KJ's Kinda Nerdy: Ep 195

Monday, June 4th


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Go to the 32. Don't burn adults if you stare at her face a lot to do weird things and Katie in other news I lean and mean not like in tire problems. Now onto. Here's to gates indicated it dirty girls Bratz I think first car I have and we can talk about dead bolt who do. And I think at saint and I bad apple to add that display alerts spoiler spoiler is on the case up this weekend and I get it. I did not respond you won because I was in the well. I would end up binge watching Jones I didn't have my phone on Deanna and and that I was like if I respond to Ers to get a say all the things that I want her to show and the hot stuff. Unattached NASA to never have anything to talk about on the kind of nerdy and implement ops together and it's actually take no. So about why text message I received from Katie after eating get pulled who was. I had no idea I was going to cry. I held together right up until spoilers out at our words like they're saying goodbye to each other now you know wow that's like. Really cry and Jeff. I can't spend it though is Eli. I'll do you know it's got a couple weeks and I'd CNET I in comparing. The two. Obviously the first round was a great origin story and gave us dead pool the authentic dad pulled a lot of C. I but I think that the sequel gave. That Dick all of the characters really adapt that they didn't happen in the first why. You know I I was. Very as I really loves the meaning it was created it's that simple French Latin. I think it was a good standalone moving the app and just at the fact that it's a sequel. What they really liked about it wives. The first one it was very laughed at very much setting up the debt yes there is very much in up and it. Setting up the world in which dad who was going to. And this one was eerie story treatment yes and I was surprised obviously I didn't expect a store heat. Yeah that's that I felt like at really short synopsis that I at that and if pirated tells them on right now ravaging dad pulled to. I would say the first one was spotty year the second I was about her story. It yet not the the second one's not funny. But it's not there's not as many of those. Moments where it became an eye but your your captivated by what's happening you're interested and in the people and it's not just joke joke joke joke jet gray. There are obviously jokes because it's apple but it weighs. It's still as abrasive as he is that there is actually story and character development that you know. You like you learned the motivation behind Cabell who's supposed to bad guy in price playlist is not what I. In and I ain't I was very impressed with the way they handled that he had awfully ydstie juggernaut out like. Oh. So totally dad's so I brought out the window hole out source just gets. All the it's ten minutes building up that entire squad. To eviscerate the mall. It's. And I'm like wait a minute this bill scars guard I don't hand. I wasn't expecting even as India and then you know they had the invisible guy who turns out to be Brad Pitt yeah often. The ad like Peter again the mustache our great guy you know Americans are only I but domino was amazing she has she was fantastic. Excellent actress mean amazing job yeah and a and a very independent character you know. Done. I eight wasn't expecting them all died right after it. I don't see I didn't. Do they kill 10 my gosh it's still well well I doubt about. Because it's bad enough and it bent bent out of a few weeks with your feeder for all digit did now. That's doesn't add my aunt is the and obviously the one pilot less and then one other group like. A couple of what it was about it was not a great weekend at the box office I mean it it was a battery and bird personal loan armed or not and getting. That we're not getting the money they want and for that. Egg and I guess obviously doubles spent outlawed laughter at the town not everybody needs count it when we were her. They at that that kind of an eerie night out when your map packs fear in the movies just come out all of that anticipation is there one person giggles OK okay. I and everybody black Madonna and actually I do shadow is like one person end yeah. Instead should yeah yeah. Well beater and I. Oh yeah. Yeah. Yeah there was one. I Wear out. It was right to be getting that first opening scene when you're he blows himself up on top of that but it. And as art goes flying off any flips the bird as it's flying away just as dismembered arm. And the kid in front of me just busted out laughed at. An early in any of it he's like twenty something I. And you just busted out laughing then up and then like that set up for the rest of the new date yeah it is. Little rough there at the beginning yeah you know or death and all of that. IE I really liked what they did with cable yeah now let him and beat back at the whole time narrow. I'm not the entire tab and stand outs about that that he was gonna be that the the villain and thankful to god it was expecting me I'm going to not like him and then in I hear like how he acts. He has tapped. Him good and it's not really this can happen at lunch yeah and I. He develops as a character I left the whole time like that's and a right. It is not so funny ads like are and we need now a get a job sprawling and I. Twice a month you've made me like the villain you've been back. You're not diet that I actually. There's and. And I highlights that the actual antagonists with New Zealand. Yeah I was little bit different yeah I. Personally because I like my favorite things is it's called maps without New Zealand are bad arts pictures and maps the paper got a New Zealand on out how that's OK yes. They just are more they forget it until all the talk on site you know just a little like person giggle and about it but it. I liked that the antagonists was a child yeah now button and IIA. Obviously get like those little throw backs that the other characters when he saw the X-Men like trying to hide from that pool all my gosh that was an hour plus deals Charles de Beers wheelchair he's as Roland around the house and in Hillary's plan a little mix tape to get colossus back acts now all those kinds of things where you get this beast teasing you like who's this to him hamster and present. And visit who visit who visit and then it's juggernaut you know and yeah I actually wasn't expecting since I was pleasantly surprised I couldn't think of anybody else that would be right thinking about it. I thought it was a very healthy crossover. Now let me ask years they hear of people you weren't expecting in the film he stayed through the mid credits right yes OK happy as some I don't know. If you. As someone who has repeatedly honest podcast. Expressed that she is not interested in anymore Wolverine. Now out of line. How had a whole lot like terrorist country singer did the mayor credits scene before her love at first I was like are they really do that's. Another library and look at Atlanta's renowned dental match and then warrant you know about it op McCain at that yeah. And you got the Martha joke can talk about a market jerk which happens it happens. Two minutes then again I can't explain it to my boyfriend who came at me and I was like. Like I decide busted out laughing in this theater by myself you know and it. To fight off cape crusader got his mom's name is running a play. After icon down in my nightly for NAFTA like. I won't that mean pursue and you know. Batman on things mark chmura and my mom's name is good detail our prayers are now oh hello hello hello. I mean you thought it was funny to him and not anywhere in years and unite or. West where we are in the theater because. And John was epic had a dirty net out she was at the end of of the row. And edits are we were opposites but you know like both of us like you can hear it but I can hear her. Dying laughing. And men are all these people in between that or I. I get the jump but isn't that funny and. He can't you sit podcast every single time that brought members who Superman comes up. Well hey and I'm in this Martha Ali Shah and by each agency I love Julie you know your bonds. I had a net debit DC where it's like your dark you from the DC. Yeah I can't remember who he said that and a guy. It was very well timed and it was yeah it was and that was absolutely fans and they obviously. This is like super on the line and inappropriate and nipple on the day. And somehow managed to make the tiny hands scene from the first in the better with a tiny legs yeah it's. So. Spoilers obviously a rat out partying I mean it's but I guess my aunt. Just make sure you tell us that they inspire me I think we as a as a nerdy community need to get together and decide just like a dream like a time this is the point where you don't have to say spoilers any Morrison no one can be mad. That like spoilers snake kill Dumbledore right now. Planet. Speaking of bad. Potter because. I know that you also love a good Harry Potter marathon boy do I Iowa. It's the Smart thing I finished watching. Krypton which is on scifi. I was fantastic and they did at I was so glad because at the end it was it if I mean it was a huge cliff hanger. I and they just flash to just it was just a graphic I Krypton returning 2019. As a I'm already green there really is great. And about the during Krypton. On it and passed burning through the commercials right I got users Harry Potter. Harry Potter ot the day that day Harry Potter. Weekend marathons are moving to scifi in USA outside and they feel a chill out. Watch I would like for me out of like what happened to form like that's the only and free forum they just aren't should just because the hearing part arts channel. Maybe you kinda got something useful out of that kinda. Follow us on social media on Easter grandma. And kinda dirty news on Twitter and kind and dirty news or on our website and in these mixed up.