KJ's Kinda Nerdy: Ep 182

Friday, May 4th


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Welcome to the kinda dirty news part of the kind of dirty network. Here's JJ and that kinda dirty girl. And it's out just an update Mario on my cats. That because I'm allowed to be a minority about my cat. Grayson is bound to eleven point two pounds what was the goal late his goal weight is a landing. He started in and third. Teen. Point 79. Almost fourteen almost fourteen pounds and we've gotten down to eleven point two. Us I credit to grace and but also to Melanie because she steals this food all the time which is a great diet plan get a kitten networks and she exercises them. But. Malady refused to prove army today so I still do not have a fecal samples for compact refused Ricci I told you now yes I mean here's the thing. I we clean the litter boxes last night. We fed them late then I fed her right away this morning with their canned food that I fed right away with a dry food. And my girl I know how much you've eaten and I know how tiny your colon against it has time she would not she lay next to me I say. Massage her stomach. Like a push it like. I might try to push the hope out. There I was pushing very hard. And CO SH. She truly had you played a aggregate she's doing. Not during the inning. Wow I mean I'm feeling and it's maybe a little TM nine. Prod the that's who I don't like I woke up this morning and distressed for three straight hours about. Captive whether or not malady was going to poop and we need to see her put because we need to see if there parasites and her. Because she does have a crazy appetite in the fat was concerned that part of her crazy appetite might not just be that I adopt cats. Who have insatiable appetite for that she might have a Paris itself may be and it makes cents. Well you know we may never found because she's gonna put when she wants that he may never poop again and I thought you know this but your food sample. Not my group to implement our troops have cats and cat food sample. Have to be out with an eight hours for cash so you have to and it. Basically take it and run and yeah so I think she's on an evening troops don't. And she's got a clue what I have calendar your home I don't know why this is I mean that's up. I am I considered living our our our our pet can. Into the winner rooms so that I can monitor when she goes in their scientific. Again onion blanks aren't mask I don't open. No yeah. Yeah I'm fresh and. Ha that's probably more than you needed to now pets are the best day. Today and then you can stress about their pew. Are. What's been hurting it's not like. OK so today I'll talk about an alien franchise. I obviously read a redemption. You wanted to talk about Ryan Reynolds. Is not on our Ryan Reynolds but I think first we should talk about infinity ward yet again our thanks as spoilers. Or act like Nate. Which is the bar slash restaurant slash movie. Yeah it's pretty great it's and I am over on the left cited its northwest shy nor will get them audience. But what I really like about it is not only like them the venue because they you know I take care of less than human strengths and student. In a news and tickets life's great beautiful. What I really liked about it was that everybody wanted to come. Yeah yeah everybody was excited to see yet and everybody is like this. Yeah that's right I staying out you know obviously if you're listening to those you missed our kind of dirty night out but that's file lol I love doing these because I feel like with these movies and especially with infinity or. Experiencing it with other people who wanna see it as much as you'd. I it's a group thing yes yeah I mean that the highest in the lows. Of that movie. They're via an Jerry lamb big turnaround of the other people all. I I think it makes the movie batter I think sitting in a room by yourself watching that movie when it comes out on different you're going to be I I got I. Yeah I don't quite get what everybody. Was so excited about your bike like the movie but you're not going to be like wow because you weren't in the moment when it via. And I do think certain it easily answer very much group activity. Ash. Bank. Three and other enemies argues again why the dirty now now now yeah you're like and other investing or talk. Another infinity or so. And I asked. I hope you the yes actually very. And we are gonna do another kind of 39 out for example to. My hat seeking an doubtful tale yes let is that deal with this maybe being the end. And now we're Ryan Reynolds out. He has said he he doesn't know he didn't say there is no future for dead pool three but he's just not in an area. So. It I mean I I. He did it righted he would just was kind of like million outlets have dad pulled to you know when he signed up for that acts first movie which. At this point in the next hour yeah. Yeah yeah half so that will be kinda cool and that might be I mean who knows where they're going with that movie that might be. Almost like it might. Work is the third dead pool you write like he finally joins the explorer's need as a really want to me and mentioned the export yet so maybe yeah so closely I mean I I did our thing I didn't like about it was. Do you need to talk about it right now when all of these marvel fans are are reeling grieving yeah. Yeah have no I like thrown another thing on our plate to worry about egg when we guarantee dad told you we don't get to see dead pool three. Dead dead pool right now. The gas what I did I did find it amusing that you know he's. He's like there is now dead pull three and they're like the future of green lantern and he was like did. And I'll watch green lantern yeah. You inland. He why it's and furlong time I yeah he. Related either green or is it crappy movie he made that comment remember in dead pool when he was going back for surgery like don't make. Don't make me drain in doubt meant to say gee am not a blank out he was ripping yarn green lantern. I he says he shot a rough cut very early on that and he never watched. If Byron actor added a film I'm in any a lot of his movies that he really enjoys nobody else like that he. Which I thought was weird hue watches movies of himself I would. Which. Video are on FaceBook and myself I don't wanna watch I would be really focus on like myself obviously. How. Not narcissistic in a way that like to I really look like and yeah I don't I don't I don't like I asked her why I'm in this business I don't like hearing myself yeah I don't like looking at myself. Basically the two things media yeah it's. I I I would guess myself Lejeune yeah because I I wanna know when I look like to other people. That's always you know that one question that I always ask. People not what I like to you because I don't want an answer. Do you just a heavy hammer out some time now I think I look like that's what do you think look like. While Ike. Curing people hear themselves talk for the first time. His allies it eloquent or wouldn't have found me then yeah I mean it's it's not science but the year and are you hear yourself as different and how other people here you. Mean it's cool but. I just like watching regret the fact. And I'm in I'd I've been in a radio. You know. Twenty years now and I and I still get the look of horror when I hear myself sometimes and contacts in out I didn't. Now. And I. In other news did you ever CD alien franchise. No that is you didn't know. It I saw the scene where in this thing crawls out of his Sigourney Weaver many years again it might punches it's my daughters Dominique yet. I saw that scene. A lie. For when I would go to my grandparents towns they HBO remember when it was like well maybe you don't. Yeah I am happy that you are at Y 3 and I am 42. When an HBO came out it was like that was right that was huge DL and my grandparents on HBO so they just always had an Iraq. So I for some reason experienced. Terrible movies at their house like I accidentally. As a child stumbled upon. Alien did you not all the time because they are the channel he got here I am in the beach and flag Barack was on their strength back I want to spread our rock show to my mind like. I should always watch is channel elite could be and then I I I know that I turned it on and I shot that's that famous scene from ailing and it was and that could you not yeah is committed some gross and she's a brave man I. Just sit there like it a tiny and failed to hold sterile. I console to. Yeah. It is not right all right did you loses a Gurney we're. I'm and then another time. The same thing at my grandma's house turn on TV. Maybe some pride Iraq signed on it was what ever nightmare on elm street where Johnny Depp gets sucked into the bat and then my blood spews every. I think that was the first I think sell yen I don't know I are out cannon and yeah let's make many years has now terrifying on the app for it but I went as a little kid that I was while mostly on floor. I mean that's like the entire premise of the inning leaving now is just. Is that I didn't yell at all living on aliens freak me out I've never seen a beginning and so are they doing more alien movies Nell instead they're doing an illustrated book about the cat from the goofy. So there is a cat well Sigourney Weaver's character is Bruce and Allen Ripley and she's like the only survivor whenever I'd hand. Springs or cat with her in his name is Jones or jealousy. Annan very soon in October there will be a link in illustrated book from the cap. Point in Vienna about. They alien invasion of the ship or but like here's an excerpt from it says aboard the USC SS system out John C leads the simple life in doing the company cat food and chasing space record. Until Monday they cry estates is cat nap is rudely interrupted. Humans at a new pet and it's definitely not house strains are. Oh I'm not a chat perspective now. Nothing bad happens can you it's OK are you the only answer yet to the sequel well look at. So it's it's all about. Mr. cutie can't see enthusiasm a little thing he went Sigourney you're out Kenya. Okay shell and original ones that haven't remains mother runs and like this I mean I know there believe me I'm aware of that the cat's life span. And they can't live that line Canadian things. Up try us face it it's maybe it's Ramirez and he did get to honor and he enemy. Well this way that you and I can enjoy the alien franchise Carty found mainly in May mean it was a quiet place. Well they're aliens yeah but now that they're doing the sequel for quiet please I am watching burst into. Now I know a monster looks like you know and that's one of the big freaky things for me I. Date they creep around you don't see him in I don't like when movies do that yeah I would rather just see it and now but I know I'm in four acts as like. Signs is done the beat it freaks me out because I hate it Anderson part re like they're at the door and you can see their fingers and I. I can't handle as well like they it pans out the window and you see it on the chimney across the street. I am or it runs through the kid's birthday party end. Eric hall when you're watching a quiet place you'd just thought they were monsters you know until after the fact that they were up late you're supposed to pick it up from cues from the movie because it. This movie's very good about. Not telling you what's happened. Happening shows you how Castel at the very beginning in the pharmacies that you can get hands over the newspapers and in talks and Alec in meteor right in Mexico and in the invasion and so they are aliens but you don't. Pick and a and they don't tell you I look at ya out cat but yet aliens freak me out. But that an outlook that may eighty years changing because they're willing to logic I always to hear you're growing into embracing the aliens now Anderson and size I Indiana. But these and didn't price spike and us as an alien. You know. And out of and out now I would I would hope not go more as Anemia and more as an alien issue freaky now I mean rocket cool green meter. And it Whalen he may be kinda nice power. I guess that yesterday I Sean I was like wow bold move I'm trying to get them. The site that I followed home. They post videos all the time in the video that they posted was the headlines and great man as a lot of you are favorite. Infinity are characters might not be dead and it had the picture of the character outlets. I immediately clicked on all the comments I normally don't give up I wanna share I will buy it I was like. They are so mad about this and I mean they are just blowing it up like what is it gonna yeah now how could you move and that video out could I mean there's. Tons of different characters in the video but they chose this still. To be one of the characters. Nearing eighty. Spoilers Whitman as a it was Camara app which is what made me think that she and I think actually dad I think she gets to be your parent lucky Mike. And a lack you know if all of this is going to be. You know some sort of like Doctor Strange does back in and changes time somehow just everybody. Everybody can count ketchup every. And a happy ending a lovely girls every happy ending now if you really want to now what happens. Ot the people who read the comic books are so irritated that people are shocked because I guess it actually follows the comics really well. On I had a friend you read the comics and he ends pilot army but he was like yeah it's by its war in its disaster and be prepared than me so I mean I knew it wasn't going to be like. Well we're gonna lose why would all line yeah there will be alive. After stick in the comic. But it does sound like based on the people have read the comics that what they read. They were prepared for when they where it's on the movie. And so if you don't wanna wait year maybe. Maybe pick up the bucks it's. I believe. Saturday is is comic book day like nationwide. And all these parties everywhere on these and comic bookstores so did you account. You kinda you get gusts spoil yourself if you don't want to wait to hear and see what happens in the next infinity or provided that they you know follow the script or just go down the rabbit hole. Marine air now. And yeah it like I am experiencing. And one more thing and talk about. You probably don't care how can you ever heard of red dead redemption now I actually seen or and we started talking here. And you made the comment of course we have to talk about red down on red dead birds and red dead redemption and unlike a. Do yeah I did at saint Pete how did you know have different. Dirty things yes I do so. Because you never play is basically Grand Theft Auto though cowboys and horses out and signed and it it takes play play some like the west at the end of the year of the cowboy and the steam engines on on its way you know trains are things now on who you know cars are certainly becoming saying acting cowboys are dying and like half the games in Mexico on app that's in the US. Border in a patent fight with the rebels in Mexico grew. But in red dead redemption you're basically saying. That the term is ratting out all these like bandits out like he used to like run with in your gang. Save your wife and child because I got taken by the police and their being held until you give up your old gang cop out cat yeah. I was like I have to be Aires in the caveat. Because it's just end up indebted state in the west they. And the main characters like John Karsten and it was dud game of the year and it's heralded as. One of the best games of all time a cat so now they have read at redemption to always was supposed come out last year but it kept getting delayed delayed delayed. Now it's finally coming out October 26. I days after the cap book. Our I any lot of posts to be a pre school for resident redemptions was the before and had no different character in the main character's name is. Arthur Morgan and he's supposed to be like. Kinda like a debt collector I look at what he's supposed to be an anti here now and Mike. He goes against his gang out how does it take you can't play like these games but depend on how intimate it gets a few dude just a story like. The bare minimum just finish this morning it and then. The average game is about seven to ten hours. Album because you wanna get your money's worth a crap if you do all decide qwest you can invested in the story and do everything forever. You could have anywhere from like. Ten to fifteen our worst suit like sky room where people are still finding new things seven years after the game came out. Nag do you have like so many lives like you know the old school games. Very and I know poop and they are never. Well usually these games and like an honor same features as you progress in the game saves Oreo at. Sometimes when you die that's it and it's over night in red and redemption games when you diet to send you back to us out packed. So I you don't have a lot at my. There's not a whole lot at stake and you're just kind of mix and it didn't changing difficulty I can do you like beginners like. New to first person shooters don't know how to Pena and need to come to your house at some point and just see what it's like I had an election. You do yes what's your room like you. It's. She's my daughter calls it eclectic I. But it's it's a lot of posters like at night I mean I used to work at GameStop sound. I used to get all like and special releases that I would prepared in the myself Simon get all the maps for different game. I love the maps and might still plans are cranked. I'm actually framing that app now gonna get blank by a frame that at that so can you see any of the walls you're rumors it just all posters. It depends on which while you look at. I'm starting to think you're like. Delineating and ready player. Little similar cap. But I have one mall that's all these maps and posters of a test and I am one lawless on my words and trapeze. That's my professional law. Do you have a wall of words and at least I actually remain national champion news broadcasts are the right. Let's just like high school or count her. Well is an honor to be in your president your very well. Do I get I have it all of the war in other news I live in a cave. But I need a computer gaming chair ugly market. So what's at what he means you're do you have my dad. Clay you need a gaining Jack has not come here in the zone. Johnson. And that's that's what I have for you today. Well I. I have a clue is on and my FaceBook page. You've got to. KJ on air dot com you can take he which avenger are you quit. Lol I would like take each item added in the next our tickets and I know who I am. And I am proud of who I think got Doctor Strange on Joseph and I am here. Yeah and it was all gassed. Which let me read the descriptions here because he was like a Doctor Strange enough right to use your sentiment. He does he were he'd well you know do we really like. Benedict convert match oh yeah were at the dirty I doubt here's Tom analogy of Sherlock caught yes yes. I teach a let me see if I had to announce they've. I shaved it. If you get Doctor Strange in the screens. The good news is that you are incredibly intelligent and possessed rare talents and insights the bad news is that you are typically standoffish and kinda mean. How. Did. Yeah okay inner yeah so in the next spot yeah. I'll tell you I am because I was pretty giddy about it and then I would like to see who you are because there were a lot it was interesting a lot of times when I'm policies quizzes. The comments will be. Like a lot of people get the same answers and this was all over the place people were far and Hulk and I'd call black went out and get more and like I just app on all now I'm gaining it back if you if you don't you do. That's half and then. Character that you like that maybe I can swing and in my favor. But if you are light Bucky like let's say then when I am in different. Then when you and Bucky got together. You would be so similar in that you couldn't you couldn't maintain a relationship if people opposite tack and also. Yes he can't beat tonight is not too soon we'll find out if you might be devastating. I will have my do you laugh yeah well I Affymetrix. I think. We know he kind of got something out of this episode state kinda dirty let us on Twitter kinda dirty news. And outlined at its mix that count.