KJ's Kinda Nerdy: Ep 184

Tuesday, May 8th


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Welcome to the kinda dirty news part of the kind of dirty network. Here's JJ epic kinda dirty girl. I yeah welcome to the Canon dirty news I'm KJ and Katie and the big booming voice from the tolls that's probably don't even need just. It. So. It I will because I was heavy on the cat talk. And in the you're heavier can't talk. I know. I still found it that you brought or not I still have not managed. Do get these sample that the that would like formalities and act an explosion at what she's doing but not in the schedule I need her to. Like she is seeing how light is colder over the box squeezed I try I try to massaging her belly I am I dead and that smarting at spelled that it works out. She likes to use the litter box for the number two. Around six or 7 in the evening is when I discovered. And overnight what you know they're not and so by the time I can get that sample to them that it wouldn't be any get anymore. I would like distract your cat and Mike. Play keep blank room that will not mean out results and current carpet. I know how insisting it's got gosh got a gas and I take a litter box is when she's so got a gal at 6 or 7 o'clock tonight. Could you scandal meal and then maybe are off a little I try to move in the food schedule around this weekend as she says she's not answer up to an inch in two instances I just sit down and frank conversation. At trust me. There about a lot the palace originality. And this is valid is it you're wrecking mile Mac every time I walked into the vat. My head held down and everything I I failed I failed to get approved again. I thought a fat. We are gonna talk about its some new moon is a little clue into. Avengers. But infinity war part two you gosh I think I won't spoil anything I think it's not only emotionally ready you know everything laid out ready now yeah I have to be emotionally ready until next may really sick. Your I expect. I what did you lot of talk about today. So apparently they have new contact lenses with laser beam oh my goodness. Analyst at things I wanna I. Let's let that first and gives how are you be in the news brief. Scientists at the university of Saint Andrews in Scotland and created contact lenses that a light issue laser beams from your high is now out what are the practical purposes from shooting laser beams from your I assume you you could now be enactment. Yeah out our our body really ages don't like that person your work in math I guess now I mean it's not like Superman. Super girl laid the and they issued beams from their highs for good purposes I guess this is a way to be a superhero yeah. Another different kinds of beams proton leaner s.'s late hour. Look at how would just allow me to. Let my cats chased the red dot all around the room with my honest I I would think that would be tactically you. I moral signs of like. Sheeting laser beams at other people's eyes to blind them. Well CU. QV. You'd go to the dark side quickly getting up. The bad news it's a very low powered laser light that's you know closer to like up our code scanner dot com. Like cyclops. I'll gasoline could be a super expensive cat to. Yeah but it well and save me from the stress of I just last week the battery rent and in our little laser light that Melanie lives changed around an Italian you know burn off the kitten energy and it went. It wasn't all the way dad that she was looking at me like that she's not dim little thing around. She is as all of you Eugene. I got a different entrants just kept staring at the wall looking at me I. Well. Well and I would like she'd read any time now any time so I I'm gonna accept agree not if I had contacts. That would let me Ernie implants like and I think I'm in contact I can just you know. I have contact that when she's ready to play the dead would shoot to then can I control. Just because of its shooting to read little docs around or not. Can confuse what if you're like. If you have the ability to look into different directions you to play with two of your cats at the same time. Today I was like why can't let them I really really Krause. I I don't I don't you get one big don't like rightly means clinic. Its current and that. And so you somewhere guy. Grant money or I don't know what they're a Smart person whose parents were rich. Somebody got money to figure this out the university of Saint Andrews Scotland is doing this they get there is no practical purpose to be able to shoot low low level laser beams out of your lesson it's off for the advancement of science. I'll take I would never saying no to that wouldn't you be worried that there are being a. Gonna hurt your eyes you know hundreds Thailand's beaches and Acker as the traffic on that every news I have like some sort of like well the way it works it slightly neat you. It it takes light from like out lesser laser beam and magnifies it back. So it's not like making a light in your high whereas the lesser laser beam me got to carry around I assume. I now. Finances okay yeah. I see here has just yeah we're getting I feel like he's totally amazed at her word. There I have to carry the airline around well now you get three. 13 giant I have three counts and maybe multitask seen. Yeah let's not make fun of it. The risk rather is. Have a revealed that. We need it they're not telling us the name. Next avengers movie. But they sat back it the closest anyone has gas so far no one has guested it. But the closest that anyone has gotten to it is avengers for after. So it's how close our that would sound so Carolina deal like. The avengers. Are avengers eternity or something like that. What gene Davis movie instead he had to try to. Everyone's not gotten. The avengers I'm sorry. Worse Ari and Billy Durant should. They did and I. I was happy to hear advance the we can't eat it I have a few. Very. Nerdy comic but friends which I'd I'd I'd love because they by comic books and I can just you know read them for free agent. F but a lot of my comic book friends you know were not terribly shocked by anything that happened in infinity war because it followed pretty closely arm at a more locks obviously not an infinity or he plays a big role in the pink in the comics. He's just another avenger. I guess not if book. He will be. Well I'm upset about that but based and for all those people who rely. You know would you be shocked by this if you read comics you'd know this gonna happen in all that craziness in the movie. On the wrist or rather sad that the that this movie. Will not follow the comic it is not so worried should the marvel we're in trouble universe. There are I got it out and set and a previous podcast if you don't outlay here critic to critic. Because. Everybody ran out of touch is like yeah we already knew this does it happened. I can't sell it yeah unit you don't know what's going to have you doubt. Parity made might that. My bet is that it's convenient indeed and it. Sacrifice and fifth and done level and did the union and its annual puts spoiler alerts on this right I have been for everything the accident from that and the other thing and they confirmed that which I was totally wrong about. When we were talking about who's really dad who did you think was really debt. Spoilers out looking into Mora good Mora is not that I don't think any of the dust people are actually dad yeah yeah but Gilmore has not. It like that she just how laying there. A little bit of blood you know I could tell you what they sad it was that she is inside the soul stuff. Now. Like that when they had us like it's so that's how I. Armed Trippi a little thing where thin as was talking to like little Gomorrah that he kind of bad at that point inside the soul stone so it bar a scheme. Yeah makes sense fat but he's still alive I got ahead I thought at first sure she's dad dad out lucky have to be dead dad because there's no way he's like inside the just or act to just got chipped out Iraq. And and didn't have to be dead dad they ripped it out of his hand now yeah yeah I mean even data and then they brought a Barak and then kill them again just manager I think you know anchored ad he isn't it it gets their per dead it really for sure yeah. Out dead and act. But I thought I was that was interesting I didn't realize I guess. The soul sound like there's a place called slow world maps like Winger. Tomorrow is OK I know a bit to share their take all our money definitely we announced. Yeah I get they get had to think about how fun it would be to have bad job and I still shovel out the movie if of course you are up black and Eric may is. How to know what are we got there has been out now I'm out iron did you at all this week eat this style he can watch it at home. Are you dvd or blu records. You know we've been doing. We've just bad and with voodoo you can you can buy at if you buy it right away with dude you are online. Because it is like which. And I knew I can't boot it ends she did pirate movies like I. You know what I did I get booted I asked I show the pen and just the right spot. There is and how Wal-Mart worker who are automatically sends made the dvd in that I released them from their pay. Now how. How dare you do you. There's so many of them now but that was somebody that we started whereas that was the one that was on arrow can use and we used dead and so must of harmonies are on the air about what the hell do you know. On the if you felt let's say that you know the digital release volleys a little bit before the Blu-ray release do you combine it on video and from my. Three dollars more than when the dvd comes out they send it to. Now you get you already have it downloaded in your streaming library and then you get the Blu-ray when it comes out like owning things it's. Is I did we do like owning. I look at move around. Eight airlines are adventures. Line has no way super fancy limited edition might the reedy cover. It's a fancier I am. It is it's gonna settle myself. FB we it out a did just is well last week again my husband is terrible. Choice of movies to put in back. He got the dvd out for the Dark Knight rises I'll add doubt a is that the baying on and that's the main line hey. I was like UN to the effort to actually put the dvd and you. Well in my book and bought out. What degree yeah yeah yeah yeah. Yeah I have talked into it Mosley loses. It because I yeah I. ET. I don't have a glass I have plastic. I don't work and the draft got liquid and it all or. Or. More people than. I was. And yeah well I into us. Contact ideal anchor. So I guess I didn't have a much black panther whenever I want at home over and over because I am. I am a person my markings two point movies over an hour or not like you and Titanic and not until we I have not watched it. Seriously. I get I get in your head and not just easing. I'm gonna watch it for like three straight days and actually do you catch it right in I started doing this podcast together she was on like a once a week schedule Titanic month and watch a week. Month thing. I mean I have that. It is that you are mad at me like you you can watch one movie over now they get around the life out that would be yet know. I'm you ought to tell a lot. As it. Secretly I really liked part and a guy falls off the boat and hits the propeller engines a back flip into the locker. For the seriousness of the movie that. Watch the entire movie just that artists from that moment everybody's it's all serious and like checking of the union knows. And Havoc and it is dying in the water and getting out of whatever god of the backs. OPEC would Jan maybe just like with your phone record that Maria the next time watching it I think of clips on YouTube and look at them and I just. I tenant act and I'm sure that it has like an additional scene name that parliament that. Yeah because I still are not going to get three hour of my life at Titanic into commitment. A it also knows how much and I hasn't been. I watch said please yeah shadows I finished I'll punish your this weekend I was just really really gag. It makes you sell uncomfortable. You're cheering for this guy I think are points where. If it does. You know does she obviously that you know the violence either very pilot but they're very well I had. And they are points where I mean you like point blank kill someone in awaiting you a lot of thought and I I'm. I are there. I can't we as parents and I cannot believe I'm black and have a lot there. It's difficult to be at at someone who in out. Lobs Captain America as much as I do it's difficult to be apparent a fan of publisher. Had. He's now are not Captain America I like the opposite. Speaking of the punishing her dad on huge. To be really upset. That Eric got a haircut last week death. It was a mistake. Because he went to new lady who has never does Eric or catches by Solomon. So it's really short or you like from the punish energy or excitement. And up his co workers that work started calling instead from toy store. It's our you have you have got him punish your teacher why we retire yesterday and saw mug that was little punch line Gosling. You could bring it to work with different. Yeah in almost left median. There's nothing wrong with looking at her hair grows back just don't act like the protester. Actually. And I'll. Did you guys. Did you see over the weekend that news that there were supposed to be now forgive me because I don't know that then got the Pokemon. Language but it's not peek at June is supposed to have like one more. Advance. What they call it an English evolution yet did you did you see that. Now I got it it was like I don't gonna move to move tune recently got Irish green at all got to get more chew. And it's like an evil version of Pokemon. So that people are starting guide to get a deal like Spain and art and what. Blacks. Did you like it up. LaRoche gore Groce do you Moochie I like your Moochie Bayer eagle's peak achieved in the evil I surprising mark now I felt they decided not to because it didn't fit in that story here or something I don't. But a lot of people out where upset that they didn't that that. That they kind of had he evil peek its if they did not get an excuse not in my favorites like what's the point. Who's your favorite and are given PP edges just thought that everybody cannon that's. The one and all the prom is like you're like you're you're not RL thing out of this first when you are cast and your mom thinks they're all that was okay yeah yes I'm. Erica I met because both. I'm originally. Thought. I think I hello my life because a puck hungry guys doing so back when I was in college and using. In college and he actually graduate and ankle boom right hitting other Strasser. He and I why east were to came socket and they had a special edition putt on three yes and then it was blue and it had like can acts of wide come out at times had those upon on an app that you know and that little starter put money get Ers to not it is really cool looking at night united waffled back and forth for three or four weeks about it I should I get tests and not it. I got it I impulse spot at 150 dollars. Or are imposed by a few agonized over for awhile are well I was like are abducting a thing mark nice. And the next day my added in my backpack and I went to school hand. I finished tester Ellis has been awake my friend who's in the class I went out blobby. And I see a guy with the exact same program on three BS no way I own and I eight. I imagine what I look like ten handlers. Awkwardly staring him. But I don't like that's the same Judea. That's the same one should I say some think should I not say something I'm staring too long brown what's happening whether I guess inanimate Lugar and I romantic music serves no tie it was closed down more like record scratch and everything press. Oh. And I I said something to him and he didn't hear because he had his headphones on them and I'm. And brave enough that I I pulled out of my parents house like hey we have the same line he's like why. And I'm like no we and then. The 3-D and I Timmy is like allows like wood plank which. I gave did you get his liked legend of Zelda. And I'm like I'll. And then he asked me to sit. And life goes on what her. And I'm not man because a poke out will you guys have I'm wearing my getting to turn to talk about a wedding we talked about this every ten they have like apple as I don't know or Pokemon themed wedding not at how. That what it normal wedding night I just in Adam and traditional. Not that I've thought about just every waking moment I was like ten but. What I mean you think throws me and I didn't. Not hurting you it's our similarities. Not like there's. I don't know a lot about jelled but we. We get a a couple back when I worked on the smiley show we give away our wedding. And the couple that ended up winning it was. And it it it was like five couples we can't interviewing them had different challenges. And we refer to them has been heard coupled. Yes and then you're hot sun and they are still out there like they have babies now and keep that would ban on face but. And debit they were really into not legend of Zelda. And then music that she walked down the I failed to. It was funny game every shot but it was pretty yeah it was beautiful so. It's funny at at 25 anniversary. I think it was and skyward sword came out not they had like an orchestral soundtrack you have to get with the game. And he is really cool it I can tell it that's signed with beautiful live that I thought it was fantastic sound you know yeah. You just sum it up like earnings in thirty things in your wedding that are like you know everybody get out in Britain bring your favorites ordered. I mean I sometimes whereas like I turned and went down with united actually right he's like okay well what. That's like. You know that if the FCC we can go to the courthouse and get married right now he's like not no thanks for telling me. Not the end of that cap as he has that even more and he balances me out a wry yet that and I think he's good for me at Johnson of front line. Rat don't screw this up. Trying okay well we'll see we'll city Atlantic says. Yeah I'm a plus one on the strap that him and the love of his life his brother wants me. Now that he has the three of us see how you said man up and I was like. Jeremy got to get a girlfriend finally have somebody to hang out with I think oh man. That but that's I mean that's relationships or frightened her let's start figuring out they make that stuff we're. Right yeah. And they're not there yeah we really need listening to make fun of the continent and it's been so I. I just get I yeah this is a story we will continue to follow that back to me that's more breaking news. We don't lie that's. What did you do tell us where she is testing out the new. Contact laser beam. Mubarak I don't know because I've never I don't have a I don't have terrible eyesight I mostly just have a stigmatize them. So I've never gone under like contacts or you don't die another. The laser eye surgery because it's just it's not at. But I'm not rained like I can't do I drop. My eyes. I every kind of angry. I'm not I am and I can expect the public's. Yeah there are you not. You wanna stay in the room not at your eye again. That. You keep your hands spam. I'd have no nerves cajun I know that I I can't feel me feels hot. Stop action accused that your kid gets it why you understand. Yeah you heard again. I'm not looking at you anymore if we word get delays her contact beans for me to try them out. And you have to hold me down and put them. I accidentally put in backwards and then just immediately blind I felt like Glazer yeah yeah yeah immediately blind myself raising your brain your dad and well and later actually had. It is. LA are signed up some like this is gone after all of the safety checks written to go through and it's a more practiced on. And you'll put him. And then I don't know what I'm doing that knowledge anyone's ability enough nor I. I borrow brought home. We hope you kind of got something out of this episode state kinda dirty let us on Twitter kinda dirty news and outlined at its mix that count.