KJ's Kinda Nerdy: Ep 156

Monday, March 5th


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Where I just messed up our jobs and this is why don't drink but I don't think it's something you want McAlinden Ernie. Podcast as it. Don't drink as the crap. Legally HI yeah I'm 23 again. Yeah you could be a completely fine line here yes you any age and still regret drinking. Any future. Yes if you didn't happen yeah. Are up I ED. I told Jana not talking about plans until we were in this room it's okay. My guest. You know that I have had. Some issues addressing the out possibly. Someone else being Captain America taking up the mantle. I'm laying it on the and I also ready to talk about how in any word at least at the expert yeah amount and you wanna talk about that. I but I got the Erie otter named because I know you. I'm excited about it John and you know anything about her potter. I'll watch the one movie with you as. OK so at. Basically that movie plus the seven others is going to be a game yet so called Harry Potter hogwarts mystery movement and use the little bio from the last night. On the first game in which players can create their own caricature and experience life as a hub port students. Launched under or key games which is another type of thing I can't archeology travel via a let's. Dedicated to charity everybody had Saturday. And dedicated to creating experiences inspired but the magic an adventure of the wizard in world. Now. You know and then it's gone into beta now like some people are lucky enough for how to be playing yeah. Maybe it's because the people that are playing that are like hardcore gamers he. Bid there they sent it hurts you have to take everything that a great assault yeah mullah gains are largely terrible. I'm in my. It's out because it's very hard to replicate like a movie or book. As a mobile game yes you know and like the only people that I know off the top my headed on books to games really well is going telltale games yeah but those are. Console and PC games you have all the time to begin with and whatever you need at your disposal to make this possible. We're as mobile games are limited to whatever the app and the phone can handle. Gaps yes not sell out in a hardcore gamers gonna hate any mobile. Gamer all star. Bill for people who are not hardcore game and there's no Indy crashed and filth or remaining there I never played any of those my mom is in the same now as an image does that there was just bad. What was. Doodles something else did a job yet I got planned general John man and amp. Did you get it like the only it was blocked on my school's server side. Did you ever got to that gaming plays it's close now but it was out attitude 39 I think. Hot the yeah it's closed now because nobody ever went. I wish they had a like a life size like gigantic. Eight foot tall doodle jump and I mean I was so excited about. And Dublin it's. About as complex as a mobile game is supposed to get. I'm gonna get anything you think. You know when I went and Hillary's I should just stop but what are the things that I that was bizarre one other reviewers was. I sat that they Harry Potter game is set. Yen. Harry Potter times they wanted it to be currents like I've had enough of snake and enough of Dumbledore at why. It was we wouldn't know any of the characters yes and you have to build that entire repertoire yeah. I bet that being said that's what people recognize that they know those character they wanna go to school with Harry higher if I get a little more I want. Dot org even master well let me first. Spoiler is they. Ten years month. Like that's what people well and largely that's what people would want regardless if they want characters and now. Yeah hasn't radio I was like yeah you're just looking at present to complain about how hard it how hard did you work come up something to complain about you wanted to game. Where you don't know any of the characters and I can see the appeal but at the same time the appeal does not outweigh and it just may. People want most certainly not when coming out for every one I it comes out on and current first as an yeah I'm from behind Thomas yeah yeah yeah. And usually I've done everything I've heard from my area and yeah banks and I Harry Potter. Ish and I. An exact. You'll no problem. I can't I have a very important question for you guys and I did not preppy foreign. I actually might have to. I. Out whenever Stan watts John what is your absolute favorite TV show that's on right on the right right Brenner and I doubt if I don't go back to you know Gilmore Girls treat the movie. The TV show that are currently in production. That there'll be more feature that weird Spanish soap opera thing and ethnic you've been watching. Yes I do like okay this is the soap up right now at lake. It's a tele Novella it all into an hour. Is that your thing your on your passionate about and what I. And about what's a lot of tees so yeah they saw any I don't have to say it like just finished watching on season three of crazy ex girlfriend on mentally okay there'll be more of that hopefully so beloved national lab that I don't love it's it's a TV show but it's also like a musical. I knew it. Off them. Part KD favorite TV show are currently right now hard question because it's just whenever I'm into you right now I can you Kelly aren't there. I'm re watching supernatural beat a patent tackles yeah. Hey. And I'm also watching the Walking Dead at the same time that's how it. It varies very much out of action for now those are my answer I can sell out maybe you guys aren't struggled with that's at a it's a topic that other people are struggling right. If I gave you a thousand dollars would you walk away from not chauffeur yes yes and you play a lot lately critics have never. And thousand island 1000 dollars when am I gonna go to thousand dollars that 50000 dollars and that is okay. But that's about to begin doing. If every asking that they surveying. A bunch of game of drones on in your game all. Pregame throw for a thousand ballots that you can't ever know what I'm aware I can't. Look you know. Yeah I second this topic yeah. They're like Harry Potter TV channel yeah no I would not. I can't. Advance at 5% of them. Yes they take out the box and never now live dragon insiders and announce that I had to happen next I feel like I thought I read. You can't cut a TV show you cannot ignore anything that. And you're walking away from it and you never ever know how it ended he'll never know another like all my favorite characters are our need to add my. I. Richard died seasons back I had asked if semi and a high handed me a thousand dollars and sad you can never lots Doctor Who again you can never balance the what's happening with the next doctorate anything it would throw it. Hello a thousand is not had a one million run down turn and it. BM Linehan yeah may be millions and millions. Until the name being at a million yeah because I cannot Gilmore Girls. Yeah never met him little girl who lives in Italy has the world ladies and I knew it. Oh I. I'm. Glad you're. Right Arnold land of the gold now. You know I'll tell a different OK so what sex in the city that. Don't. Living off exactly the same time. The same premise kind of like it's like oldies like for friends who are together all the time doing all kinds of things so crack your friends OK but sex in the city is Blake you know younger air quotes type people like nom Sarah Jessica Parker and then they're like our best season they live in New York City and I have great jabs and great boyfriend right global black. I never watch sex and that it I hate today learn as everything Gilmore Girls. Girls okay miss. I I am angry. And does not like the golden little section. Speaking are all the same. Barack. Yen amid an Atlanta bullets and crap TV that day really. And Hugh Hewitt like Gilmore Girls it's very it's really fast paced and it's windy and you do not get any it not the only. Now only uses golden girl usually they act out yeah you're very busy catching up on the locking dad and supernatural Atlantic wall Lila he's in fact super extra side. I don't talk like any. In a long way to go someday you'll love the guild mark that being said guy I did spoil another episode of supernatural. You know have you did well. You know I guess the unit Gabriel's back. I back where I'm at yeah well Ike. Hey I didn't even know he ever have a supernatural everybody can come just a war in Iran. He may need on the other shall each car and if Charlie can come backs and on my dad had his knee Charlie economic and hello I think police today's trend with Iran and yet have. Are you not there yet actors spoilers. I bet our that's our rope off and I don't know that as an indoor or something involving like a bathtub her winnings today. That's an area that was like the worst dent on supernatural I I had the cause and like crying because I was a senate seat that. I agree I would I I it took me it took me a bit to I had to take a break. And let it sink in before I went to the next episode and I could not ever had to take frequent change he kindly. I have to like close the book and like senator myself. I did ask. It is sounding and bears and I I gotta stop. That TV shows I don't think it ever and a memory you'd just wait until Charlie's test in the bathtub. It's going to be tough aren't many wound because you already know it's coming yes I'm glad that. When not when Buffy it's mom died on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and it was. My poor husband we were dating at the time and I'll never seen an episode of that's right. My mom had just been through a brain tumor and survived. In and so this was it was. The storyline was a little. Too much me me and I. At the time when I was still recording it on VCR tapes and so I had it right down. My and it never stated that is not a Buffy the vampire like Turkey debt were a month and a dating back and I can't say how or why its tests. For all black yeah. And in tornado watch TV with me he won I don't know that he does not like the same thing here is all about like humans via drugs or both big threats. Yeah I don't want this like we're lockdown America I'd like drug cartels. And then in the night like he and I are Netflix preferences exact opposite we're and I think watch planet earth I you know alien documentaries. In. I. I thought he could protect. The drug cartels are. Resident it doesn't I try to. Nightly I know I'll never watch a show without me as like. True ones I actually care about yeah that's you guys should find something that he had shared what he's sure Biotech horseman. Now. Source who is on an eighty's family drama that is now no longer famous. Only aimlessly trying to stay well yeah he's like I got our celebrity. And like half of the people on the general or animals out. You literally on the board like is agent as a cat named princess Caroline and I'm starting to take interest and yet it's it. Beard yeah. Four episodes of it and is he has watched like all of that I. You know like we are. I let weird there's no explanation for why these characters are animals they just are some of them are mark. There's my favorite character mr. peanut butter eat dog okay. Yeah. Dating a human girl that is ghost writing beau Jack the horses book how little I can mark and that's just kind of a yeah I enjoy shows where you have to give up on reality. And it and it really get into yet. Another round I got it so you got hit skip intro. Yeah that came after I hope I watched that do I want every Entrust stranger things. I only do that for like the first episode in the last episode I an episode imagery and I don't want to ID the same thing that gets I don't. Cat along any entrant back game around intra week would you stop and frank. Do you share and an. I know we. Are heroes. Aren't going to be here very long keep. Allen yeah I KD I am I'm ready to do this I know he's not the day would never count. That I would accept that someone else could take up the mantle like Captain America. He had any idea electorate of possibly change between now and the last time we talked. Somebody other than Anthony Mackie worse fashion statements are going to be Captain America are you having hard time wrapping your head around. I didn't act like they wanted to move the movie release up. There's no later this isn't scripted yeah. Just sign it because it is now march and we get to say next month. Infiniti or is if he was in many we couldn't say that but listen like I ate ice scheduled out my build up and asking them. Busy day what and then if we had Infiniti car is yeah. And the Hans element that's many movie avenue console that's only to lose to me Nolan. What I guess I can't get out and out. Read it I I I guess they take place. People to go see their movies right and it allowed that to me not least in that still many movies and did act and that like there's no way it wasn't totally scripted or whenever right. The announcement yet Robert Downey junior's fans on Twitter and he's like every night like Alec is that in the whatever you'd like how. The whole world they live there released at a it was very it was very it was very Tony Stark white. Rally as crowds and I guess that's coming out from a at comic book world. But there is no way to make this happens in the movies there's always a link. We have Doctor Strange he bends time pop in his art thing. It's paid he Carter has. Control of Eric. And I can't get I would accept this she loved him that she's fierce she's awesome she looked amazing at that dot our work is incredible. It's gonna make a whole bunch of girls wanna dress up like Captain America because they can be Eddie Carter. I Captain America and sell acting within his own and and act into. Call. It fact that she's dead. That's what I've okay. Okay. Why am I that think I'm highlighting how well the whole point of like getting part of an older that is why brought time travel and Doctor Strange. Because what if we can go back and and and and and Peggy Carter can't touch. Or to meet you at this time. Bright and got out that and maybe away announcing a New York god I mean he is back on a zillion address and about how that's gonna her. Only on main team. Chris adkins have to in America. Die is the heavy were her little. Feared. Maybe. The world can't live without Captain America we can't. Hadn't made me Doctor Strange knows there's only one person who could truly. Pick up the mantle. And honor Steve Rogers as the next Captain America Bucky Barnes Sean. Yeah. Too he's got too much baggage he's not good and that's why he would be here to redeem himself and him. Now he can't redeem not that that's what she did appear like Steve Rogers they're good afternoon. People including making pretty accurate is he like now and I loved cooking good. It's just they can he's got this like you know as bad and aliens that are on our clients and yeah of the black panther become the next Captain America. He's busy run in the country isn't true in not keen now yeah that's to do you can well he went out there you go. Yeah yeah. I like that pretty cool. Just like the blending of past add. Lou Anna black panther right asking American man asked him hallelujah well. It's yeah I mean I brainy and he's familiar with abstractions. That question I. Take unlike any I take it and I'm starting to sound like high heat hockey I don't I just. Yeah so I only just like your son narrow minded about Bucky I'm just trying to help you expand I would diner yeah low. I'd say a lot of stupid stuff like that when I mean. I would die for Bucky do we need to talk about how he's not real trying to okay that's I don't have to Alcatel. He cranky commitments yeah. And defend him until then I don't have my parents having the same way I will not defend magnesia don't like. I came on the Heyman Mino bluntly that in the podcast on you can wait to complain. Next time on our continent a podcast we're gonna talk about marbles best to worst villains and we're gonna gain because sneak peak may be at the writing that as kind an anti girls do you can go to kind of many girls back to keep up with us.