KJ's Kinda Nerdy: Ep 170

Monday, April 9th


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Welcome to the kinda dirty news with KG AA and the kind of dirty girls Katie and producer John. I starting getting out when he is I'm chasing after it took passenger on the right. Just wait you you're like okay I'm looking you know I don't leave anybody I'm sorry example. It right or Brian Lawrence is waving to you I'm getting all these notifications economic. Well did you laid back I eat my hat. Yeah happening not forget and you don't people and among these are not being renewed not weaving back so it's like the virtual waved from the sporting a bad sign yet and it's like every. I. Now what I've found out my friend Karl who is one of the guys that runs in the top content. Me man it's that I had just joined messenger question mark question marks question mark. How do you think any pop rock and I was like. Not on anyway let's take beating up on me you guys jelly doughnuts listened they have invited us. And they podcast. To be out part of their podcast marathon. Aides that we have to like working Hank you know we we do you have office jobs here at the mentally down food and we have to your eye early in the Marciano works army. It's okay whenever I am the best because he I had. There's that I drumming Hannah that follows me on FaceBook who asked me at that was weird to she asked me yesterday sent a message that hey would you wanna do a supernatural. Panel and indie pop kind they're taking pain and I. And ash. I have freaked out I was I was telling a different car like I told the Madonna Mike but I. I don't know that I wanted to our panel has panels are a lot of pressure I'm lucky dogs hate your have you every Donna panel now I didn't like for like. Any B which is broadcasting. And it lets wire millennial so awful to hire and I like your all wrong in terrible. NBA and blood on their millennial all eyes are roomful of people over the age of 55. Well all I'll get they got that you know she you have to have something unique is. I mean yeah like. Could we do a instead of just supernatural could we do kinda dirty pay an all are renowned like and I've asked. Yeah yeah. OK listen supernatural they get renewed for a fourteen seed we. And I. Think really well. That it out at being kind and kind of nerdy girls could we could get a few more girls to another and do like we should bring IEE. And their wrist all I have my friend Shelly who has that conquests you know announced that is with supernatural. And she Charles around the country at and by frank kits even as the oddity file it has got talent which is going to be a pop and we should outflow. His names Rainer is in your eighteenth loan. But I mean I mean it can't come we have like girl power yeah yeah we handle and be there Wil Wheaton is going to be a pop yeah yeah you've eaten tuna that little Eaton he wants is he I think as a doctor and a -- I'm not much. Makes me really happy he got to be fair but not your pets he tweets conversations that he has with a calf. And that makes me shall tell. And that. Plays bran stark game he asked if that it's not really really deadline at an that they like about Iggy Pop con is that. The reason they can't pop on is because it's more pop culture and last like I think people coup. You know maybe like game of throw into the path as ours they gal are intimidated at a comic con I'm not benefit and that type feel it gen con and comic con yeah. Because I don't read comic books as much as they end you know so I feel like it's just for that pop none of them are the key it it it's a little that lay out a little more open and see you can see the like of ouija podcast you got Ron read our on stage I have email. Added John and I was rambling. Yeah yeah. Yeah I heard. I didn't you out now there's been unemployed Canadians and comes back and I. Not a Canadian Canada and us. Rightly or V. Expanded its. We asked him just he's teaser to me. Hung in on eight yes yes yes yes I kind of nerdy stored on chip hang in static and energy sleep over who moved to outages am I how we can't. Touch and dedicated asked everybody does everywhere and it that everyone listing is invited to my laurels for me yeah. How can everybody. That's great lasagna. As. An anti super nine's those husband and I like and I like Enron and there's. There's plenty room I did lost your apology last night they ache in Italy and it was really fun and yes I enjoy it hasn't law yesterday with my mom and I bought her one of the pop figures and it was not. Doctor smolder whenever the rockets character. Loves Iraq so much and flu doesn't yes I'm sort of very exciting moment for my husband because Iraq is his man crashed. And Karen Galen. The red hadn't gotten diner Cheney that is yeah she's eighty pop that's his woman cross a two of them. I. If he can handle. Yeah Entrust our guests I could look at it it was really awkward for. Supposedly not yeah. Like I Nyhan just shivered and like I can't let Austin heard and I got enough and they you know and I couldn't look at a well no I could like when she is first trying to do the flirting thing you could look at that either honor. That was fabulous yeah its own fine and I bond that I didn't see it's it made my life that you might get. And in that good taste you do you know money is a million and nine so do you you wanna talk about your feelings with supernatural getting a fourteen seat. I feel like fourteen as many long days and indeed it more for me catch up I guess yeah just mad because yourself far behind your lighten. I can't let Lil and my Netflix back at consumer actually am he's in five pounds. Like half if you see them you know exactly. I have to get this girl cried and I have to look at my tournament I laughed because her reaction to supernatural being renewed was. I want the apocalypse comes all that's going to be laughed as a few twinkies and supernatural. Yeah. It never go right at it like this instance went on for forever there's a gallon range you know how are. Unlike its 21 twenty seconds later tees and yes Simpsons oh yeah. I liked those lines what Scott is still go and take some liberties in the cartoons because they're not real people are I had I feel like that's part of that. Secret of their success. I don't ask don't have ideas of I was a writer. Twelve seasons again that's sat side other toll that Larry is. Supernatural gets remanded. Supernatural writers responded it was an idea of just a bunch of people screaming. Yeah. I had to have another idea. And that pretty good job of coming up with new ideas needed to get our ski BD crossovers. No amount each yeah is there anything else they can process. I would want them across ever win. Let me think about as I didn't think about it for a senate yeah I I. Come back to me I have. John yeah and it is there any show you would like supernatural to cross ever. It's perfect for the number one on everybody's list with immediate land lines supernatural across it. I can't think of one rants of my head and how is sane man these Phil Austin is a financial data crossover with additional invention and he can't get any if they didn't dazzling the locking Dudley three seasons ago and we move him yeah dad I can't find out meet after. I want to get that girl's credit for her tweet I can't find whoever you are and if you Selma and went up. What does supernatural video game. Lou and me sadly my anger Katie you wanna supernatural can I play it. Do you wanna let it can't hurt you got that on your felt. Like a phone and account name system being used. I'd let my PlayStation like this at night every night we are not as evident on commercial for our craft I had literally play that every day since it came out last week you. You want do you win at these he can't. There's multiple endings so in the park I series salt like our crack or as an activist Willis let. I'm at. I'm never gonna you're I want and so there's like two main endings attack the first on his movements and minutes of the game. And so in that in our price our. You're gonna like bring your and mom's ashes back to the homeland or whatever like the all new and eat kidnapped by the Cameron's government or never and he's like him up with your mom the whole thing or whatever. He RO tortures the guy sitting next to eat dinner table who's like the leader of the resistance I can and if you follow the actual plane again you end up running away with him in the industry to governor. But he leaves to go to deal with something and he asks you to just sit at the table and wait until he gets back if you do it Tilley gives back which is like five minutes of waiting and just not. Touchy siege ending summer games just yet and you get that he let you put your mom's ashes back in the game is over yeah. It's. Our crack it has an option to do that as well right gap and cash out my brother take that route first. I always take the actual route first I am playing your game so you saying that sitting and waiting on an actual. I I don't think it fits the story. Like a cop out ending. Yeah like it's game bragging just that there and wind. Doesn't really get in touch any buttons that. And it's like to cut scenes and and he said Eric you listen to the bells chime in the wind whatever he's out there and he comes back it's not a cut you know it's over. Don't even touch controller. Savvy and not sound like my kind of game it's pretty guy I get the motion sickness stuff an earlier time with. It with a video games now because I mean I can handle in a Donkey Kong. I was fine pac man that's fine. And it's been living in lets you know they can't I can't I might have them will play I mean that keep in mind we are not gamers suite on the PlayStation 2 any place and James Bond game on it. I what's that difficult and I think it has gone yeah gate. Yes you were still loves it ideally play that I may be want to twice a year but I'll try to follow line and they want I was like getting control or let me see if I can do best. He was irritated at me guys get running and. I'm Alan James Bond game we are thinking. Because iGoogle but it's actually not fired yeah arc but yeah my dad you say it commandeer the PlayStation played a game and only let me watch. I just you know even the games my nephew tab on the Xbox they have that Harry Potter got game and yet it's automatically be if I never now wearing on the let's turn your analogy got a daughter the other side not like twirling in circles and. Don't wanna and yeah I also rely very heavily on the map. I'm I had no sense of direction. And look at everything. Let me just liked it a game and they get to be ending as it has a to look at everything I. And I collectibles. Like an Atlantic online weeks via. See I'd like to just wrap around. And not Harry Potter game it doesn't really matters are just not run around her collect coins on you gonna do with them but I do you know. He repeatedly you can catch Belgium and I'm not doing anything to help win the game. I get shallow mad kick went like you gotta get played again eat when I first started playing and they didn't know either it was kind of fine and now that they figured out how to play. And you want about have to tap out firm and a lot. Well yeah I don't know did it. Yeah I get certain points in the game both players have to go through a door whenever I never finding it omnibus. I think according every ten. They hate me I'm a terrible gamer and I'm yeah as and they act and that we have been talking. I have five more waves from people who think I just joined FaceBook messenger today that they think which one of seventeen accounts was that. It's my carried jewel. I count your your fan page kept well. Now my first actual FaceBook page and then they spotlight have you can't have that many friends you need to have a phone rampaged through any of the younger end. How many have a fan page FaceBook mainly due it was on the continent all detainees in China. Mary I'm proud of our and then you have to like. Well they get to make a decision you wanna turn all of your friends and to fans urged wanna tell them that you have a campaign to they need to Allen you're now out of it. No I forcing my friends to become all that hello my aunt passed. That's my mom and turn when a man fan and our fast or heard by five years and basement has decided the total opposite and they don't want you to have formed they don't want you to post videos they. They want you to have meaningful conversations. It. Oh yeah yeah it's all phased out rent itself until you get like you can comment like seventeen different ways and most of them are more meaningful than the other runs at a science it's it's really ridiculous because she. What they want is for me to spend money. To talk to Mike and I. I think I'm paid well. Yeah it. This isn't like oh yeah. Jesus drew about a minute and her parents I'm. Resent it I decide today to end parents me probably because I'm refusing to spend money to promote my post he should wait. Am Ericsson name by telling everybody hey got any just joined messenger today. And you know that made you bet on since 2003. Had any JJ just joined now. Connie in us ten dollars and my office I. Messenger is like a new weren't paying then light like the act messengers of Linden is a different thing than FaceBook like it yeah connects to your basement solid. You can have a face the did not have a messenger. I know all of that I you know I have I. I have all that stuff that's I don't know I faced a mini looks stupid today I have messenger for you. Are. You not feel any better they didn't tell me that you just can't passenger's side. We heard anything yet are we friends. Are you friends with Mike teary jolting. Our fans are okay and I don't know what you do. Well yeah I hear enough for me just working with me I need to follow on every ten minutes. From. Not from me right. If it's any retreat something from and 38 and notification. You are not on. Al. Notification television I notification every time mark Hammel that's happening sat I is worth it makes me that I'm not worsen. Yeah. I only get aren't wedded to the candidates that it is if I had notification that might you do such a fine job done. But it just you and and nations and I don't read any thing I'll add you hate notifications I can't stand I can't handle. I I didn't tell you got on Sunday I was I disconnected from my phone for an entire day hero as magnificent and I shut everything off like just in case I was attempted to look at I found that it wouldn't show me that I had any notifications and because that's like I think that's waiting to task now that I need to take care something waiting and he got like chocolate right. LS yeah it was very strange I realized. How often. I immediately search for answers on my phone that I don't really need immediately. I don't know let people get und dot I think that's amazing we live in the part of history where you have every knowledge ever at your fingers as renowned. College yes but it sucks you down and knowledge hole react because it gives you that extra questions. I I just wanted to know because this time a year. I get allergies and it it makes my scalp itch I was like have this government I'll add IG's government shampoo I wonder if I can put this government oil on my -- I hear it straight and this is reportedly more than you need it's not but that all the sudden I was like. Well pattern and Ariel is good for years out guess what else is get Rosemary L Allen laughter. I started reading about where I can't lose with us all of the other. So done I don't need this information in my life distracting. Or overlook it. That's the thing that I noticed the most was when I had one. Those questions pop and I had Ryan is gonna grab my phone I thought to myself I mean I'm going to be OK that I don't have acknowledged the fact that I. I never know it's in the hands. But when I give them my founding get upgraded at the store where they're like fixing something and Arabs different. I Bobby Knight well just gonna play this pen and touch everything on the dance a hot maniacal glad because I don't know into the Carolina my hands in my pocket and take them out again multi. All of my arms broken leg. That's the rally don't let her smiling I catch everything they can't that's Lal is have a book. With me when I go somewhere either and idea but it rappers trying to. Lecturing them but the key is me with club ball on man's daughters and Clinton Bowman's daughter yen. The bone man's daughter and like murder mystery I'm willing when he pages the other day in your murder mysteries she's turning me into murder mystery person I can't even like going to the bookstore just look at our romance novels and mark elegant the mysteries to have you started reading any of castles books. Let's. Yeah. You Imus might eat your dinner here and that was to Jonathan. Went into a capsule is on starring my lifelong boyfriend Nate and billions less than a Syrian and unfortunate events aren't in yet he has and I'll catch up. It she says me and ancient and went last week yeah well I got here did you count capsule. Yeah. You're like yeah yeah yeah yeah. I I got it at. And I look and I love that show love Cassel can I watched it like my whole freshman year college it was like I'll I'll watch those castill apparently. I can't answer that basically that infomercials inside the TV show that we're talking about the new. Book and will Mount Vernon here's Brian. As we don't have to worry about that I know that castle like braille books in you know in the snow I didn't know that. They're actually published books out there by reject and Arnold like and I think in the shower actually being published as you play a lot of our cheat and steal. And they can do that yes he does you now know that she like gives them. Yeah that's it she waited a second replied she's like yeah yeah yeah. Well. You know win win. And you've probably have somebody and maybe meet taxi something that's the most amazing thing that they just found out you don't want to hurt their feelings I guy. Young stupid. Have a lot and it takes to get they get so excited that somebody has been like yeah I'm visiting snuggling close okay yeah I do not caught up I don't think you know I don't expect it. And that's why you should Google everything. Is not every moment that cast yourself I will I will give you some knowledge from my one day when I found. Yourself before you Google it do I need to know this rate now. We hope you've kind of got something out of this episode state kinda dirty let us on Twitter kinda dirty news. And online at speeds mix dot com.