KJ's Kinda Nerdy: Ep 159

Monday, March 12th


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We have so much yet marvel stuff to talk about it and this kinda dirty podcast thank you so much for listening by the image KJ our gamer Katie is here with me producer John is here with me. We need death talk about this theory about Iron Man and is he possibly in infinity eastbound. I'm there's a comic reader to talk about a. Think that he wanted to talk about the ion spider. Whatever that is what is that Katie the iron spider the new outlet for Spider-Man earned anywhere and I can see it adds it's what do you out of it it's it's very sharp. You know I have like I'd at prep from an inappropriate based on my age crush on Tom Allen if you eat it. Years of age though he is he is of aids is the scientific Larry I can't even adults I could be his mother I had to start young. Black. I. I don't eighteenth town hall nineteen month. Oksana. I don't see and it and it looks it may mean reminds me. Venom it just a little too much. Yeah like has like a spider legs go all the way around back yeah yeah yeah I also well it doesn't look any different than other months. But it does I'm Pat's. You look cool and just look in different ways can you put the ones biter load on you one out it. It grants. I mean and the questions like how much more power season. Well I is news and iron man's body again lie. Yeah and I used did you see that theory about Iron Man in the Infiniti stem now. How Savvis new art or came out for infinity or which is out next month guys. Yes south. They have to appear Saturday night but. We are we do to speed up the Eduardo cinematic universe challenge because she'd ravaged and yet thanks a lot and we love you by every stone had like the person that was associated with its of the space wanna Doctor Strange and could it get out and buy. Unless the sold Stan in which we have not come to crest yet the sole stone. Has hired me. On and so there's all these theories. That may be may be like. Are you now may be arc reactor is actually is he created an infinity sound because her recreated in new elements. Are people thinks he is actually in in Kennedy's down because of his dad's comments about you're the greatest creation and of my life like every parents as did he can't. How have you is the movies with an aunt. Aggies and it and it and as dying down but what at least and it all of us like him are stressed and it only reminds him like the planet here's. Like well I between that wily. Why was the first movie he last we would have me here today about Iron Man that's listening and only make improvements. And they did it. Green when we made great strides. Why and what if he or what if he is the soul is the sole stone will you like him and he's an adult and. And not. He had done all the things. You dislike about and they've all been moves to save the galaxy. OK. So you're still a jerks. So unimpressed that I am here. Did did so that I can more hold my life are that event lepers and you're gonna get more Hulk there's a link. I am pretty think about Iron Man concrete. It was it can or can't have it. Like it's every. Hour. It's only there is a reboot to be out in June. As an Islamic and it and it sound and I am wondering if there Reba is because they're preparing us for someone else to be and they it's needed. Can't handle that kind of kept America and knew I am in no. Oh. Yeah what the movies are going to be like it why can't or not. I don't get what life is going to be like without Tony Stark because of the fact that. This all started with him yet and I don't think you can wreak cast Tony Stark so what do you do in you getting at hand literally everything. And it passed a man's land somebody else. Not denying them com excuse me. Tony Stark is. And I heard him. Iron just to get ends with I am I may except for the Paris conference and I can't yeah yeah yeah. It was because of extravagance like she got those powers because that crazy guy again got in her not all. I'm Ellen that's only eight description. I you know what I'm talking about yeah. Yeah yes not so that was the only reason he is iron make it's and and Robert Downey junior is Tony Stark I just I am I gonna do with that I think he's just gonna be dead. A lot of thing and then marvel. Universe. February's box office was an all time high because of black -- you fit and I am the most people who've ever gone to movies in February after all of the best talent in the are you got it and you got Maxine second. I tip my hands you do that John I have not I have either feel like we can really act and I really want to independently had time to sell Internet. Yeah it in effect and it's like liking to point out that act on it is a pretty neat what I've what was it like. That second time because sometimes I I do you know any different. It is I enjoyed. They crazy bad yanked off. Well our second time it's an idea yes the first time like this guy is like a jerk. Get out and just you know Maureen it like to protect us and time I was like. This guy's hilarious to hear have a good time. Did just doing his name. 88 outs. You noticed there was like no this is this is better than us I need hammer I didn't know I may not appropriate. It's I noticed Michael B Jordan's legs weighed more in a second why. He has got a nice legs act. I doubt style is amazing. Way. Yeah I'll have to will be on the apartment Hispanic desk optics and I'm sure. Who is out on the eighth. The word out did you get at work out of you and I mean I don't know I've seen in the not assured I know he works out at alleged incidents to really everything. Yeah John and regardless like she's got a poster in the government on the ceiling and she goes and I in the beach is much. Lee Jordan post on. Topless financed. You know if those a lot of topless protest and. That I couldn't catch our current yeah upload. We don't know my own taste and there. Heck. No he does not affected by you though is. Most of like. Him in the G and it got on like an idea nearly Jesse's. And so what is instant grim story like on his answer and story not like is actually the pitches that he takes back thank you though is it on in the jam hair pulled on people's a lot of fan art itself is now it's of the media just copies of the ones in the new year yeah he doesn't do that. It's like look at me at the gym site action network and I need him tonight is here he doesn't do that. He outshot the videos and working not just weird to assist him at the gym as a with people also the beginning when it matters. Our had been in the museum where he's just like let mackerel I I had. They hear somebody gets enough gets an up and did okay about season diet and. Alan. It. I find it weird when. Guys post a lot of pictures of themselves aperture but he did I find it weird and as well it's an X I I enjoy it some time Issa. I feel like and I like I. In the mindset like what do you do so these are hard I wish Michael B Jordan would post some pictures of him and patted her on the I would just make my whole day. Just ask him. It didn't mess is Jim and this year and I started this week am from. I. And I should start a petition and I am an elite Yzerman anybody forget about the signatures Cendant and Gillick and I asked him. That's so funny ugly guys talk about stranger things that's going on America's got Mac and thing you don't just saying yeah. I don't know that I am ignoring the actress amber and no one TE accounts unhappy it's going out of the stranger. Things obviously they did their seasons don't you know paying so now they're going indices in three and it'll probably be in a year and change where it's done. But they have like that the sister air at a younger sister making things Lucas yeah she's going to be playing a bigger role in season three and she's the one I was like make it out of them being stupid and aka. Just mean and younger sister Serena says she did have more of a role. They've added any character her name is my ad hoc group and it's rumored not confirmed. This may be the new love interest for Steve Harrington moon. Because it needs to get over let's face yes. And then obviously they are planning on leaving Hopkins Indian. Honestly what Jamie obviously utilities how much does not and that's not true that's an Alltel has been there a lot of it has to do. It well not all of the residents are gonna leave the town now do you remember like stranger things seasons in it was like elevenths sister went down west. They're thinking they're gonna have a little bit more role in season three all of cash confirmed if or are a lot and I parents like Chicago. New York yeah like that yes eleven and then there was what was one in cheek as late as six and it like what about all the other runs out like now at the bottom of this article says does will buyers is ever preached. Or kid. I mean first he was only like three episode in season one and he was only Everyzing let ascendancy into abuses going through so Aniston might like coffin up the flag. Yeah on the and I thought man I was like are at und dot. Act now I did not enjoy that at all and then the guy that plays his older brother and buyers got busted for Coke at the premiere. I personally don't like it to go to the premier began busted at the airport with Coke Malia and some wrinkle to their and he's actually like in real life dating a girl plays. I'm Nancy Nancy I can't. Know this. Other chemistry so great on screen on them part of the reason why they trended towards. Nancy liking John yeah ha okay instead of Steve is an honesty Specter yeah we love Steve. Yeah and in Italy is also. Has always easy it is gross must I guys. I love that guy bigger Montgomery at lake theory if it's hot for the first time when he wasn't acting was buried jarring note yeah. Strong Australian accent I'll yeah yeah yeah I read it wrong like hate bill Indiana and met bike in an accident on apps like. That was I was at that. Percent owner Tom Holland tot speaking of Tom Holland heat as you're about what happened at the Oscars and the Oscars yet he's saved my. That is imminently noting his is now during this is Austin's Jeremy Irons is challenging effort. She's Manger I have watched it either so I like best is rates. I need you would enjoy it as you know I catch him any help out now. I didn't think Sherri yet but three out soon though adversary and neighbor presenting at the Oscars together. And she had this like Jan about bodies beautiful gallon on and it had a bit of a train. On and when she was walking up the stairs she must have stepped on the train and she was it like fallen. We're. Not control it backwards and he top talent pomp and Spiderman. Q a gash an impression but not. Yeah sue like I was like Spiderman or like you like CNET. And how they're bright and like burger and they locked up and said yep. It was very. Small. He saw what I Cheney when I worked with him I he was very tiny it's like well I compare. I compare other adults to my size because I'm very tiny petite. Yeah not intimidating to me that at. I am not a soul and if someone who you know a lot and if I take a picture with these guys you know. I'm working the photo areas sound. I get super excited because at the end like you an idea just a 500 pictures and our Justine and sometimes they look really done. Because you can just see my head because they're so much. I. They are terrible shots are like you picked me up which on its generic when I met family meal. But I actually EEE is still he was sitting down and I was beaten. Up. And his. I'm not at all loan. Oh yeah something greater picture because my head was the same level as he is as opposed to my head being like. More you level cadet programs work yup it out and opera as it is a big man and how that picture publicly because hey. Or rent a dedicated how easy it is yeah. Grand. Do you right. It's Brent zen but I cast my iMac now on my number I walked in the room and I was like oh thank god he's not gigantic he'll start talking. I'm like well these words that are coming out of her mouth the other does not sound like spdr RU vitriol Atlantic. I RE find you adorable you don't have to put on an accident or a bad. Iraq is very cute very. Yes he's very Q&A here. Tom Holland saved Gina Rodriguez so that makes him a superhero on the screen and off the screen this is being your kind in any news with KJ Katie in China issued its and then next time we talk about the new console merchandise the PlayStation two and kill minor concept art you can follow us on Twitter at pending any news or you can follow us on mr. Graham at kind of nerdy girls argued that a cut and it goes back and keep up with us.