KJ's Kinda Nerdy: Ep 169

Thursday, April 5th


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Well go. Today it kinda dirty news. Part of that kind of dirty network. Here's KJ. And that kind of dirty girls. JD yeah. Ever answered John. I don't know what I wanted to talk about Atlanta's Chris Evans must ask you or somebody else playing princess. Well yeah that's hard how to die. That others are going around range now. On that for the next hours and decent Carrie Fisher is obviously not witness any -- can't we want to play spoiler alert I need yet to play. He died. Sorry Michael whole year ago yeah. They want Meryl Streep to play her she played it. Carrie Fisher in another good. Not only nobody plays Carrie Fisher nobody plays princess land it goes away. One guy not an author of the LA. I think. She has very big day do you reference saying the general on another planet she could be in mourning because. Luke will get out losses marvels and Ed and died and die and I. I'm so low died but she did legit go away and be a morning we do not need somebody else play. As team I thought our kids buckle up. I don't rent lower. About outlining this I have. She has many reasons to doubt she should go hide in the jet I temple I vote that we just the one that I earned Star Wars. Mute Chanel no I mean. She's got on abortion career and I Jenna. And it is saying like there's parties so much in I mean if Carrie Fisher is gone she can be you know of the princess alike just cut off to stop this yet you could just. The night out yet. Princess plant solicited us yeah after shark she's still in modern story. And I think that you don't know. Already what the story is like what are they doing. At this Everett is dealing with the chaos that the sky lockers have left across the galaxy he's dead skyrocket. Now is constant. And we're excited is meddling skyrocketed. Barry got its head halls like it's got. So they went just dealing with methodical point Friday I just did there are groups of three I have been already moves along in April as you think it keep the pattern up. This be the last one for trial that says that's their plan is duties and in in trilogy so yes so well why would you do that just like. Now let. Had a pretty crappy couple movies here so she's gone I mean I'm. In regions like. To me just say that if they're gonna get someone to play the presents an elitist is someone who looks like about her daughter. 'cause I mean Merrill's street doesn't like anything like eighth measured now is not very little they may be like. I'll in out she already got smashed and hadn't Ernest H probably needs to rest a little bit letter daughter figured out the Seattle. You have. I'd I who are these people are signing it's that it's a petition. That they are signing to get Meryl Streep and to treat Lenny. Princess like 8000 people on I hope you realize that just because you sign a petition that you hit your forcing people to do you behind. Well al-Qaeda. That the people that are big thing does is a good idea I watch now I want the night. Merrill Streep is a great aunt she's actually I her. And. You do this they need to duet with someone like. Narrow strip by you have to be one of those like super respected actresses who is going to. It did the role the respect it deserves an a but why don't look it doesn't need to meet Don. Paramount at Merrill Streep plays don't do this to us. And does she need anymore money not probably not just need to be princess is I got enough Blaine alike building avatar like at out shopping this year. It needs like. I'm great at math thank you could you fill the ivory tower has this kind of opened on and on the money would just blow away mess your Alison yep what time it has reference impairs head on saint. Jason. An apartment you know taking out a terrorist now direct from Indianapolis yes solid in an image that one Eiffel Tower it's worth the money. Why is there are no. Has made I don't know anything about that. I need one Eiffel towers of money yeah. That's how much. I'm do you have a tiny outfits from the gaming world Katie. Think I Crowley has cannot what they are crimes are cracked I've so basically inked. These these games they just kind of drop you in the wild and you surviving a real lot. Ark crisis read it dropped out and I'll look like some Psycho that going to kill you see star like resistance movement against him like a whole thing. Our price for you go back to I think it's Nepal and snake like he'd take over the government as the guy I was like in love with your dad mom and he tried to kill you and her it's very complex the. Why am I like your mom before she was young character yeah are and they can't get back. Whenever I didn't think yeah in so this one is about a cult and Monta. I don't think so and so are you in the cult. Are you know you are building resistance against the cult because. You are like new Marshall are never used marshals are deputy years and yeah. Arrest warrant to arrest the leader of this cult. And push comes to shabby end up in a fiery helicopter crash and you have to escape the cult. So that EU rescue baddest guy that looks like an old cop and Chris Evans with the mustache kind of a no holes. I know. I. Haven't with the most and. Only thing worse. Yeah but really rescues in any starter resistance against those calls it take down like Ed thank them for Maine people in the call. You're so tired. Sounds exhausted at play coupled it's. Unlikely ascent to the library and I got a book about a cult. Read it I was wondering why you have a a book called church of lies in a year it's about one of the ladies from FL yes. Really subset mormons and Internet. What's his name Warren Jeffs OK I. Hour after hour I can't culture interesting. So just ask it be natural. Yeah he shot at the Swedish Michael I don't well basically yeah that is pretty much act. I mean predict anything I'm a fan of it on as well just join the cult because I'm only. You would be in a lot of holes I would act a comedy it's too many calls not the problem I have. And a scheduled to be in all the idols and etiquette vessel to all of. Kelly yeah they didn't give them. Parity and I think that there did I hear you saying that an avengers game coming out as John. Not on the gaming news you. And his family well John. It is a fantastic at keeping up went all the dirty news on her Twitter account such. Somebody asked if somebody has to Katy and I are not real I don't know what words were between OK and we're I don't know asthma and talents to make fun of something that John likes. And it may or less staying it please follow at kinda dirty news is you'll be glad you did his job is like breaking news I guess most of my nerdy news from John and attract your falcon so what's the avengers game. It's called strike force on that just came out a couple of days ago I think I'll take that game came out let's X ray at thinks they'll. And big game came out but the trailer for the game came out the same day outside that was really weird. OK yet and house house Captain America likens helix really buff a markedly helix. Offered been like real life Captain America let's is that facial hair status on his nanny nine attack on an option to put a mustache on and I'll think yeah. But it is you not holidays demo team yes you dislike the picky team in the new lake by eight. Look at I don't know late too much about how you are at a big gaming person I am not it is our gamer I get addicted to games too much and then I don't know anything they're asked them. If yeah. I did admire and I early years which is why I don't I don't game now and I'll probably did that when Harry Potter. Mobile game. Finely finally. I comes out early I wish I I will probably do it and them and that now they are. Yeah yeah wearing down lets you disappeared into the area. But you know I mean now. Mean all the characters look really did I mean I don't know a lot about you know. Enemies in current video games the united Captain America looks pretty but. Man looks. Huge. Yeah they not he looks like. Them like some two we come down because Iron Man is not rejected ballots and Rotella. The F so it was pretty bland about about maybe downloading it than that I read on it. Pat you know. Then got a lot of ads disappear and not have a job anymore exactly and I don't and then adapt lesson yak adulthood is all about moderation in this yeah well the hi I stay up late and I'm tired at work. Yeah yeah. I gave little sleepy. Yeah. Yeah we watch a little. Adapting Alice last night before the first can be naturalists and it's just like Harry Potter is it it that's the thing that that route. It ruins and my ability to be a productive human because Ali fine. You know like I'm gonna watch that and that of course I turn to not write a sad part where Hermione is simply beating her fame and memories that are like god. Well it's like eraser out there cheering her home to protect protect against us. And sometimes judge. Frank I know writers I sorry John spoilers. Not only can. You will care you will care how well it. A couple short headlines aria. You Leggett Incredibles game yeah cash and with the mid eat it's how you guys when does that incredible to come up because I haven't seen in channels one. And we will make a movie night out of our accept my cash it's just fashion stands to be in an action thriller. Your guess and friend. Talk about Chris Evans in my let's talk about suggestions at cat yes he's better OK okay hello let's come down and trauma director at the rain in parts of the Caribbean Korver Penske okay that's called beat the reaper. And I just need a doctor Peter Brown is an intern at Manhattan the worst hospital. With a talent for medicine is shift from hell and it passed he preferred to keep it. Whether to blacks are complex surgery or planned to Linda message malpractice suit he knows what evil Lex in the heart of many. I think there's going to be a lot of blood that's on I mean you know when I'm glad I have lunch he'll be announcing what it yet anyway. Egypt is that we should dinero made am Friday's. We just do the that kind of nerdy news movie weekend preview. And it's just you just reading this synopsis you know. World where I ran into their lives and I together. I can't handle in last so excited I mean yeah. No when I got this morning I came downstairs we left TV on I'm not Aaron Katz as Egypt yeah cats apparently wanted to stay out. And Latin America where if this schmuck sir dinner wish my honest I don't US in its pop crowd and it was Steve corral and has not just you know I am I left it on for a lot of that I'd like I don't need to see this I don't like deadly. And I'm like I need. I'm eating is night and we're at the wide shots and that's what I discovered here this morning. I am excited for airmen and the costs you. I'm excited for often he's coming actress nominee now meaning now can you are very excited about going on our. I. Well as before we announced an opera ever and Jurassic four is getting rebooting for comics now yeah. Ironic though OK okay comics and I don't. Hopefully it on time make another movie because they just in an immediate fantastic four movie my. Problem and I'm tired because you know with this fox dizzying. Merger that means that like that the people who know how to how to make good Moody's. Have the fantastic four back on that they're not gonna mess with it from Y for awhile now let's let her win that a merger was announced they were like hey. Calm down. We are not going to screw up fantastic for a we're not going to do anything with them will be co oh yeah now we're going into phase two of the marvel world. They have to give people time to forget the terrible sentence for the man. It's almost like Spiderman every four years we get a fantastic I have yet to Italy eat yeah yeah yeah I I did. Get an. And one more headlines. I'm such an invented actual functioning jet packs the first thing it was had a same right I mean my now that's an amazing I love Japan. Right so that's another thing you can add deer at Ellison and things in what do you guys and yeah. Is that September or October October it's kind of it's going to be near the free night you'll get in Japan doesn't has passed its rules and convenient in iMac has written but I mean I'm not turn up yeah. I honestly US of their passport. The position is open. We've got to be moved in together I am having an amber who. Oh that's going to be busy you're gonna move in and then you're on strip you know. Wow do you not like I haven't brought that up you sound very excited. Pete and then just play video games that's what you guys like to do right he's just gonna let me take care. I guess that works its usually best Allen yeah. It is really units that's Katie not Katie is dead at staff and prospects I have I. We would put that I'm right at the top of your resume it is it says my address my son number and then cadet thing that that's that's a nice guy got stuff. Stuck it stuck covers more. Yeah things up a little Susie is particularly liked tasks and bruised up as like hobbies. And I needed it but you're good at stuff even though hobbies and tasks I would just tell covers at all. Does that say that I had Katie Lee and it my resonate for me like a while I don't ever Naimi added resonated. People of the world your welcome as auditorium. Your side job current account trying to be I can't really love looking really that is what it's naive as in her my resume seat printed out and then likes it like marking all over it. That means he goes okay it says it I love your name. And I love your address so. And I look number I think this is that we had a picnic and a close eye and it it. Well let's kick it Lal a cat well I can't have not afraid to end the Italian or. How hard is he is not that's that's what they pay me the big bucks collapse rallies that not piled money aren't there Katie under thrown out of cash. Under the visibility. Just a whole other thing out of Diana one of those waited blankets are in Abu I don't know. How much yet but I am not one. Meet you. Yet it is so public anxiety and obviously better ever in I'm totally willing to pay 200 dollars for one I just. Wish I could test the first INS I don't know how happy I am. Gonna give you one suggestion and that would be if you want to sleep matter. You have to put the games down and I know how to bat next. You you have quite far cry if I doubt in your with your way you'd like yeah how stupid. Indianapolis Cleveland are cracked and was a problem. Doing that already want you need a way to break it. I kissed my place fishing in every night. I would not be surprising though is actually as I say goodnight to my guys and I think next Michael stich at. The how vibrant yep it here I think and I damn I did text and levied and better. Is suing the airline and I want nobody dollar and nobody lets. Margaret as muscles and media as we post this on you think that someone who'd listen now it didn't play any Afghan people following your social media yeah early eighty our followers on loan values and our whole followers and I think about what would happen as each of those 84 people. Told another person to listen you know how it did fair amount every two weeks. And it yeah I went you know when I posed semi tech played a few hours later we get about student or retreats I'm tired I can't act. Is. Indy is mixed dot com is the home to our podcast. I am on in the afternoons Katie is on at night. John I will eventually be on somewhere I just working on time and that it. Ed the rest of the day so we startled by being nerdy than we separate and Nate Katie does all the important stuff to keep us on the year. John edits the podcast kindness and respect you would be amazed at the amount of stupid things that we sank. Now I know unless it is seventh I think what now I'm pretty did that Penske blackness as what I love again puzzles when a backpack when do we get our when we get our gangrene. He looks today that's gone on yeah that kind of back right yeah. Yeah. Everybody. Yeah. At the. You've been listening to the kind of dirty news. Part of the kinda dirty network keep up with the latest kinda dirty news it in these mixed dot com and on Twitter at kinda dirty news.