA is that unlike my mom Billick I know yeah I feel like John talk to me like that. Yeah I have been now and chill out like dress up and can't play out on the floor at cons legislature counted on us at our web at edge I. Mike who's the person I know from. Mythbusters. Jamie now home rightly cheap they're a married and their dust and you're now. Room Kerry Graham Greene and. I got up carried IER miffed but here pirate yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah playing only had. As everybody I. Went into the Cary Grant. Making it come back from me after this option not to Jack and stay out of subjects from Galveston zombies back to our Katie yeah how is a lot's not locking down again Sao. Had did you lots of previous to get into. No I what I did was I went through Netflix and a password into the parts of it like AKA all of ninety Andrea. We need it and I because I I saw some like. Things somewhere on the Internet it is neat you know like I recognize that man yeah and Jeffrey. Yeah and I love Geoffrey Morgan I was like can't look at it that I know I need like a psychopath mechanic at the gap and I read the Wikipedia page and you know yeah delegate and Wikipedia or did you watch did you watch the head bashing us you dead. Maria can't act like Glenn. In the I don't miss him I got. That he's gone there's nothing to be done that like Ron so Larry how far did you get. I don't even remember where I am Ali. Yeah yeah like you know and like I'm sure. I don't have a tight like Casey does she's all about like. That I taste the our cat and nerdy girl who is only nerdy about the Walking Dead she won even speak to our success in blocking data like apple watch episodes urge averaging Morgan shaved his face. 'cause he looks weird and I patent application may. Why would he didn't yet know exactly zombie apocalypse gone on in your take Indonesia and you know come on he's got I don't blowing air out yeah it's that's that thing. In and he just occasionally beats people to death announcement that the payments as sub whining if you would like to grow up to be Helena so that she can destroy a lot. I didn't seem like you Katie would relate so well technique I. Think he's handsome here like he's an answer is like a path but I love a well developed character I get really like stopping game with them because. That character is there to serve appoint and if that actor can make you hate and yes they did an amazing job yet and Jeffrey dean Morgan can do that yes but. I also do like the salt and pepper beard an intimate and but Ohio is a very handsome man he had at Wright and recently he's been like. B and also on that with kids and my what does this. You work yeah. Ran some. Check in our media and not Jeffrey dean Morgan that's nice guy to children Jeffrey Dean Martin. 500 parade last year how like. But I comment he was an outing in it's whole let's get rejected. Outright. Did you find an arraignment and you helped announce that for 109 Amanda. Help announced I was up there for more on support for Intel don't see that Wrangler. Act desolate island up there only a little with a college apps platform and then and like the cars are alibi and I'm reading the littlest thing. It's like this is it is for any hole is in jeopardy in all of that known and president Jeffrey dean Morgan you have to talk about is necessary for my accident like that 700 years. That's comedy steerage. Thomas morning I am 107 I make he's I get a gigantic Indy 500 fans when he was darting out about Albany are lighter cars that he had no idea who JD AM I was I'm glad you're there to government and I can't I don't watch the first couple episodes the supernatural as like Georgia actually mourned him and I write you know you should watch trajectory and it the Resident Evil and about. Rest. What. Did not the decent I was gonna celebrate with what. I clinic behind an episode but he's in this league other residents Hillary's Lincoln it. And see. Moves into different team Korean like building in his ankle and lord. Is like is it a romance no app and his nags. Me. I. You knew right of the loan and you think is creeping cycle pat like freaking hour is on apparently it's no and it's. And out of that school in Oslo admitted it's him and I was like that the some pretty much movie in its way completely out of hand and all that oh my word. I. Now it's very. About movies and I'm like you know I watch a lot of stuff and Joaquin Phoenix yeah actually he's typecast as crazy he arrogance here so yeah I mean are they Euro came Tracy. And I have to deal with it like as. I watch. It is sure. Allied cashed fifteen Marines in the immigrants'. So I mean if he got nothing out at a discount and dirty and I heard Carl died the spoiler. And I. And Carlyle yeah why am I and that is not a spoiler yeah addressed years and years ago talking about the some podcast elector can kill are these a child's yeah now we're well I think. I got. How do you get a case CR. You see it has take a break every time whenever favorite characters I'd like to take the day off from work I was isn't a huge and so fun di I didn't announced that. And she was building up to prepare for when Karl ties. Yes yes it's I haven't seen her fans right safari guide there's apart like he takes a picture of himself and his little sister Judith. Our mommy wants her to know what he looks like when he is gone I'll. Our red flag. Saves kids yeah he's bottling plant that and I. Yeah outbreaks like Liz and his manners married he didn't manners and it's kid man. But now you think about it and then in the zombie apocalypse he can't act hit a lot a lot longer and deeper you happy be a lot of late EOK. I'd like each. Do you aunt she's cool. Up. So words that they do not and all you can't be two people in Garland got gangland epic now. She got to be on the show on the but she's so well and don't turn into the gantt split out like seventeen pars and Jane is Mac. All edging out of my rage I haven't seen Mac I'll watch. What I had been first class of them and he sounds like. On that big news music and I didn't really like. It's all OK yeah. Did Carlyle put it on my. Think it was. Ready to take it turned out and touched on giving. Who has beens he's going to be and calm and yes I'm an African. My. Life that what we're gonna talk about in our direction which is I want update. On both of you odds are writing you may not know this but it Joba as a writer Katie as a writer I am not a writer I don't care about and also we're going to debate marvels at best and worst villains. Meeting here next time stationary.