KJ's Kinda Nerdy: Ep 186

Thursday, May 10th


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Go to the 32. Dom grown adults if you stare at her face a lot to do weird things and JD in other news I lean and mean that's like the entire premise that. Now onto. Here's Kate gates indicated it dirty girls need money. The gas they just announced bill and Ted great. I know another excellent adventure excellent. I didn't did you watch film instead do you like okay this is called Dylan and face the music I am just. Just shocked -- a reason to me it's been 27 years brought me. And I mean he lives there and you know I'd be in the Arctic life and others. A conspiracy theory that calories it's a vampire. Because he never ages and they found some painting like eighteen hundreds that looks exactly like him. Yeah. You know I mean he is I'm like he's he's out there for shirt. But I got me an out like. I don't know it you know after the matrix and everything else that he's done. Can I. Can't go back to him being in you know in in bill intended. They thought he was funny though I didn't know Leyland used body embellish to add them we saw speed Mindy I matrix not accent on and on and on and he's just gotten kind of strangest years have gone on and nailed him. It is weird to think that back guys go on backed you know I got it really matter where it started for yet. Like it I'd YouTube I guess there's not a lot of announcements about are making another run of these are neither one of these are all the. Could use and don't intend. Just some just some funny. I mean I think you economy. I mean yeah roper so now exchanged split some key. And that there yet at bats back again about that line. And Sherlock Holmes three with Robert Downey junior gets 28 when he stayed at his Houston and another in her out yeah. It is associate lie and I it asked if it's not even rational mind. Joseph Montana us are you excited for up fantastic beasts still haven't seen any unpleasant terrified of what Amy well there's just the one fantastic piece now here right now. See you can now but like the fantastic beasts is the part of weeks out in now and it's. It's not Harry Potter it's different. I don't know if I'm gonna like it okay any ever I love Eddie red name yeah and I can't believe you haven't seen it is it says. Obviously different and you're learning new characters but they do. They reference enough. Things that you're familiar with it's there's like an American hot war back in it is in and that. It is in the world it feels like. Harry pot. I don't know if I'm ready for past the tone it has the feel and you're just your your learning more. About Harry potter's world because these are the events were taking place. That eventually led to where Harry lives out. And taking Gabbert again. Nick is the guy who wrote one of the textbooks and tests at school he is also out Bruno loved it has been screened and yes I like. Bite relations. And he still alive by the time Harry Potter. I really how're you as we are not watching here. Fear of what change. It's not it's not it's not I that's what I will tell you I was hesitant suit like I don't wanna I'd love to Harry Potter movies so much. I don't wanna see something that's supposed to be like yet but it's not and that's actors child yet it's not. It's not if you will be very happy with me you will it it's it's more hurt to let it will. It it will expand your Harry Potter hearts it. Well will. You got your not in the next line needs. So a lot. I think it's not gambled or. And yeah I don't know I feel about that at well. It's strange because it if you look at that you have to you have to calm it's a little messed up because he's like. In ancient at a time it cardinals are here you do have to write it or less than a hundred years frown. Jude law's doubled our yes sorry you had to I don't less and reality like put that aside and and and go out. Donald or on Iraq under Dick. Potter fan latest that but maybe. Like maybe he there was some sort of curse that like rapidly each stem or such bikes out loud. Not that didn't actually do it yeah I mean we don't know but you won't find out if you don't watch fantastic beef and I'm Fareed and eleven it's so cute I mean. He's IA any red mane is adorable and there's all these cute little creatures that he's just trying to save and it's a movie about. Being good day animals and it's set in the Harry Potter world you get all these little late. They give you a little little nut center right Harry Potter like I know named I don't have a bad it but if you. Did an ever see Harry Potter that it it's not so much of it that you would feel like you're not. It's a separate but related off yet you're gonna see now my house. Movie night and lasagna now. At a time you say you've convinced her I know machines of our worst yes I I've filed on the rabbit hole again. Look at new theory out a good news here is theater in new hanging out. Are so this theory. Is that Eric Chiu loops at Walker's IOK one of which is slightly bigger than the other. I don't of the bigger loop earrings are okay from the original start or Charlotte. Okay so we're only dealing with just obviously like Luke Skywalker. Yeah mark mark Hammel and in the later releases is is not to being told that that he what is it you know hit it hit 1980. Yeah so apparently there's Luke primenews like that normal dude I look at it there's a slightly bigger version of lip called bigger than. I don't understand what is this theory and basically different scenes and in the these. Luke's and high eight in relation to Han Solo theories really inconsistent outcast so they think. And here's here's the court which. I think there's just entertaining and actually I guess they think that there Reza stand in for mark Hammel a cat and that would just do a bunch of scenes for and men. Stuff like that which is why it was sent consistently there's some scenes res almost the same height as on allow and their summaries like five feet tall well. But I mean couldn't Ian sums they seem to bend like I could be and a dot I had around and yet could eat any of the tricks of cinema. But I just. I'd like that people globally even in bigger lip to they think bigger. Luke was. It is dead is the Luke in the neat new film. RNA and they're smaller Luke is announced this summer. Our website right now on the heavily to adjust screen shots from the movies. And and setting really we're trying to honest yeah okay hang on and like they do that in relation like the structure Kurds and in relation console called the bigger experienced. Plus plus plus and that it's. In afternoon lots ligament that's. Well based about a guy back in and Rossum movies you know like I can't there's you can think isn't prime forgot. I don't look time and bigger loop that's their names yes and we love it for somebody to do some fan fiction the adventures of Luke Prine and eagerly. I. I think it's areas I like. What kills means that somebody took the time to think about us well to this extent yes and not only make it believable. Yeah but. It's area I mean and they developed a website and evidence like they can tear reasons and since yeah this is what this is what they believe in life is he actually little sharper storm trooper will never now. You love stuff like they have like a chart showing the height from Luke and bigger lick. It's just me and you'll see what's what's the website if anybody wants and go to on the rattle. It gets bigger loop out Wiki dot dot com contact. And I'm under and it says your first step into a slightly larger world oh my gosh. Other clever yeah. Athletics at believable. I love this stuff but that's exactly why our podcast is not that bright eyed well fiber kind of nerdy. Where we would add that I don't think there's ever a point where we would. Got out and we would become conspiracy. Theories about anything I got to bide my time insulin and under and then lack. More theories well what do you think right now has anything changed on my theories of what happened and yeah mark Nat Nat. Adding I adding I'm right on the money. Well I think. I wanted to tell you. I just put up this site and I Don Mina about you know what is where your birthday is determines your superhero. In your birthday month yet I was at I was giggling I was a little disappointed but I was laughing because. Idly June it was blocking each month and your birthday month yeah. Supposed to beat. It's two weeks late. You. Can't. Shout but there are. You all comments of people who Santa. I don't know who June is. I've got it sees as threat and she. Yeah how do you under they needed my MySpace page. Which is. If you got to take out their dot com you'll you'll go right to my FaceBook page. But I hit. It's our it's our interesting group of people because. There's you know people who follow me because Obama's dirty stuff that we do. There's evil profoundly because my radio show on 1079 mixing years ago when I was on the smiley show and then. There's people who love that I post pictures of my capture every. But yet I don't you know final post post the daily grace and I would guess. People were like is where's grace and I'll be where's my daily breeze and or a bit like these strange. Just you supposed to have ended well peaked out yeah so there's like there's panic in their anger. I'll bet but people I'd I'd love sharing my cats I don't mind cell. I came in our post these dirty things. You'll have you know someone who is is participating but maybe they just normally just seem like cat pictures. And now they're like I don't know what does avengers thing is. Who's the guy in June. I've never been so personally. I'd like. Now. I don't lottery spot because I feel lake. I don't know how to say it without being like hey don't mean as Bucky yeah our most important person how he did on the page. I'm glad that there are and they took time to participate so I let other people explained that whoop whoop rocky last night's bookie Barack and there are a lot of people there might be somebody listening right now he doesn't know who dot idiots as in my alternated. And and that's do you want to be the next Captain America provide and I shed well he needs me or senator Ben because some people don't even know who he yeah. You can't under a rock. We work rescue everytime we bring out any got a marvel movie your Star Wars bank they all stare at a thing down. And I'm getting. I don't think it's going to be a big deal and you mean. Everybody else. Everybody else because not everybody's dirty like he'd. Now you're dismissed in that they aren't they are I I will try in this like weird little group of people that I haven't missed by happy community on my FaceBook page. I have converted. Quite a few. Crazy cat ladies to be normal fans. Can. Sell out your welcome Marv alt. What I gonna I just had something on my mind well. I wanna talk about this because we have not disgusting act and I and hoping that you will join and the superhero around is coming up in June. I'd Bible are you allowed to ask you what you are encouraged to dress up. I have been doing this out with it benefits child advocates here in Marion County. And yet I've been doing it with some of cash for like four or five years. I and it keeps growing which is awesome because it's you know it's in June and it's a reason to dress like superhero yeah like eatery and why. So it's super China but it's also are really cool costs did you get to be. A real hero. Four these are kids that child advocates health care for a few kids that are in the system does not. That I sadly there's about five to 8000 that go through the system just in Marion County. On The Who get removed from their homes because of abuse or monitored because of abuse or neglect and a lot of the Foster families bringing. Yeah the kids that they're taking care of and then a lot of the kids you know who are now older. Who is basically they have their lives saved by child advocates can't sell out and everybody's. Dressed as superheroes. And you don't have to do the five K we did we did not the one mile family watched big zero can't. You did because we're in now we have our can't shut out so someone out he stayed behind at the 1079 the next thing alone. I well at least do the family Rock Island DM I can't they do you think a hole lead dress up. And we need to cast that's that's I'm telling you now because this June 24 so you've got in now I mean what 67 weeks to figure this out. I would tell you from experience you plan a pass him on the floor. A really hot. Under really cult. Because in June it can be either one like the first year I know he batter and I'm like it's summer. After I got an Iron Man dressed like it was an iron undressed. It was 39 degrees when I got there and Martin. I know you're proud he. And I was like really windy. And this. If I shot dashing after Arab plan and that plan for whatever the weather's going to be in June I love having on my team. Yet sat June 24 at Sunday at fort Harrison. I UK if you doubt it if you go to my FaceBook page a few weeks has been relieved as if it's an addict can I what's going on. Algae into different does this it. NN leaving work on Thursday to go to a wedding for the whole weekend none back on my birthday on Monday yes and I have to leave to go to an Iranian in West Virginia and next week and wow. Odd place and it's it's just one day of your life to be real here I think he's. Well I think you should. I am. Are you well mostly. I you can imagine error and child advocates got mad is there website to get a PA if you air if you found Esther FaceBook you are cage on air dot com. There's I link right to the site soon register I'm with my team which is KJ given team and a team what's the team on its KJ's might make here us. That's kind of lame Elian totally I am yeah this station allotted to mix my aunt Mary and I didn't know what else to do and if you. The pattern may start your own team will compete for people who want to be act. Now. Here's my team consists of like eleven people and I might I wouldn't win add add ten of them are my family and friends who I have roped into doing it and Elaine are really Internet. Really back and and you know it's like thousands of I've cute little kids dressed up the superheroes and running through the park. How can you not want to do that Katy. Saying it's outside. The have to put together cost. And this is the way I feel about most of like the run block and back in now yeah. I could. Just donate the money in now there is an option to be a sweeping hero and you can donate the money and sat on top. Yeah. Yeah I'm not they not runs and watch this is the only want eyes wet and it's all they want idea and I at eight H I distill it because it's almost more. Some like out I asked Marvin festival than it is a locker run because you're just everywhere you're lucky like. Cool cop I got a little girl there's undermanned and they're out there is fear not there there's no. Upstairs. I mean it's it's just really find it take a lot of pictures made a lot of cool people. Kate he can be a hero for just Monday sleepy here. Fine at every act. Maybe you kinda got something useful out of that kinda follow us on social media on Easter Graham. And kinda dirty news on Twitter and kind and dirty news or on our website and Indies mix doctor.