KJ's Kinda Nerdy: Ep 168

Thursday, April 5th


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Did you. See the story about. Are some of our favorite avengers being real heroes you see that the message you mention. Deanna I thought this is twilight Twitter because of so much easier to lack communicate and connect them they spoke on because this woman just put out I had a tweet was talking about this this kid who's terminally ill and all I want is a message I just killed in a vendor sent him a message does anybody know. In a danger have a connection I was an avenger and I don't all think Chris Evans is like DM me I'll do it Don Cheadle is like. Yeah me Al did I am pop out responded I'm the purple on all did smile. About right. I don't step dad needs and kind of like your reserve avenger I want to send them a message. At at Zachary Levi news. Going to be should I am was like and I mean there are terrorists out this can head is getting all these awesome messages. And it's it's just because a Twitter and really think about. How many requests that these guys end up getting you know I'm sure that there's there's tons of them but with Twitter it's like it's a quick like hey did you do that might not giving this kid's name on make it. And that further erosion is currently it is crammed as it. It was not a I now I actually nice. And people that you are asked and do something. That validates. That there are worthy of you being carefully yeah I. The other thought crap going on right now Austrian I mean add it in Aaron Aaron from actors. And things coming out you're like oh god what if what if somebody that I really liked turns out to be a total a hole I would have to like takes time and create a giant. Well I mean I mourn your loss and I don't let if you found out that Michael B Jordan is a total anal like I did you suggest. Yeah. Well yeah oh crap I honestly Brian McNamee to work the next okay. Aren't they if they don't make cry about the fact that Michael B Jordan lake can't Beagle Obama because he's an eye. MIA well we are recording this. Right now it is Nathan Philly and Bert thank. Blue light and Philly native Kelly and his cattle all. Okay it's my mama's watching an intentional island. But Nate says just election may think does it fire fire captain in Los Angeles. This is our tank. Back to one life to live I've loved him since he was Joey Buchanan. And I was a little girl. Yeah where almost the same age so it's weird if I feel like I was really really young. And he was already grown up on the soap and learn like he's only a couple years older than me. Yeah I know at any hour now. Newton. And you never really weird Percy Jackson meeting he ash yes you know. And I am happy it was in Percy Jackson and he was an what is a summit what's the James Bond movie you sense. Slither he was and yet as bill party yes it was very funny either very he's very funny guy and he does a lot of good stuff with his own Q is selling cars three. Carter's three UT running it was a voice yet it doesn't lie is an arm had to laugh at. Think guardians and actually won against him. Yeah like the little tiny Ronald yeah aliens and has yet these are the the blue alien in the jailed scene that. Yeah aren't I think how I can't sun yeah. I cared. Yeah. We need them. I know I'm I tried to watch it on time in mostly. I don't you didn't try ever yeah all of the balls on a movie that means it was born and watch it did. Ignoring our gal C. The movie that I tell people. Who have never seen any of the marvel movies to start went into that so. Good. But no back story editors can do whatever they tell universal and they are not really you're not really getting out it's not really super. Hero movie I mean are you like that's my its roots yeah. Ocalan is idiot to produce the show now are not all our answers I. Bear that out. I. Get married I'm tired residents now have canceled on and I. Grayson has born in 81 votes at the OK thank you ask hopefully out by the time they're listening to this Teresa will be a success that's my cat. I even fouling and Jack Jack I was just saying I don't understand why people have. A brand is part of their pay six. Well is good I don't have a again Manuel well I'd always like look at Lankford eighty moon. You after reason you have your social media account at a credit government may face a agency deals at Americans forced her in womb that. Kids are cute and I'll be a most Patrick. Yes that's even ugly lines like you're like on pizza oddly like that you know I'm not competition and I lost planet I used to watch that. It's an average not use it when you see an ugly you're like yeah we're. Ugly fat you're laying off and call. Like I. The world ugly. Right now. Now or I don't I don't see his name is Neapolitan and ink that is imminently Dodd and I. And he's got like Albert Einstein's hair and a young stick it out I can't say that they that he solidly that'd skew because that's just an ugly. Outset let me call it ugly dog John. Somebody probably had them so good. Okay Leslie okay you leave them alone. Advising about the ugly dog competition not a link you have to be careful because people will start. Like it starts to be damned cool to have like terrible. But you know im brand pet she ally god get me the worst one we've got. The only evidence bread and it yes it's awful right it's my dog is a pure bred one of them the other mystery I guess which paid for. Well yeah. But are pure bred won her parents were too closely related to GM Mike Hough and hip problems and we daughter as a puppy in my two weeks later litigator and yeah she doesn't even like you. Tell me I'm not I'm not against. Breeders' I would prefer that they I'll stop until we have everybody adopted and then start breeding again. By I like I get that some people want a very specific. You know darned. But the thing is I do your research. Like pugs have reading problems yeah. Up and the problems and acts and have back problems and Harry breed of dog has problems if you wanna healthy died a year and you should get him but you definitely tips out. Absolutely hugs they wanted to squished face them so they kept reading the squish it swish basins which it the where the docked him freedom era. Expect I mean it and that they cat breeds that are like our the same way like OK that's what you want understand. That. They come along with a much health problems because they look like like they may be cute but they're I can't yeah. Absolutely like anything up next Jack I feel like we're relaxed during Jon and dots don't shop very high Canada a little mama insulin in Canada on and it out anyway well lit when you kind of plays that you know. Lol let me have a and it almost well I have to make them do not and they did you do like an extra under box deposit and then you pay maybe ten dollars a month. On the security deposit back it changed our after that not all this 900 dollars. I can't it. I lived and three different apartments here before I moved into a house I got my security deposit back every single time bat and I had multiple cats. I PR's got a cat scan or earn everything my cats don't room I have scenes of apparently carpet with three cats that. Was awful. I yeah she's compartment cover it with my. I won't sink and she's she's going to be movements and some that I NASCAR removing sand that's. That totally doesn't limited apart. Life is trashed the it is it. Is gone finally taking independence. My mother lineup after them she action and other yet here by his mother and her lack of a better term mother in law she had illegal cats and her apartment. It's really told her landlord about what she did now I can tell a story out. She only had one machine and three typically for the one we didn't yeah absolutely I would let him sit in the wind out the same time can she get caught. Yeah. And now we turn to history. Now we have story shout out we did the same thing we made it so that by and windows are fine because we are in the back of the apartment complex nobody was ever act there yeah. We got our windows like face to the fright we sat and not so that they couldn't get into that. It's just hit a secret daily look at. And they all looked similar in every couldn't tell the difference. Election Adam yeah I wasn't so lucky I had three very different looking caps I think if they're all in the wind now at some point they're there and Christmas past and yet president Christmas future. That's your right to. Yeah not a pet person I do I want I want like a dog and caddies out why not like about you want action and I don't watch a one Madonna. But my mom let me have a because is I don't honestly can't amendment it's mined out. I was speaking I don't deploy my mom that when I was nine and I bet I did it take care bet my yeah. Like the only had a they would let me have in the house it's. And matches and balances when I went to college and kindly stick your own head and a little bounty. From at and good life for a fish in. We had Oscar went through seven in my announcements and none of them live longer than two. I asked. This year for odd timing. When I worked in promotions here at the radio station catlett and his name is slim shady. Is this. I think you'll have treaties to kick it out here limit had the Snooki yeah. I had a regions. And man regions the region as governor months millionaire has not yet and well he he wanted to have a million babies I found out you know that you can sometimes go to the pet store and get one chance yep and they aren't you end up like yeah that's a little tiny like you know I like. The classic fish bowl I like sized fish bar element to work a couple days after getting him. And they. Several eat their babies now have a problem yeah but I never I only want them made it so than it was Regis at Augusta I can't remember the baby's name. And you have eighteen months EB EXP. Or to anyone that and 500 and I mean and in fact that's it's not really fun more scientific and I'm on if you are slightly smaller than another Spanish. Annually if they're one of the only species whereas like they can count IE NC that you're just like a fraction smaller and apparently to how well. But they'll choke to death but the Leach has. Picked. Eight should all. I mean there's a lot of yeah animal world. My mind rabbit when island on the farm on her own around its mind it always your babies she was terrible and it can't. Fully. Your edge certainly at some point you've had enough of these babies out the one of them is acceptable now urging you're just gonna eat them all they stretch and yeah. A lot of animals do you like any pigs do hamsters Tia asked you when they have their babies since humans look like predators since our eyes are on the front ever had. Here's a scientist at our eyes are on the front ever had like predator right I know wolf and they act at. So when we're looking at the baby's gone on cute babies moms think in in her head yet meeting my baby is a way better death then this predator eating my baby I'll stress eat the babies. And eighties is about is asleep in Milan. And I never met with my rabbit baby's content she still played and I'm not an easy and made excuses and yeah. See it. I. They ran an online had a very good life and I can't let it. I think my grandmother originally got fed up and made her and Iran stand on. And now. That's a lot for the farming and my neighbor killed a chicken and enemy once I'd like traumatized. God I'm I'm I'm chicken. It's a sad that's chickens free chicken and it. It. Up. Yeah like free ticket at a backyard near and it owns a mom wants us I grabbed him by the Americans that which a pregnant and Ella and I was like. Yeah. Does not just don't. Get. A bit like scream. Yeah. Well it's it's it's care I was I was not cut out for the farm now you are not. Thirty barn cats I was I don't like a matter of fact I'm not living on our yeah man has in gross I mean there's there's poop everywhere and a and the cows get out in Europe in the melon that night you're just trying to wrangle caller's yet. All my grandma and electric fence to keep her cats and and the Catholic to lean on the electric fence gas yep. As so little like char into their skin because they're lean and on and it just continually zapping them. The tender I think we will ahead of time and how dumb they can't get off. I don't think they have chosen you weren't we had them when I was growing up and it's so we were always they. We are our grant us our had three houses on it says that my grandma and grandpa lived in line. And and we don't whine and and my uncle who also had I children Clinton once said there's like there's my children and so we were always liked. There was cousin competition going on all the times we've dairy each other to it. My cousins dragging her all right attachments but what. We have gotten into the data briar patch yeah well we're just asking grandma like a whole mountain I went. He'd get into like any on the dollar lecture Scioscia is all that. And as every year in house is up on the hill when we get down into the belly up like fishing hole whenever and like seven. Bank might have two cousins that are older than me of one of the younger than me and they like live here now I know there. Little bit different than myself can I I believe and choose Shanahan. But we don't Shealy convinces me take my shoes off from an amber and my location or whatever to brag Patrick out just tore up my legs eyes crying at a time we got. Now low Murrow on the islands like how good energetic and I heyday. Aunt Marion gets stuck in a tree at the feeling union and nobody would help because. Too scared to come down arcade and nobody helped me so my cousins are mean to mean laughed at me. You're climbing and climbing in the eating dinner suit they aren't there they're like I'm. Only big kids confined to treat my alma big kid I caught up there realized it couldn't get down from. Cardiac Ed has John you've. You neverland died on a far around the country or even how I never lived there but my dad says Stanley their farmers and land you know. When I was little my knowledge it's it her brother's house and as cats being blind eye. I have in a little silly you know so cool and I was in and going ahead as maybe having volleyed on data sites that evidently now that I think about it on the like adults have gasoline have liked if that would come to check our cow is like pregnancies they mean and they stick our whole hand in there. Yeah. It well I see a human baby being born like makes you wanna bombing of the likes seen. Lindsay is in nature wander all it. Things being buoyed is an excellent sorrow which is why I think that I don't wanna had keys because I'll be so scared that I'm gonna like bombings everywhere yeah he'll be Disney you'll be fine. And a there are some things happen that are pretty currents and nature like its nature and really could do just so much like him do yeah yellow. The terror. I'm glad it. Thankfully and everyone acknowledged. That found that the sticky stuff that's on not McDonald's as blunt and as I am not a river of water. Idiotic fluid would be somewhere in that attic where that's that's that's likely check out the baby's neck that's right and sticking. In KIY never learned I learned spiny let what I watch stuff like that literally like. The roll up like that. All right and could. Yeah like scrolling through paste that into my is a lowly it is beautiful home Bartley of eyes are watching it like to speak about the baby like coming out I will do is throw up if you are suppose that's yeah yeah. I'm the draft now I don't wanna see my mom post up like that elegant. All it does a lot of it is. The same. Yeah. And I can't add a sack I nature is being at all do you attorneys discussed when you're a little lineup you. And I don't know if I but did. Any now I say I can't change that I haven't had any children or my own and I have not birthed any cats. That the act what could. Mom but I didn't give birth any event. And they say that track and win it's your own staffers and their bodies also still grips. But yet it is Uga it's like I am good thinks and they are looking at going to be like. Might the first time you played I don't mean your day I don't hear an actor yeah. Everywhere you are disgusting. I'm in IMAX in an addition McKinney meet a man so. Eating my game and have babies now like you aren't children. I'm in Miami already have eight grandchildren from owners we siblings aren't in need anymore earned your capped off your debt. I'm as a time when my mom started put the pressure army and helping other. Kids making babies you know why you need them for me I'm the oldest and I'm getting that. Like there's no tougher for me I now as my cousins and asked that and she's having ligament elect crisis in Thailand and a cast a whole lot on all the attentions on it now I'm the oldest sibling in the family isn't it weird and my grandma's like wearing my great grand babies are tough. I've never had a thought about another human being needing to procreate for me that when we went captured and I started getting serious and argue that getting married all of these people have started losing their mind because you are ruining their lives and had children at other. Well or are we give up. I rake grandma so my mom's grandma thinks I'm living in San okay Aaron happening in the begin together about we're. Married yet whenever I write this I think grandma had a second husband ended the same thing living in Langley who exacts. You see. I had to do with her second husband and her she married him yep I'm a bit what's so why let. Alone. And finals thanks so there isn't a best podcast and a leave me alone. I'll say your mom started. Here at 231838. Orange on did not need to make babies right hybrid and seven between eight. I must graduated from me alone had no money. I don't even live with my boyfriend yet. We opportunity on his podcast but there's a little bit energy news in the SP two for listening to the kind an ending these podcast with KJ Katie and John if you wanna keep up with us go to kinda dirty girls dot com.