KJ's Kinda Nerdy: Ep 171

Tuesday, April 10th


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Welcome to the kinda dirty news with KG AA and the kind of dirty girls Katie and producer John. I love going on the rabbit hole now with so bad especially Wikipedia and something that really. Yup I have like seventeen adds up and suddenly yeah I'm not only so much time in the ninth why did I do that love to learn sometimes I take notes something's gonna come back to look at later. Mean I want you don't yeah. A bad guy coming up all things to Google. Just like I hold no book sometimes it's like movies that I don't wanna watch and I want another plot of in sometimes it's like people and idea that they are going to look at later I crystals on the elevate Helen Huntley earlier today. That is you know Atlanta is way. A cat one you don't know who Helen Hunt let's start about that but soon I recognized in the nation and I don't recognize our wares. Where is your notebook it's metrics. So it's like a little tiny nobody died since the big. Well it now composition of focus toward oh yeah you take every worry an hour and somebody says something you take I'm ready to. You write I need to do lose some. Yeah it it's titled things to do both you and so. I haven't split up in the lake. It's like seventeen pages right after the just got a new now but I never go back to any of them ever but in case I ever get like trapped somewhere with just Internet access I'm sad for life. With only an in an. It 'cause I really. I might need to know you're not an Internet access you can usually my Wi-Fi calls and you won't be stopped earning yen cobbler. I can learn how to signal people with a giant bonfire. How many how many things to Google notebooks and he's gone through in your life how long have you been in many doodling and it. This just happened that you really are. I mean I don't get it and a lot. Known. Sat out eight in a dynamic random it all varies by Andrea C can see my interest laying in the list. Yeah Carlisle it's like all the actors and marveled I don't know. This is overnight TV shows I've never heard. I. Like a list of books that I need to look at what just keep the list on your phone. I have on my content. So what's on your front. Well. Let's say you'd do it also imagining John that Katie has a closet in her rounds and just like post it notes like the crazy people that play. I didn't look like. You Kilborn yeah. I had little. Sticky notes of like being as I wanna look at later that I. People do that. That is for everything. Yeah yeah. I have about. And possible vacation ideas they wanna go to Boston arch and I have a lot of stuff that I seem like places that I wanna Google and I look up like the populations of different places like Al alike and I think Elaine I like to know how many people want to get into yeah can you know at a time how many people are going to be ally. Mono lake Whitney goes here and I like thirteen years ago I Google Carmel Indiana for the first I was like hanging re being here. I just think here. And there's no early. So like nothing in compare I'll just go out like I need to know Indiana existed as a state before. Aside you've been making lists of things to analyze that on for thousands of years Mike mountaineer an adult I don't you feel like if it's really something you need to Google you'll remember to Google also have a at all times at least seven tabs open on my Internet browser on my phone. I leave them open permanently assigned immaculate at a later you like save. I don't want to OK I webpart still asks me every it is bookmark them but yes I found my cat just gave me a thumbs up not a little. Little inside and out found that she went back and it that I joined. I can only get her thumbs up pack. I also have some diet highlights wary of a got so John I read for those were watching some nerd thing are never about a possible bones rip off. In. Again I think just instinct. Yeah it's on instinct with. Baghdad whose name I don't know I Nadler we don't know what he's been in but he's been like so many back. I this is Weyrich kind of nerdy guys on the zone either mom that we truly represent. No doubt he shout that why it's an eye on all afternoon we don't know and it makes me think. Jack Frost from us and blustery now you're not helping him that he you know enclosed battery. Now. Then he is the good movies Jack. Great movie with. And how I. I was the great movie you went too far cause periods did Santa Claus is Ali got it looks like a really weird Robert Downey junior. Let's wait let me look and it free the cast an instinct out you got Alan Cummings. And coming talent I don't know that it others also Daniel in this. Means being introduced without Sharon Leal. And it looks like it really sneaking Robert Downey junior. I had I. Turn our motto I. Feel like it really sneaky right Downey jr.'s talent coming that Wikipedia takes him makes indefinitely like. It I don't know what I don't and for my ass I do like MySpace is the million. They're speaking at the Asian base all star on some guy that everybody county as a husband and a wife. No well I'm sure he was in other things I'm sure he was most recently any day now may pass on Broadway and now. Not study. And we're not rattling. I stop stop Google links OK but from this verse two you know the and it's yet. Hey it's nice era that also hurts I did I normally like the original was nasty smirk. There was got to east area. Then there's the I don't pass the new stuff. I'm glad to let you know seeking James the first in dad Doctor Who series eleven way yeah rude arrogant and wrong. It is our the white rabbit Dora the explore how can you need. How I'm how they act so basically and it's an early three episodes into the champ a patent that is about a little Amish boy and it moves to the city and gets murdered any of the beloved piano and ever. Exactly an episode of bounds is there aren't exactly. I feel like that's that's the thing that's why I don't watch I don't cry shows. I don't watch hospital chance because there's only so much original material you can do with police. People at a police placed and hospital people hospital play. I. And he. And it but the resident with men's agrees delegate and he lasted now I Latino and I had that I think that the team and at La Mans is great. Okay like. I think he's still seems too young to me to be an actor he's a residents so you might read that he's mostly I like he's the doctor but like he's not quite an actor Italy in school kinda like to be it actor so what makes this more interesting thing Grey's Anatomy or Chicago mad at our house or like that all other hospital. Change well. Besides he's Logan from can. Also a best of it and I do ask. But I don't like I never really watched Grey's Anatomy but like the resident is all about. Men's increase character Conrad and he is trying to bite like hospital corruption. Like the hospitals read like the lead surgeon is really her rats and you know he little. He like tense it's weird it's crazy and he's like trying to save everybody go like he can't. As somebody just dynamite the last of the so that I Watson I like bought my eyes out because he was only. You're up and and and you're trying to arrange isn't very big. My son I don't say I already have this is that they Liggett and speaking of emotional shows have you watched that new show a rise. Yet now now back I'm better at it it's a trusted me. But they ever at and they were really marketing at hard during this as nice as I get the feel good. General checked patted rise but it stars. The guy that played tad on How I Met Your Mother. Al and I just I can't see him as anything other than Tet like he's a teacher needs like encouraging students to sing and right on guys that the new fame I don't want. Inspired each story breaking this community is a week and when it's high school theater program takes on an unconventional new leader. Not likely yeah but it's a tad from how much router 'cause that's like no original plots. And now is like that the show instinct like the major panic as I want to. I did not seem on wow. Yeah greatly at a kind aside. I'm thank goodness you kept on. I believe him. Right on lake the president instinct and it has made a promise of castle 'cause like he a British or the main guy is a writer. Calculate working with the police force. All brands and things. I balance plus Cassel again equals show with a guy who you'll recognize that don't know his name I can't imagine that analysts. On what you're just maybe things and I'll capsule you'd. Nathan Kelly Ann has a new show coming out. Where and it's still going to be at a police station. But this time he's like the guy in his forties is just decided to become a police officer. So he if I think it's called the rookie tennis and they I don't as they Muster rarely got that because it went like. I mean they didn't even get a pilot it's just in production already lap on in the fall. I oh well that it must hate and terror ended testing and I was I actually wasn't happy back in the day when wind I found out that he was going to be tough because I was like ultimately each. Each. For himself and aren't you know it's funny but I never watched that for him and I have to say about that could. And other music acts like trying to steal Stanley is blind oh my god why yes. Now they I was doodling you know prepped for the show it. There's a lot of really bad stuff happening around and I do always. Yet another his wife that. Black yeah I was there and that. Yes well apparently. Some unidentified former business associate allegedly Fords and vacuuming you to Stanley's personal owners to extract blood from Stanley but what do they want the blood. Does to make make marble pins marble intense like writing in the Stanley is blood. Yeah and I'm sure somebody would on and island there's excite our there's there's there's a five to allegations about I think I it's managed him for years in the nurse that was involved in some terrible things that they were doing to stand for the stuff pops priced in the but who did I think it was gonna I gonna take the man's blood as he got left is it expensive marvel independence. I any is flood technically an ink. I mean you can I can get right with it yeah but it off every shot at it like I can write with. He mega deal with a deadly gas founded in your blood. That's as Alicia you watch me and and and it was a criminal minded as I was like taking people's bluntly leading them on maintaining what they're seeing that right does man. Don't watch the show as you get crazy people like soccer and let me dailies and I don't Marmol or. Was on you know criminal minds yeah ain't lake had elastic as tomorrow are but I don't watch in a market he's not on how much is at Nancy like fat slot. On the other option it's great. All cops and smile. In Louisiana no cops shot in my life where Joe's hospital shows a chaotic months now look this is like network and you know it's not like in high school drama. Then. Everybody cares about high school as Riverdale. Strange it ain't like Riverdale though residents. Have married and it pretty busy that she'd only asked that I was all of the CEO yeah. That's on its cover up the network but I did exceed that when I mention those in the very gently said it's agreed to isn't it the next season might be as I. Minaret but it's. Not like all right and then to announce Emeril initial visit in my be active on. Yeah I think ironic you're shows on the CW that they hadn't have canceled on the Clinton announced they were renewed it was a hundred and I found. I think the only ones that. Why are you rolling your eyes she was crying I'm not and zombie TV shows me there. Like watching deadliest plane via its it's own in and that's kind of why I liked it to us. Does not act biggest threat to its threat and but I'd. Is that I'd gone either one or Schilling eats brains to find out how people I'd yeah I'm not an. Yeah I'm not either it's weird to me an average under a gunman in Chile is a lot to think you would like you know Britain and it's Netflix and and I just keeps going snap meeting room so that ends up in the year and then I don't even know what's the hundred is about Ike. They're just under people laughed on the planet editors and think yes and as the I don't know. I don't know her only cabinet nerdy kind of like Allegiant and tomorrow I'll it's about but it looks interest I started watching it it's really dark I love them and I have this and I was like yeah I don't know it's. Sat in its hold on your brain. Justice rubio lord. Men use them down acts and tired of the expand its theory dark. I started to get did the gift it's pretty yet but I haven't gone back duets I just I haven't had. I don't but in not interested in new TV rights I just keep watching Gilmore Girls and doctor drew over an hour. Over and over and over at all I'm doing that's I mean it took me to watched Jumanji. And I do it. I went. I know it start rocking Kevin Hart and and Jack black and caring Galen and Jack Black with the best character in and you just he was really a classic yes snatched by and yeah I just. And I don't want any risks I don't want anything and. I got a fight with my dad about wolverines like to sick and I don't. I hate all over it I guess Barbara he has way too many ladies for being crappy superhero. Like they could have picked away Barack's plan that some nine and a cyclops or Jean grant got a row. Now the storm after storm but even storm I liked his Wolverine need like eighteen is neat because since Jack Denton and I love move on Jackman he's doing musicals now leave them alone would I know it is great to have the greatest element and that it's amaze. You just kept going to Auburn only SLA when greatest showing came out in LA and this was shot of life what do you do Saturday. This outlandish the next day when he did that British amateur that was I felt like it was months. I am asking because I knew you're gonna go see it's not an idea dressed to the greatest tennis anti every morning you ran out of friends to take Libya. As well I never went I didn't yeah. It's really really get the music's great Hugh Jackman is great like amazing. How much at that and how much they involve the animals that's my problem nice Alan not really a whole lot it's much this show them I can't ourselves get back into the circus because animals aren't you know they don't generally treated very fairly if they're circus you know really the use animal. I mean I. It's mostly just about singing and being at the is and the fear he idiotic pilot Ted scene is lacked the worst are now that are edit stuff like that it's not really about animals that are out animals aren't really in the hand count. Ethical treatment of Hugh Jackman. Outlook. And you can't I agree he is I think the Wolverine movies were pretty weak but just asked me how great Wolverine. I like couldn't care any less tired media. Stop her and you xmas he's RD as zero as. Don't think. I. A back story loaded and yeah that well I think they got to take a break right yet thank you mean he's the he's done and sound their I don't. That's the good news for you I don't think they can recast. Anybody I do you need Allen and magnesium. Do you he's got a little bit evident next and first you didn't you're in an Atlanta you know. I don't agree with his policies but it's good character. Piggy bank huge jerk I don't drink you had his pulpit is. About Florida bet you know I didn't. Mentally they did it. Like his whole back story like he's a holocaust survivor and whenever and they were like experimenting on him as he had superpowers. I mean yeah he's in like a revenge or. While there Matt Dillon all the Nazis you know post World War II. And then he finds like the hippies in England and they start like the school and then he says I was Charles and Dave here interns they really as all parents in as a whole thing. So really it nominee that's sounds like you got on the story that you need there when else do you need just I don't know I don't know what I wanna do it or not will agree I. I am tired a bit and I I know the whole story of Wolverine from seventeen different angles yap. I agree I guess we that we own in nine people I asked and then on any mark or what people are dying people dvds is get. Hot and I was like now. Kagan is very dirty ads that show like this Wolverine movie that's an easy Christmas gift and so we have them and I cleverness seeds Wolverine I don't. And I really think Hugh Jackman is an awesome Wolverine but I don't like there's never a point where I wanna re watch that movie what are you doing their diesel electric although my shirt. I'll see if you show I was like if K it's key having a seizure and drying my shirt with a tissue of America. Ergonomic and. We hope you kind of got something out of this episode state kinda dirty let us on Twitter kinda dirty news. And online at it needs mix dot com.