KJ's Kinda Nerdy: Ep 185

Thursday, May 10th


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Go to the 32. Don grown adults if you stare at her face a lot to do weird things and JD in other news I lean and not like in tire problems. Now I. Here's gates indicated it dirty girls and. I need just a lot to what I would assume is the final tee surfer dental to every to get around this nadir when it it's into. Main eighteen. We add they better be doing it I've got to Friday when he first yeah. It is Friday well I'll have that in how they do that sneak preview stuff on Thursday morning gown and a spot that we just watched as such a teaser. Where a dead pool and David Beckham he's apologizing for making fun of David David fashions in the light show in the first film out. And they weren't at that it went until I get Japanese. At teaser that we haven't seen the now where we can understand his dad pulled. Odds are you need but I was just wondering if you understand any of the Japanese answer taken the lessons absolutely not I don't are. So far have been. I'm on a 24 day streak. Does that mean I've been doing these lessons for days okay then I did I days you have bad and doing is it a five minute lesson in ninety minutes of that okay. Aren't so I body part they you know link now and move on. I wish. Back I yeah so it has these differently bubbles ever so there's three different parts of the Japanese language I had you're gonna catch on and Conte. Pat that's like three different alphabet. Okay yeah I've only been learning one OK so what do you have so far. Why I can recognize symbols and O ports to a and so I attacked you know I know what sounds they make it stunned me. But I. He makes it sounds and then we'll see now. Does learning different things like the word for bank the word for vegetables. Herds are welcome and get by I I hear these sorts. No you don't yes I did say bank. Teen got. Vegetable. Sie. Hello. Again welcome. Yoke so good can you work on saying welcome to become inured it is. Now. I don't know that our. I shot Italian and Spanish I'm nation UK now yeah. Not enough. Sudden death will still got dental tools. Yeah that's what they should've called it really settled in I Baghdad cool too and this our next kind of nerdy at out studio movie ground. It'll be out on Monday night may 21 and I'll be given away about three take I guess. Next track all week all week I'm not a seven and a man that is. The place where you'll find us if you found their podcasts and you probably know it's at Indy is next dot com. And that is the home of 1079 the next on the Internet. And on the radio where I actually get paid out and I want to just whine 079. Please listen. That's where at that they don't pay us to do this podcast that's fresher yeah thank you later. I'm. It just stay in the marvel universe all of that I have a couple of things which I'm which lets talk about first Iron Man suit. Being stolen or. Let news about the future of marvel movies. Iron Man I'm they settled the suit that the suit is on. Why sell someone broke into the warehouse I'm just imagining this marvel warehouse like. I everything that would be edit you know like Captain America shield to big closet and falcon wings to stagnate 325000. Dollars but he's armed land around there somewhere. And I am and sure it's sitting there are. And you go to all of this trouble to break and I stuck trying to understand the criminal. I don't know I hate yen and between February and April 1 because they haven't knee did it right by it. Not check. I mean when you put stuff in storage have you ever at a storage unit no you don't check on trust the storage place to keep its. Well I am looking for a new place. I'm just wondering are kind of insurance that storage place ads but the problem with stealing the Iron Man suit. We didn't do that now can't silent. No one can attach that everybody knows now and yeah yeah yeah and if you people come already your house you can't you can't. I have. Get there I don't know if the Stalin said it so yeah ain't free you that you stole a suit you have to keep your basement for the rest your life you're gonna go to jail. Thank what do you get out of is their statute of limitations on. I mean isn't just like priceless artwork. As missing all the time and then like thirty years later nobody can. Charge for the crime anymore it just magically says Mac app and that action. I have an app for some reason it's seven years and I had you at age gap says that seven years and then you can't be prosecuted for crime. This LA. I believe cell. Where they keep all the marbles stuff such limitations for that 13 or four years after crime depending on circumstances under California law that's not bad and I'm forty years I've kinda. Yeah this is just Rolando for four years in the near the salad grant that night it more than 950 dollars oh yeah let yeah. Can be prosecuted as a felony. Misdemeanor. A cat but I think this is a felony as iron man's. Yeah. Technique at marbles it well yeah hit the iron and I know I'm Margaret yeah so I just. I don't mean I don't understand criminals but I really don't understand stealing something you can't do anything you Alec you can't sell it. You can't keep it. We do that let you can't brag about it can't daylight again as is and I did this weekend not you can't put her under criminal resume right here's what I'm good act. You're here are the crimes have accomplished they could lions at least a replica. What's the your also does devaluing it due at eight. There's no point in doing that I'm not Smart that's how cash. Well I think your very Smart I think you're not criminally. Criminal expert smarts but it's about a bang idea. Are they got the scale of criminal smarts your kind of down towards the bottom and you're not Iraq Robin in a bank antique. Ever committed a crime you know now that's a lie in their greatest comic teachers as is. Did you really have peace. You still have them yeah I so have manner to her name on is that are reminders years and never commit crime again my life time it yeah Shane. Well I ain't ain't. It was an accidental you know I. I act and went home and like their grain you know I don't. I was born at the highest assurances. I. Wept and cried all I hominem like I'm gonna go to jail for that. Much I'm on collector says. She thinks so I come lists. I'm pretty sure the statute of limitations is up as a we can talk about that sank their dead. I'm a bit all I had ever die and is. IA. You know like you accidentally leave the grocery store with something that's on the bottom of your car and I never done I ask I am at I have. Gotten home unrealized. That I didn't pay for my litter. So many times she told Claire Clara. At Wal-Mart and I do my day to do I dare do I dare go back and the like here's the receipts that proves that this letter. Was not purchased. But I have to stand in the customer service line or your daddy I now man well. And more dollars at that it you know it weighed on me the next time I'm in the I have my dear Elaine Bennett anger out. I'm an actor Shia next time I talk in a lot or is it going to be a picture of me like just sort of steal letter. Do you think. It would be the first time my picture is on along Wal-Mart. Ike yeah I. I want. I'm not told you about this now know it's really a criminal on your opt I don't know what I'm isn't high school mom. Do my senior year. Wal-Mart it was the first year I don't know maybe they offered scholarships elsewhere and who we at a Wal-Mart it was fairly new and they offered a Wal-Mart scholarship. And I want it. Which was great because my parents a nanny nine to Semitic comments that made other kids take Arab yeah ever. Ever thought about the future of their kids so they implant for college so. I applied for every in our egg every single scholarship that I can't I won the Wal-Mart scholarship. They asked me to come into their studio and take a picture which I was OK fine they gave me pictures. The game with a certificate it was a grand lake shining. A couple of weeks later my Franken picture was hanging by the bathroom door and wall. I. Guess batter. Then. Tore that Wal-Mart down like fifteen years later they are pictures just went there they re built. The Wal-Mart at the time they rebuilt it it was the third biggest Wal-Mart. In the world and they are only like 2000 people that live in the count. Is ridiculous. They re both African Wal-Mart they might pick sure. Are. I. At eleven. Allah town in Wisconsin and into us and others like the picture every year but might is right on the door to get I was the first one like my big. Goofy hair from 1993. Rain and that's what you see when you walk into the after that won't mount Wisconsin sounds like a hole in the way. They don't have pictures of scholarship winners in the wall merging or no Wal-Mart scholarships existed until this conversation it was 15100 hours and they get it was worth my picture by the bad term forever but I would have people's day. Yeah out like they would Cheney and that I. Pitch at bat walked out and Alex what and I and it hasn't let a lot like my twin sister. And. Show Mardy. Oh. It made some big announcements today was actually the Disney. The head of Disney made the announcement owns everything you are yeah. Can you imagine haven't had John thank Disney owns basically they did so. Not by this this thing that he sat and why are as he said why and he said I don't think people should conclude that there will never be another avengers movie. On he sat. Interesting I think he should know for sure about this quote I'm guessing we will try our hand and what all Colin new franchise beyond the avengers. Jay Leno Leno at night in night and not an outlet like this guy (%expletive) I take no rights. Are and it's not then after the avengers. We have a yup my. You make billions of dollars out of the latest up next thirty years he did say that there's another ten year plan. Now what we have. For the arrest of this round. And avengers the end. We have yet Marion and the lost yet is later coming up on July 6. And captain marvel in march of 2019. Avengers boring day at 2019. And Spiderman movie in July I think that counts and I know it well not in the mark it's not. They're not Marv it's that when it entered in the marvel cinematic your number's not on by Marmol and Sonoma. I candidate that there might be something in the and that there might be some sort of thing that's holding up act. Merger of fox and Disney eighty somebody's realizing. That Disney is going to own the entire world and they should be on basically every yeah yeah. All the facts I mean they Elena Peter's pretty much much less so neat. Yeah and they even have a deal with Saudi let me ask and I. I know is if there is a new friend. Ties beyond the avengers that it's not. Please don't please don't do anything with action and please don't try to root like reboot tattered dirty we just need to break. And please anybody thing with fantastic 422. Place now who's sick and I can't yesterday and other likes not a get out last are now I'm not franchises they have the internals would be wind but yet I'd read ventures stick it out in the next phase it would definitely be introducing some characters that and you know what were not as they're not. Names that you know Allegheny if you never sought anything Captain America never read a comic book when someone says Captain America you know and they're talking about. I and I mean. There's not as many of those left for marvel to tap into so it'll be introducing. New characters and a lot of origin stories. Should reliant and your characters are you ready for origin stories on a lot of memories a lot of action. Update on the attorney for century fox thing that they're closing its enrichment they are app or 52 point four billion dollars hour. I saw something there it's like. Don't let the headline much because I duke. That I endorsed and I let them as a company Comcast it was said something about Comcast may put wrench in the in the deal on house. Which Comcast is what I'm in DC at a don't get it done they've got time the money. Those stunt keep throwing money at it and it will just keep throwing money at them up and then and then we'll just keep on spending. Maybe you kinda got something useful out of that kinda follow us on social media on it to grandma. And kinda dirty news on Twitter and kind and dirty news or on our website and in these mixed doctor.