KJ's Kinda Nerdy: Ep 183

Friday, May 4th


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Welcome to the kinda dirty news part of the kind of dirty network. Here's JJ and that kinda dirty girl. Mason we had to do the twins which avenger you know yes K eighteen I Harry typically has. You hop. I thank him Captain America. The. I now can you just check this cranes and when she got her answer and she was not like. Hey I can't America out why would you not want to be Captain America really description of Captain America. They didn't use this for me it's really selfless and her click Anderson with a heart of go. The bad news is that you can be in or you're too stubborn and that totally thing of the past. That's good person doesn't mean. Tickets and again I thought Katie early wanted to be backe and by the way you can take his plans. I mean it's a bonds' feat quits and he got a buzz feed me typing in you know which avenger are you don't got right up or it. Got to my FaceBook page and scroll down past a lot of pictures. You know he's so I don't find it. Shout came out and to get lucky because Bucky is her favorite but Katie here is the good news. If Bucky is your favorite. To retake equation changer in delay now. If Bucky your favorite you should be the New York Captain America. And and that and girl Captain America may be backing will develop feelings for you that he didn't have for Boyd. I just say it's pot I'm not convinced. I take any job. You can't you're just trying to figure out loud bark he would do. La the second time doctors to and I guess but he's an option because I saw in the comments on my basement PH then a couple people hockey fan don't you're just yeah you're just not good enough to be lucky parts. Pratt. This is not fair. IR and I'm insulted and I am sorry. I can't citizen I I'm done quit. I'm not well thanks for listening to an inherited an. I'm pay day I'll be back soon with no one eye and ask them. When he wanted to Ira. Nothing now but. On yeah I just it's that might not be rich may need to get your kind of nerdy and Ernie worried my status is and yeah. No. Edited video every day of at least thirty seconds where it's like you know highlights a senate that op I guess my my mouth is. What what's the word it's not awful analysts and moist and. Unmarked. Cop out apple loves it hate in me as it does it to hit Atlanta's a lot of saliva. Yep all over my yeah that's maybe that's your superhero power it then you are you are still woman. I did you want to be known for that deal like mega man. Now of what I mean I don't I don't know mega man enough to test I did I am very careful of when I say highlights mind. And I don't know mega man well enough to say that I like I don't dislike him on the opposite I like. Many things I love many things that I like anything and but you know everybody's in a classic console remakes ring Alec yet as a mini Annie asks and they did a super Nintendo owns a so for the thirtieth anniversary of demand which we actually really liked McMahon in my house okay they are releasing the original. Console. Like. They had little would have called son of that the partridge should get the actual cartridges. They're releasing me any S mega man tail on the cartridge and the S and ES mega man tax on the original cartridge now are these like legit cartridges like your I have to take about it will honor and a half to blow off your old us and yes the asked. Outside but it's bits for the thirtieth anniversary and. How can see eyelashes. I grow up with Atari. And my generation and then I got a little bit into Nintendo Nintendo but it really just. Like Super Mario Brothers and I tetris. It's easy to find out by Alison we report yet and we took we can get and we had Marianna and tetris. Got offered him a neighbor's house and playing his Nintendo 64. Why did you know he I was pretty proud of myself when I moved up to the that Sega Genesis that also have the CD-ROM. I could not stay agent says it well but I liked it and I thought it was pretty cool that I and the CD-ROM. That way about my CD player that's shall I play I don't hold it just so Kaczynski tilted and all scratched the CD county now do you like it it made me feel cool that I had I didn't have very many games but that because they were the CD-ROM with some shortly they didn't really make a lot of games hard complaint I CDs. It's. You know announces anniversary and as hoots. The one guy and I don't like out I and we went back. May second it was the officially. Anniversary of the release of the first Iron Man movie. I and so my hasn't and I went act and wouldn't you know watching and we will watch it and not too long ago well on my gosh it was long ago because and here. Well but we are back and watch it in January when we started the out marvel cinematic universe challenger I didn't I know week. We really far behind so we traveled to London in March we rocks like I'm on them to catch up. Just skip the bad ones but he went at him like we did not. And how bad was there were some not as good ones c'mon. Hot but think about a lot going back and watching Iron Man now. Mean not to you know focus on his luck. I think Robert Downey junior let's wave batters and he did yes. He has and he has and mean you have to agree even if you don't like the character Tony Stark that Robert Downey junior's hand to. And he's got a lot healthier. As you say you know have. A bunch of issues yeah things like chat and now he's back in makes me very very happy because I don't watch and I got since weird science. Let's go. Any where my knees and why she's eleven. She's. No she's not going around she has eleven. I I and her parents had not seen weird science and they were young. And gay. It's you know like in their hands and they are telling us about the they were they were right in my my firm lines like she you know we have around fourteen when I watch it she's pretty matures we wanted him there so much. Sex stuff and that movie and it's like blatant like there's not sex scenes but. A couple of horny dudes in high school who make a robot costs one yeah. They're goal is sexually. Motivated via Iran and says there are some lord I bet you're sharing our. It's. All she said to me when she came Albert was. She's had her music and we heard some. Now I yeah. I mean I think inside a you know he's been a part of my life for almost my whole grown up now and I'm happy if I descent and he went through. Some crazy stuff that I you know most people shouldn't. Come back from or even like. To come back from this knots in out and have this life any of that is very grateful that he got a second chance and I did yeah by attack ads Weaver watching Iron Man. I net Tuesday night Wednesday night what I overnight it was. It was I was watching it with a little more. Appreciation because I kept thinking through like every scene and everything is happening like if this had gone wrong just a little bit. There are I mean there's no there's no marvel cinematic universe they base everything. From the last ten years they. They made all of their decisions based on how well this movie was going to do there what they laid it out. And they had plans that they would not have followed through with those plans. If iron Manhattan in the movies that. I mean absolutely that was the first one in the super hero air up the modern and anyway yeah it's. I mean it gets the hallmark and a packet and. I am I trying to make you like Arizona start. I like. I say yeah. You maybe she watch a movie be like you know I appreciate your iris never and then in the game I watched him and I was like OK that's it I'm done I really thought. The time. Because I was more of I actually was Marvin DC girl growing up on and they have just you know. Now let me down multiple time pentagon I don't Charlotte. I I. I grew into more of a marvel person I was I was Captain America girl my whole life yeah how we thought Captain America but. You know just to sleep with on Saturday morning so I didn't like to ask I saw Morris you know there was more Superman and Wonder Woman and an actor and activist Anna did just what there was just more DC stuff for kids I think DC did better expertise than marveled and in the marveled at better than at least yeah and but I remember when they said that they were making an Iron Man movie and I was kind of crappy about it and I did it. I did it CNN theaters my husband bottle when it came out and can't force me into watching it because I sat on my I. I loved Captain America. I appreciate the avengers. I'm. Just you really care much about Iron Man and he was like you're gonna watch that Graham. You're gonna watch says it you're gonna love it I know it and I do and you know thankfully he announced when it was great. What are the great about it in our relationship when he first read a watch Iron Man and and now ten years later here we are most were still happy. Yeah. Manning Captain America today is very similar to ride and after byte. I always liked kept America yeah I never liked Iron Man yeah eyes never. Change that ever. Well and then has stay in as they develop to their plan I was like just get Captain America yeah I like everything else just get to Captain America I just want Hulk. Yeah I don't know the Hulk was so bad that snow yes I said there weren't bad and my purple if we. I sat there not all as good. Yeah. I'm here here's the thing I don't know that. The whole movie was that bad. I can't watch it and give it a fair shot because. I don't dis like Ed Norton but he's not the Hulk right I believe yeah. I'm even Guam before Mark Russell took over like I when they said Ed Norton was going to do the Hulk movie I went into it going. That guy is not fit anywhere close to being burst and he's just not I went into it not liking that. And then for some reason and no offense to our image she's probably a lovely human being. Love Liv Tyler as an actress. And you know Blake. I feel like stare at her face a lot of it's doing weird things which initially she what she was also an Armageddon with Ben Affleck. You act as humanities in other names she says. She's Steven Tyler's daughter from harassment that she also have a big now yes. The G anti mouth she acts yeah. But she's a beautiful white sheet I mean she's a she's gorgeous. And I've never seen any any about it you know sometimes there's just like an actress or not easily just like I don't. I don't like watching them I don't out and sell. Now okay yeah I know that Dennis GAAP show if it was similar to the I was she wasn't Morgan or should I I The Lord of the Rings are wonderful movies to sleep or. Wow. Okay. Well yeah. I I paint. I I I didn't hate The Lord of the Rings movies I wasn't into they were very long there are very long. I did go into the feeder for the third run because my husband insisted it was terrible experience because it was well. It. It is in line and they created certain at Iowa yeah I read books I think I read the blacks would have understood the army be cared about the characters or else along. But yeah I don't like bond books so I'm still not done three player Ryan. It's so long when I learned. I you know here's the problem I have no. Wonder you like I didn't demand. Because. When I had the look right I was reading the book. I was doing fine. And now and I switch over to my Kindle because I don't I was somewhere and I wanted to keep ratings have dropped the buck and I thank Oscar Adams got a bottom candles and I. Always had it with me. And then they can't always lied. Yeah like 38% done with this but I'm like yeah. And I actually read it and just got in my head. I am reading but for too long port to still be over half way to get out. I can't now and I I go yeah I might. Have to choose who clashed and help the yeah I can't get an out of my hand. I was really loving it until the Kendall told me I was only 38% her I want 200 and some pages into it which means at least 500 and some pages. I'm not gonna happen and I think you're right OK did you read. Now it's a long I got it in LaGrange and in an outcast. You. An intimate and reason I want to go see a movie is it fair mindedness I now purchase that book twice and I'm still not done with you. Kind. I got to the movie which everybody says. Don't even like worry about the book because it's a different from the vial like in the digital doesn't mean however I would not an independently and gone to see them now I. Now that's on your back to not only thirty got what the. It is I don't bet. I think I finally found. Middle ground for the two of us tonight at me a lot of games obviously the plane on a play zero games except for like in the trivia night yeah so I. I thought I gang called stellar mass that no one's ever heard us. Yep enticing cards and it's fun for the whole family if you're interested I think Nintendo is free cash because that's very much and the company. Fun fact is actually a card game company when it came down our tea act in like an eighteen hundreds irons and has been around forever and here's why not but. Was that somebody's name like mr. Nintendo invented as far as I know. Is like a pretty exotic name for the eighteen hundreds I would change financing Nintendo if given the opportunity has his name Nanette. Ten now making his first district and no mr. tend to have maybe a cat. But there president Guidant when he fifteen than they replaced with a new guy who's now retiring later this year than the next guy. He. Is actually wanting to do a lot more mobile games he wants intended expand on the phone platform. That Larry has stuff like animal crossing pocket camp which I've played for three months down. And I think that kind of stuff is the stuff you'll like because it's casual and it's very. Like you play on your time there's no time restrictions. You know it's not a matter of like having enough energy to do some things. Yeah I'm I don't have any games on my found. You've got to get I'm not even Harry Potter game which I thought like Catalina game I had. Poking around down for a little while and I did have some fun adventures with my knees while she was in out into the out for a quick second. But I had many I don't know I like what the success of. C'mon now on things like that they also arguing Mario Kart tour later this here's my card and you found who won't and then there they did Super Mario Rand which is just a running into. At a very casual game yeah I my nephew my five year old nephew is Ali. Playing yeah ice has different games with the are always the running game here like running and jumping out on the job in the nit collecting coins and stuff like that. He's always doing that and when he asked me to help them when he gets stuck on a level. I love to take its own and be like yeah I'll be your and that I die in five seconds and he thanked. Kit in your case you are really dug grown adults hi I got a 100% on this on the first try and. You're just. India but if you mentioned that you liked games where it's it's more casual it's easier and you don't have. To be dedicated to this game right and I mean I have been playing in her apartment or game and I your tuna and thank. I like it because it it is very easy and it's like it it helpfully blends people who know a lot about Harry Potter and so like. You learn the styles as you go to act. Out and then sometimes it asks you in little trivia questions and you get the wrong. No harm no foul out but if you get regular collection on the. That's sounds nice it is and what is an a aren't. And someone comment on my page they were listening to our podcasts or we're talking about the Harry Potter and coming out and she said to me. I believe her name was Michelle and she's sad. I like. New found game earned a mobile game it's been really fun but I am excited for that they are east those are augmented reality okay so it it's similar to like they had sent that you feed a virtual reality. Love care. Think dunk on says that going to be like you'd get ten bank actually like you're gonna feel like you're actually walking around and how hogwarts I wish. I gave her anger out on my letter for twelve years old senator. You try to virtual reality games as of feeling like. So they have like different kinds of virtual reality experiences are people so. One of the ones I really like is movie style that is not like the official import. But it it's like a little. 3-D movie like you put goggles on and went in my favor and it's like it's like underwater adventures acts like. You're in the little submarine and as you look around you can look at the little different Fisher whenever you drive by the pirate ship that's underwater in DC the giant whales and it's it's more of like a movie experience and that's kind of they're looking in observing a gallon then they have somewhere it's you know your very active in the role like you assumed the role of the main character no way it's from your eyes. And I layered character is schemes. It's like anyway I don't know where I am you have the little handles that control your hands sometimes you can reach over and take things then you can interact with the world that way and not which is a little disorienting and not used to it yes and then they haven't really hardcore ones like to run. So that's caddie can only run so far and a headset is on accord and that's that's like again necktie wade is playing and let you play your wind and he's going into what is freak out and fall over the year character actually does well or why. Well I can't like they have somewhere it's like your roller coaster you're just joining rollercoaster. Do you favor I had in him into a world where people just get sucked into these games like that rain he playwright Neil. Not real life sucked into a bad emotional. Like where that's or there's just like everybody is just playing games because of veterinary than it is here. I think some people do that now yeah. I mean I think a video games the same may think of movies and TV shows and books and things like it's you know enjoying seeing. I now and it's just bear way of doing it it's this it's storytelling. The same way a book is storytelling. But it's more interactive than a movie. C yeah I think that's I think that's my problem with gaining when I have time to relax I feel like a game his work. Sometimes depends on whatever game yeah yeah I can't because I. And if you really get invested in a story you really like it. Even then it's it's more entertaining product if it's like the same thing governor again and it's really repetitive and it takes you out of being in the mindset of again that it's just attack. Ask well I mean I should be a reminder to all of this because I haven't really played video games since Super Mario and tetris. I realize they've come a long way and I might be missing out on something attack incredibly entertaining to me. But I also might be it. Get addicted to it and then I disappear into the fake or I think you just have to find the right thing for I'm I'm just I'm not gonna try new things that you try to game it turns game. Why did I ought to be an gamer then there is killing I like Tilton audience they do. They're games but the stories and parents alike it it goes through the story union like move around to get it to the next scene in whatever and then year. Given a choice and how you choose affects the rest of the game how it's not a lot of action sequences where you have to fight people and things like that. But you do get a lot of say in how the game ends. I think that maybe something me. Like Aaron you're have to bring him into the office. I'll OK I will bring the games ended setup and a gaming studio out of noticed as fossil like NASCAR work Turkish sense because educate our right. Yeah like and I think you will too well that latest act and inheriting a night out is gonna come out very fast I want to make sure everybody knows about the honestly his dead pull to. We it dead pool to comes out on May eighteenth. Now Ari may I and yeah well aren't counted 39 out will be the Monday after so may 21. You can actually get your tickets on Jolene Alex. Is there something going on special that day are you know he I just like. Monday I can't yeah I like my findings to reroute things and. I it is but at the same time like it's it's a new week. Hot and my calendar you have to turn the page to the next week that's off fresh. Half nice your calendar doesn't fill up like I was like in my next week and I. Trying to schedule a meeting and I had to go under the week after Aronson I already know. How terrible next week he's gonna well I'm nighttime how to act now. I may 31 I you can. Not found on Ryan. That my take a page out as husband hasn't depends on my FaceBook page and a few. Two cagey on your dot com. All are follow us on Twitter. Can you hear any news. Yeah you are tests are probably here on our web thing we hopes you know. You get eyes I all practical pop culture and now other interesting staff and you can no you know find Katie and I. In these next act and that's our. How will you be last question will you be giving away tickets to an eye out yes I did give away tickets by. A lot of people asked they don't really hear. About weaning man. They want to be the screening we're going to like not like me now. Yeah I'm highway and I just wanted I just want to DF that the one that I know much about thirty people aren't like. Why I created and begin I want to be. In a roomful of ignorance when I seemed like you don't like when I talk during movies okay got. No he got an out attacking their movies. I feature we have two rounds when we get that aren't. I have to sinners I myself on the part Haiti's economy. Thanks it's my first cat and Saturday night yeah. We know he kind of got something out of this episode state kinda dirty let us on Twitter kinda dirty news. Outlined at its mix dot com.