KJ's Kinda Nerdy: Ep 160

Wednesday, March 14th


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Welcome to kind of dirty news related that is the noisiest chair John and yes John I'm in those quiet college. I have enough that I can like seeing in nine you know I have vengeance immigrants in the SPN that Jatiya talks outcry and have to turn your McAfee on all. Yeah sounds nice that the lie he. All right about where you get him front and a minor burn you right. He each. Do you like not a person nation do you better than my. Yeah that yeah. Keep it Sunday John all sound like you all work one of these days. I'm okay you and I did not. Any minute admit that our so I analysts shocked today how PlayStation 2. Flat answer concept art. About Han Solo hotter and I have a story about Michael B Jordan Jon hasn't heard no bar. I lessons I'm actually using art with the PlayStation 2 because I still have one. Well you're not alone. Two was one of the most sold consoles pretty much in history aha eighteen years old this year. Mom. Like in the opening night figuring it's hot it can vote now I can't check ticking down on the concept. Just like car take I guess as to how many units were sold it to him. Yeah. While I told him already don't party forgot the number underhand 1000855. Million. Hello and competed with you know the Sega Genesis and Nintendo GameCube in the original Xbox yeah still a lot of water name you know where you can. It. We we still do use ours mine hasn't had that James Bond game that he really likes on the PS2 my dad did to has my dad commandeered my PlayStation. He'd hit it yeah we bought it. For me the Newton. Pretty much when he came out yeah I was like sixth or seventh attack. And the first thing my dad did as our budget games from self that we're mature and I couldn't play them so I I'm an asset he played need for speed underground Pollyanna. And James spot all the time. Never got to play yet somehow. Got. Classic and move so we have a lot like the steering wheel on the pedals for need for speed under I like simulate every move the couch to the center of the living your mini dress. Yes. That is very and that's a serious man he what he had his need for speed. Hot we have this game. And it's called buzz like she got about as. You need you need to come out of my house it's a trivia game and it's the main reason and yet we haven't had our PS to go out. I don't think it's just way too much fun and we invested all that stupid money at all that gear for rock band and Guitar Hero. I nightly non of them are here and we'll. How were the master of guitar you know I I was actually on expert. Won't end and a new phenomenon and regulates in medium that the boats and what was your what your sign John. Oprah abundant in those months owes much jam at noon on Guitar Hero three legends of rock was my yes. They had like is sitting at the crew is. Debt load in it had Tom Morello PGQ can I compete in a contest against him into the real. Story. Wow I play and slashing you play against Tom Morello in new link if you get a higher score he beat them and you move on. It's like you unlock marks on the attack trying to dabble at one point I. Georgia. I have to get my plea IPS to back out my mom I religion Caroline and DJ. Hero pat. It's like you know little turntable any DJ and stuff and is like a game not. I got another thing I did I was really mad at and I was like it can't be DJ. Yeah I love away and people find out what I do and they think. Because I talk on the radio that I can speed records to the if I can DJ events and stuff like that and I'm like. You know I speak at it and yeah it MCI agent apparently due to that. You're staring at I can't edit ingredient because I heard got it and at the polar plunge that you guys denied. I I I have said I'd I'd love the Special Olympics I love everything about that but it. I'm not I'm not jump in the I don't know that it is in money myself I gana I have a lot of the announcement to think about it. That and I know. But even en us as. Before it ain't they knew I had mono means I'm still exec of the dog at fever and we thought it was the flip side I went and infected every single person there aren't yeah hello don't touch it. Whatever and I get up to do it a little and seeing things immigrant. And like just this wave of heat passes over. Andre comes and goes yeah armed that would have a great time to take the polar plunge it was just this wave of heat and I could feel my face getting hotter and hotter and hotter. Site hid behind the binder they gave. I held my face and I had the Mike underneath and I thank all my guy. And I asked me. Instincts that sound like redeem myself next Yahoo! has always. And if you're wondering had just because we have microphones in front of us right now. None of us are great act and seeing none of us can DJ your weddings and none of us can spin at a clocked. Sure I'm realistic eight. You pay me enough I'll attempt yes I don't try any of that I guess I'll tell my own playlist from my phone. And that ability to my. And that. At what's next on Salah Abu asks what's been news about ensemble because. Yeah tell me this news is in Iran and he seems to care that their bonds aluminum coming. Our camp at the merchandise that's our let me. Well I just saw that solo cups in our beloved solo cups rental cups that Andre. Wasn't their products not on that they're gonna be brand being in some solo cubs for hinds. In this congress gave my personal I'm OK Burrell and unknown love you know like I'd been meeting was like yes she uses. And console his face on an unedited as an ally have a little outfit and they should dress up like our own best. Admittedly they're gonna do they're gonna have but other -- gonna have pants on and then there's gonna have like it'll pay a jet carrying can't I mean created blended in little bulky solar that's as a descent we give it a match and again Melanie and falcon I agreed Han Solo I like all of that is that Jimmy and Alex enforcement in the seventeenth and now a gun out of that out of. But the fact. Spam and I have that did you ABB eight. Those who console a different guy. Yeah that'll be BBA in it yet BBA when of them born yet. I used you thinking about arts you do when he's Archie DG you know it's our job. Chassis drive time and then he would not have been born in our job and I live OK okay and they they delay had babies and a now I mean they get made John habits and you know the bride I. Yeah we're all made it something where do we need to talk about. The maybe has yeah. Last York times when a mother generally. Dry age. Next you're right yeah be careful of malware can bring. They adjourn right I should also ordered out solo 'cause I know like I like is my house so beloved that he's a big beer pong. Can't even out in like he's not accepted that it is it is bands sort of phased out of our lives and yeah. I'm proud. When our friends cannot bring and they don't have kids can't let her play and beer pong are still gonna have children when they wake up in the morning I don't. Wanna do DeBoer popping up at things sound by citizens goalie played the upon little water. Well it is so we didn't have to jointly have to drink it yeah. Because we didn't eat at an alliance but bear upon whether it's I think it's fun I'm gonna get out of that I have I have ran into pierpont it's probably dead. Is that I'm allergic to fears that doesn't really work well you gonna play wine pong well on yeah. The greatest regret regret in my life was playing champagne upon. I show bad we are over gay smiley the legendary EU. Janet Chandler. How do you want to play pierpont so bad and with it there were only four of us I had the planet Mikey that he can't do beard is my outlook is champagne. I fifteen minutes later we all. Just wanted to die because there were so many bubbles are stuck. Didn't we totally played near Ponte cages ethnics next dinner not champagne now not champagne constant pain and I am well. Now again I can nightmare prong if you drink for rain Ab Canada Manny have you can't stay that you think Stephen I have any time I've told press I'm movement in at what music you're averaging. Yeah. Outlets that's Katie and I. And if and it's a lot of like trying to figure out apathy AirTran American amassed an oddity yeah. Nice try out had a post it somewhere like a link to it's you had a lot of posts things on our social media I mean. It's I do you might just do it to you this kid hit. And I and I know them well are you got it you'd you'll take care adding I might need a continent European law. Yeah I mean I think hip hop pretty I don't have a lot of thoughts on it other than it's exciting to I'm think about the future argue I am later. The desert kind of style afterwards and brown monitor out ironic tablets and as you know our favorite Oscar and now he held every single one that shows every single line that while many bike is full mask now you probably don't want package can't see us like that asks this little my little like the one with Arnold it's like a lion or web but it's got like that lonely out here are any hair. I love it yeah mood that I know you can't just think that hundred nobody I mean you're getting with that is so funny because. Even in the movie when he picked out that masking and it really wary right. Yeah because I was only eight. And regulated guys the beginning for him to get it that night that never use it and now I can like keyword like one time people are always dramatic number. You just can't you know well. Indeed in the. I have to get some therapy in he is good. I eliminated that I'll be all I LB Jordan. John has been maintenance on today I literally waiting to tell us how OK kid broke their retainer for Michael as to why. Sell it all started with it was like it was that posts on Tumblr the picture out of Michael B Jordan and like itchy Amanda can do both and it was two pictures of him as cal monger from. The black panther a guy who has some guy who is like a dental assistant or something like that he posted. That one of his seventeen year old patients tents so hard in the mouth issues so thirsty for him she broke the wire in her retainer sued while she tends her house and like clenched her teeth so hard she broker retainer. Our panel. Enough. And they get us. Think I. Girl tell the dentist because she had to explain that your brokerage. I US having a moment where I was bearing arms and stressed and it broke she managed and years steeper Michael B. So then where are crow I was thirsty for Michael yeah. I opposed but the dentist did because he posts about old poses an honor on Twitter as like. This is meet my dentist did rent me. Like well that they're gonna my lights so when people started posting pictures of like her face on the Josh shark in a retainer was at the top. And Michael B Jordan responded no we did replace her retainer six. He's just three. They have gotten at John how much she's Thurston through a bigot is a crowd and I feel partly responsible for breaking year eighteen years. Yeah little. New described the motion Sheridan the surge strategy. Oh you got up I can replace the call in banks are. I don't need that in accidentally breaks and stuff in my life and then tweet out that it was because men are sentenced in Chris Evans and ski team. I even did that. I edit that out at the slick to get to them. And we'd go. Ever like look at any IE anymore now you know you don't know who's you know really like looking in it's kinda looking amount. And that's true you can look at the ceiling you never like yeah. Jane I can outlet to the side of my dentist is an Rex is the likeness is a lot of like Ian. Did you that is not coming to tell if you are met and he does sometimes I have an hi Janice that's in my mouth firm had. I errors like my best and root out but. That the dentist's office way. Your best friend she's my best friend for the entirety of the time and at the dentist forever you can't talk to her she ask you questioning and oh yeah now that and it's a sound. I am I had I just like I don't see you at were and who would you all the timing and should I. And she's not so I can't just rolls up like the ten minutes that he sees me communities like yup looks good moving on by. That's an easy men that's never mind comes and it likely did catch up eating is the best dentist office and an. And you play scared and I ended and totally given free advertising here who. Tightest dentistry carneal how cool it's like two Brothers one of a runs when he airmen and Marines land somewhere else what makes it's so great. It's so nice elegant everything's clean. That really care about cleanly you going to a dirty Dennis. Everything's nice in new they have aren't the brand new space and have a need to ease the greens you can run well there are like. They have the extra machine between now. And the chairs is old enough and close the net. And I did his office it does sound except Aaron animated TV tonight. Watch you don't know how we have got while while we're talking about Dennis I guess. I'll. Doctor in his cheek in karma has flat screens in every room and then asking before they start winning your teeth. But generally like it on you and you can see it that when they are smaller place we're kind of person he I was going down to it than a regular part of town and then. He enjoy doctor he can and doctor a lot of and so now I I know it's Johnson fans got it can't really get my teeth and end in the mud and this is on post route. Eight equity backed Kelly is great he's so nice and he's just like the test he tells a need to looks well and I says and kinda dirty dental tock yeah I. All I did is they. Very yeah clocks we did have an inquiry I how much it cost to that sponsor our podcasts out some. You know we can't it wait until you know exactly but from from what corner at the consumer mobile world does this come. I mean it's sort of a nerdy thing that you would do a nerdy activity. I suppose it would be. We might be interested in doing it could be like. Hey thanks for listening to the Canon thirty news brought you by Bob I'll lock you should go to that next big and they're doing because it will be so Vernon only. Do hurting not regularly it's a thing that you could go to T get to dress up. I mean you current Al unsold unspoiled as a patient would want your business right now. On track. I sent out emails to net KJ on air and last night and knocked out. I learn something is wrong with the good. I think yeah. Do you need outlets and I know our. And yeah. As KJ at Indies next dot com and Katie which leader you know are at at halftime Katie what our website. You know I say like 25 times during my should they are our makes web site. Indies next time come Indies my aunt how that's where you can fight a while I would assume you found our podcast if you're listening dirt and that's where is no you're just ended up here and that's. Yeah it may be so I swear I am I to maybe I can't imagine yeah in and now we go to iTunes. Yeah a lot of lessons. This real world wide web kinda dirty news network. A however the future gag. OK let's say it is kind of nerdy girls dot com that website I meant the link them wary actually work. Do you know where we actually were you know I am right now what that affects it. I. Well I might do just just like in ads and skating doesn't now we are a lot of 79 mix and we appreciate the microphones that are sitting in front of us banks from a seven I'm mixed. About I continue to get paid. And Indies next act come.