KJ's Kinda Nerdy: Ep 158

Friday, March 9th


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Hey gag and welcome Nick Cannon a news what are we learning out about today cage and we have to talk about the next wonder Grumman. Bailouts I'm now asked Tim might be playing the villain and a dot for Wonder Woman. We should not do it right right yeah she's so good appearance. What there was a lot of good get yeah well that's crossed and every universities Indian value can not cross over the DC and Arnold nano like. Come punch in the if not I saw on line that someone wrote that DC said that DC and marvel are in Billy the same universe. Now Blake Miller Johnson is Catholic and now and interacts now now that is that's it's not even close to elite in LA Atlanta now and a he did not I said what are some of the Stanley think about this. That's what we and in her handling and he and I yeah I now I am gonna have to take down hang nailed as Narragansett attendant and now yes we do you did not did. It is. We Aniston infant milk. How did. Like Ellis and I write because and when he came out of that videos on him how he loves has been how he's battling pneumonia and out of like. Just loves dailies so much mail him like a letters on how much I love him in Australia's smallest of the seven games like. Okay isn't he detected in on Google and bam there's the address how matter slowly. Aren't the yeah it's a little more protection yeah. Someone like that too shallow to their hours and didn't talk a bit can you and god didn't tell. I want to tear you locking up and knocking day there are already so you can't feel like you ring the doorbell here. I don't really yet. It. The size of deeds and his movies I'm sure his security team to beat air Alia. You have you know what I thought when I worked that LS and secures. Yeah. That's what credit I don't first security but he had security men with him who were bad dairy beef Kiev and 93. Yeah old yeah I gotta be. They carefully test Monday my friend dressed up in his group passed and and yeah. I didn't cut it wants to movies with Dugard had Johnston and take it off I. Just like in the we didn't even talk I'll have to talk about that how group is actually dead. And act. Give me and Lotta people like yeah of course dead and at no clue I. I had a I did not. Completely clarified that group was dad and baby group is a new crew I love have casual of a guy what's his name to end. James got in Iowa he's just outside you'd like yeah reached at yeah. Did you see conversation was going he was are you hang out with history and what's he would they were heated debate it was acute an argument going back about the back and forth about. On if you can only say one of them there's like apocalypse thing happened and you can only say one of them would you saved a pork or would you say current. And he was arguing like groups say the whole universe you stay current and I Aiello hundreds dead and on yeah. You could say former because grits Ashanti and being who could handle himself. The pork it's not it's never going back Rabbani was like what curt stamp. A regular I. Dad. Yeah. Checking. So true it's not crude in the sun. He's so cute and it's weird like it's weird that it's weird to me like people who name one of their pets. What their last pat was named like I haven't a dog named body embodied I named her next on buddy. You but yeah buddy and the return of buddy. Latest I behave. Buddy three electric Google their. Public and family all of our art our pets are dogs had the same beginning letter. Look at the lake. We had Sydney we had CD Sophie. My mom wants scooby. Buchanan and she makes I had to have future pet named yeah well she just it's. Sure doesn't and is not scrappy. Speaking of the scooby do episode of supernatural is coming months to Italy capitalist. Yeah I have kept up well thank you. You're Danny to catch that and know. Job then you wanna spoilers like. I thought Gabriel was dead expert I have slight well okay super nine Keeneland exactly the same thing. He's unlike asking handled it 'cause I was like I have no idea who says the only guy freaking out about it when we watch things with Katie we have to. Taker totally American she loves iGoogle everything while you watch stuff on my guys. How much old navy's I'm on I indeed be good a pitcher in the pack my husband did that if he beat. He recognizes some line. But he doesn't know where Ferraro we don't know I don't saying nice people so now it's not that I'm. I just love like movie trivia like. The production of the Nittany you know how it costs established make and it likes to an 85 years to make it such an out you can do that two hours later and the movies over him and that will all still beyond Google and I am looking ahead. Like I don't in the navy but they're like oh you concede that Americans on scene I'm like oh yeah there is I see the I. Abu Mike an episode of Gilmore Girls are dead dad and it was right after one MI and digital media classes and no matter how you can like c.'s sometimes I bet and I can't. And I was watching an episode for and while I got up from the table and I look in like seat got up of the camera whenever my dating. And we wind you know they. Oh and oh yeah. You like to watch for the floor for a moment I do it now because my professor. Was like you know and how much movies I'll look for bad editing mu what. So now when I noticed that there's like bed editing I Casilla boom like I meant like army and that's bed. Lan in my now I'm brewing for movies data. My favorite pieces of movie trivia as in the first Harry Potter and they know if you watch only Hermione she's melting every other actors' lines because she memorized all of them Valerie yeah yeah. And then an effort spent about a great movie. Do you write a holes belly to which memorize a whole script like when runs given aircraft. Brett for she stops ops and it attacked by the troll he's voicing it in the back to how I move. She's just can't remember her lines alone I. Like I love that I don't like that I'd turn and I went out and now I Iron Man two right at the beginning when Tony Stark comes ice cap the suit on and everything when he goes into the bathroom. Two check his toxicity. He still wearing a black suit but the black suit has stripes but when he's on stage she's not like solid black sit and continuity I don't know that I hate when I noticed a. And I don't know what. Every cannot I watch that movie since I just watch his show. I guess I yesterday the only reason I recognized that it was because chances are. Barrels in Atlanta that was that's what her hair supposed to be also Elon Musk is that you have really have math itself you know. It is likes to be. I'm you know I am laying. Around that he was in the princess diaries two yankees on. I'm trying to. Think that the Pope is there used to be hey why not. Let. Armor when you get shiver chided about that and show it to me you're like freaking out and I responded yup. Ichiro and didn't. Yeah comedy god and you got to bring to the diaries and I don't I don't. A key keeping any appearance of these Eric I only know of one and half away and that's is that that at an anti Irish because there's another one princess something that I. Had an apple and it princess bride chair I'll outline and then everybody talks about that and all the time and I like. And landed right it's great my husband. Labs that maybe I only know Janelle BO OK I'm afraid that I carry out a lot. I have princess bride on dvd we're gonna currently meaning you can watch it aren't. Yet others a huge tie these I MI where it caught it in the same huge difference. That Gilmore Girls in golden girls yes I do not not even close to being this. I'm doing I thought they were. Enough. Old ladies might watch them. But like yeah yes I am dimensional lady at the ripe old age of when he area she is she's an old idiots I DNN. No arsenal as well yeah man here as I should tell me today laundry and onions well I. That's a new and old. A little bit oh I'm sure there are few steps between old and dad. Yeah yeah eat out if you're lucky yeah. And the other aircraft that have been no. Now. If the mortgages in and is there aren't good at ending the staff let's talk Wonder Woman you know. I you I talk on their Rehman how it did. You heard the news that the villain it's not confirmed yet did you hear who is in talks to play the villain now. The villain would be cheat and Kristen Wiig. Is in talks to played the villain. In the face everywhere and it's CKD space right now. It. Yen and it's Zain resentment and us on all that it. As soon as an actress you're okay and your soft yeah you cash. I. Is that she's funny I think I again I think she's that tiny town the only thing I these cameras mates yeah yeah I mean yeah bridesmaid. Her now I didn't write it and you watch movies and on like. We ended with a decent time he had. It was funny but in el error yeah gusts buster snag masters that is the movie where I live Arnold came with her which. The Marcia. You're right she meant and my name yeah and it's been an MR I was good return I think when I'm not good with Kristen Wiig is when she's doing I. Over the top comedic stuff I have at an X and mark and I. That's I don't know why I don't I bet I battles an odd choice to be the bill also on this game of the interest machine yet Levant. Was emily's period it was a mother or something like that I have no idea. I honestly guys trying to do here I usually don't much I think this. Decision. Investors sushi. Clearing her players like running Phoenix should I love. The Lenox hill not a Lindsey Nelson they will meet her choose another. And which was that's only movie Erik like because I take care results I'm just kind of trust my judgment Lama accusing Google them at or anything app. And I too could. A third. How come and it doesn't have like you know Javier Bardem and tendon and this is a super freaky runner up at cat an alien had great. Actress and it and like it was supposed to be get. He turned to me half anything goes. Don't ever make me watch this again. No it's also. Because like I went into it and it was just. It was all allegory like the Bible and Adam and eve and I. Our kids had he supposed to be god and she supposed to be mother nature at night so she has no sane anything hazard like all these people is coming. Brunner right house and you know America's Turkey it is Jesus their Evers and like eat baby and well let me Lyle how. I'm really match up. They deleted I don't attitude in the no let up to me like that was the only in every time I need. Invite him mussina he does is it going to be as bad as Alan. Oh like I'm never gonna get redeemed from that he's never gonna test you again. Has he ever taking your tour of Germany now and I yet yeah that's on that just me I'm great because when Matt Collins you're gonna really help him and the like. To have him in licensing and the I can't wait. I'm usually the one who NC it's going to be some need is an against that can. So yeah I don't know I mean I think my problem with Kristen leg which does start on Saturday Night Live and I didn't think any of that stuff was funny. So that I didn't realize you're going to be funny ray light and mean they have funny like some of those it's a really funny then most of his time yet out there. Yeah I. He didn't rise now that was out that was where she got her start and I didn't like any are any of her characters on Saturday night at our weird choice. Four out of no wonder women I yeah I agree I don't think he would want ethics committee that may be more experience I think his son. At some answered they want and like Charlize turner. And I got a lane then dad she does she was even in the did she would be kind of character from Matt Matt. Axes antagonists. That. I didn't he didn't seem Armenian I asked how party and it should does it I you know how thirty's you're not mine. And I you don't have Tom hardy attend parent company. Many laws angrily granting again isn't Hough and not taught now use him so confused and lost by the whole nanny and that's. He's yeah I didn't I. Look at that while he's confused I lost in the desert in that it's different in that anti nuke half. Now attention is being hey good finger acting out. I don't know I do Lakhdar gallon yeah I think Tom hardy I just bang bang and he and using part time. I'm on I'll consider watching mad Max the next year the beautiful movie very cinematic out. Lot of blues and yellows and oranges there's a lot of like weird foreshadowing of the dead kid yeah it's weird name I think I'm gonna actually. Leo I'm going to watch how I I got my treadmill this morning to catch up on days of our lives. And I don't judge me it's no dead geez I guess it goes back to you when I was thank. Sad to pour and very very young. And all I had was a thirteen inch TV ads that my all air out when I can get three channels. And at one of them was that WB and I can watch Buffy that. I'll tell Dave our lives with no every I try always have something to come mountaineers at the VCR and record day the live shot only chance and I just sent to -- yeah yeah it is not. I'm so I want stays paralyzed from the treadmill when I turn the TV on this morning it that this is not a commercial for X Hannity nor I do those. I hate to sit like 79 in Mexico City you're just. Expect any ads you know they have suggestions for you and it suggested. That I would like the movie gifted. What does the and you don't have it right yeah and like everything down like I got only it's now three time. I'm at Illinois line I was the limit at less than us on a Bynum Lisa Latin house on either movie channels and gifted as one of the only outlet and I don't almost leave white kid I guess I could watch it has always been a fall asleep on me and I felt so bad but as silent on the Virginian I'll got cried so hard Jarrett had it how is it a lot of cats people kept telling me that work there are cats and they want to know about him and you notice that does not a little girl yet I'm a little. Guerrillas his niece talk. And she's like I'm in that she is very intelligent articulate. Need or not isn't going to ask you really young but she is very very intelligent missed like Matilda. I'd say. You know see Matilda I don't seem to tell the girl likes to read crime minute how. Are you watch Matilda OK I need to Mattel are gifted first. What happens went watch Matilda for contacts to get it and yes. Hands and tell that out of equities now but like it's. Basically lay in Matilda who girls like really really Smart early and her and she'd. Basically he her life changes because she's so intelligent a teacher realizes how intelligent she is. And in gifted it basically this and Maine except this cap increase that she has a little grudge had a tankers and his doesn't like cats and his movies ever. I don't like cats global blob but it's and one eyed cat named Fred I think gone. And really cute mountain and then toys like ended a lunatic all the stuff happens in the middle am I gonna take you at. I know I area and I go I don't national urinating out physically but in the movie. Larry David asked about anything else I wanna watch it fresh there's a lot of cats now I'll let. I can't now let let let the let this happen to you in our I am not movie. When he was filming that. He did not realize. The shelter that they were rat he thought they were actors. Like captain dogs and it was real they were all. Everything you Simon goes where animals that need homes and not like he has a donkey and it's his died I believe at dodger is astonishing and he adopted a dog off of the chatter that movie. I. Just I love you Chris and let me so I'm glad to. Be. It's. Yes he. Thought a I changed my mind I'm going back on this I don't I don't want Peggy Carter to the Captain America. Do you really be Captain America if Steve Rogers the okay. Old. Contra problem doctor strains can I second your chips outlaw that's because he's not a touch. Leo and this I. You know work out how to England that's right and because we have Doctor Strange all things are so technically he could go back in time and fixes on hands and never become dark strange. I don't know I don't think you can meet yourself and your timeline I eat any charter oh yeah that's a wrap her own time line okay sure yeah I know I and you just can't you can't have a playground. I'm GM closing we don't know anything about time. Think about it yeah theoretically. This is being kind in any news with KJ Katie Anjana be sure to tune in next time we talk about the new Iron Man comic style beginning a reboot in June stranger things this season Terry and we talk about Tom Collins saving the day and be sure to follow us on Twitter act kind of nagging news are on and to grant at kind of nerdy girls or you go to kind of steady growth back on.