KJ's Kinda Nerdy: Ep 194

Thursday, May 31st


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Go to the 32. Don grown adults if you stare at her face a lot to do weird things and JD in other news I live in May not like in tire problems. Now on this. Here's gates indicated it dirty girls and. Now I Nathan billion does not continue to live out. To his soap opera character Joey Buchanan it alone or let out. I actually a thirty not because Jerry was a little sketch yet but I don't eat and that's what I tell them with Nathan Elliott has a new show coming up in the fall. Green lighted this thing right like from pilot to production and that it shot called the rookie. And so did you watch carefully you know now. Okay I. Thought a lot of fun now I can't commit to TVs and I know we can't but if you're going to castles find it you don't have to do. The good thing about castle you wouldn't it that you would have to watch like all I don't know 678 seasons or whatever Randall's. On because you can't watch an episode have fun watching. Thank you got me dead these super. Like in that state and it ID things arm watching TV actually begun with castle because once you cannot understand the characters they're like me yeah house some are urinary like I'm not quite sure of going on that you can still enjoy Asia. Somehow there is going to apply to Nathan telling an instead of C the Ryder. Who was riding along with the detectives he's going to be a police officer. He's a dude that by basically has a midlife crisis. And I and decides he's going to be cocked like in his forties so he's the rookie. These like that 48 year old rookie sat out it's him trying to compete with all these young kids and and having a different perspective as a rookie because he's actually current. It looks looks like it'll be quirky and fun and I don't really watch Aaron a lot of top channels I don't watch cop shows that ball. But neither Chilean. I do mystery. The end. Not unlike and you can't end. And fire tomorrow and o'clock PM I watched you in my universe like. Yeah you do site side you know John Wright type things. Yeah. You've ordered your couch oh final watch and continue for. And I got him confused with a guy ain't from doctor yeah. He's Doctor Who is captain hammer now of the other guy. You have to hear Jackson hurt. There's Neil airman character. And our doctor yeah I was thinking doctor horrible. Now now I did Tina got people do again Jason Bateman in the eighth and Philly and confused all the time I don't know who that is from Arrested Development. And he's and Ozarks. And acts. I'll let it Nathan tells a story about how he got pulled over for speeding and that and that cop let him off the hook because his wife loved. I loved him and Arrested Development. We can't did tell the guy and the lighting and yeah I. So I was speaking out Arrested Development. Season five is out on and on Netflix as we speak you announced a dream season five. Where at IA and told is kind of back to Wyatt. The show was because season four they did like it was like every episode was from. A character's perspective of the same thing was happening C started over every time within the characters' day in the life from back and it just. I doubt they are trying to do because it was a tough casting to act together. On so there was a lot of scheduling issues in the marriage not watching this anxious. Or rather a development now not watching embarrassing bodies right now how much. Attendance low adding there's. Your engine arrested development and when Nat went dead season for you were a little disappointed I haven't watched it yet but I was told that season five goes back to more of what you expected from the original show that aired let's. Gaffe yet now I think it's very get by ever write stress that enough. It's some yet it out its its quirky and ridiculous and if you have any kind of crazy family. It like encompasses every crazy family member you've ever had and you just sit in the middle have written down yap at Stanley. Okay. I did to opt out yet no gaps game of runs. Oh boy that would be Jamie. Jamie Lynn client Jamie lay minister guy he's sorry I some ivy. Her Hanson. And I haven't I you know I get hated him so much in the beginning you're also like you're you're due. Your sister and I sent us yeah. But you know yeah. One arm down and they cared to her has grown and redeemed himself son and he's just a pretty man he's a very. Yeah definitely he answered I can and it sure. Yes meet him he definitely needs the short hair and let them up or does it happen aren't their some like Cincinnati Conn maybe he was sorry Paterson I thought he wasn't far and I I. Thought about really you or me do you see him back he has not going to be indie pop on. Brand star on the guy that might end up being in the night king you know there's so many theories about him. And interest happens brand because everything else is already happened. I I'm sure isn't that how many hours. Hold or spent on that carrying him. You know what I mean by. Did it take so long to film like give them out or. All right at the end of today did Isaak feel great because you're buried they're carry around Albany. My brother did carry around Ambac cart forum for a little on the first season like in a lock well you're not have to now I. What a great gig and I am rank sharp punch that. Pretty soundly get carried it ain't carted around. Horses all that. And he's got the dream job in her game returned pretty gray and and John Snow has now promised everything awful happened. All yeah I mean as I mean I unease I love him as a character but I think as an actor he said it I mean. He inventors and yet now the real crap he's been through some crappy weather conditions he's been brutal fights yeah. I branch park and the and he just he stood cheering or how. He's happy to. I didn't care during the overthrow of Ira on the brand start at. I. Know he's obviously not where about his dark moments. Because they've all about hole I had raven thing that well yeah it didn't in general if you're a look at everyone's lives and how crappy they all are I mean I trust his is the least crappy. It up where I put him. And very very dynamic characters and make I ain't. Ilan Jaffray awful Jaffe is different. Mr. Ramsey Bolton is my eye and a lot that significantly worse off come though or don't raise my number to him. Yeah you and I didn't because the actors do such a good job of making them interesting characters this year. Hard to hate character. And it's harder. To. Vehemently hate character like you wanted to add yes in and it actor can make that happen their act gas like less Atmel Lance. He. I don't he's got a mind you not Hamas or you can haven't you been able I'll be Optiem. It might it's pretty lucky. Enough. I'm not that where he finally got him it's you know I dogs or whatever. I liked. Well yeah yeah yeah so. And it's not to take. Out all the main that guys she adds yeah I mean she might end up on the throne had she and I is her and I mean. In now and an aria. Does yeah I am I love those literally only the girl's of that English yeah yeah. They take after the I'm so no while we are getting all excited about this any top gun saying game of drones. I just want to remind you and an eight. In it's a limited amount passes because we're gonna do bigger picture uneasily. I want you to I'm not exactly sure how many as I now. Yeah I doubt that I I was super excited because I saw Ford outsold. Sounds like and a down with us. But at that they can't limited just because you know it. To get a picture out with these actors you wanna be in a picture with 300 people like eighty people yeah. It's like way less than it's a small group of people I'm. I think part of the fun especially if you haven't been to a convention before they can be. Kind of intimidating you don't know what you're doing well hold on yeah when you go to one of these times I mean you're gonna gat. An email with our itinerary we all meet. On several of the people like this culture and Arnie signed up again I know I have ban on other contracts with me and like they because you become friends and I am. Yeah I should get to yeah you're not it doesn't mind and you are. And that's. Aging Katie app I had an idea and the picture is with KJ actor couldn't ask for any good and it's cages ads KD you can definitely gal act that I just steal all you have to do is get your cadence properly passed for 75 dollars that I Kirk dot com and you are. HR. Todd where are we might get sickened each other because we're gonna me aren't you a shopper. I'm I'm a shopper that's my favorite part of the command loves him I think I'm never gonna touch again yes but I mean there's like our work that you can I have soared. You are making no time and it's cool we've talked about the says it's not time to get the sword got to wait until you have your own house get sword I mean where I. I can easily move this urged. You play the so it was it's it's also learn how to do this. I. Love that Abu shopping fantastic. Actually there's all kind of like just really unique public and. India and popped in the past not because he's biased right now mom but because it is a healthy blend of different things like that gen con as you know. Card games and things like that I would ALCON is very heavy on the marvel stop him pop con is pop culture so that movies it's TV shows it's out things people generally like that are not super into. Mean they even have like my niece is free to marry now because of the you know some of the only due to birds that come that I don't know anything about them. But that treaties each. A great job of getting people in and I'm interested. And invested and then when you're there it's it's very easy to get around it's it's an easy Condit take your yeah filming. Yeah I just I had it's run by a opt fans in Indianapolis so they're putting on the content that we want our city to have. And that's another thing I really like is just the atmosphere it's not very like well partner group. Rank nineteenth in like Alex your kid wants to take a picture a princess layover there it. Yeah app well and is especially because some about you know the constant travel the country the same people go to them the same cause play. Players go to them and so it doesn't feel as welcoming because if you don't already know the system to back yet now I left the gas so that says. It's it's a really really fun day if if your if your kid and I thanked the battered and we will be dying on Saturday June 9. It now hot so are scheduled Katie. We will be doing our podcast on the stage on Friday June 8 at 1130 and and then on Saturday June 9 we will be there all day. How will get there you'll get an itinerary. Will meet up before the doors are open and then wolf you know that at. Yep I did KJ and it depend on the pitcher cage I'd add to get to where I chased around I currently embarrassing. I should frame them. I do stop for my first bus trip may get a bounce it was like incredibly obnoxious and they picked this picture of me like. I don't know I would play like sitting like I was on the beach like playing. My legs crossed and I was like what that's not really the picture and I. What if channel well so they get here you're really obnoxious at our gas they are mad at that maybe ask and ask our guy that designed to make it left obnoxious you don't wanna go at the beach team unlocked and peach theme I don't want me at like I would like like I was like laying across parts. I. And I had problems. Here are literally cheesy let it now was it a full body action. Even at my entire body or on the catch it was ten. Well not. You know the response that I was kind of like I don't know what it was like pulling hair and I am now is terrible lighting up and ads anyway that's not the valuable part. The value of artist you're Egypt educated at this time VIP feeling and that picture with began not thrown guys and I'm sure that I think it's wonderful. I've worked with Christian before he's the nicest guy he's out gigantic. Lake. It's he makes you look even tinier it's ridiculous did you see I posted under I trusted the picture from the last time he was in town and you can barely tell. I'm in the picture because so much of it is him. And I can't and got to work double time. Wow wow that'll be my husband and I he's he's very skilled that this is he get his opt out I think yes. I. Katie year I may need gap I get on mad at the top counts and get our media pass I don't think you get media you don't get to KJ pop kind of ask you get the compound media pass. I law otherwise you can't get it around for you did not yet that's because the KJ talk impasse is only good for Saturday. In it and sell. I don't know that anything else to say about this guy is grieving. Had it. I let you know how there's a 5050 chance men stay engaged in Matthew Lewis we get to know. Yeah I would nothing about it and I know and I. You must now have a chance he wanted to be happy. I ate pop on. Dot com it's where you can find out more about indie pop kind get my Hertz dot com is where you can get our passing -- you can't like. Any of the other photo ops and stuff that they are doing on and indie pop kind. That's on their site to get specifically. There's a badge and this access teenage got to get my perk stock. Maybe you kinda got something useful a lot of that kinda follow us on social media on Easter ground. And kinda dirty news on Twitter and kind and dirty news or on our website and in these mixed down.