KJ's Kinda Nerdy: Ep 196

Wednesday, June 6th


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Go to the 32. Yeah Don grown adults if you stare at her face a lot to do weird things and eat in other news I lean and not like in tire problems. And indeed now on its. Here's JJ dedicated dirty girl I. Of Harry Potter yeah I I don't think this is a loser nation it might end up and it's actually left eight iron first child yeah yeah. They're not a mini yet not making at a movie Arellano. That we're never not a wealthy. It it. Unless I completely hallucinating and made that up to you may have a hallucinate it you may have to did you get repeat. It. It is like it was like a trailer it was like a teaser. Alcan well I know I mean it it just came to America not to lie again you can gussy it in New York now. You cannot afford ticket did you ever get a grand arena. The first half of that and then I let my sister borrow it and she never returned and how to yours can you believe that met a lot of people who pretend that that doesn't exist. I don't I listen adding that latest. Hi Harry Potter and the first child the movie could one day beer reality. And JK has revealed she's had a meeting with Warner Bros. That's as far as I saw some thing and it I didn't fantastic beasts instead. But it was like some clouds and then one of the became an owl and you heard Harry Potter song and back. It is on May tenth a fan me did. Harry Potter and the first child teaser trailer movie concept that rights that's what used. They that they lied because I mean I was basically built for pride blank right now I even like people are mad at you know when they got that. The book. I mean they did everything they tried to tell you this is not a bar you're reading a script yeah I was putting this because I know a lot of people who protect us. Are likely now that's not Canon. Now that it haven't I mean it's it's from JK and it yeah happened. It's really have just done. Packed app so now you are not get a actors child movie yet but I feel like probably Sunday when a get out. Let's see how are fantastic piece now we have that's going to be eight. In a fantastic beasts might just be you know and this one coming out November Maktoum and done we'll say I don't now. But now we'll see how far back does in the may be Sunday. I just I don't know that it yeah I mean obviously there will be a lot of recasting they would have to do you think like bad and I just I don't know I was angry each and I'd be all. Was jammed up. I haven't she's so Smart and she has sets good. She she keeps control Italian actor shall be equals a test itself. That is true enough but I think I'm AJ case they have been very Smart about not over saturating. Yeah I think it just the world with our universe to where people are like enough already. I mean is that is is that what's happening with this elementary is there might are Star Wars fans going not far. I I don't I don't know. It's not doing as well as they hope and people are saying. That it's a bad movie but it's it's I am honored I you know I mean I'm just hours I have dressed up as princess when multiple times and spent twelve hours in the Peter waiting for it to come out. I haven't seen follow yet. Every. I haven't got yet is because I'm not super confident and yeah I ain't. I understand people's concerns men and their unfounded because like duck harassing camp or can be console in the prequel rat. Duck. I think that people to act like now but I think people aren't letting go right and that is to some extent affecting ratings obviously. I. Well I I mean that's what my concerns I don't. I want it to be dad I don't wanna to be bad and even though people are like telling me it's fine and you'd say that the big thing I'm getting is just have fun with it. It's it's not perfect. I'm sometimes it feels like a bunch of like Star Wars fans and caused play yet that are like making up their own story. I grab one of my favorites are worth in a minute dial in and out of it and it was because it was one and done and so finite. This is how it is and this is the end yeah act and that's it yeah not read any of those characters. And you debt debt at tight yet and they did a beautiful job I was amazed I making you. Care so much about it leaders yours. I know. All that beat CNN is holding each other before they die because you knew going under that dot. The you know like we know how the story and sweet and we actually know what happens and you didn't pay attention just hours it's priced and yes. But yeah I meeting going and you're at an even knowing Mac do you still. Worse so invested in those characters you're like finally it. Asked if it cannot let it and our. But yeah I mean just not love the people that you recognize me that you know how to keep this going yeah UNC princess lay. Until the very end she just got plans and now she's gone out and I don't even know that we would get back I mean it was demos like final moments of the movie where you're like. Oh yeah they're gonna take this bright arc too where a new hope's star yes I like where your Rahal with emotion because you just watch them like explode and you're not sure what's gonna happen next now yeah yeah I get it. Yeah that was a beautiful movie and I'm not I I don't know that yet when we eventually see solo homer and I don't honestly I cat that we're gonna say that about half. A lot of people having an. Hour he feared the you don't enough to beat at address it's such mixed reviews you can't really like. Rely on any well and now they critics are all over it it I would carry a box office numbers and that you Ellis the spirit was this mistake in the event. I don't I don't know that you're not making me want Garcia. And got a. Job you have to take. Criticism that it insults yeah sometimes people largest MP nano and sometimes have very good reasons for saying things they. Yeah but I would say I was a little surprised given that I expected the first week and not you know like. Not break records right ad that I don't think they were at bat and for number one back. By. I think you know are at least I die if it's a good enough movie. Then enough people the first week saying doce yet they and their friends now okay. All those C yet because you said it's died and then I don't think they got an. I am glad I didn't get a funny how. People like pre ordered for the smoothing. You know the same way people did let. You know last hour west Indian rope lines and yet we're rope line we're like Clinton be like yeah I'm going to see us. I mean I did I was like Alex the next hours Giuliani had panicked it's month out because I know it's going to be at. But this is a gamble on people like to gamble out its new ace Carlos I mean I think. Are planning on doing three of these federal be the worst movie you've ever seen worst movie ever ever seen in a theater every considered rocking. Our. You'll be so mad at me. That did the White House The Lord of the Rings movies. How mad at Batman VPC. I Ike I get that yeah. I know I was I was just irritated at how old Juan why it was that the fight scenes like Titanic it's pre. I fell asleep and I felt like I got a really good nap then and then I solid hour I need my husband had got up and laughed and went outside and got additional snacks and came back again and I even like he'd been not I can't. Make no I could get it even worse actually because if I get I remember Ricky I think he. It is it still fits in that you've I can pretty much the same thing I did yeah. It is a long battle. On the already they came out and marina came out with you know directors got line and then I. Asked that any further. If college success and there and every weekend you would watch all the mideast director's cut when the longest possible. It takes a whole weekend and it's 20 I can't act it's too much other I mean yesterday I laid around and it out and and watched Arrested Development which was. On the you know like I am I am saddened that there is all of this controversy around and yeah. Actors. Jeffrey T hammer and then allegations against him and that I never even watched in early that everyone's talking about if I didn't wanna see Jessica Hahn actor and I don't we're talking about a day so. He's they say is that. The latest actor facing a lot of allegations about. How he treats women on the sat and looked and how that is yet yet I am acts. And errors an inner BO right before. She's in five was released and it you know plates all of the other actors kind of in an uncomfortable. Position and then at C you know like it seemed like they work. Defending cam and. I I like to think of in situations like this. My good neighbor mr. Rogers. OK you know when. When I mean he added challenge. I was growing and I was use none. He used to saying. Whenever there are bad situations you look at a helpers. Look for the people were doing good things and making change and helping people alike if there's a fire who helped put it out. If there's a lost child and help them find look for the helpers don't look at the people don't get any attention to people who are. You know causing problems are stirring up fights there you know. Just being there to be there are you know. I support the people who are on the helpers what to look for the helpers. A I like. I mean that I I don't remember. That episode of mr. around your biggest deal Allen and the divorce that at all divorce happen again I can't parents just beat the market. That's OK it doesn't mean I don't love you any more I worry that when he got I was a child. I was an adult child. Of parents getting divorced I was why me and asked when. Moon. 223. My parents got divorced. But I still lie I remember. And you got out the first conversation and my parents called me because they live in Wisconsin and I was already in Indiana at that point. Hanging up the file and make. Sitting there initially shocked that my parents are getting DeMar I thought about mr. Rogge told. Guess and I think about a dozen I didn't make any sense young give my parents we're gonna be together forever that I noting there twice during years although it. I. Rosters ever will be okay. At your parents don't let view anymore. Things change you now yeah and mister Rogers is obviously one of the best ever exist on the planet you know I imagine if we found out something bad about mr. I would never. Believe it. I mean hardcore denial I like that this can now I don't it's going to be a cover up. Are an appearance at worst Marrero or that was right there I was hitting home form eight years union and even then I was like yeah now I mean it's it's whenever. My parents and being anymore that doesn't change anything I can get out so well mister Rogers always. Well I I mean I don't think. There we can go anywhere else and I can't count time desperately not China is surely I'm really sad and I wanna feel sadder I go and I'd look up the last ups and mr. Rogers Reese is divided every. We're gonna. Alleged crime scene like I wanna I wanna tell you this as I've told you every days and humor grown now I love you just let me all right I'm. Yeah. Are. They didn't get to be there and I'd. Like maybe this is. Like every show every new segment we end with some winds weren't from Iran suggest the need you to instantly yeah. Good guy friends and eliminate. Maybe you kinda got something useful a lot of that kinda. Follow us on social media on instant grandma. 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